Burying Uncle Hiram’s Ghost

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note: This is a story about two people in love who can’t marry because they’re cousins. It also contains some hostile, but not explicit, dialogue between one of the cousins and Uncle Hiram, who had often tried to molest her.

Steady vibrations from the road added a nice backbeat to the rhythm of the lips sliding up and down Jeff’s dick. The petite blond nestled between his legs looked up long enough to wink, then went back to her long-distance blowjob.

The van’s driver, a longhaired, earth mother beauty, glanced over and smiled, then turned her attention back to the road. How lucky can one guy get? Two sexy girls, one customized van, and no particular place to go. And all thanks to Uncle Hiram.

If not for the sorry piece of shit that was his late, unlamented uncle, he might not be enjoying this moment inside the van. But at least his life outside the van wouldn’t be so totally fucked up.

Along the road, thick woods gave way to a clearing with a small, wood-frame church. There was a treeless cemetery nearby filled with an assortment of modest tombstones. The old church stood like a faithful caretaker, worn down after years of service but still ready to perform the ceremonial duties required before those seeking permanent residence in the cemetery could gain admission.

To Jeff Malone, the rural scene brought back more memories of his Uncle Hiram. That was a very bad thing. The church and cemetery were soon out of sight. But he couldn’t get what Uncle Hiram had done off his mind.

Hiram Wright was tucked away in his own well-tended burial plot. But Jeff still hated the meddling, self-righteous bastard. Hated how the sanctimonious, child molesting, son-of-a-bitch could reach out of the grave like some deviant ghost and screw up the lives of his family.

He leaned back in the captain’s chair. His mood improved as he watched the blonde head bobbing between his bare legs. It belonged to Connie Stewart. Thanks to her elfin figure, the former high school cheerleader and gymnast had no trouble fitting into the van’s front passenger knee-well. She’d already spent well over an hour there keeping his cock hard while keeping him on the edge of an orgasm. It was her goal, she’d said this morning, to give him a hundred mile blowjob.

Those miles were being negotiated by, Molly Wright. She was enthroned behind the steering wheel, wearing aviator sunglasses, old sneakers, and a pair of impossibly skimpy shorts that revealed every inch of her long, tanned legs. A safe driver, she was also wearing her shoulder harness. It served double-duty however, by securing the low-cut neckline of her peasant blouse under her magnificent breasts, exposing them to the view of Jeff and passing truckers. While shy most of the time, she let her exhibitionist tendencies run wild on these summer trips.

“Sooner or later, those boobs of yours are going to cause a major smash-up,” said Jeff. His words were punctuated by the approving blare of an air horn.

Molly waved at the passing 18-wheeler and then glanced over at him. “Nah. They’re a safety feature-wakes the truckers up. And speaking of up, is my baby sister keeping you up and at ’em?”

Connie lifted her head, letting Jeff’s cock slide out of her mouth. After giving it a loud kiss, she looked first at him, then over at her half-sister. “Look for yourself. By the way, how many more miles ’til we’ve made a hundred?”

“About twenty.”

“Don’t hurry. My jaw’s getting a little tired, but that’s okay. I love this position. The pillows were such a great idea. I swear they’ve made it downright cozy and comfortable. Most of all it let’s me concentrate on cousin Jeff’s delicious candy cane.” She laughed at her joke and then began nibbling on the shaft.

Jeff closed his eyes and groaned at the combination of pleasure and pain. In truth, he and Connie weren’t cousins. Maybe cousins-in-law if there was such a thing. Molly’s father and his mother had been twins. A few months after Molly was born, her father died in a car wreck. In time, Molly’s mother remarried. Soon after that, Connie sprang upon the world.

It occurred to Jeff that maybe he could negotiate a quick end to this sweet torture. “I bet we’ve gone a least a hundred kilometers. That’d give you the European title. I’m not complaining, you understand. This has gotta be every guy’s ultimate wet dream. But you’ve had me on the edge of coming so many times I don’t think I can take much more.”

Connie grinned, and flicked the tip of her small, pink tongue around the swollen head of his dick. “You know what the coaches always say. When the going gets tough, the tough get blowing.” With that, she made a loud, sucking noise and Jeff’s aching cock began to vanish back into her mouth.

As he watched the shaft disappearing between Connie’s lips, Jeff decided that even if all the sex he was having with these two half-sisters killed him, it was one helluva way to go.

