Burning Up My World Ch. 02

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I really don’t know what the difference is, but there seems to be one. It was one thing to catch my man in bed with someone, quite another for him to catch me.

Jon’s reaction at catching me with Tom, my police officer friend was quite amazing. He simply hit the roof!

But something didn’t ring true.

Now when I caught him with that little Carlita bimbo, I was calm as a could be. It helps being trained in the medical field, one learns to keep emotions in check.

Bedside manner, we call that. It kept me from taking a scalpel to his nuts, to be honest. LoL.

Jon stormed off in a huff, Tom stuck around for several hours. We talked a lot, he is easy to talk to. I found out he had a wife that he wasn’t sure he would want to find out about our moment.

I should have known, it simply didn’t factor in. I did think that perhaps I should be more careful, two married men in 4 weeks was high even on my list.

But I did think the relationship with Jon was likely done, the truth is it was seriously changed when I caught him in my bed with someone else.

I knew I needed to take a long look at my life, where it was headed.

With my husband of two decades gone, and the pain beginning to fade, I knew I needed something, some foundation.

I was absent-mindedly fiddling with the mail on my desk when one caught my eye.

A medical team was asking for volunteers, I got them all the time. I knew of the program and had considered it before, my life with Ted held me at home.

There was now nothing to hold me at home. I also suspected my job running a tiny medical clinic at the Hotel was now in jeopardy. Even if I continued at that, I could see where it might be uncomfortable.

I read the application, filled it out and signed it. A binding contract if accepted. I knew I would be accepted, my PHD in medicine likely assured that.

I walked out to the mailbox, envelope in hand. I hesitated, then dropped the envelope in the box. It was done.

I was off to a foreign land, a new adventure, a new life.

It was nearly 2 weeks before my phone rang, I picked up, it was them. I was accepted, gladly they said.

Airline tickets would be sent, and I was on my way for a week of orientation on the 24th. Two weeks, things were moving fast. Today is the 23rd, I am rushing to get this finished, so forgive me for any typos or errors.

Afganistan. I realize I have no idea at all what my life will be like there. I also realized I didn’t ask very many questions, impulse.

It seems that much of my life has been on impulse.

I searched on the internet as best I could, trying to learn about Afganistan. From TV and articles, I had a vision in my mind of a harsh and desolate land. I quickly began to realize that this was far from the truth. Cities, a society, stores, highways, just another place in the world. Some areas of life looks to be harsh, I am still unsure of what I will find.

I am going, I want to. For the first time in many months I feel happy and satisfied with what is to come.

Jon and I had a long talk, the thrust of it was we are still close, and he still loves me in his way as I do him. I thought so, but it was good to have him speak frankly. He also knew about Nathan, The limo driver I had a tryst with that night Jon didn’t come to me after the party. I am not sure how he knew but in his business eyes are everywhere.

As I had suspected, he seemed to be excited at the idea, I have seen this before in men. I still found it odd they way he reacted when he had caught me, though.

So I described it in detail, holding nothing back. It hit me that the problem wasn’t in the doing, it was in the sharing. I understood that, my feelings at catching him were the same. Jon and I ended up with a wonderful session of lovemaking.

It was almost like he was trying to prove he was better. (He was, the fact is Nathan was far too large to for me be comfortable with that time.) I told Jon that I didn’t even orgasm with Nathan, I think his large size was just uncomfortable enough that I could not. Nathan seemed to understand that, making up for it nicely with his talented tongue.

Jon even had me tell him about Tom. Tom saved me several weeks ago, I have no idea what the outcome of those men attacking me would have been.

Add in that Tom is a big, strong, good looking man, handsome in his police officer uniform, well, I simply enjoyed every moment. The most fun was teaching him about oral, here was a big handsome man who simply had never done that.

Complete joy is the word, as he struggled to learn gaziantep bayan escort my body and tried to make me react. Yes, Jon and I talked, it was intimate in a way that only people who are close can speak to each other.

