Beth’s Family Tree Ch. 01

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Beth was a slim, blonde who looked a lot more like twelve than the nineteen year old that she was. She was still living at home and working to save enough for a deposit on the apartment building not far away. Her mom had left them a long time ago and her brothers had all moved out leaving her alone with her father. She had begun doing things around the house to make up for not paying rent. You could find her doing the laundry or the dishes. Some nights you’d find that she not only made dinner but was sure to leave some leftovers on the side so her father would have lunch the next day.

After about six months of Beth taking care of the house and cooking after work she noticed her father start looking at her funny. She had been reaching to put a bowl away on a tall shelf and when she turned he’d been staring at her in a way that made her uncomfortable and excited at the same time. Beth decided she must have imagined it though because later on in the evening her father acted completely normal. This went on for some time. She would catch him looking at her and then it would be as if nothing happened. The problem was that she had finally saved enough money to move and thought if there was a time to confront him this would be it. She could talk to him about the odd behavior and if they had an argument she would be able to move almost immediately.

It was a Friday night and Beth had made her fathers favorite dinner. She’d even made sure she looked nice. She’d brushed out her long hair and put on a yellow and white sundress that showed off her tan. She kept telling herself that she was preparing herself because she wanted to be taken seriously, as an adult, even though in the back of her mind she had begun imagining what would really happen when this confrontation came. She went downstairs and joined her father in the family room. The news was playing in the background but he seemed to have been waiting for her. He looked up at her as she came in and smiled.

Her father was a good looking man. He stood around 6 foot and had a lean, well muscled body from working with his hands. The way he looked at her as she entered made her stop and appreciate the fact that she had come from beautiful parents. His eyes were a rich blue and his salt and pepper hair was usually a bit unruly and wind blown. But just now, he looked delicious.

Beth shook her head slightly, not quite sure where that last thought came from. She leaned down to kiss her father niğde escort on the cheek and crossed the room to sit on another chair. After a few minutes of pretending to watch the TV she turned her head and noticed him staring at her again. This was the perfect opportunity.

“What,” she asked. “Is something wrong?”

The smiled at her again and without answering got up and crossed to sit in the chair beside her. “I have something I’ve been wanting to give you,” he finally said after he was again comfortable.

“Like a present?”

“Sort of,” was the only answer he gave for another moment. “Do you know how beautiful you’ve become?” he finally asked. “You look so wonderful all the time I wonder why you don’t have boyfriends knocking at the door every night to take you out.”

Beth was suddenly a bit nervous. She looked at him, the man who had raised her all on his own (if you didn’t count her brothers) and told herself to trust him. “I’ve been taking care of you every day. When was there time for boyfriends?”

He looked a bit taken aback by this answer. It was apparently not what he was expecting. “Is there anyone special you were interested in?”

She frowned to herself trying to figure out why this mattered. “No, but Dad I wanted to ask you something. I’ve noticed you looking at me strangely a lot lately. I’m not sure if I’m imaging it or if there is something I should know about. But it makes me feel strange when I catch you doing it.”

He looked down at his little girl and wondered how much he should tell her. He’d been fascinated with her since she’d been 14 but he thought he’d hidden that from her. Then again, he knew that when the last of his three sons had moved out earlier in the year that he had not been as careful to hide his feelings. She was amazing to look at. The perfect slim waist and tanned skin with her tan from spending so much time outdoors made her look like the perfect girl next door. Except she should have been off limits to him. She was his daughter. But he constantly lusted after her.

“Maybe I should admit something to you. I’ve been afraid that if I admitted it you would hate me.”

The obvious pain in his face and voice made her reach out and put her hand on his face. The contact made him wince a bit and his body reacted of it’s own accord. She saw him flinch a bit as she touched him and glanced down to look away. But that just led her to see the effect she had ordu escort on him. Beth was horrified to see her own father coming to attention around her, and at the same time she wanted him to know she loved him. Especially wanted him to know she loved him since he seemed in such obvious pain. While her mind screamed for her to flee she instead leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.

He startled her by turning his face and catching her on the mouth. His arms came around her and lifted her from her seat to be in his lap as though she was still a little girl. At first she tried to squirm away but after a moment she began to fall into the kiss. She’d never been kissed like this before. The only kisses she’d received had been from the boys in high school who were so busy trying to please themselves that they never really cared about the girl they were fooling around with. But this was different. This was a man who knew what to do to make a woman want him.

His tongue probed deep into her mouth and his hands began to knead her body. She was gripped him by the hair and holding on for dear life. It seemed as though something had taken over her as she let her father kiss down her neck and grip her ear between his teeth. The sensation had her crying out and offering her neck up to his greedy mouth. She could feel his hardness through the jeans he was wearing and realized she wanted it. She made a grab for the buttons on his shirt and the action made him swear.

Her father stood and spun depositing her back onto the chair he had just vacated. He ripped his shirt off and unbuttoned his jeans. Beth reached forward and tugged on the denim to make them fall more easily. His erection sprang out into her hand and she began to have second thoughts. The look on her face as she began to pull away told her father that if he wanted his little girl he was going to have to keep her busy so she wouldn’t think about what they were doing. He reached down and lifted her down out of the chair. As soon as she was standing he lifted the sun dress over her head to reveal her nakedness underneath. He’d thought that she had been without a bra but realizing he was correct just made his manhood ache all the more.

The shock of being totally nude before her father showed on her face and she began to reach her hands in front of her to cover herself. But he was faster. “My beautiful girl,” he murmured as he pulled her to him and covered her mouth with his rize escort own. She began to respond again as he’d hoped and he led her to the couch. He spun her around and pushed so that she would lean forward into the cushions and placed her hands on the back of the couch. Her father then reach forward and fondled her folds feeling how wet and ready she was. “That’s my girl.”

She barely registered that he had spoken to her when she felt him enter her. She wasn’t a virgin but she’d had very limited experience before and that was nothing like this. She would have bucked straight up if it hadn’t been for the hand on her back restraining her. His shaft was a good eight inches and she could feel him filling every bit of her. It seemed like only a minute before her body began to really respond and she was pushing back into him. He began pumping her harder and faster, grabbing her hips and pulling her toward him for every thrust of his cock.

“Tell me you want it,” he suddenly yelled. “Tell daddy to fuck you. Tell daddy to cum in his little girls cunt!”

She didn’t answer right away and felt the sting of a slap on her backside. She suddenly felt her body tightening around him and knew the smack had set her over the edge. “Tell me or I stop right now,” her father yelled.

“Daddy! Daddy! Fuck me. Fill your little girl!” she screamed with all her might. She couldn’t hold back anymore but it didn’t matter. She could already feel jets of cum filling her. “Yes! Oh God Daddy!”

It felt like every muscle she had was squeezing around his cock. And then the dam broke and she simply screamed. Her father caught her as her muscles became like water and she slipped onto the couch. He sat down and pulled her to him so she was snuggled into his lap like when she was a child. He watched as she began to open her eyes and sort of smiled up at him. “I guess you don’t want me to move out?” The question being something she suddenly needed to know the answer to.

“Darling, if you want to leave me I wouldn’t stop you. Especially not now. But, if you wanted to stay I would like that.” He paused for a moment before adding, “I want to know though, if you stay do you want to be mine like this forever?”

The question startled her for a moment. Even knowing what had just happened she had to think about it. This was incest after all and if there had been anyone she’d have fantasized about it would have been one of her brothers, not her father. And yet, she felt herself nodding. She knew this was where she really belonged. She been taking care of him for a year after all and wasn’t this just another way of doing that?

“Yes. Dad, I’ll stay with you forever. But how are we going to tell the guys?”

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