Breeding Day

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It was my birthday. Finally! My eighteenth birthday, a day that I had been waiting almost three years for with the worst kind of anticipation! I snuck into my mom and dad’s bedroom that morning, dressed in nothing but a long t-shirt, and quietly made my way over to Dad’s side of the bed. Both he and Mom were sound asleep. It was only 7 AM, a Saturday, so they would normally wake up at around 9 on a weekend morning, but I just couldn’t wait. I was absolutely bursting with excitement! I leaned over Dad’s sleeping head and blew gently on his ear. It was a small, soft puff of air, but enough to make him stir to semi-wakefulness. When he blinked his eyes open and focused on me, I flashed him the biggest smile I could muster and whispered, “Guess what day it is, Daddy.”

In his sleep-hazed state, all he could do was mutter, “Ellie? What times is it, sweetheart?”

I choked down a giggle and said quietly, “It’s THAT time, Daddy! Today’s the day!” He knit his eyebrows at me in confusion, so I let him off the hook. “It’s Breeding Day!”

Dad’s eyes widened at that and he started to sit up. “What?! Ellie! That was… I didn’t… I’m-“

Mom, who had been turned over in her sleep and facing away from us, grumbled, “Oh, for fuck’s sake, Hank, we made her a promise. And who are WE to say no? She wants your baby. Give her one!” Then she finally rolled over and looked at me. “Are you SURE you want this, Ellie? I mean, are you really, REALLY sure?”

I looked back at my mother with every bit of seriousness that I knew how to project and nodded. “I do, Mom. I’ve wanted it ever since you told me you and Dad were actually brother and sister. I’m 18 now and I want nothing more in life than to have my father’s baby!” And, just to be a little extra cheeky, I added, “If only you’d given me a brother… we wouldn’t be having this conversation. And you DID promise!”

“But that was three years ago, sweetheart!” Dad protested, “I figured you’d forgotten all about that by now!”

I shook my head emphatically. “Nope! Not only did I NOT forget it, it’s been the only thing that’s kept me going all this time, Dad. Never had a boyfriend, never been kissed, never even been TOUCHED by another man. Because I was saving myself for you.” Then I demurred. “I did break my hymen, though. Sorry, Mom. I used your vibrator last year. But I SWEAR that I cleaned it and put it RIGHT back!”

My mother sighed. “What’s done is done, I guess. Wish you’d approached me about it, though.”

I shrugged it off. “I CAN take care of myself sometimes, Mom.”

“Lord knows that’s true,” Mom said with mild annoyance. “Listen, sweetie, I know that you’re eager to do this, but can you at least let us get up and have some coffee first?”

I looked between them for a moment and then nodded. “All right. I guess I can wait a little bit longer. Plus, I’d like Dad to be fully awake for this. I mean, it’s not every day you intentionally try to get your daughter pregnant.”

Dad slapped a hand over his eyes and muttered, “Dear God, what have we created?”

I bent down and kissed my father on the lips (lightly! I promised myself I wouldn’t do any of the heavy stuff until The Big Moment!) and replied, “Nothing that you won’t create again, Daddy.” Then I bounced out of their room to let them wake up completely and start their day. Besides, I decided that I wanted to dress extra-sexy for Dad, to get him in the mood for breeding me. I could hardly wait!


As my wife got up out of bed, I continued to lay there, letting my thoughts work themselves into something like a working pattern. Technically, yes, we HAD promised Ellie that, when she was old enough, I would make her a mother just like HER mother. At the time, I figured it was just some passing thing. I mean, we’d just told her the truth about ourselves, that Mary and I were twins, brother and sister, and that Ellie was the product of our incestuous affair. Our story wasn’t like it always ends in those trashy erotic stories where everyone in the family ends up fucking each other senseless and they all live happily ever after. Far from it.

