Birthday Outing with the Boss

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“Proof of vaccination, please”

I showed the bouncer at the bar my vax app and picture id. He looked it over and smiled at me

“Happy almost birthday”


I said, surprised that he noticed.

It was Friday, the day before my 26th birthday, I was going out with my coworkers to celebrate. I had started the job six months ago, after a year at home in my pj’s. Covid mandates were beginning to relax in the city and the office and I was feeling like I was coming alive socially. I was also enjoying picking out what to wear every morning, especially since developing the dreaded office crush.

We were a smallish marketing company with offices on both coasts. I was on the research and analytics team, made up of three other guys, being the youngest and the only woman made me apprehensive but they were good dudes and made me feel supported. Keery, Dan and Jorge were out with me as well as Luke from business development and our director of strategy, Ben.

On my first day it was Ben who greeted me and showed me around the office, back when most people were still working from home. He was very happy to see me, made it clear he valued me and never made me feel like I was any less capable than my seniors.

In my second week he slacked me asking for a copy of a research report on an account, I sent it to him, and he messaged me back

You are my favorite – Don’t tell anyone.

By that point I was hooked.

“So Leanna, you know what you want for your first legal drink?” Dan teased me.

“Shut up” I threw a coaster at him “I’ve forgotten more about drinking than you ever knew.”

“Ooooh” All the guys mockingly exclaimed. I was glad we had gotten comfortable enough as a team to shoot the shit with each other. We sat down and I made sure to seat myself next to Ben. It was the beginning of summer, finally justifying outdoor seating. I had broken out my best summer dress, black with big yellow sunflowers, tight on my top with a square neckline accentuating my C cup cleavage and flowy on the bottom just reaching mid thigh.

“Allright, are we ready to order?” Keery asked us, we nodded.

“To be clear Leanna, you’re not paying for anything tonight” Ben looked at me with his intense dark blue eyes behind black framed glasses. My knees went weak as they always did when he paid special attention to me.

Ben is 38, divorced, with a seven year old kid, 5″8 to my 5″1. Medium build with a bit of a dad bod and floppy brown hair. He usually wears tucked in button downs but today he was wearing a t-shirt showing off his tattooed biceps. He had just a touch of a drawl from growing up in Texas, especially on the few occasions he slipped and called me darlin’.

Despite my big talk I am a bit of a lightweight and halfway into my second beer I was already feeling lightheaded and giddy. The guys were swapping stories and toasting me while all the while I was inching closer to Ben. First I gently brushed his knee with my bare one, as if it was a mistake, then I left it there. Pretty soon we were thigh to thigh and I felt his warmth radiating onto my naked leg.

I was the one who mainly flirted with Ben when we were in the office, joking about him asking me out for a date when he offered me an extra ticket to a baseball game the company had gotten. Or answering ‘better now’ when he walked into our office asking how our day was going. He always seemed a little surprised, not knowing how to react. We all hadn’t flirted in a while because of the pandemic, especially someone who had been focusing on co-parenting for the last six years. But I had missed it and was laying it on thick. I know it was a doubly tricky situation for him because he was technically my boss and was very conscious about misuse of power. I just couldn’t help myself, almanbahis I really liked him and the fact that he was my superior just made it a little more delicious.

I had finished my beer and Ben’s apple watch dinged. By this point the whole left side of my body was pressed up against him.

“The LA office messed up the Q4 forecast, we’ll have to redo it on Monday” he nodded to Kerry. Kerry grimaced. Ben scrolled through his notifications on the watch. I loved watching him work, he was so commanding and exacting.

“You’re so impressive” I smiled dreamily at him. Did I just say that out loud?

Ben chuckled nervously.

“Alright we’re cutting you off, you’re talking crazy”

Jorge caught my eye and mouthed ‘Are you ok?’, I nodded resolutely. Get a grip, Leanna.

Luke yelled at me from across the table

“When are you leaving these R&A jerks and moving to biz-dev?” I stuck my tongue out to him.

“If i’m moving anywhere it’s to strategy to work under this guy” I put my hand on Ben’s shoulder.

“Aw strategy gets all the superstars” Luke hung his head.

“Who’s down for a game of pool” Dan asked the table.

“Yes!” Kerry answered. “Me and Jorge against you and Luke, get ready to lose!”

Everybody got up, the four of them to grab cues and me and Ben to the spectator bench.

