Boys of Summer

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Big Tits

Ali looked down at here cellphone. Travis had sent her nine text messages. The cellphone chimed. She sighed then decided to read this one. “Come over! We can work this out!”

“Whatever,” she said at the cellphone then threw it into the car. It landed on top of her overnight bag lying in the passenger seat. It was all she could get together while she argued in text messages with Travis about whether or not she should share a summer house on the bay with her sorority sisters. Travis had been adamant that her friends were bad influences and were bound to ruin all the progress she’d made.

She scoffed at his words again. Progress. If squeezing herself into the confines of the perfect little box Travis wanted her in was progress, then it wasn’t worth it. The argument meant he didn’t trust her and could never love her for who she was. Ultimately, he could never forget who she used to be, the Ali who loved to have a good time on her back with anybody anywhere. The realization made her blood boil. She started the car. The tires squealed when Ali pulled out of the driveway.

Travis’ words ran over and over in her mind. Ali flicked on the radio to drown them out.

“The forecast for today is going to be blazing hot this early in the summer. 103 degrees by the afternoon. If you’re headed to the bay don’t be in a rush. Traffic is at a crawl along I90.”

Ali jabbed the seek button on the radio until she found a good song. She was twenty minutes from the interstate at this point. She figured she should enjoy cruising at top speed while she could. The windows were down. The wind blew through her Mustang, causing strands of her sandy blonde hair to whip across her face. It didn’t take long for the small lashings to get annoying. She pulled a hair tie off the shifter. With the aid of the rearview mirror Ali pulled her hair into a top knot.

Before Ali turned her complete attention back to the road she saw four motorcyclists coming over the hill behind her. Two riders shared each lane. Every time she looked into the rearview mirror they closed the distance. Two riders sped up to ride her bumper. One raced to catch up then pulled his bike into a wheelie. He rode it for several yards passed her car.

“Crazy bastards,” Ali thought.

Each rider tried to best the other. Their daring made her slow down. The first rider rode along side Ali and looked over at her. He was wearing a helmet with Viking horns airbrushed on the sides. The visor kept her from making out his face but the form of his body told her he was young. They looked at each other before he sped up to catch his buddies. He motioned to another rider then gestured in her direction. The other guy pulled into the open lane and slowed down enough to keep pace with Ali. The visor on this helmet was up. Ali looked into his light colored eyes before he pulled away. The wind picked up his t-shirt and made it bellow behind him like an angry flag. His back was muscular and deeply tan. The motorcyclists darted around cars, playing a high speed version of follow-the-leader. Ali remained behind them at a safe distance, only speeding up when they threatened to leave her sight.

Ali saw the Viking look back at here before motioning to the upcoming exit. The exit for the bay was in four more exits. She gazed at bare backs and arms as she pulled into the left lane. They exited. She continued on. Her fingers tapped the steering wheel. Ali glanced at the rearview mirror. She watched the last rider climb the off ramp and disappear.


Ali took the first available exit and doubled back. She crossed the overpass and spotted the four guys parked at a gas station. Her heart was pounding. Ali circled around the pumps until the pump directly across from the bikers was open. She shut off the engine and sat there, her hands clinched around the steering wheel. She watched her knuckles go white gaziantep bayan escort then let go.

Ali fished out her credit card and exited the car. The transaction completed. She pumped the gas with her foot propped on the rear tire. She tilted her head to one side and in a well practiced motion she freed her hair, shook it loose then stared at the bikers. A smile spread across her face as she surveyed them. She hadn’t noticed before that two of them wore matching shirts, both with the sleeves cut off. One had a tattoo that bleed down his arm from shoulder to wrist in vibrant colors. The other’s arms and legs were long and lanky. He propped the Viking helmet on his hip which seemed to help his jeans from slipping down passed a nonexistent ass.

“Hey ‘Stang,”

The rider that spoke had a shaven head with only a fuzz of light brown hair sprouting up. He was seated on his bike wearing a black leather jacket with red sleeves. It was unzipped with no shirt underneath. Ali could see how flat his stomach was. In heat like this she knew he had to be breaking a sweat. She ignored the click from the pump handle. The other guys turned to see who he was talking to. In quick succession their expressions changed from curiosity to something more.

“Need some help with that?” One of them said as he stalked toward her.

Ali held the gaze of the biker seated on his motorcycle then said, “No. I got this.”

“Headed to the bay?” The lanky one asked. “‘Cuz we are.”

“Yeah. I’m going that way.”