It hit me that we talked the way Ted and I used to before he died. A feeling of peace came over me, I could almost feel him smiling at me.

“Lee?” Jon’s voice brought me back. I realized I was lost for awhile in another place.

“Just thinking.” I snuggled up close to Jon, our nude bodies nestling together. The fine time of pleasure, just holding and being with someone.

Jon asked me if I was going to be with either of them again. I simply had no idea, I told him so.

“It might be fun.” He struggled to get that out, almost blushing. I understood, I know about men and the liking to share, the excitement of it.

I reached down and let my fingers brush up from his scrotum to the tip of his penis, slowly, lingering, teasing.

“You would like that, huh?” I laughed.

“Yes.” he managed with a groan, rolling me over and entering me again, hard as steel. I adjusted until I was comfortable as he thrust at me in a sudden need, then allowed the sensation to flood over me.

Peace. I knew where I stood, what I wanted. Control. Control over my life, and those around me. My thoughts were on this man, on top of me, in me. A good man, with desires he tried to hold back.

Afterwards, Jon told me, “I don’t want you to go.”

“I will be back in 3 months for a rest and visit, Jon.”

He just held me, I noticed a trace of a tear in his eye. We woke the next morning, still holding each other. A sweet time.

Jon dressed and left for the Casino, I puttered around the house taking care of some items that needed to be done before my trip. That afternoon, the phone rang, it was Tom.

He asked me how I was doing, the usual small talk. Then he surprised me by saying he had told his wife, Debra. I hesitated at that. “How did that go?”

“She seemed a little upset at first, then she seemed a little interested.”


“Yes, she wanted to know everything, what you looked like, everything.”

“I see. It’s OK, then?”

“Yes, but she wants to meet you.”


“Yes. Remember you told me about your friend Nathan, how big he is.”

I was starting to understand.

“Debra has never been with a large man before.”

I started to smile inside, I now was sure where this was headed.

“Well Nathan is certainly that.”

Then. “Tom, does the idea excite you?

There was a long pause.


I knew.

“Why don’t you and Debra come to dinner this evening?”

I felt that familiar tingle in my loins at what might be.

Hanging up, I called Nathan. I asked him to come to dinner. He agreed readily, likely thinking it would be just us. I didn’t tell him what I had planned. Naughty of me, wasn’t it?

Then I called Jon, told him to come to dinner, and bring Carlita. I heard his voice almost choke, he started to refuse, but I insisted. Hell, I ordered him to.

Jon finally managed, “I will try.”

“Don’t try, Jon. Do it!” and I hung up.

I was humming to myself all day, busy preparing the food and drinks. I got some nice floral arrangements for the table, set out candles. I called the hotel, had them send over some provisions, I wanted it nice.

I knew that Tom had an idea, likely his wife Debra too. Nathan. Poor Nathan, no clue. Jon would be nervous, I knew. This was going to be fun.

I dressed in a soft pink blouse, and simple slacks. The blouse is one of those I love that is a bit translucent, offering hints but that is all.

Jon arrived first, Carlita in tow. She was having some trouble meeting my eyes, I just smiled and served some drinks and snacks, making easy talk about the Casino and day to day conversation. I looked her over, a simple pullover dress, pretty. Yes, Carlita is very pretty, just an inch or so shorter than me. Her bust is heavy, waist snug, hips flair out in the shape that suggests ease in childbirth.

She relaxed after she realized I wasn’t going to go into a tirade. I had just mentioned to her about what a fine lover Jon was, watching her turn pink at that when the doorbell rang.

I hugged Nathan, this huge African man still amazes me when I see him. Easily 290 pounds, way over six feet tall, the top of my head is below his chin. Hugging him is a struggle, my arms don’t reach all the way around his chest.

Jon didn’t seem surprised, I think he had already noted the table, set for six. It was just minutes before Tom and Debra arrived.

I did the same with Tom and gave him a huge hug, smiled at Debra as we did introductions all around. She was pretty, too. Barely 5′ tall, just a trace on the heavy side. Housewife look, just what I had expected. What I didn’t expect was the deep southern accent the instant she opened her mouth.

