Becoming Her Wife Ch. 04

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“Are you okay? You were making kissie faces and you said something about you do. Come on get in the shower and wash your hair we need to set it.”

I dragged myself out of bed and went to the shower. Once I came back out I felt a lot better, more awake. Thankfully Josie didn’t pursue the question of my dream. By this time I knew I couldn’t lie to her and if she found out that I had dreams about marrying her it would throw a wet blanket on this whole affair. As of right now I didn’t want to stop seeing her.

I sat while she rolled up my hair with the hot roller then she sat on my lap and started putting on my make up. She plucked a few of my eyebrows not enough to make them look too feminine. Then she said

“You know your going to have to learn to do this yourself soon. And we need to do something with your hair. This rolling it up all the time is a pain. But I don’t want to cut the length, I like it long.”

“You’re going to have to teach me about make up. I can’t see any other way of learning.” I told her.

“We really need to get you your own make up. Mine is keyed to my skin tone, which is a lot darker then yours. But we’ll have to use mine for today.”

Then she started to tell me about what to put on and when. Then she started talking about skin tones and less is more before I knew it I was totally lost with what she was saying. Before I knew it my make up was done. While she went for a shower I put on my bustier and stockings as well as my matching Nikki panties.

I was surprised that I had so many panties with the name Nikki on them. Seeing they were embroidered I can’t see how she had so many if she bought them all when we went shopping. She must have ordered them on Wednesday before picking me up.

When she came out of the shower I was told to remove the rollers then put on the turtleneck sweater, so when she did my hair it wouldn’t get mess it up. After she got her makeup on and did her hair she sat me down to do mine. Ten minutes later she was done but still wasn’t happy with it.

I put on my skirt, heels and jacket and was ready. Josie took a black purse and put in some make up and the perfume she had used on me and handed me the purse. I was told to put the stuff from my wallet in it. I was confused why I would have to bring it, but I did it anyway. I was ready to go and so was Josie. That’s when the reality of what I was going to doing hit. Josie saw this or was waiting for it; she came to me and said.

“Take it easy all my sisters husband dress up all the time. They act as hostess for the parties all the time. At least I’m not making you suck and fuck them.” If that last part was meant to relax me it didn’t work.

As we drove to Jolene’s house Josie went over things I need to know on behaving like a girl like how to sit and how to get up from a seated position. Mostly I had to keep my knees together all the time. She told me that I did most of these things already, she was just reinforcing it. Through most of the ride to Jolene’s house she kept her hand on my thigh to relax me, but it didn’t work.

Jolene’s house was really a mansion. It had sixteen rooms not including the six bathrooms. It was gated off from the street with a security gate out front. When Josie pulled up to the gate she was asked who was there. I was sure it was Jolene’s voice that asked. Josie told her it was Josie and Nikki before the gate open for us to enter.

When we got out of the car I could barely stand. I was so nervous my knees wouldn’t hold my weight. When I could walk I felt like I was on my way to the gas chamber. Each step seemed to take forever. Josie was at my side chatting on about something that I couldn’t hear because the clicking of my heels on the concrete drive was so loud in my ears.

There were eight stone steps from the drive to the front porch and beyond that was the double front doors to the house itself. Looking at the steps I realized that I didn’t know how to walk up steps in heels. I’ve only had to deal with walking on carpet and the tile in Josie’s kitchen. Josie saw my apprehension and said

“Just bring you foot down flat on each step. It’s not that hard. And please smile you look like your going to you own execution.”

“Right now I wish I was.” I told her then I took my first step

The steps weren’t as bad as I thought they would be. I was up to the porch before I realize it. The porch stretched across the width of the house and was ten feet from the steps to the doors. The door opened as we got with in arms reach of it by Bobbie dressed in her French maids uniform. Her uniform was the same style as Misty’s was except Bobbie’s was pink were Misty’s was red.

“My mistress is in the dinning room were there is a breakfast buffet. May I take your coats?” Bobbie said to us after she curtsied.