When Mary and I realized our love for each other, it wasn’t something that would’ve been well-received by our own parents. If they’d found out, they would’ve disowned us and never spoken to us for the rest of their lives. Hell, they might’ve even had us arrested. Not that Mom and Dad were prudes- quite the opposite, actually!- but they also took a dim view of incest and aberrant sexual practices like S&M, roleplay and other things some couples did to spice up their sex lives. Mom and Dad were, I’m happy to say, very pleased with each other and didn’t feel a need to “spice things up.” They were open enough about sex in general, and even sometimes gave up some small details about their own passions, but they were about as far from sexual deviants as two people could possibly get. Finding out that their twin son and daughter had become madly in love with bursa sınırsız escort each other would’ve just torn their world apart. So, as gently and carefully as we could, Mary and I found ways to get out of the house on our own with plans to meet up later so that we could be together without worrying about Mom and Dad finding out about us. I left first and Mary left a few months later. The story was that I’d found a job in Chicago and found one for Mary, too. I offered to let her stay with me until she could afford to get a place of her own. It was all very innocent, a brother looking out for his sister, and our parents ate it up. All in all, our plan worked. We were happy together and managed to keep the truth from our parents.

But it all became a moot point about a year after we left. Mom and Dad died in a car crash. They were together and it was instantaneous, or so the doctors told us, but the end result was the same: all that Mary and I had left was each other. And then, a few months after the funeral, Mary and I decided to take our lives together to the next level and make a child together. It wasn’t a sudden or ill-informed decision, either. We talked about it for a long time before deciding that it was what we both wanted, to live as man and wife and start a family of our own. With the inheritance, we managed to make some slight alterations to our identities and ended up getting legally married, with no one the wiser. We’ve been together the whole time, through thick and thin, as we had been since birth. When Ellie, shortly after her sixteenth birthday, was nosing around in the attic, she came across one of our old family albums. Which meant that she saw pictures of her mother and father as children, as brother and sister. THAT discussion didn’t take hours, it took weeks. And by the end of it, Ellie had come to terms with the reality of the situation. She wasn’t some freak and we weren’t, either. We were just two people deeply in love with a beautiful daughter who just so happened to be fraternal twins.

And by the time she finally did come to grips with the situation, with the complete and unvarnished truth, she said that she wished she could be like Mary. She wished she could be as happy and as in love and as strong. “And, Dad,” she went on to say in a rare moment of eloquence and maturity, “you’re an amazing father. I wish you could be the father of my children the way that you were to Mom.”

Which lead to a completely DIFFERENT conversation that also lasted weeks until we finally promised her that we’d fulfill her wish if she still wanted it when she turned 18. God help me, we even made jokes about it, calling it her “Breeding Day” rather than her birthday.

And, so, here we are, two years later. I had all but forgotten that promise we’d made to her. I really did figure that she’d outgrow it and chalk it up to one of those things a young teen says without really thinking it through. For me, it was an easy promise to make because I didn’t really believe that I’d be held to it. Mary thought so, too, and it never came up in family conversation again.

But, clearly, Ellie had other plans.


Poor Hank. I hate to put one over on him like this, but I couldn’t just say no to our daughter. And, after all, a promise is a promise. And of all the people in the world we couldn’t break promises to, our daughter topped the list. A few weeks ago Ellie had cornered me about it. Hank was at work, so it was just between us girls. She said that her Breeding Day was on the horizon and she wanted to make sure I really was okay with it. It took me a few seconds to figure out what she meant before I remembered the promise we’d made to her two years earlier. She was done with high school and about to become a legal adult. We weren’t hurting for money in the slightest, so there wasn’t any real pressure for her to go to college just yet. If she wanted to become a mother, and she seemed desperately set on going down that road, there really wouldn’t be anything I could do to stop her. If Hank and I resolved to break our promise to her, she’d just go out and find some guy to knock her up and be done with it. One way or another, she was going to be with child as soon as she could. All things considered, I’d rather she get pregnant by her father than some boy who might run out on her. At least I know that Hank is responsible and loves his daughter enough to stand by her, no matter what.

And, so, I told her she had my support. I mean, seriously, who was I to throw stones? I’d fucked and married my own brother. If she wanted her father to sire her first child, I’d be a hypocrite if I stood in her way. Besides, and this is me just being absolutely honest, the idea kind of turned me on. As much as I love Hank, I loved our father, too. He was strong and wise and handsome and if things had gone very differently in life, I probably would’ve jumped at the chance to bed him, too. Hank is every bit his father’s son. It makes bursa üniversiteli escort a rather weird sort of sense that Ellie would look up to Hank in the same way that I looked up to my own dad. In a way, she was getting the opportunity to live out a fantasy I’d never gotten to fulfill and I could either resent her for it or support her and share in the experience in a loving manner.

