Journey into Discovery Pt. 02

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Journey into Discovery

(Part 2)

The week went quickly and I masturbated each night. I sucked on my dildo as I stroked myself, fantasizing about that first cock. I fantasized about what my next experience would be like, remembering the feeling of that hard cock in my mouth, how it tasted and the way the man had responded as I worked on him. When I climaxed, the orgasms were more intense than I had experienced before.

Something had changed for me. I had discovered something new and wonderful. Feelings I had not known about. During the days, I found myself daydreaming about naked men. I viewed the world differently now. I now looked at men as potential sex partners in the same way I had looked at women before. Before when I spotted a particularly attractive woman I would feel the stir in pants of the beginnings of an erection. I got that same stirring now when I saw certain types of men, especially when I would happen to catch the telltale signs of a bulge. My observations during the day would return at night as I masturbated, fantasizing about what their cocks looked like and how they would feel in my mouth.

At night, I scouted some places out. I had decided I wanted to see what other new wonders I could find. Finally, Friday arrived and I headed out to try one of the new spots. I was soon in the darkened booth area of a new store and had just gotten settled in another booth offering a gay film. I was a long time before I saw the door ease open. This time I was disappointed as the man turned out to be there to give rather than received. I did let him suck me off, but stayed in the booth after he left.

It was a again a long time, but my wait was not without reward as another man entered my booth. This guy wasn’t interested in sucking me he obviously wanted his cock sucked. He looked at the at the screen briefly, then unzipped his pants. He pulled out his cock and moved directly in front of me. He rested his hand on my shoulder and he pushed me down in front of him.

The first cock I ever sucked had been average. The guy was clean and cut, his cock about 6’5 inches long. This one was not clean, it had a musky smell to it. It was uncut the foreskin partially covering the head and he was thick. The cock wasn’t any longer that the first, but the girth of it stretched my mouth as it slid into my mouth. I again had to do very little as the man immediately began thrusting his hips, forcing his cock into my mouth. In a very short time he was emptying his load into my mouth. I stayed for several hours that night, sucking two more men before getting tired and heading home.

I had come to a turning point in my life. I liked sucking cock. I like the taste of cum. Just thinking about cock excited me. I knew I wanted more, but found myself questioning where I was going. I understood this was homosexual behavior and that had implications. Those thoughts began to surface now and they interfered with the pleasure I had been so caught up in for the last two weeks. I was still turned on by woman, but the sexual excitement of sucking another man’s cock and of tasting his cum was overpowering.

I istanbul travesti knew I would go out the next weekend. I had already picked out a new place, larger than the other two, with more booths, but the concern and confusion remained. I practiced sucking cock with my dildo every night. Looking through my porno magazines to learn about different styles, then practicing. The feel of the dildo in my mouth was amazing, not nearly as amazing as a real cock, but exciting just the same. Several nights, after cumming, I would smear my cum all over the dildo and suck it clean. This excited me even more and I’d masturbate a second time.

The week pasted slowly but Friday finally arrived and I headed out to my new chosen spot. This was a much large store, but I again came prepared with plenty of quarters and immediately headed into the booth area. This store offered something the others hadn’t and something that I found strangely exciting. This store offered she male movies. I found one with a busty blonde she male who sported a rather large cock and entered.

The booth was much larger than the ones I had been in before. This booth had a bench to sit on, a rather large bench, almost 3′ wide. I didn’t know at the time that this store catered to the homosexual crowd and provided large benches for its patrons. I got the movie started and sat down to wait. It was a again a fairly long wait. I had gotten into the movie and had taken out my cock starting to jerk myself off, when the door opened.

My previous partners had all been white, this guy was black, slim and a noticeable bulge in his pants. He moved to stand next to me as I sat on the bench. My dick had gone soft, since there was a little apprehension as to what would happen, but the guy didn’t seem to notice. He watched for a time then heard him moan and comment on how good the scene currently playing looked. The she male was sucking the man’s cock and working it hard. He noted how good a cock sucker she was, then unzipped his pants and pulled out his hardening cock.

His cock wasn’t huge, about 7 inches, cut, and he was soon stroking. Having figured out the protocol s by now, I lifted my hand and gentle touched his leg. He immediately turned and offered me his cock. I quickly took him in my mouth and began sucking. He didn’t grab my head and begin fucking my mouth like the others, instead, he stroked my hair and I heard him say how good a cock sucker I was. He moaned and I heard him says, “Yeah, you suck cock good. You like sucking cock don’t you?” he asked. I didn’t respond, just kept up my actions.

Within a few minutes he stepped back, pulling his cock out of my mouth. I heard him say he didn’t want to cum to quick, then he told me to stand up. He took my place on the bench and reached out to take my hard cock into his hand. H e gently pulled me toward him and I felt his lips close over my cock. His actions were slow and deliberate. He suck softly and as he did. His hands came up behind me to cup the cheeks of my ass. He began massaging my ass cheeks as he worked my cock.

The feel of his hands was working me up to a new level. His istanbul travestileri mouth wasn’t sucking hard, so it was the feeling of his hands that I felt more. As he worked my cheeks, he slipped his finger between my cheeks and felt his finger brush against my ass hole. The shock of that touch filled me with electricity. I gasped and my cock pulsed, I was close to cumming. Suddenly his hand went away and I was afraid he was going to stop, then I felt the finger return, this time it was slick and the tip pushed against my tight hole.