“Thank you Bobbie, is my mother here yet?” Josie asked as she handed over her jacket. At first I didn’t want to take off mine. I felt it hid the fact that I was wearing female cloths. bursa otele gelen escort Then common sense took over and I hand Bobbie mine as well.

“Yes she stayed the night. She also is in the dinning room as well as Miss Catherine and Miss Susan.”

“Thank You Bobbie. I would like to introduce you to my friend Nikki.” Then to me she said “Nikki this is Bobbie, Jolene’s maid.” Bobbie did a deep curtsy and said

“Welcome to my Mistress’s home we hope you enjoy your stay.” I thanked her and then Josie took my arm and said

“Come on lets get something to eat I’m starving. I bet you are too, seeing we haven’t had anything to eat since you made that wonderful lunch for me yesterday.”

I wasn’t hungry at all. I felt if I had eaten something, I would have thrown it up already. I walked along side Josie to the dinning room. When we reached it I saw that everyone was there. I knew that my humiliation was going to start. Josie waked up to her mother and said

“Mother I would like you to meet my friend Nikki.” Her mother stood and put her arms around me and kissed my cheek and said.

“So good to meet you. Let me introduce you to my family.”

Anita introduced me to each of her three other daughters as if I hadn’t already met them the night before. Jolene was the only one who said she had already met me. Each sister and each husband kissed one cheek or the other.

When introductions were over Josie took me over to the buffet and said, “See that wasn’t so bad. I bet you thought everyone was going to laugh at you didn’t you?” I nodded my head then she said, “I told you I would never do anything to humiliate you.”

I didn’t feel like eating very much, my stomach still had butterflies in it. I took some fruit and a roll and sat down next to Josie. I did remember to hold my skirt flat against me as I sat down and due to the bustier my back stayed straight as I eat. Being not very hungry I took small bites of my food. The hardest thing I found was to always keep my knees together, but so far I was doing that pretty well.

Every one was discussing the up coming game, not being a big football fan I stayed quiet. Jolene had Bobbie roll out a white board. The kind you see in offices that you write on with special markers. Each sister’s name was written on the board along with each husband with a space between them. The only one missing was Josie’s. Jolene said

“Josie are you two going to get in on this?”

“I would like to but just between Nikki and I, since were not married.” She told her

“That’s between you two then, but you still need your names on the board so there’s no disagreement.” She told Josie and me, and then Josie asked me

“Do you want to, it’ll be a lot more fun while we watch and it will be just between us.”

“I guess, what’s the bet.” I asked

“The loser has to do what the winner wants for one day. Of cause it’s just between ourselves, no outsiders.” She told me. I figure that was safe what more could she do to me. I told her okay. “Okay since you lost the last bet you pick first.”

Tampa was playing Philly in Philly, I knew Tampa was tough and they had a great defense. Philly just barely got in to the playoffs so I picked Tampa. When I said it everyone groaned except for Josie, she couldn’t be happier. Bobbie wrote down Tampa next to my name. Then every one else, who picked, picked Philly.

Everyone stood and went into the TV room. Jolene had a six-foot by three-foot plasma screen TV. It was the first I had ever seen; of cause there was surround sound so we would get all the noise as well as the action. All the men sat on one couch and all the women sat on another. I went to sit with the men when Josie said

“No, no you’re a girl today so you sit with the girls.” I sat between Josie and her mother. Then Josie said. “You really should have picked Philly.”

“Tampa’s a much better team. Philly barely got in to the playoffs.” I told her

“That maybe but Tampa has never won a game when the temperature is below forty. The high for Philly today is going to be fifteen degrees.” Once she told me this I knew she was right.

“I don’t suppose I could change my pick can I?” I asked. Josie giggled and her mother said

“Not hardly. You need to check every thing when you bet around here. You might get lucky, but I think the best you can hope for is breaking even on the next game.” She then put her hand on my stocking clad thigh and asked.

