Birthday Cups

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“Mmmmh,” gasped Brittney as Jeff shoved his cock into her mouth.

She then giggled and moaned as she began to suck it, “Mmmm, Mmmh, Mmmmmm.”

“Uhhh, Britt,” moaned Jeff as his wife ran her tongue along his shaft, licking the head as she continued to suck, “Uhh baby.”

“Mmmm,” giggled Brittney as she tightened her lips, “Mmmh, Mmmh, Mmmh, Mmmmmm.”

“Ohhh,” gasped Jeff as he ran his fingers through Brittney’s hair.

She then gasped as she shoved her huge tits against his legs, rubbing them side to side.

“Uhh God,” said Jeff, moaning loudly as his dick erupted into Brittney’s mouth.

“Mmmm,” moaned Brittney as she started swallowing the cum as it flooded her mouth, “Mmmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmmmm.”

“Uhhh God, Britt,” moaned Jeff again as his cock continued to spurt cum.

Brittney giggled as she continued swallowing, not wanting to miss a single drop.

“Brittney,” moaned Jeff weakly as he emptied the last of his load into her mouth.

“Mmmmmm,” said Brittney as she swallowed the last of it before licking his shaft clean.

“What time are your cousin and my brother coming,” said Jeff as his wife finished.

“Mmmh, 5:30,” said Brittney popping his cock out of her mouth and wiping her lips.

“We better shower then,” said Jack grabbing Brittney by the front of her top.

“Mmmmh,” gasped Brittney, giggling as Jeff pulled her into the bathroom.


Jessica Brooks giggled as she saw that her husband Jack was still sleeping.

‘Of all the days,’ thought Jessica, ‘He picks this day to sleep in.’

She smiled as she sat on the bed and giggled as she heard him moaning. She knew what he was dreaming about, what he loved as much as he loved her, her big F-Cup boobs.

“Mmmm,” moaned Jessica softly as she kissed her husband, waking him up.

“Mmmm,” said Jack, smiling as he kissed her, “Morning beautiful.”

“Mmmm,” giggled Jessica, kissing him again, “Morning baby, Happy Birthday.”

She smiled as she sat up and grabbed his hands as she shoved them against her breasts, “Mmmmh, I wanted to make sure that you were awake so that you could enjoy your first present.”

Jessica then moved down towards his crotch and with both hands she grabbed his cock as she started to rub it.

“Mmmmm,” moaned Jack softly as his wife worked his dick.

His eyes immediately went to her chest as it jiggled wildly in her top.

“No bra baby,” smiled Jessica, shaking her shoulders and causing her large breasts to bounce uncontrollably, “Mmmmh it popped open.”

Jack moaned loudly at what he heard, his hard cock starting to throb.

“Mmmm,” giggled Jessica as she started to jerk his shaft, “Mmmh, my big boobs baby, Mmmm, my huge tits, Uhhhh, they’re like melons.”

Jack started to breathe heavy as he thrust his crotch upward.

“Mmmm, you’re ready,” smiled Jessica as she leaned forward and took his cock in her mouth, “Mmmmm.”

Jack gasped as Jessica ran her tongue along the length of his dick as she began to suck, he almost blew his load right there.

“Mmmmmm,” moaned Jessica softly as she sucked away, “Mmmmmmm.”

She tightened her lips as she took harder sucks while her tongue darted along the head of Jack’s cock, “Mmmmh, Mmmmm, Mmmmh, Mmmmmm, Mmmmh.”

Jack couldn’t hold it in anymore as he moaned loudly, his cock erupting into Jessica’s mouth.

“Mmmmmh,” gasped Jessica as cum flooded her mouth while she began to swallow, “Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmmmmmmm.”

“Uhhhh Jessica,” moaned Jack as his dick continued to spurt cum, “Uhhhh, Baby.”

Jessica giggled as she continued to suck and swallow.

She then gasped as she shoved her tits against his legs.

“JESSICA” moaned Jack loudly as his cock emptied into his wife’s mouth.

Jessica moaned softly as she finished sucking, licking his dick clean before popping it out of her mouth.

“Mmmm, did you enjoy your present,” smiled Jessica as she wiped her lips.

” Mhmm,” said Jack, “I always enjoy your blowjobs.”

Jessica giggled as she grabbed his dick again, “C’mon, let’s get in the shower so we can get over to Brittney and Jack’s for your party.”


“Are you sure it’s ok,” said Jessica, as she talked in her phone, “I mean, I want to make this birthday special for Jack. I just don’t want you to hate him or anything afterwards.”

“Jessica, relax,” chuckled Jeff on the phone, “It’s ok. Brittney will do it.”