“Tennessee?” I asked, regognizing the sound.

Debra smiled, “Yes, Memphis.” We laughed, her eyes were surrounded by wrinkles, I realized she smiled a lot.

Everyone was hesitant at first, unsure. I served more drinks, snacks, then suggested we adjorn to the table.

There were lots of comments about the setting, I knew it was nice. I served the meal, Lobsters first. The small little tails I got from the Hotel, steamed and drawn, delicious.

I had small salads set out, a simple vegetable soup broth. The recipe was one Ted had taught me years before. Delicate in flavorings, it takes several hours to make. I had been at it all day.

I brought out the prime rib, perfect, sliced and ready to go. I was watching in delight as everyone was savoring all the flavors, conversation flowing back and forth.

Finally we retired to the living room, I had soft music filling the room.

I looked at Jon, he was looking at me, obviously curious as to what I was up to. Glancing over at Nathan, I realized he had exactly the same expression on his face. Tom was grinning, he had an idea, Carlita looked nervous, and Debra looked curious. They were all quiet.

I decided it was time.

“Jon tells me it excites him to think of me with another man.”

Jon blushed. I smiled at him.

“Tom tells me that Debra is curious about what a very large man would feel like.”

Tom grinned at me, Debra turned bright pink, glancing sideways at Nathan, who did that black man blush again. That always tickled me, his face just seemed to get darker, the expression priceless.

“Now I know about Tom, Jon, Nathan, and Debra.” I turned to Carlita who was now looking right at me with interest.

“What do you like?”

She took a long time answering me.

“I like Jon.” she said simply.

“Me, too.”

“I don’t mind.”

“More than just you and me, huh?”

“Yes.” Her eyes looked down. Jon reached out and touched her hand, I saw that and knew this was not a man one woman could have.

“You don’t have to stay.”

“I will stay.” she answered, looking boldly at me again. She glanced at Jon. “I know this man.”

“Yes, so do I.” I thought.

I stood up, reached for the buttons on my blouse, looking directly at Carlita as I did.

A challenge. She stood up, pulled the one piece dress over her head. Standing there in a white bra and simply white panties, she waited.

I slipped my blouse open and off, bare breasted. She reached back and tripped her bra, perfect dark skinned breasts swinging free.

I reached for my zipper, she pulled her panties down and off. I dropped my slacks, both of us stood there naked, waiting. She was shaved, her mound just a slit, hidden.

I looked at the guys, at Debra. Nathan was looking at me with interest, Tom was staring at Carlita. Jon was glancing back and forth, surprise on his face.

I started laughing, reached for Carlita and hugged her. She slipped right into my arms and hugged back. I felt her hands come up my back, the hug turned into a caress.

“Oh,oh!” I thought. Different turn of events. I am not gay, or even really bi-sexual. But I also am not a prude by any stretch. Her hands came up and fondled my breasts, then her mouth was on me.

I simply allowed it. Everyone just sat there and watched. Then I was on my back, Carlita’s face slid between my legs as her hands pressed my knees apart.

Not in my plan. I felt the first wave of pleasure, this woman knew exactly what she was doing. In the back of my mind I heard some rustling, but I was lost for several minutes. I was well into the throes of orgasm for what seemed like hours but had to be only seconds.

I glanced sideways at Jon, he was staring in lust, his hand was stroking himself through his clothes. I sat up just in time to see Tom step over to Carlita, he was nude, erect.

Nathan had moved over by Debra, who was still fully clothed, but she had Nathan’s pants undone and was staring at Nathan’s cock, just about the size of a tall brown beer bottle. She reached out with both hands and grasped him, her eyes huge as she did.

I watched as his huge dark hand came up and fondled her breast through her clothing. Then he began to unto her top, she gave no resistance.

I could feel Carlita’s mouth bumping against my crotch as Tom stoked away at her. I slipped away just as Jon reached for me, lifted me. He lay me back on the couch, hurriedly undressed.