“So Nikki how long have you been playing dress up?” Her question surprised me. I was sure she knew but up to that point no one had mentioned it.

“Since yesterday, unless you count night gowns then since Wednesday.” I told her truthfully. Then I looked to Josie. She just smiled the wonderful smile of hers.

“I find that hard to believe. You’re just so natural.” She told me as she stroked my thigh. I wasn’t sure what was happening, but I had this feeling everything could kestel escort go very wrong very quickly if she wanted it to.

“I don’t know how I could prove it to you?” I told her

“Don’t worry, if I wanted to find out I could. I really don’t care if you’re having fun with it then enjoy it. If you didn’t like it then I doubt you would be here. So relax and enjoy it, you make a wonderful girl. In fact I thing my husband’s been drooling over you.” I shot a look over to where Ted was sitting and I could see he was looking at me. When I swallowed Anita must have heard it, because she started to laugh then she said

“Don’t worry he won’t touch you unless you become a hostess. And since you’re not married to one of my daughters that’s not going to happen.” That made me feel a little better but not much.

When the game started all chatting and teasing stopped. I never seen a group of people get so into a game that had nothing to do with there home town. Packer fans are loud and they act like they were playing the game too, but that’s a local fan. This group acted like half was from Philly and the other half was from Tampa. Due to their enthusiasm I got into the game as well. Though I didn’t have much to cheer about. Tampa was living up to their reputation, by the end of the first half they were down twenty-one to zero. And I didn’t hold out much hope for the second half.

During the half time break we all got up to stretch. I followed Josie into the dinning room where Bobbie had change the food from breakfast to finger foods. I took a few chicken wings and some more fruit and walked over to look out at the back yard through the dinning room window. Josie left to use the bathroom while she was gone Michael came up to me and said

“Is it true this is your first time?” I told him it was. “I can’t believe it you look great. When I first started dressing I looked awful.”

“You looked pretty good to me last night.’ I told him

“Thanks but that was after years of practice, but you, you’re perfect. The hardest thing I found to do was sitting. I always wanted to spread my legs. You haven’t once today, even when you got all worked up when Tampa almost scored that touch down. I never once saw your panties.”

“Thanks, I guess.” I said grudgingly. I mean what do you say to some one when they admit to trying to look up your skirt. He took my hand and said

“Believe it or not that was a compliment. All us guys try to find some flaw it each other. It’s kind of like a competition to see who makes the fewest mistakes. And right now I haven’t found a one and either has Frank.” I could see he was sincere with his comment.

“Hey you’re not trying to move in on my girl. Are you Mike?” Josie said as she came up to us.

“I doubt that’s a possibility Josie. I was just telling her what a great job she was doing.”

“She has been perfect hasn’t she? At least that’s what my dad told me.” She told Mike. After Mike left she said to me “Are you ok you seem sad?”

“Not sad maybe just depressed. It’s hard to understand how I can be so good at this. I’ve been a guy all my life and in a few days I’m this perfect make believe girl.” I swear I could have cried at that point

“Hey don’t read to much into this, remember why you doing it.” She said

“Because I lost that bet,” I told her

“No, why are you wearing girls cloths to start with?” She asked

“Because you wanted me to and because I wanted to make you happy.”

“Right your doing it for me. And you know the better you are at this the happier I’ll be. Now I hate to pop your bubble but your not that perfect. You make-up needs touching up.”

“Thanks, but I was looking for something a little more substantial then that.” I told her, but I laughed any way only it came out more as a giggle. Josie smiled her special smile and I felt so much better.

“Come on lets go find you a mirror. Oh and bring you purse.” She told me.

I grabbed my purse and followed behind Josie. When we got to the bathroom she came in with me. I looked at my face in the mirror and saw that only my lips needed touching up. So I pulled the lipstick out of my purse and went to hand it to her.

“Why don’t you try it, if you mess it up we can clean it off and try again.”