From that point on, whenever Ellie and I were alone together, we talked about The Plan (that’s what she called it and each time she said it you could hear the capital T and P). We talked about ways to break down his defenses, ways to seduce him, ways to excite him and make him WANT to breed his daughter. And I told her everything I could think of to help her out: his favorite sexual position, his favorite sexual fantasy, his favorite perfume… I pretty much handed her the book on how to best seduce her father and she took in every salient detail like she’d be studying it for the rest of her life. And when the big day finally came, we both agreed that I would feign ignorance about the whole thing but just go along with it. We both reasoned that it’d be better if Hank went into this wanting it for his own sake rather than feeling pressured into making a decision one way or the other by me.

I have to admit that it was difficult to not let the cat out of the bag a few times. That Hank realized our daughter was beautiful was no secret; he frequently commented on how pretty and self-assured she was, two qualities that I knew for a fact were attractive to him. Whenever he’d mention Ellie with pride, it took every ounce of self control to not just tell him about The Plan and his expected role in it. In a way, I guess it felt more like a game to me. Talking with Ellie about it just sent us both into giggle fits. Hank had no idea what we had in store for him and we were loving it!

And make no mistake: Hank WAS attracted to our daughter. And with good reason. She really IS beautiful. Gorgeous, really. Every good aspect of our shared DNA came shining through Ellie like beacons in the night. At 18, she sported curves and sexuality in such a way that you’d almost think she was bred for that purpose alone. Large, firm breasts; soft, round hips; long, straight brown hair; big, beautiful blue eyes; full, thick lips; toned and perfect legs; a small, pert ass; slim, athletic arms; and a trim, toned tummy. All of that was packed into a tiny, four-foot, eight-inch-tall frame and held steady on two tiny feet. Compared to Hank’s 6’3″, naturally muscular body, she looked like she’d break in two when he finally got her into his hands. And having had sex with my brother more times than I can count, I KNEW that the monster he packed between his legs would probably scare the hell out of her and I said as much. Ellie, however, did not seem deterred. “My pussy is made to pass a baby through it, Mom. HIS baby, I’m hoping. I’m confident that I’ll be able to handle Dad. Mmmm… probably.”

“He’s not just thick, honey,” I told her. “He’s long, too. Very long. On such a short girl like you, it’ll probably feel like you’ve got a tree inside you.”

Ellie just smiled and said, “You don’t have to sell me on this, Mom. I’m already on board.”

Honestly, I just didn’t want her to feel intimidated by her father’s size when she finally got a good look at it. I wasn’t exaggerating. If anything, I was understating things a bit. While Ellie seemed confident, I was actually a little worried for her sake. I even went out and bought some lube, just in case. Another clandestine purchase I made were some miniature wireless cameras. When I showed them to Ellie and explained how I wanted to make sure we caught the festivities of her Breeding Day on film, for the sake of posterity, she was thrilled at the idea. It was surprisingly easy to set them up without Hank noticing them, and our placement of them helped in planning out the whole day.

But the one x-factor in all of our plans was, of course, Hank. I genuinely couldn’t tell if he would actually go for it. So I helped Ellie to pad things in her favor. Each morning I’d wake up just a little earlier than usual and we’d both decide on her outfit for the day. Short skirts, tight tops, lacy socks, heels, thong panties… and, without fail, Hank’s eyes would fall upon our sexpot daughter at the breakfast table and seem to glaze over with a look of forlorn lust typical of any red-blooded, straight male. He never commented on the sexy attire, but he most certainly made note of it. Whether or not he realized it was for his benefit was another matter entirely, and I never brought it up in conversation with him for fear of tipping our hand, but he definitely noticed. About a week into it, I’d suggested to Hank that we might try some roleplaying, just to change things up a bit. Always eager to please me, my brother readily agreed. And, of course, I frequently picked out scenarios featuring bursa anal yapan escort a sexy young girl being taken by an older man- teacher, doctor, boss… even, once or twice, her father. Hank, bless him, just rolled with it and played along. But I’d swear he’d put just a little extra oomph into it when I chose the daddy-daughter scenarios.

