Bound under Her Boss’s Desk Ch. 02

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Five minutes seemed like an eternity. Dahlia kneeled under Jackson’s desk, bound by her wrists and ankles, gagged with his tie with her breasts pressed together and held with his knees. Her head rested on his knees and she squeezed her eyes shut tightly while the man continued working as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening at all. Her whole body was tense and quivering slightly. There was a very real possibility that someone would walk into the room and she was terrified of being seen. She didn’t want to be caught looking like an office slut under Jackson’s desk much less a kinky one who got off on being tied up and gagged. That wasn’t her anyway. All of this had happened so quickly she’d barely had time to protest. One minute she had thought he was going to have sex with her before the next she had a tie shoved down her throat and her naked breasts being slapped and slammed against the table with Jackson telling her he didn’t have office flings.

The recent events replayed again and again in her head and Dahlia grew more frustrated that she had done nothing more to fight back or to stop this. Instead she had gone all quiet and meek, into a shocked state, and she had fucking let him do it.

The worst part of it all was when she watched herself in hindsight struggle against her bound wrists and ankles and scream and groan against the gag, she couldn’t understand why she had quietened so quickly and accepted her position. When he had flattened her to the desk she remembered wanting him to fuck her even more than before he had done that. What on earth had she been thinking? She hadn’t flailed about or screamed until after she was already captive and couldn’t do anything about it.

Footsteps approached the room and there was a brief knock on the door before the person stepped in. Dahlia stiffened even more when she heard someone else. Jackson tightened his knee grip on her tits and slid a hand under the table, feeling around until he grasped her ponytail and pulled it firm, seemingly just as an act of control. Dahlia couldn’t even begin to explain the effect his touch on her seemed to have on her body.

She was angry at herself and the situation and then suddenly his hand was tugging her hair and his knees holding her more tightly and the anger seemed to dissipate away somewhere else entirely.

Jackson and the colleague were having what seemed to be a reasonably lengthy conversation and although Dahlia never relaxed while they were in the room she tuned out the work related conversation. It was only when Jackson was suddenly standing up and moving away from the desk that her eyes flew open and she started panicking more. What was he doing, where mardin escort was he going and where did the other person go?

Jackson ushered his colleague out the door with a cherry smile before shutting and locking his office door behind him. Dahlia had been under his desk for a good 40 minutes now and he wanted to check on her. Coming back around he looked under the desk to see a wide eyed Dahlia, looking the most fuckable he’d ever seen her with her naked chest thrust out on display with her arms tied down to her bound ankles. Her mouth was stuffed fill with his tie and he took a moment to just enjoy the view.

“God you look like an absolute slut,” he told her, his lusty eyes still taking her in. “Your huge tits pushed out like an invitation while being tied up for me to do what I want…” He mused, reaching out and taking each breast in a hand. Groping, and pulling and squeezing them Dahlia could see his pants bulge even more when she dared to sneak a peek in that direction. He moved onto her nipples and squeezed and pulled those as well. Dahlia groaned and protested against her bindings and the gag this time at his assaulting touch. He didn’t move away and telling herself to be a bit bolder she really started thrashing around as much as she could, throwing herself against the hard wooden panelling on the desk and frying to wriggle free.

She had no success, although she hadn’t really likened her chances in the first place. Jackson finally took his hands away from her only to yank her by her ponytail forwards which sent her toppling forward and with having her hands bound behind her she couldn’t steady herself and fell onto her chest and cheek with her ass in the air and bound limbs.

“Stop thrashing Dahlia.” Jackson commanded it of her in a strict tone and part of her wanted to do what he said and the other part really didn’t want to. She thought she might possibly be crying now. Her chest was heaving trying to find air and small choked sobs escaped her mouth only to be muffled by the tie. Her cheeks were red with embarrassment and humiliation at her predicament and the position she was in.

“I said stop thrashing Dahlia.” Jackson’s tone was strong and forceful as he repeated himself. There was no change. With an exasperated sigh he pulled up her skirt all the way to her hips and yanked her panties down her thighs so her ass cheeks were bared to the air. This seemed to cause Dahlia to become more distressed. Jackson pulled her forward a little further out from the desk and placed his right shoe on her back and pushed her a little further into the carpet. She was his little office whore and to see her underneath van escort his shoe in such a degrading manner tied at his mercy had him wanting to do many many more dirty things with her but he told himself that patience was key here. Leaning over he slapped her ass cheek firmly with his palm and then withdrew it only to land it back on the other cheek in the same quick and sharp manner.

