BJ on First Street

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He was 43, 6’4″, Scandinavian, Californian, grabby from second one after meeting, involuntary facial tick on the left side of his face, shifty, not as tight as I had hoped, thinks himself clever, all about that bass, divorced, daughter, recovering alcoholic.

So of course we met at a bar. Where else do AA-attending folks meet first dates? Wine and water, respectively.

Normal pleasantries for an hour or so. He gives me a weird stalker, rapey vibe. I get a text from my ladies that they want to have a drink in an hour, and I gladly accept.

I walk him back to his car parked on First Street downtown. I ask him to make out a little. I’m both turned on by the possibility of touching his wide shoulders and seeing his tattoos as I am nervous about being abducted and ass raped.

He opens the passenger-side door and puts the seat down as far as possible. I climb in and he follows. Heavy petting action with two 6’+ adults is exciting yet frustrating. The exhilaration of feeling like a naughty bahçeşehir escort teenager gets me wet.

He pulls up my dress and rubs his hard cock against my panties. More wet.

He tells me to turn over and gasps at both my ass and my tats.

“Oh my god, I’m going to see that ass again.”

He just confirmed it in my mind.

We stop momentarily and he opens the door and exits. Standing on the street, he unzips his fly and I pull out his hard cock. His chest is pressed against the top of the open car, and with the door shielding him from one side, I take his cock in my hand and then in my mouth.

I get his shaft wet and then suck on the head while giving him a hand job all in unison.

I look up and he’s looking back and forth down the street to watch for passersby.

I switch up and fondle his balls while taking him in as deep as possible. He has a hard time watching out.

My phone rings and bakırköy escort I let it go to voicemail.

Remembering I am an upstanding member of this community, I stop after a few minutes. The fun and adventure was had.

He drives me around the corner to the wine bar where I plan to meet my friends. Before I exit, I return the call from one of my girls that I’m going to meet. He yells loudly during my call.

“Sorry she didn’t answer. She had a dick in her mouth on First Street!”

I burst out laughing, end the call, say goodnight and walk to the bar. I get a glass of wine and am sitting, waiting for my friends.

“Technically, if I come pick you up it would be a second date.”

“‘Good try, clever guy, but nope!”

“Pulled over. Look down the street.”

“Nope. Sitting with a glass of wine waiting for my ladies to turn up. Jesus! When was the last time you had sex?!?”

“This afternoon.”

“Let başakşehir escort me clarify…with someone other than yourself. Speaking of which, I very much appreciate you perfuming your cock. You tasted clean and fresh and lovely.”

“At least you know I’ll last extra long. I guess it’s your call. I’ll spend the night and leave early in the morning. I’ll fuck you in the morning too.”

“I think I’ve already made the call. I do want to fuck you, just not tonight.”

“Still here, maybe your girls need to help push you to make a bad decision to lead to a great time.”

“Ok creeper! You are now losing points…”

“Take one of those pills that make you chill.”

“Hilarious! Ok now I like you more.”

“Well you can imagine my relief.”

“You haven’t even begun to imagine anything with me, darling…I think sky is gonna be the limit…what’s beyond the sky?”

“My butt hole is beyond the sky.”

“The fact that you welcome things in your butt makes me so horny for you…”

“Doesn’t everyone?”

“No, darling, not everyone wants things in their butt. Esp straight guys, but you continue to intrigue me which is fantastic. I’m often bored. I have enjoyed fingers in my butt, dicks not so much but again I’m out exploring. You’d have to promise to be gentle with me.”

“I promise to only make you scream in pleasure.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32