For her part, Ellie did everything she could short of grabbing her father’s cock through his pants to seduce him. She never missed an opportunity to bend over and show off her thong-clad ass or thrust her large breasts out while arching her back in a “stretch.” She also made a point of it to tell Hank that she loved him and frequently went out of her way to kiss him on the cheek or lightly on the lips when she did so. Growing up, Ellie had always been an affectionate and loving daughter, but those few weeks leading up to her Breeding Day, she really layed it on thick. And, on this subject, Hank actually DID made comment. I just told him that she was probably buttering him up for a really nice birthday present and that he should probably start paying attention to what she might want.

I love my brother, but, like any idiot dad, he figured that she wanted a new car. Well, yes, I’m almost certain she DID want a new car, but he clearly wasn’t picking up the hints that she was not-so-subtly dropping practically in his lap. When he tried to discuss with me what kind of car we should get her, he kept focusing on something like a sports car while I kept pushing the idea of something more sensible like a sedan or minivan. “One day she’s going to trip somebody and become a mother,” I told him. “You can’t get a baby seat into a Porsche very easily.”

He just blew it off. “Yeah, but she doesn’t even have a boyfriend yet, let alone someone to start a family with. Are you SURE she wouldn’t rather we get her a Mustang or something?”

“Pretty sure, honey. But you’re her father. I’m sure that whatever you give her, she’ll be happy to receive it, whether she’s got plans for a family or not.”


Mary came out of our master bathroom naked as a jaybird, rubbing her long brown hair in a towel. She stopped at the foot of the bed to look at me. “You going to stay in bed all day just to avoid our little girl?”

I sat up completely and stared at her. My sister got the better share of our genes, I think. As sexy as Ellie is, Mary exudes an extra quality that takes patience and time to develop: sensuality. She and Ellie share a lot of the same physical attributes, with Mary being just a few inches taller, but the way she carries herself with such confidence is a thing to admire. The way she cocks her hip to one side, the way she moves her arms, the way she fixes me with an unblinking gaze like she’s looking into my soul AND my mind at the same time- it never fails to make me want her. And it’s always been like that, ever since we were kids. We were the same age and I was technically older than her by a few minutes, but she has always had this maturity about her that makes me want to follow her everywhere and anywhere. She didn’t seduce me into becoming her lover so much as I just gave myself over to her beauty and charisma. I’ve seen a lot of beautiful and sexy women in my life, but Mary is my Aphrodite. So, I suppose that makes Ellie our Harmonia- the daughter of Aphrodite and Ares.

But, at that moment, I wasn’t feeling particularly amorous to my wife. Actually, I was feeling a bit lost. “I just can’t believe that she’s going to hold us to that silly promise!” I replied.

Mary just shrugged. “Well, can you blame her? I mean, look at her! She’s a knock-out! Eventually some guy is going to charm his way into her pants. She doesn’t want that, though. She wants someone she can trust and knows won’t just use her and then leave her.”

“Of COURSE I’d never leave her, Mary,” I said, “I’m her father. But getting her PREGNANT?! Forgetting the fact that you and I are brother and sister, isn’t that just a little bit beyond the pale, even for us?”

“I don’t see why not,” she said. “When we were roleplaying just two nights ago, you seemed pretty eager to knock ME up when I was pretending to be her.”

“But you weren’t pretending to be her!” I rejoined. Then I thought back to that night. Not once had she said her character’s name, and she always referred to me as Daddy. Which, yes, turned me on like you wouldn’t believe, but I just never thought she was pretending to be Ellie! I cast a skeptical look at her. “Weren’t you?”

My sister-wife cocked an elegant eyebrow at me. “Wasn’t I? Daddy?”

I covered my eyes for a second to collect my wits. “Oh, fuck me, this is…”

“What, honey?” Mary prodded. “Wrong? Sexy? Weird? Frightening? What?”

I flopped my palms onto the bed in frustration. “All of that!” I said. “This is just so… out of left field!”

Mary sat down on the bed beside me and laid a loving, calming hand on the center of my chest. “Brother, is it, really? I mean, now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure she’s been thinking about this for a long time. Think about how she’s been dressing lately. Think about all the attention she’s been giving you. We made a promise to her that we never really expected to keep, but here we are, and she’s calling in the marker. What are we going to do? Deny her?”

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