“Listen to me Dahlia,” he spoke in between slaps and was pleased to hear her grunts from behind the gag die down at the beginning of her spanking.

“I told you that you need to take a break. I’m beginning to think that your pride is the reason you’ve found doing that difficult so far. You hold so much pride in yourself that you can’t bear anyone else take control or things might go badly.” He spanked her again, more roughly this time and he heard her cry out against the gag. “You have no trust in other people to take care of things for you.”

He slapped her again, equally as roughly and that time he was positive it was not a cry but a moan that he heard. He lay another firm slap down but this time he landed it on her pussy and not her ass. She definitely moaned again.

With a strong pull of her hair he jerked her back up onto her knees. He made her look at him and both her face and ass cheeks burned, one from the spanking and the other from embarrassment. “Don’t be embarrassed by some nudity and a spanking.” He spoke in a softer tone now that she had stopped struggling. “Instead I want you to notice about how much *control* I had, how you didn’t and don’t need to make any decisions right now. I want you to notice that despite you being scared when someone walked into that room you had to have some level of *trust* in me to keep you out of sight and not tell anyone you were there. If there is anything you should be embarrassed about perhaps you should think about how reluctant you were to listen to my instructions and relinquish control when I told you to stop thrashing.”

He loosened his grip on her hair and with one hand he loosely ran his finger over one of her nipples, watching as it hardened (more than it already was) underneath his touch. “Think about the bindings though properly. When I first put them on you you struggled for a bit but then quietened. Maybe you liked the feeling of being helpless. I think you like the fact that having all of this done against your permission so to speak makes it easier for you to be forced to have no control and yet not feel like you are giving up control. I think that this situation is easier for you than having to admit you actually like giving up control and want to deep down.”

Dahlia ankara escort looked up at him and vehemently glared at his words. How dare he insinuate these things about her.

Jackson gave a shrug, “I’m just telling you what your body is saying to me Dahlia, maybe its time you stop denying what you want and like to yourself.”

His hand on her breast tracked lower down her stomach and lower until it found her wet lips. He didn’t even need to dip his fingers into her to come up with his fingers moist and glistening with her arousal.

“Someone liked their time here today,” he mused with a small smirk. He wiped his fingers across her breast and reach down to swipe out some more juice. He wiped that across her again and the next time he actually plunged two fingers into her dripping cunt.

“Hot dripping slut,” his voice was practically a growl it was so thick with arousal. He continued to wipe her own arousal across her chest and painted some across her forehead and face too. “Now you really look like the filthy hussy that you are.”

Jackson finally reached to unzip his own fly and his large hard cock flew out. He stroked it lazily to begin with before pumping a harder consistent rhythm to push closer to the edge.

Dahlia was transfixed as she watched him, that small hopeful part of her returning that despite everything that had happened to her today he still might fill her up with his dick and pump it into her hard and fast and bring her to a mind altering orgasm. Her hopes were dashed when he came a few minutes later into a few tissues of all things. He gave her a deep stare and she found she couldn’t look away. “My cum will replace yours when you admit you truly want to be my slut. I don’t mark my property until it has proven its loyalty.”

The next half an hour was a bit of a blur to Dahlia. At some point her bindings were removed and so was the gag. She didn’t even speak a peep of how angry she’d been at the start of all of that. Her bra and top were placed back on over top of her cum covered tits. Her skirt was pulled down and straightened. She was told she would return to work tomorrow and report to his desk and in the meantime to continue on as normal. She somehow found herself sitting back at her desk staring blankly at the computer. She couldn’t comprehend what had just happened yet fully and she was almost scared to think about it. In the end she closed down her computer and went home without even glancing in the direction of her boss’ office. He might not even be her boss tomorrow depending if she decided she would turn up or not.

Jackson meantime was wondering also if she would turn up or not. His money was that she would. He just knew there was something about her that couldn’t resist being his personal office whore.


And here is their finished first bound encounter! Will Jackson need to bring more ties to work or will he need a new secretary… Stay tuned 😉 Suggestions and comments always welcomed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32