I began moaning, moving my hips with the rhythm of his sucking. Without warning, then finger pushed harder and I felt his finger slide into me. As soon as it did I came hard, shooting my load into his mouth. He sucked my cock draining me of cum. The orgasm I t felt was more intense than anything I had ever experienced. I trembled in the aftermath, all the while he kept his finger buried inside of my working it around while he gently sucked me dry. After several minutes, he pulled his finger from my ass and my cock from his mouth, I stood there panting on wobbly legs wondering what had just happened.

He pushed me back and stood up. I had though he was about to leave, but instead he moved behind me. I felt his hard cock against my ass cheeks. He wrapped his arms around me, then he whispered in my ear, “You really liked that didn’t you Bay?” Before I could attempt to answer, he began grinding his crotch against me. He whispered in my ear again, “Yeah you liked having that tight hole penetrated. I bet you want more don’t you Baby, you want to feel a man slip his dick into you and fuck that tight little pussy of yours, don’t you Baby?”

Things seemed to move as if in a dream at that point. I felt the pressure of his cock against my cheeks increase, the head slipping between them. It was soon poised at my tight opening. Whatever he’d used on his finger made the opening slick and the head began to push into me. As soon as the head of his cock had pressed passed my sphincter, he stopped. Holding it there, allowing to me to become accustomed to the size of him. He whispered to me again, “You like that Baby, like the feel of that cock? You want me to fuck that tight pussy Baby?” As he said this, his cock resumed pushing into me and I felt a man enter me for the first time. He eased into me slowly, taking his time, allowing me to open up for him. Soon he was fully inside me, his balls brushing against the cheeks of my ass.

He whispered in my ear, “Ooooo, you got a nice tight pussy Baby, I like the way my dick feels in your pussy. I’m going to fuck you good Baby, just the way you like it, long and slow, until I fill your pussy with my cum. That’s what you want, isn’t Baby, for me to fill your pussy with my cum?” I was lost in the felling of his cock inside me. How full it made ne feel, the waves of electricity it invoked in me. I could only moan a yes to his question, then he began pumping his cock in and out of me. All I could think of was the pleasure I was felling from being fucked by another man.

He worked his cock in and out of my, slowly at first, but travesti istanbul soon he was fucking my hard, pumping my ass, until I felt his hands grab my hips and he thrust hard and deep. I felt a his hot cum shoot into me, filling me with hot cum. He pumped several more times, each stroke shot another load of hot cum into me. Then he pushed deep, his cock buried completely inside me and held me there. His lips touched my neck and he gently kissed me. He whispered, “Damn, Baby! You have some sweet pussy. That was the best fuck I’ve ever had.” He moaned as he worked his cock into me, “I want t keep my dick in that sweet pussy of yours all night. Wouldn’t you like to have my dick in your pussy all night Baby?”

As we stood there, his lips gently kissing my neck his cock slowly working in and out of me again, then he moved his hands to my chest. His fingers found my nipples and he worked them, pinching and pulling them. The combination of the feeling of his cock inside me, his lips kissing my neck, and fingers pulling at my nipples was exciting like I’d never been before. My cock was ridged and felt as if I was about to explode. His thrusting picked up again and he was soon driving his cock deep into me. I felt myself release in another intense orgasm. I gasp, calling out as I came.

“Yeah Baby, that dick made you cum didn’t it? That’s what a good fuck can do for you Baby, make you cum. You ready for more ain’t you Baby? I’m going to fill you pussy with another load.” He began fucking me harder with that and soon he was thrusting hard and deep. I felt him shoot his hot cum inside a second time. We stood there his cock buried inside me for a few more minutes, then he pulled back. His cock plopped out of me and hung dripping cum. “I can’t put this away like this, you need to clean me up now.” He placed his hand on my shoulder and pushed me down.

I knelt before him and took his cum covered cock in mouth. As soon as I tasted his cum, I sucked at his cock greedily, not wanting to let a single drop of cum escape. “Yeah Baby, you like that dick. How about you come back to my place and you can have all of that dick you want. I’ve been looking for a nice pussy boy like you. Would you like to be my girlfriend Baby? Would you like to have me fuck that sweet pussy of yours on a regular basis? I finished sucking him clean, then pulled his cock from my mouth and looked up smiling.

I did spend the night with James and as promised, we spent most of the night with him buried inside of me. He learned that he had been my first and had showed me how to prepare myself. What precautions to take and how not to get hurt while allowing men to fuck me. He showed me how to use toys to improve the experience and make the initial penetration less painful. I fell asleep in his bed, his cock buried inside of me and I dreamed of cock.

I returned to James apartment several times over the next few weeks. He made love to me in the same way a man makes love to a woman. The way he held me, the way he kissed me, all combined to enhance the experience. He sensed the changes in me, in how I responded to his attentions. He asked me to become his girlfriend and move in with him and I baulked at this. I loved these new feelings he had awakened in me, but still feared the implications of what that meant. I stopped seeing James, but I will always remember my initiation into male to male sex.

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