This was the first time anyone else had come along on one of the orgy-odysseys he and Molly Küçükköy Escort took every summer. Although only half-sisters, the two girls were close. Connie had been hinting for years about coming with them. This year, Molly had agreed and joked that it’d be Connie’s high school graduation present. But they all knew that wasn’t the real reason.

Balling Connie might be fun, but Molly was the only girl in Jeff’s life. The two of them began making love back in high school. Unlike many such affairs, theirs had proven to be more than just a matter of hormones and brief opportunity. They were total soul mates and nothing their families tried could keep them apart. After repeated failures, everyone in the family had tacitly accepted the relationship, everyone but Uncle Hiram.

He was the much older brother of Jeff’s mother and Molly’s late father. To Jeff, the childless bachelor always seemed prissy, moralistic, and judgmental. But he was also hard working, rich and seemed to care so much for his few relatives he never missed a family get-together. It was at one of these weekend gatherings that he stumbled upon Molly and Jeff, his niece and nephew, in the act.

That day wasn’t the first time they’d made love. And that may have been part of the problem. Over time, their activities had evolved from playing doctor to very serious make-out sessions. These left them drained and weak-kneed, but not satisfied. Both knew where things were heading. But they arrived sooner than either one had expected.

The next time, however, things were very different. As they counted down the days to the next family weekend, both knew what was going to happen. This knowledge sent the tension and anticipation levels soaring. When the day arrived, they were too horny to wait for the safety of night. And when it happened, the release was so great they couldn’t be careful and quiet. That may be why they got caught.

By the time Molly and her family drove up, she and Jeff were almost hyperventilating with barely suppressed passion. It was just mid-afternoon, but neither thought they could wait until it got dark. Leaving the house, they tried to act casual, forcing themselves not to run as they headed toward an old barn now just used for storage.

Their final destination was a small room with boarded up windows that had once been a workshop. It seemed like a perfect spot. The barn was a long way from the house and the room was dry and reasonable clean. Jeff had even supplied it with some old blankets.

Once inside, he switched on the single light above a wall-mounted worktable. By then, Molly was standing in the middle of the room unbuttoning her shirt. Jeff started to do the same, but then realized the door was still open.

He tried to close it with one hand, but the old door wouldn’t budge. While hurrying in, they’d shoved it so far open the bottom was jammed. After a short but frustrating struggle, he managed to jerk it loose. Just then, Molly said, “Would you hurry?”

He turned his head to look. Dust moats drifted through the sunbeam that came through the door and shown upon Molly. In that light her nude, impossibly sensual figure seemed to glow. Jeff couldn’t stop staring. Her large breasts were beautifully shaped and topped with erect pink nipples. Smooth, round hips lead to legs that seemed to go on forever.

Judging from her coy smile and the look in her big green eyes, she was pleased with his reaction. It was the first time he’d ever seen her undressed, much less in the light of day. Their groping sessions had always been done with clothes on. Even that first time, Molly had her sweater on and it’d been dark. Now, she looked so damn sexy and desirable, all he could do was stare.

His expression must have been pretty stupid because Molly began to giggle. Then she said, “If it’s not too much trouble, would you mind closing the door and getting your clothes off? I want you so much I’m about to melt.”

She winked, then turned and headed for the blankets next to the back wall. The sight of her bottom swaying as she walked away was tantalizing, but it didn’t keep Jeff from doing as directed.

The door could be shut, but was so warped it couldn’t be latched or locked. Jeff didn’t care. He pushed it to, cutting out the sunshine. The small light above the workbench created a dim glow that was almost romantic. Jeff didn’t notice. He kicked off his shoes, stripped off his sweatshirt and jeans and rushed over to join Molly. She was all he cared about or noticed.

“What took you so long,” she said, from her spot on the blankets. There was an eager, welcoming smile on her face as she reached up for him. But instead of their two bodies coming together, he stepped back and began to turn away.

“Where are you going?” Molly did not sound happy.

“I, uh, I left the, you know, the rubbers, in my jeans.”

A smile spread across her face. “We don’t need them, Jeff. Trust me. You’re so sweet to worry. But I’ve been checking the calendar, very carefully. Küçükköy Escort Bayan We’re safe.”