“Good,” smiled Jessica, “See you soon.”

She then tucked her phone back in her bra and adjusted her cups as she went back into the bedroom.

“Mmmh, you think my top is tight Pendik Escort enough Jack,” said Jessica as she stood in front of the mirror with him while he finished getting dressed.

She smiled as she pushed her chest forward.

“I can see your bra Jess,” said Jack.

“Mmmm,” smiled Jessica as she kissed him, “Good.”


Jeff and Brittney’s house was lit up for Jack’s party as Jessica had invited her parents and a few of her friends from the track team and Jeff had invited Chris and Latoya along with the rest of his former team mates.

Jack had almost turned red when Brittney had come up and pressed her large boobs against his arm while giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“Mmm, happy birthday handsome,” whispered Brittney into his ear as she giggled, “I have a special present for you but we’ll have to wait until later for me to give them to you.”

“Special present” said Jack.

“Mhmm,” smiled Brittney squishing her boobs against him, “But not until later.”

“Hey, you getting frisky with my wife,” said Jeff in mock anger as he laughed and gave his brother a hug, “Happy birthday bud.”

He then guided him over to his wrestling buddies, “C’mon lets go talk with the guys.”

Brittney and Jessica giggled as the boys walked away.

“Are you all set for later,” whispered Jessica.

“Mhmm,” whispered Brittney, “and the guest bedroom is ready for you after I’m done.”

She then cradled rack in her arms, and moaned softly, “Mmmh, I’m gonna need this bad. Jeff and I didn’t fuck last night.”

“I know, neither did me and Jack,” said Jessica, doing the same, “But I made it up to him by giving him head this morning.”

“Jeff practically shoved his cock into my mouth this morning,” giggled Brittney, “But I like it when he gets rough.”


“Look at Brittney,” whispered Jessica as she sat next to Jack, “Her boobs look like they’re gonna pop out of her top.”

As if Jack didn’t notice it before, he now had his eyes locked on the busty brunette’s chest as she and Latoya danced.

Those huge breasts bounced and jiggled almost hypnotically to her movements.

Jessica giggled as she watched him. Her plan was going perfectly.

“You know she’s a G-Cup,” whispered Jessica, adding emphasis on the cup size.

“Yea,” whispered Jack, “but I enjoy your F-Cups just fine.”

“You’re so sweet,” whispered Jessica, giving him a kiss, “But just imagine if you got to feel those boobs.”

Jack gave a soft moan at the thought.

“You’re thinking about it aren’t you,” giggled Jessica.

“Sorry,” said Jack.

“It’s ok,” whispered Jessica, giving him another kiss and smiling, “It’s your birthday, enjoy yourself.”

Just then Brittney came over and grabbed Jack’s hand, “Hey birthday boy, Latoya, Jess, and I have a special dance for you.”

Brittney winked at Jessica, who smiled as she grabbed Jacks other hand and both girls pulled him out to the center of the floor.

The three girls then surrounded Jack as they started dancing, bumping and rubbing their breasts against him while Jeff, Chris, and everyone else cheered him on.

Then Latoya and Brittney each took turns giving Jack kisses on the cheeks before Jessica jumped into his arms and kissed him.


Jessica sighed as she laid her head against Jack as they danced to a slow song.

“Are you enjoying your party baby,” whispered Jessica. “Mhmm,” said Jack, kissing her head.

“Good,” smiled Jessica.

The music then kicked up again as Brittney came over.

“Mind if I borrow the birthday boy,” smiled Brittney.

“Go ahead,” giggled Jessica with a smile.

Jack found himself staring at Brittney’s massive melons as they bounced and jiggled in her top while they danced. After catching himself staring too long he looked up to see Brittney smiling at him with a look of curiosity.

She giggled as she gave her shoulders a slight shake which caused her boobs to wobble heavily.

“Like what you see Jack,” giggled Brittney, as she shook her large boobs at him.

“Yyyyess,” said Jack nervously.

“Good,” smiled Brittney, slightly arching her back and pushing her chest forward.

Jessica then came over and giggled as she grabbed Brittney’s left boob and gave it a good squeeze.

“Britt, if you’re done showing off your tits,” said Jessica, “I’d like to have my husband back.”


As the party finally died down, Jack sat on the couch with Jeff and Chris while the girls cleaned up.

“Jessica is pretty hot,” said Chris, “but what are the odds that you Pendik Escort Bayan two ended up with both cousins.”

“A million to one,” said Jeff, slapping Jack on the back, “But he’s just like his big brother, he went for the girl with the biggest tits.”

“That’s not why,” said Jack.

“I know, I know,” said Jeff, “But you got to admit bro, Jessica has a sweet rack.”