Then we were together, thrashing away. I lost some more time. I felt him blast into me, then begin to soften. I came back to the moment in time to see Debra, now naked, straddle Nathan. Nathan lay back on the couch, knowing he must let her take her time.

“Impossible!” flashed in my mind, even though I knew it was not. Jon and I lay and stared as just the tip slid into her, she moaned. From where we were on the carpet we could see right between her legs, amazing.

She pressed down again, her head back. She stopped, then took some more. Then he slid all the way, she was buried all the way to his testicles.

I looked over at Tom, who now had Carlita on her back, her knees pulled all the way up. Tom was still going at her as he also watched his wife take Nathan’s massive member.

I felt Jon begin to firm inside me, then he was pounding at me again. He lasted a very long time, I was not orgasming, just accepting with pleasure. I could hear the sounds around me, I heard a woman cry out. I realized it was Debra, as she reached her peak.

I glanced over as Nathan withdrew, it was still a sight to see. He was still as hard as a rock. Debra collapsed, quivering.

I felt Jon pull from me, there was a shift. Tom’s face appeared, almost in a fog. I felt his lips on mine, then he was with me too. I took him, lifting him. I lost track of the rest for a few minutes. Finally he withdrew.

I watched as Debra stroked Nathan, still firm. She was staring at him as she did. She had one leg streched out, the other pulled up. I could see the dribbles of sperm leaking from her, the white in contrast to the full dark hair of her.

Then she got up, vanished to the guest bathroom. Tom followed her in there, closed the door.

Jon and Carlita sat on the couch, just cuddling. I lay there on the carpet, resting.

Then I got up and walked over to Nathan, he was still fully erect. I had orgasmed with Carlita, a surprise, then Jon. I hadn’t with Tom, I was in that window of recovery with him.

Now I wanted to know, I reached out for Nathan. He looked at me with a smile. More than a smile, something else.

He held me, such a feeling, this massive gentle man holding me like I was no more than a tiny doll.

I straddled him, reached down, spread myself. Took a deep breath and down. One stroke, tiny hint of pain, then all the way, I exploded instantly. Finally.

Nathan let me do all the work, he simply lay and accepted. I felt him grow, get firmer, if possible. Then he was filling me, his head back with a moan. My head was swimming, I almost passed out. Then I could take no more.

Nathan and I went hand in hand to my bathroom off my bedroom. I took a warm washcloth and cleaned him, he then did the same to me.

Then he took me in his arms and held me for a long moment.

“I love you, miss Lee.”

I smiled inside at that, “I love you too, Nathan!”

We walked nude back to the living room, Tom and Debra were sitting on the couch with Jon and Carlita. The guys were sitting on the ends, the two girls sat side by side in the middle. I noticed Carlita was fondling Debra’s breasts, and she didn’t seem to mind. It hit me that Carlita was sitting next to Tom, Debra next to Jon.

I realized that only Jon had not been with Debra yet. But then Nathan had not been with Carlita.

Nathan and I sat and watched, arms around each other. Then Carlita lay back against Tom, whose hands came up to fondle her breasts. Debra turned and got on her knees, her face went between Carlita’s legs.

I watched as Jon began to erect at the sight, he got up and stepped behind Debra. She lifted her fanny to accept him, as Tom lay and stoked Carlita’s breasts, staring. It was fun to watch, as Nathan stroked me, also watching.

Debra started that loud moaning again, I stifled a giggle at that. Noisy lady! I leaned over to Nathan and whispered, “You haven’t tried Carlita yet.”

He grinned at me. “Yes I have, it wouldn’t fit.”

I thought about that, I could understand. Then Nathan asked me, “Got any more of that Prime Rib?”

Laughing, we headed to the kitchen.

{I fly out in the morning. A new land, a new experience. A chance to learn, a chance to do something to help someone, however tiny an act it is in the scheme of things. I am happy, it has been a long time since I was truly happy. But I think I will miss this place. Perhaps I will cook dinner when I come home. LoL.}


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