“Come hang with us. We’re thinking about getting the weekend started out at my place first,” said the guy in the leather jacket. His smile was broad and showed about every tooth in his mouth, clean and white.

Ali couldn’t help smiling back. “Let’s do it.”

“Follow us,” he said.

“If you can keep up,” the skinny guy said.

“Had no problem so far.”

The tattooed one punched the skinny one in the shoulder and laughed before they mounted their bikes.

They donned their helmets, started their engines and took off with hardly a look back at Ali. She had the car in drive as they pulled onto the on ramp. The guy in the leather jacket looked back at her then waved her on. She had to make a much more ardent effort to keep up this time. They didn’t play any games on the interstate on the way. They had their bodies low against their bikes and the throttle down. Ali was shocked they didn’t pass a trooper.

They left the interstate. A short drive later they were making their way up a long driveway to a trailer. Tall weeds grew up around the skirting but the yard was clear and well maintained otherwise. Each rider parked their bikes off to one side. Ali followed suit.

The guy in the leather stood by the small deck, waiting for her.

“I’m Mike by the way.”


Mike looked her up and down then huffed. “This here’s my boy Dean, Smithy, and the little guy over there is Stu.”

“Fuck you, Mike,” Stu said, emphasizing his comment with his middle finger.

Mike chuckled then turned his attention back to Ali. “It’s a nice ride you’ve got there. Who did the work?”

Ali looked over the custom paint job on her ’96 Mustang. The rims, the ground effects and tint had all been the brain child of Travis. He was the last person she wanted to be thinking about so she gave a short answer, “A shop in Solon.”


“Got anything to drink?” Ali said.

Mike steadied his eyes on Ali for a moment. It made Ali squirm a bit. “Yeah, I got something for ya. Smithy, break that shit out.”

“Way ahead of ya.” Smithy dragged a cooler out onto the deck and handed a plastic cup to Ali.

Smithy sloshed some Crown into the cup then topped it off with cola from inside the cooler. He repeated that for Mike.

“To a hot weekend,” Mike toasted.

They touched cups. Ali tossed it back.

“Whoa, momma. No need to do it like that.”

The small amount of cola did little to cut the burn of the Crown. It was what she needed. She liked the way the flavor danced around on her tongue.

“You know I didn’t come here to drink. Dontcha Mike?”

Mike’s eyes met hers over the rim of his cup while he drank. He lowered it then spoke, “You came to have a good time.”

“I did. So show me one.”

Mike tossed the cup into the yard then grabbed Ali’s wrist. She followed him over to the edge of the deck where he sat on the second step. Ali straddled his legs then eased down to be seated on his lap. Mike made a move to kiss her mouth. Ali pulled back then smiled. She leaned back to reach the hem of her shirt. Before it was completely off Mike’s face was buried in between her tits. His jaw line was sandpaper against the tops of her breasts. Mike’s fingers found their way inside the cups of her bra. He freed each breast, the left then the right. The contact of his face against her sensitive nipples made her call out.

Ali was wide eyed astride Mike and noticed Smithy standing over them on the deck.

“Don’t just stand there,” Ali said.

Smithy moved toward her. Ali reached up and helped him open his jeans while Mike’s mouth found her nipple. Mike bucked into her.

“Fuck yeah. Get your mouth on my dick,” Smithy commanded while he pushed his jeans and underwear down over his boots.

Ali fed Smithy’s flaccid cock into her mouth. She stopped when her mouth met the dark curls around his shaft. Smithy moaned loudly. His hands went behind Ali’s head. He held her there then he thrust his hips into her face. He grew hard quickly. It made Ali start to gag. Smithy let her go. She pumped her hand over his dick while she gasped for air.

Mike reached down between them to rub Ali’s crotch. “Hot bitch. I’m gonna fuck you.”

Ali moaned her approval around mouthfuls of Smithy’s cock.

Mike scooped her up. He carried her a short distance from the deck to a picnic table near the bikes. He laid her down on top of it. Ali let her legs dangle over the edge. She looked up into the summer sky. The clouds were thin and wispy. The sun’s rays shone down on her bare breasts. Mike grabbed at them. She felt the hunger in his touch and it made her feel alive. Every nerve of her body flooded with her true nature. The girl she’d been holding back for so long was awake and needy.

Ali rose to her elbows to watch Mike enter her. “Fill me up,” she said.

Mike held her behind her neck while he pumped into her. Again and again he buried himself in her pussy. “Now don’t get greedy, Mike. Give someone else a shot. Get over here Smithy. Shove that big dick in me.”

Smithy shoved Mike over to take his position between her legs. He grunted when his dick entered her.