“Yea,” smiled Jack, “Yea she does.”


The guys were still talking when the girls came over.

Instead of sitting by Jeff, Brittney went over by Jack and sat on his lap.

“Are you ready for your special present,” said Brittney, smiling and she ran her finger down his chest.

“Yea,” said Jack.

“Come upstairs then,” said Brittney, as she got up and walked out if the room while looking over her shoulder at him.

Jack looked at Jessica who sat next to him.

“Go ahead,” said Jessica, smiling and giving him a kiss.

Jack gave her another kiss before he got up and headed out of the room.

“Britt? Britt?” said Jack as he walked up the stairs.

“In here,” called Brittney from her bedroom.

Jack went into the dimly lit bedroom but he didn’t see her. He turned around as Brittney closed the door.

She had changed into a low cut tank top and tight shorts.

“Britt, what are…,” said Jack.

“Shhh,” said Brittney, smiling as she slowly walked towards him, running her hands over her huge jugs, “This is your special present. You get to have me all to yourself just for tonight.”

“I do,” said Jack.

“Mhmm,” giggled Brittney, moaning as she shoved her massive melons against his chest, “Uhhh, and just to let you know, Jeff hasn’t fucked these big babies in a few days.”

Jack gave a low moan as he looked down at Brittney’s huge breasts in her tank top.

“Mmmm” smiled Brittney, “I take it you want to start with these then.”

Jack moaned as he continued to stare at Brittney’s rack.

Brittney giggled as she whispered, “Go ahead, touch them.”

Jack carefully brought his hands up and cupped Brittney’s large boobs and pressed his hands against them. He then gently pressed his fingers into the soft flesh.

They were like Jessica’s, soft but firm and very bouncy.

“Ooh, Jack,” gasped Brittney as he squeezed her huge jugs, “Mmmm keep going. Squeeze them.”

She gave another gasp as Jack went to work, rubbing and squeezing her boobs, “Mmmmh.”

“Mmmm, I bet I know what you’re thinking,” said Brittney softly as Jack massaged her tits, “You want to put that big dick of yours in between my big tits don’t you? You want to fuck my big bouncing boobs don’t you?”

“Uhhh Yesss,” moaned Jack as he felt her huge breasts bounce and jiggle in his hands as he continued to rub and squeeze them.

“Mmmmh, I thought so,” smiled Brittney, as she put her hands on his, “Mmmm, I saw the way you were staring at them at the party. Uhhh, bouncing around in my top. Ohhh, they looked so big didn’t they?”

“Yesss,” groaned Jack as he stared hungrily at her massive mounds.

“Mmmm I know what you want,” said Brittney pulling her chest away, “Sit on the bed.”

Jack did as he was told while Brittney pulled her tank top off, her huge breasts nearly bouncing out if the tight black bra that she was wearing.

She smiled as lowered her straps and lift her huge right boob out of its cup.

Jack’s eyes nearly bugged out at the size of it.

Brittney moaned softly as she tugged and pinched her nipple until it was hard.

She then grabbed his head and pressed against her boob as he took her nipple in his mouth.

“Mmmm,” moaned Brittney softly as Jack sucked on her right breast, “Mmmm that’s it Jack.”

Jack moaned softly as he sucked on Brittney’s nipple, lightly pinching it with his teeth.

“Ooh,” moaned Brittney, giggling.

After a few minutes she pulled her boob away from his mouth and switched it with her left.

“Uhhhh,” moaned Brittney softly as Jack sucked away, gasping as he pinched her nipple again, “Ooooh, Mmmh Jack.”

After another few minutes Brittney pulled her rack away and giggled as she slipped her bra back on, “Just like your brother. He loves sucking on my tits too.”

She smiled as she shoved her huge breasts against his chest, “So what do you want to do now birthday boy?”

She then placed her hands on his crotch, and giggled, “Oooh, I know. You want me to work with this big guy.”

Brittney smiled as she unzipped his pants, dragged her breasts down his chest, and laid them in his lap.

“Uhhh, they’re so damn big,” said Brittney Escort Pendik in mock frustration as she stroked his cock from underneath, “Mmmh, they always get in the way.”

Jack moaned as his cock hardened and pressed against the bottom of Brittney’s large boobs.

“Mmmm, just think Jack,” said Brittney as she jerked his shaft, “Uhhh, Jessica can, Mmmh, put her tits, Oooh, in your lap, Ohhh, while she does this.”

Jack gave a loud moan at the thought, his dick starting to throb.

Brittney smiled as she pulled her huge tits away from his lap and licked her lips before she took his cock into her mouth, “Mmmm.”