Trash talk and usual dick measuring commenced as the guys got into the game.

I was sipping on the third round when Ben leaned in to talk into my ear over the music.

“Want to dance?” my heart pitter pattered from his closeness. I nodded.

We got up and went to the small dance floor by the bar, a couple of wall streeters were swaying and talking. I put my hands on his neck and he placed his on my waist. I shivered from his touch, already feeling warmth in my underwear.

“Thanks for coming out tonight, I know it’s hard, with your son and all” I looked up at him.

He shook his head,

“No, of course, it’s also his mom’s weekend so it worked out, besides I couldn’t miss your birthday drinks, you’re my favorite” He grinned down at me.

“Speaking of which, here it comes” He gestured with his head to the wall clock where the seconds ticked into midnight. He leaned into my ear and whispered

“Happy Birthday darlin'” My breath caught in my chest, his closeness and that sweet texas drawl were too much. I turned my face slowly keeping it close to his so our lips almost brushed. I took one hand down from his neck to where his t-shirt met his pants and snuck half a finger under the shirt.

“Ben” I breathed softly.

“Come on” He led me away from the bar, his voice low and gruff.

By some miracle this place had spacious, clean bathrooms that were also clear. He led me into one, spun me against the door and locked it in one smooth powerful motion. He looked down at me, close but not touching.

“Leanna, I need to know if you really want this.” He said seriously, his dark blue eyes almost black with intensity.

I gulped, drinking him in, hardly believing this was happening.

“I want this so bad, I’ve wanted you to fuck me ever since the first day I met you.”

He took half a step forward to bridge the space between us, placed a hand tentatively on the side of my breast and slowly brought it down over my curves, waist, hip, down to my thigh, he reached the bottom of my dress and I drew in breath sharply. He lifted the dress a little and brought his hand behind to roughly grab my ass.

“Good” He breathed into my ear and then pressed his body against mine and kissed me.

I moaned into his mouth and felt hard rock against my pussy sending bolts of pleasure through my body.

Suddenly there was a banging on the door making me jump.

“Hey you finishing up in there, I really gotta almanbahis yeni giriş go” some drunk was interrupting the hottest moment of my life. Ben disengaged from me, I whimpered. He nuzzled against my neck.

“Let’s go someplace else” I felt the vibrations from his deep voice and the soft stubble on my collarbone. We stepped out of the bathroom leaving behind a surprised stock broker.

Ben led me by the hand out of the bar.

“Where should we go?” I asked him.

“Back to the office” He said. I felt another twinge in my pussy, my fantasies were coming true.

We got to the building and he took out his wallet to swipe us into the freight entrance.

His movements were so confident and swift, he commanded every part of the office, it was his domain. There were no lights in the office, just streetlight pouring through the shutters. I walked to his glass wall office, computer light illuminating it partly. I leaned against the desk, he followed me in looking me up and down.

“I fantasized about this so many times. Every time I walked by your desk, hoping you’d notice the short skirts and low tops I wore just for you”

He ran his hand through his hair.

“I noticed.”

“I would imagine you bending me over this desk, punishing me” I ran my hands over the desk edges. Ben stepped closer to me

“Why would I punish you, aren’t you a good girl?”

“I don’t know” I said, turning around and leaning forward exposing a hint of my ass.

“I think I might be bad”

Ben slowly lifted up my dress, I was wearing a thong.

“That would be unfortunate, I would have no choice but to discipline you” He said while caressing my butt cheeks.

“Is that the case Leanna, do you need to be disciplined?”

“Yes” I breathed, bracing myself against the desk. Ben drew his hand back and spanked me, my ass jiggled and I felt a frisson all through my body.

“You have been bad, teasing me, distracting me” He spanked me again and again and I was moaning louder and louder.

Ben stopped and got close behind me, he pressed his erection up on my ass, put both hands on my wrists holding the table and bent down to say softly:

“Why did you do that, Leanna?”

I grinded my ass on his groin feeling his member press in my crack and rose, lifting us both up back to stand. Tilting my head back so I could feel his breath on my neck I answered:

“I just wanted you to want me as much as I want you”

Ben started licking and sucking my neck and brought his hands up to roughly grab my tits.

I turned around to face him, I directed him to sit on the chair in front of his desk and proceeded to slowly lift up my dress and bring it over my head and off.

My hair fell back down on my shoulders and I was standing in front of him in a lacy black bra and my white polka dot thong, I was a little insecure about my body hoping he wasn’t disappointed.

