Busted Ch. 05

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Big Tits

We slept late the next morning. The rest of the day we all walked around, nude of course, in a fog of afterglow. It was like being wrapped in cotton. Even sounds were muffled as we cuddled and embraced and just lay around all day exhausted. A couple of times I made to nuzzle their breasts, or they would fondle my cock, but we mostly were totally wiped out.

It was the next night that Allie sprung her surprise. She had invited over a few other couples of her…private circle. Fred and Alicia were two of her nudist pals, Frank was a musician she knew from being one of his groupies, and his woman Charlet was a cute, round-faced girl, with big eyes and pouting lips. Rounding out the group was Alex, so Allie had a playmate too. Gad, he was so disgustingly handsome. I could see what she saw in him.

We had put on some clothes as our guests arrived, but Alicia and Fred had made a beeline for the pool, picking up drinks from a drink cart and shedding their garments as they walked. Obviously they had been here before. So had Charlet and Frank, for they practically did the same. Okay, what the hell, we got naked too and jumped in.

When I was eighteen I had a girlfriend, and we’d go swimming together at the local public pool. With our hormones flowing it was tough keeping our hands off of each other, especially when we felt each other in the water. Unfortunately, we broke up before we got old enough have our own private pool, surrounded by a privacy fence. Actually, we still don’t have one. Our home is an apartment in a renovated art deco building in the city. Even if it had a pool, it wouldn’t be private enough. This actually was our first experience in a pool, and we have six friends to share it with.

Six pairs of bodies were clustering in the center of the pool, and there was much rubbing together going on. Under the water hands were stroking, squeezing, and copping feels. I saw Allie pressing herself up against Frank, Alicia was trying out Alex, Fred was behind Eve, squeezing her tits, and Charlet was looking up at me with those big eyes as her hands did things to my cock. I returned the favor by cupping and squeezing her soft round breasts. That’s another thing I love, being handled while I squeeze tit.

Hands began to feel up my ass, bursa escort bayan and there was Alex. Alicia had pressed up behind Charlet and they started kissing, her hands displacing mine on Charlet’s body. Alex pressed hard against me, and I could feel his hardness in the crack of my ass. He reached for my cock, and began to jack me, as only another guy can. I relaxed back against him, and he quickened his pace to jackhammer speed. I can’t cum this way, but I sure can enjoy it!

After a minute, I turned and dove down to suck him off, or at least as much as I could do until my air ran out. It didn’t matter, he understood. I jacked him back for a couple of minutes, until Charlet decided she wanted to meet the other new boy, and Alicia got in my face for a little face time of her own.

Alicia was a tall, voluptuous woman, almost a twin of Allie. She clamped her mouth on mine, and forced my lips open with her tongue. I like aggressive women. She took my hand and placed it between her legs, then put her hand over mine to make me press hard, as if I hadn’t gotten the message. I wrapped an arm around her back for support, and drilled my finger into her cunt, savagely finger fucking her as hard and roughly as I could. She dropped her head back and surrendered to the assault I was making on her privates, letting the pleasure flow. I’m glad to be of service.

Alicia grabbed Me around the neck and collapsed with the cum, and I picked her up in my arms as she swooned, gently floating her in the water, her wet, naked flesh glistening in the light from the candles that rimmed the pool.

Serving her up as if she were on a platter only attracted the rest of the group, and all gathered around us to stroke and feel her skin, her breasts, her legs, her slit. Alicia writhed in my arms as she neared another peak, and I held her tight while she thrashed. Her cry split the night, and the crowd cheered her on. It was great. I slowly let her feet down to the bottom and hugged her tight until she regained her senses. She really had a dazed look in her eyes as she came back to earth. She looked around and grabbed Charlet, who had been trying to get between Alex and Frank. Alicia took my hand and headed for the steps out of the water. She had some bursa bayan escort serious intentions on her mind.

