Brother, Sister, Husband, Wife Ch. 03

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Author’s Note: This is Part 3 of a story I attempted to write from the point of view of the three main characters, all speaking in the first person. I’m grateful to my editors, Angry Barcode and slutkimmi for their assistance. I believe the story should be read in sequence as it was written.

This is a work of fiction, the events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons. All characters are over the age of eighteen, at every point depicted in the narrative.


I’m thirty-two, I am an attractive woman, and I know it. My husband is very good looking, a professional, athletic and very nicely hung, thank you very much. I know my husband loves me and worships me, but somehow I always think I have to prove something to him. I have low self-esteem. I think this is because I was sexually abused by my stepfather ever since I was a young girl.

My husband doesn’t know about the sexual abuse I went through, but it hasn’t made any difference to our married life. I guess because I got used to my step-dad making me get him off sexually, this makes me willing to do anything to please my husband. And when I say anything, I really do mean anything. Escort Bayan I think we have a pretty good married life.

I try to do things most husbands only dream of their wives letting them do; I wear stockings and heels for him, I masturbate in front of him and talk all slutty, like, “Please fuck me? Please fuck my pussy?” I suck his cock, a lot, actually, sometimes to completion. I let him cum on my face and on my tits, just like the girls in the porno movies; it’s no big deal for me.

Then there’s his sister, who’s visiting us right now. Erica is gorgeous and has a nice pair of round, firm breasts that I know for a fact my husband likes to look at. I have pert pair of my own; they’re not as big as Erica’s but they’re still in the C-cup league. I am nice looking, but next to my sister-in-Law even Cindy Crawford is a total dog.

I work in the office of a family-owned company. I frequently go to work wearing these short, tight business suits, and I rarely wear panties underneath; nothing at all above my thigh-hi stockings. At first I did this because Hubby wanted me to. It turns him on, you know, letting him think his wife is such a slutty girl, but over time it started turning me on, knowing I turned everyone else on.

I thought I loved my job, until this day anyway. I had to cancel out of a meeting to drive some papers out to a client at the airport because my boss the office manager forgot to give them to him. It was raining cats and dogs and there was a lot of traffic; the whole thing took me all day.

After I got to the client at the airport I swung back around to the office and nobody was there but my boss. Well, we began a shouting match in his office, with me calling him everything under the sun. Then somehow I was caught in between the desk and him. He looked at me, lifted me onto his desk and kissed me. I was shocked, I didn’t respond nor did I reject. I could feel him grappling with his hand down below between us. Then he pulled up my skirt and of course I wasn’t wearing any panties.

I asked what in the hell was he doing and he replied, “You’re such a cockteasing slut all the time, well this time I’m really going to give it to you once and for all.” Then he pulled out his cock. Well I couldn’t protest too much because it occurred to me that the way I’d been dressing I’d been asking for it.

He pushed his cock deep inside of me, with each thrust releasing pent up anger. Thinking I was somehow getting him back I would clamp down as hard as I possibly could onto his cock when he was deep inside of me and keep it this way until he had all but fully withdrawn. This was like some sort of muscle relaxation as the more he fucked me and the more I clamped onto his cock the more the rage was leaving me until I began orgasming – it had been such a long time since I had such a full vaginal orgasm.

He shot off a huge load deep inside of me. I don’t know why but I hopped off the desk and knelt in front of him in the most submissive position possible and I began sucking his cock – I guess I was overwhelmed. After worshipping his cock with my mouth he came again and I swallowed what I could. To this he put his cock back into his pants and began walking away saying “now don’t ever speak to me like that again bitch, you’ll take it when I want you to, ’cause I know you want it too!”

I felt so cheap at that moment and that night when my husband came home he asked me how work went, and I told him that my fucking boss didn’t give some papers to his client, so I had to go out to the airport and that I’d missed my big important meeting. Bill asked what that meant, me missing the meeting? I simply said, “Well, I guess you can put it this way; I have been screwed.”

Somehow, after saying that to my husband I didn’t feel so shameful anymore. Just sleazy, but in sleazy in a good way.

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