“Ohhh God,” gasped Jack as she licked the head.

“Mmmm,” giggled Brittney as she began to suck, “Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmmm, Mmmmm.”

Jack could barely control himself as he put his hands on Brittney’s head and pushed his dick deeper into her mouth.

“Mmmh,” gasped Brittney as Jack’s cock was almost shoved down her throat, she then tightened her lips and started taking longer sucks, “Mmmmh, Mmmmh, Mmmmh, Mmmmh.”

She then moaned as she shoved her massive mounds against his legs.

“Uhhh God,” moaned Jack as his cock erupted into Brittney’s mouth.

“Mmmh,” moaned Brittney as her mouth was flooded as she began to swallow, “Mmmmm, Mmmmm, Mmmmm, Mmmmm.”

Brittney’s sucking became more powerful as she hungrily swallowed Jack’s cum.

“Uhhh, Brittney,” gasped Jack as the busty brunette sucked the cum out of his dick as if it were a straw.

Brittney giggled as she continued to swallow, taking every last drop as Jack emptied his load.

She then ran her tongue along his shaft as she licked it clean before popping it out of her mouth.

“Mmmm,” said Brittney softly as she wiped her lips and giggled.

She moaned as she grabbed his hands and shoved then against her huge breasts, “Uhhh, here. Mmmm, bounce them Jack.”

Jack started bouncing Brittney’s breasts in his hands as she grabbed his cock and and started jerking it again.

“Mmmm, I hope you have more cum in this big dick,” whispered Brittney as she jerked him, “Uhh, because I want you to fuck my boobs. Mmmmh, my big boobs.”

Jack gasped as Brittney jerked him, and moaned as he continued to bounce her large boobs.

“Oooh,” cooed Brittney as cum dribbled into her hand.

She quickly got on her knees and shoved her huge jugs against his crotch, “Mmmm, fuck ’em.”

Jack grunted as he shoved his dick between Brittney’s tits and started to thrust, bouncing and jiggling her melons.

“Uhhh, Mmmh,” gasped Brittney, moaning as he fucked her breasts, “Ohhh Jack, Mmmm, Uhhh Yesss. Uhhh, does it feel Jack? Mmmmh, how does it feel to fuck these big bouncing boobs?”

“Uhhh God,” moaned Jack as he continued to thrust. Brittney continued, “Mmmm, Jessica has some big tits doesn’t she? Uhhh, they’re just like mine. Mmmh, they keep getting bigger.”

“OH GOD,” said Jack, moaning loudly as his cock erupted into Brittney’s bra.

“Uhhh, Uhhh, Uhhh,” gasped Brittney as her tits were soaked with cum, “Uhhhh Yessss.”

Jack continued to moan and thrust as his dick continued to spurt cum between Brittney’s boobs.

“Uhh c’mon Jack,” gasped Brittney, shoving her breasts together, “Mmmh, give it to me.”

Jack gave another moan as his cock gave one final burst as it emptied into her cleavage.

“Mmmmm,” said Brittney, moaning softly as Jack pulled out of her bra.

“Thank you,” said Jack kissing her on the cheek.

“My pleasure,” giggled Brittney, “Jessica’s waiting for you in the guest bedroom. Give it to her good, because she set this all up for you.”

She laughed as Jack zipped up his pants and rushed out of the room.

Jessica giggled as Jack came into the guest bedroom, got into bed and kissed her, “Mmmm, I take it you enjoyed your present.”

“Mhmm,” said Jack, pulling down her shorts and unzipping his pants., “Now I have a present for you.”

Jessica gasped as Jack shoved his dick into her pussy and started fucking her, “Uhhh, God, Jack. Mmmmh.”

“Uhhh Jack,” moaned Jessica, “Uhhhh, I’m off the pill.”

“Mmmm, I know,” grunted Jack as he continued to thrust, “I’ve haven’t been more in love with you baby than I am right now. Now I want to show you how much love I have to give.”

He then started thrusting harder as his cock started to spurt cum.

“Uhhhh, Ohh, Ohhhhh,” said Jessica, her moans becoming high pitched, “OHHHH JACK!!”

Jack gave a loud moan as his dick erupted into Jessica’s pussy, “Uhhh, Jessica.”

“Uhhh, Jack, I can’t, I can’t,” moaned Jessica weakly, overcome with pleasure, “Mmmmmmm.”

Jack gave another moan as his cock emptied into his wife before he collapsed against her chest.

“Mmmh,” gasped Jessica as her husband’s chest hit her big boobs and moaned softly, “Mmmm, happy birthday Jack. I love you.”

“Thanks baby,” said Jack, exhausted, “I love you too.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32