“Holy Shit” he looked up at me, I smiled a little, guess he was into it.

“You are so incredibly sexy” Ben spread his legs adjusting the uncomfortable tent in his pants.

I kneeled down looking up at him and started to open his pants, button first, then zipper, I pulled at them signaling him to lift up his butt so that I could pull them down and off. I put my hands on his cock through the blue patterned boxer shorts.

Ben pushed his groin towards me, running his hand through his hair and groaning. I lifted his shirt a little and leaned forward to lick his lower abdomen while my hands pulled at the boxers.

I wiggled in place feeling the dampness between my legs while he slid his boxers down.

His cock sprung out, thick and hard, I licked it all over before trying to fit it in my mouth.

I sucked his tool up and down letting it hit almanbahis giriş the back of my throat before slipping it almost all the way out. Ben held the chair arm with his left hand, his knuckles white, his right hand went to the back of my head, resting lightly and guiding the rhythm.

“Ugh Leanna, fuck, that feels amazing, oh fuck” he lifted his midsection at me, I moaned with my mouth full.

Then Ben pulled at my hair, removing me from him.

“Get up” He said gruffly. I got up, wiping the sides of my mouth. Taking off his shirt he rose to meet me, wrapped a hand on the back of my neck and kissed me deeply, the other hand went down underneath my underwear and felt my pussy.

“I am so wet for you Ben, you are so hot”

His breath was hot and heavy on my neck.

“Show me” He whispered at me.

I took a step back and opened the front fasten of my bra letting my breasts slip out, milky, round and smooth with aroused pink nipples, I cupped them and then shaking off my bra let my hands slowly inch down my soft stomach to my underwear, putting my hand in I felt the wetness and wiped it on my stomach leaving a glistening streak.

“This is all for you, you own this body” I gave him a tour of his property, spinning around, lifting my hair up to peek at him while my back was to him and back to face him.

“Is that right” He took a step towards me, pinning me back against the desk. He had his right hand on his cock and had been rubbing it while I gave him the show. With his left he tucked a strand of hair behind my ear and from my neck went all the way down to pull at my underwear.

I pulled it down, my breath catching from his closeness.

“Sit up on the desk, there’s a good girl” he lifted me a little so I parked my bare ass on the cold glass table, no doubt leaving a sweaty heart shaped imprint.

Ben put a hand on my thigh and slowly felt down my smooth recently shaved leg until he got to my ankle and lifted it up to his shoulder.

His lips barely touched mine and I could feel the tip of his member at my entrance, I wanted it so much.

“Fuck me, Ben” He obliged and entered me slowly, it felt amazing, him filling me up, he was groaning loudly as my warm pussy enveloped him.

When he was fully in he very slowly started to build up a rhythm, one hand on the small of my back, one hand feeling different parts of my chest.

“Fuck, you fucking slut, I want to destroy you, ugh you little cock tease” the dirty talk was making me shout out.

“Yes, yes, Ben, fuck me up, make me your bitch” we shook the table making pens and papers rain down to the floor. I was in ecstasy feeling myself getting close to orgasm, Ben was breathing fast.

All of a sudden he exited me, leaving an empty stretched out feeling, I needed to feel his cock rubbing against my clit and hitting my g-spot.

“Turn around” he commanded.

I obediently turned around, bent over and stuck my ass up, panting.

Ben grabbed my hair pulling it back, positioned himself, holding my hip and found his way back inside me.

“Aaaah” I yelled out.

He took his hand away from my hair, briefly pausing to cup my swinging breasts and proceeded to slap me on the the ass as he roughly thrust into me from behind.

“Yeah you like that? You like that you fucking slut?”

“Yes” I shouted at him.

“YES, don’t stop” by the third slap I could feel my whole body shaking, warmth spreading from my cunt to my whole body.

I moaned loudly shouting words I don’t recall.

“I’m going to cum inside you, i’m going to fill you up, you ready?”

I was lost in pleasure, unable to answer but wanting his cum inside my body more than anything.

“Ugh fuck yeah, here’s my cum” He let loose inside me.

We slithered to the floor, utterly spent, him spooning me, gently caressing my arm.

“You good?” He asked me.

I smiled to myself.

“Yeah, i’m good”

“I can’t believe I got to fuck you” he said kissing my neck.

“I can’t believe my birthday wish came true” I countered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32