The next time Molly reached out, he slid into her arms. Foreplay was not an option. Neither could wait much longer. After a long kiss, they shifted their positions, then their hips, and moment’s later his very eager cock slipped into her very willing pussy.

It was a fast, hungry, almost desperate fuck. Within seconds, the excruciating intensity of a long-delayed orgasm took possession of their bodies. Molly let out a sharp scream. Her hips thrust up to meet Jeff, who wanted nothing more than to sink his hard flesh into her very soul.

Even as the waves of that first orgasm ebbed away, they continued making love. Both were young, turned-on, and wanted more. The feel of Molly’s body panting under his, the taste of her mouth as their tongues danced back and forth, and the incredible sensation of her pussy wrapped tight around his cock overcame any need for rest and recuperation.

This time they didn’t rush-at least not as much. Jeff let Molly set the pace, timing his thrusts to coincide with the rhythm of her movements. A series of small orgasms, each one more powerful than the last, began shaking her body. Although both were inexperienced, when Jeff felt his own passion mounting he knew to set the pace. There was an instinctive harmony between them as he guided their heaving bodies towards another all-consuming climax. It left them entangled, spent, breathless, and for the moment content.

The loud screech of wood scraping against wood interrupted their bliss. Sunshine flooded into the room. The sudden burst of noise and light kicked their hearts into overdrive. Startled, Jeff rolled off Molly and looked at the door. Even with the late afternoon sun behind him, there was no doubt the tall, skinny figure was their uncle, Hiram Wright.

Although the family always joked about him being a chronic hypochondriac, he did have a heart murmur. On the advice of his doctor, he faithfully took a walk every afternoon. Either he’d heard Molly’s cry of joy during her first climax or seen them hurrying into the barn and had come to investigate.

At first, no one said anything. Jeff thought maybe he should get up, put on his pants and try to think of something to say. But Molly still had her arm around his shoulders and wouldn’t let him leave her side. That restraining pressure caused him to look away from the looming figure in the doorway and down at Molly. What he saw would forever be itched in his mind.

Molly hadn’t moved. She was still on her back, looking down the length of her nude body at the man standing in the doorway. Her free hand rested near the matted pubic hairs that gave mute testimony to what she and Jeff had just been doing.

It was the composed demeanor of a woman in control of herself and the situation. From her relaxed attitude, it would be easy to assume she didn’t care what her uncle saw, thought, or did. But the fingers digging into Jeff’s back told a different story. And while her body looked soft and inviting, he could tell the muscles under that velvet smooth skin were tense and alert.

But for all the eroticism of that pose, it was the look in her eyes that held Jeff’s attention. In their cold, unblinking stare were mixed contempt, pity, and pure anger. Molly might look like a picture of earthly delight, but Jeff knew that was deceiving. In reality, she was a tigress, tense, poised, and supremely capable of taking on anyone she considered a threat.

“What are you two doing?” Uncle Hiram had taken one step into the room. Jeff could see the stunned look on his face. He may have spoken to them both, but his gaze was focused on Molly’s body.

“What you always tried to do, Uncle Hiram.” Molly’s voice was low, even, and filled with meanings Jeff wasn’t sure he wanted to understand.

“What you’re talking about?”

“Sure you do, Uncle Hiram. You’ve known, we’ve both known, for years. And I never said anything about it, did I? Of course, I never said yes either, not that it stopped you from trying. But you didn’t push too hard and I knew from momma how much you’d helped when my Father died, so–“

For just a moment she looked away, then her gaze locked back on the man standing in the door. “And you hadn’t been that bad the last few times. I’d even started thinking you might be getting better. But nothing had changed, except your target. And why was that, Uncle Hiram? Were you tired of me not letting you do everything you wanted? Was I spending too much time with Jeff? Or I was getting too old, while my little sister Connie had reached the age that really turns you on?”

By now Jeff was leaning towards Molly, not away, and her death grip had eased. They were in this together. But she never stopped staring at her uncle. “You know why she’s not here, Uncle Hiram? She’s staying with friends so she won’t have to be around you. Not after what you tried to do the last time. You pushed too….”

Uncle Hiram broke Escort Küçükköy in. “You little slut. Always flaunting yourself around me. Trying to–, By God, I wouldn’t touch you or your scrawny sister.” For all the bluster, Jeff thought he heard a note of desperation in the man’s voice.