“That’s a sloppy pussy you got there.”

“Fuck it good,” Ali said. She looked into Smithy’s light eyes. They burned with lust. The feeling of how hungry he was for her spurred her desire for more hands on her and more cock.

The other guys walked toward the table to watch the action. Ali reached out for their crotches. Stu wasn’t hard but he was smiling when his hand palmed her breast. Mike hopped on the table and knelt beside her face.

“Oh yes. That’s what I need. Thick yummy cock in my mouth,” Ali spoke between mouthfuls of Mike’s shaft. He shoved it in deep each time. Each time his hard cock glistened with more spit. Mike pressed the head of his cock down on Ali’s face. She helped him spread the wetness on her face while Dean traded places with Smithy. The thickness of his cock jolted Ali’s attention between her legs.


“Yeah! Stretch that hot cunt, man,” Mike encouraged.

And he stretched her. Ali’s pussy lips were taunt around Dean’s shaft. She gritted her teeth through his turn. When Smithy took another turn, Ali’s pussy didn’t grip him as he had before but she was wetter.

Dean knelt beside her face then said, “Clean off my dick.”

He rubbed his dick across her smile until she complied. Her eyes locked on his while she opened wide to accommodate the head of his dick. She coughed and spat when he thrust into her mouth.

“Gimme some spit, babe. Yeah. All the way in the back of that hot mouth.”

She did. Over and over she gave up her mouth while Smithy fucked her hungry pussy.

“Hell yeah,” Mike called out right before he shot his load across Ali’s flat stomach. He climbed off of the table clumsily but remained close by to watch Ali fuck his buddies. “Her hand’s empty bud. Get in there Stu.”

Mike slapped Stu on the back, sending him stumbling forward. Ali broke away from Dean, pulled herself up onto her hands and knees to face Stu. His reluctance to take his turn made her want him more.

“Look at that ass,” Smithy said. His hand came down on her ass cheek. Ali giggled then licked her lips at Stu.

“Gimme,” she purred.

Stu opened his jeans to reveal a long, slender penis. It flinched before Ali brought her mouth down around it.

“Fuck that cunt, Stu,” someone said.

Ali looked up at Stu, smiled then said, “Yeah get in there.”

Stu kicked his shoes off. He pulled off his jeans then climbed onto the picnic table. It creaked under the weight of both of them but held steady. He spat down at Ali’s waiting holes. A pool of shiny bubbles landed in the crack of her ass. He spread it between Ali’s ass and her pussy. She moaned. She moved against him in an effort to guide him where she wanted. Stu held her down and thrust into her asshole.

“Motherfucker!” Ali cried out. She attempted to move away but Stu held her down by her shoulders.

“Don’t run from that dick, bitch,” Stu commanded.

“Get that ass!”

Mike stepped to the edge of the table, cock hard as before, and offered it to Ali. Her eyes were clenched shut. Mike settled for slapping her across the face while she called out in agony.

“Come on, man. Don’t Bogart that ho.”

Smithy slid in with no resistance to pound away.

“Get my dick wet,” Dean said.

Ali moved her face toward him. Mike stood close shoulder to shoulder with him. Ali sucked them in turn. Her mouth and asshole were full.

“Yeah, boys. Gimme those dicks,” she praised as her body surrendered to being passed around. Her orgasm ripped through her with each new cock, each new mouthful. The energy of the guys pulsed into her with their cocks. She saw in their eyes the pleasure she gave them and she was high from it.

One by one they peeled away from her. They left her on the picnic table. Their cum began to dry on her body. When Ali felt that the Earth was back under her and blood was coursing back to the areas it should, she rolled off the table. Her legs were wobbly but she could stand and retrieve her clothes.

Nothing seemed to fit as it did before. Her shirt hung loosely from her shoulders. Her shorts gapped around her hips. It was as if she’d lost some of herself in the exertion of fucking four strangers. The four strangers resumed their activities around the yard as if nothing had happened. Stu and Dean fiddled with their bikes while Smithy and Mike sat lazily on the deck steps like two old yard dogs.

Ali walked to her car.

“Good times!”

Ali turned to see Mike holding up his cup to toast her departure. She waved him off then got in her car. Her cellphone chimed. The display read that there were twelve new text messages and one new voice message. Ali put the car in drive and drove toward the interstate. Her cellphone lay in her lap for several miles before she picked it up and accessed her voicemail.

“Ali…if you’d just answer me I could…”

The message began to play garbled for a few seconds then the message resumed as normal.

“When are you going to love yourself as much as I do?”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32