Eve and Allie were doing their best to eat Fred alive on the bench, so we headed for the bedroom. Alicia was prancing like a pony at the thought of having new friends to get naked with. Charlet curled herself under my arm, took my cock and began to giggle as we all fell in a heap on the mattress. Lips found cock, mouths found cunts, tongues found nipples, and teeth found asses (owch!). I finger fucked both pussies as they kissed and hugged. They pinned me like Big Time Wrestling and pulled my pud with all their strength. We kissed together, all three tongues dancing together in the cavern of our mouths.

I was on my back getting blown again, when a cock crossed my mouth. I opened my eyes to see Frank towering over me, and stroking himself on my lips. He was sucking Eve’s tit over me, and her hand was stroking my hair. Pretty soon another cock came in from the other side, and I had two at once in my mouth, with who knows whose hands pawing up my package. I reached and cupped a pair of nutsacks and pulled.

OOF! A pair of girls entwined fell across my midsection, knocking the air out of me and giving me a show of tits and asses to watch as I sucked. I grabbed a cunt or two and started frigging. Pretty soon I was rewarded with moaning girls and sloppy wet fingers. A mouth took my fingers and began to lick off the girl-honey. One of the girls got across me on her hands and knees and one of the guys plunged into her, making her dangling tits slam back and forth across my chest as they fucked. The two cocks pulled away and were replaced by a really wet pussy, which slammed down on my face and ground itself against my mouth. I obliged with all the force I could muster. I felt a hand (Or two? Or three?) grease my pole, and then a cunt impaled itself on my throbbing cock and begin to ride. At least I think it was a pussy, it was awfully tight, and whoever it was was facing away.

At one point I saw Charlet, bent backwards sucking one cock, while jacking two more. Greedy. Understandable, but gree-dee!

Moans, groans, hissing clenched teeth…apparently everyone was in the bedroom bursa merkez escort now, a cluster fucking machine. I managed to get up from the bed, clean myself, and jack and suck some cocks, eat some pussies, and plunge deep into some cunts. Whose they were all became a blur in the fucking frenzy. I was jacked. I was eaten, I even took a cock or two up the back, once while I was on hands and knees getting jacked and squeezed. I felt him cum in my ass and go limp. So that’s what it feels like! I found a female, her pussy was all swollen and blood-red from the sex. I looked at my cock, and sure enough, mine was beet-red from all the stimulation too. Something at the primate-evolution level went off like a bomb in my head, and I just had to have her. It was time for me to cum!

I rolled my prize on her back and pulled her knees apart, exposing her slit completely. It was Eve! She focused and recognized me, then held her arms open, inviting me. I positioned myself and plunged in. She was so wet, and had been penetrated so many times that I slid all the way in in one stroke, something that I’ve never been able to do before. I growled like an animal when I hit bottom, and thrust with all my might against her. She cried out from the impact. Even with all the other moans and groans going on it was enough to make the others pause.

Suddenly, it was silent in the room, as I withdrew and plunged again. We both gasped at the stroke, and began to slide in and out against each other, growling and snarling at each other with each cycle. Our eyes were wide and locked together as we made animal love to each other, our audience beginning to grunt in unison with us, urging us on. We could feel the other couples rearrange themselves into pairs, and the other guys coupled and began to fuck their mates in synch with us.

Now we began to pick up steam, quickening our pace. All around were stiff wet cocks plunging into slippery wet cunts. Hips were spasming, butts were clenching, tits were flopping, teeth were gritting, muscles rippling. One of the girls began to moan, then another, and another. The guys were grunting like apes as we plowed our women, and then one began to go over the top.

That was it. That first one set us all off. We all came together in a crash that sounded like thunder, unloading our spunk into our females and fizzling out as the fireworks came to an end. Everybody collapsed into a pile, and some slid off onto the floor, rolling together to a stop.

Then, there was a lot of giggling. And then Eve’s legs began to shake. Here we go again!

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