Molly’s look of disgust never changed. “Connie’s not like me. She hasn’t learned to roll with the punches or how to half-please and get along. I put up with your shit and kept quiet for the sake of peace in the family. But that was a mistake. Trust me Uncle Hiram, I’ll never be quiet again. Things have changed. No man’s ever going to touch me again except Jeff. I’m his-if he still wants me after hearing all this.”

That’s when Jeff knew he was in love with his cousin, and always would be. For just an instant their eyes met. He nodded and whispered, “Just forever.”

A tear was rolling down her cheek, but Molly wasn’t through with her Uncle. The change in her expression when she looked away from the cousin she loved and to the uncle she hated was frightening. “If you ever say a word about Jeff and me or so much as lay a finger on Connie, I’ll run screaming to the nearest cop and tell everyone I’ve been raped by my loving Uncle Hiram Wright, the well-respected child molester.”

“You’re a sick, twisted girl. How can you be in love with Jeff? That’s incest. He’s your cousin, for God’s sake.”

“The incest bit never seemed to bother you. Besides, that’s between Jeff and me and our God, who surely can’t the same as yours. Now go ahead and take a nice long look at what you’ve never had and never will have. Then get out of here and leave us alone.”

Molly shifted her gaze back to Jeff. The anger drained from her face, replaced by an uncertain look and a timid smile. “I hope we’re not done.”

“We’re not done, Molly. Not by a lifetime.”

Uncle Hiram never said anything about that afternoon. To the best of Jeff’s knowledge, he never again bothered Connie or Molly. And he made only a token protest when everyone else accepted the fact that Jeff and Molly were in love and wanted to marry someday. What he did do, a couple year’s later, was die.

His vengeance on Molly for her rejection and scorn was in his will. It stipulated that Jeff, Molly, their mothers, and his favorite charity would all receive equal shares of his estate. But, except for a modest yearly stipend, the money would not be distributed until Jeff and Molly were both thirty. Until then, if either of them broke the state’s law against first cousin’s marrying or lived together without marrying, the entire estate would go to the charity. If either of them married someone else before reaching thirty, most of the money would then be released.

At the time, Molly and Jeff were undergrads and living together. For legal reason, they’d decided to wait until both were twenty-one before finding a more enlightened jurisdiction for a combination wedding and honeymoon.

When the will was read, they exploded. At first, both wanted to blow off the money. But that would deny their families the financial security the money represented. Neither was willing to do that. Uncle Hiram had gotten his revenge.

Jeff was now in law school while Molly was doing graduate work in genetics. As a concession to the will, they had adjoining apartments. But the summer jaunts her stepfather’s van were a way for just the two of them to be alone and away from the prying eyes of the will’s executor.

That’s why Jeff had been surprised when Molly mentioned Connie joining them for the last two weeks. Molly’s explanation ended his confusion, but it sure as hell didn’t make him feel any better. “Jeff, you know momma has cancer. With daddy having just started his new business, we’ve got almost no health insurance. That means we’ve gotta come up with a whole lot of money or we may lose momma.”

Jeff nodded, not sure where this was leading. “I’m following you. But what’s it got to do with Connie?”

“You know how she’s been hinting every year about coming along? Remember what you call the will’s “get our of jail free” clause? You know, the one that in so many words says if either of us marries someone else the money, at least most of it, is released? Well, Connie’s not a blood relative. You two getting married wouldn’t break the state’s stupid incest law and it would release the money.”

“Are you nuts? I’ve studied that will backwards and forwards. The old fart has sub-clauses, provisions and all sorts of shit in there to make sure it’s not some 24-hour paper marriage. Besides, I like the hell out of Connie, but you’re who I want to marry.”

Molly cut him off with a kiss. “I don’t like it either. Hell, I hate it. But thanks to dear Uncle Hiram, it’s the only way I know to make sure momma gets the best possible shot at living.”

“What about Connie?”

“When I first suggested it, she sounded just like you. But she’s always had a crush on you and can understand me preferring you marry her than some stranger. Anyway, we talked it over and she’s agreeable. The thing is, thanks to Uncle Hiram, she’s still a little messed up when it comes to sex. She’s got no problem before or during. It’s afterwards when she goes to pieces. It’s why she and her boyfriend broke up. But I really think the two of us can help her.”

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