First I wipe off the old lipstick, and then with my shaking hands I tried to apply a new coat. I tried twice, but stopped short of my lips because the shaking got worse. Josie then slid her hand up the under of my skirt and rubbed her hand on my naked bottom. This surprisingly work, I relaxed and coated my lips. When I was done I thought I had done a good job. I turned to Josie and she smiled at me and put her arms around my shoulders and kissed me. The kiss was long and hard and her tongue slid into my mouth. When the tingle forced us to separate she said

“I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself. Watching you put on that lipstick for me was so exciting I just had to kiss you. Now mudanya escort you have to do it again and so do I.” When we had both our lips painted she asked

“Do you have to go before we go back to the game?” I told her I did then I turned to the commode and lifted the seat. She giggled and said “Sweetie girls don’t stand when they pee. Only boys do.”

I knew she was right of cause I just didn’t think I was supposed to go that far. With out question I pulled my panties down and sat to pee. When I was done I even wiped the head of my cock with tissue before standing and pulling up my panties making sure my cock was between my legs. After I washed my hands she said

“I’d kiss you again, but then you’ll have to redo you lips. Come on the third quarter is probable almost over.”

When we got back in the TV room the third quarter was over and Tampa had scored a touch down. In the fourth quarter Tampa scored twice more tying up the score. But in the final two minutes Philly drove down the field and scored the game wining field goal. Even thought I had lost I didn’t feel that bad. It was a good game and due to the enthusiasm of everyone it was really fun.

While we waited for the next game we moved back to the dinning room where Bobbie had open several bottles of wine. Josie looked at the bottles and said to Jolene

“You brought out the ninety six?”

“Yes in honor of Nikki, a special wine for a special girl. I hope you like it.” Jolene told me

“You should feel honored Nikki. This has to be the best wine to come out of Napa in a long time.” Josie told me

“Then it’s probable wasted on me. The only way I could tell a good wine from a bad one is the good one has a cork.” I said which got a laugh from everyone.

“If you stick around Josie long enough she’ll teach you everything you need to know. Her pallet is remarkable.” Ted told me.

“Thank you daddy but I get my knowledge from you.” She said with a slight blush to her cheeks

“Knowledge is one thing what you have is a gift.” He told her. Normally when a father shows more attention to one daughter then he does to his others, they would show some signs of jealousy, but not this group. Everyone knew that Josie was good and they respected it.

Josie tried to tell me what was so good about it and what to look for. All I knew was it was the best wine I every tasted. When I looked at my glass I saw a lipstick ring on it so I knew I was going to have to redo my lips again shortly. We talked and munched on food till Jolene asked about the next game. I picked the Chargers while all the rest of the losers of the first game picked the Colts.

Before the game and at the half I made a trip to the bathroom to fix my make up. On each trip I found Bobbie out side the bathroom door as I was leaving. And each time she offered me her services. The first time I declined she seemed pleased that I had, but on the second trip she seemed annoyed that I had refused. Josie had been keeping my wineglass full though most of the game. And each trip to the bathroom had resulted in a need to pee. True to my girl side I sat to pee, as Josie had wanted, even thought she wasn’t there to see me.

This game wasn’t near as exciting as the last was mostly because the Colts blew out the Chargers by a score of forty-two to zero. Josie and I left after the game and everyone said that they would see me tomorrow. Which I knew meant that I would once again be dressed as Nikki. It really didn’t seem to bother me that much because they didn’t make a big deal over it.

Walking down the steps was a lot harder then going up and being slightly tipsy from the wine didn’t help matters. When we were driving Josie said that she needed to make a stop to pick up some make up and conditioner seeing I was now using as much as she was. When she stopped at a beauty supply stores she said.

“You need to come in with me so I can match you skin color to the make up.”

I know that our agreement was that I do as she says with no questions asked, but I felt that this was going a little far. It was one thing to be dressed around her family but another to be around total strangers. Even though I knew I shouldn’t do this I wanted to keep my end of the bet. When I told her okay and went to get out of the car the look on her face was priceless. This was the first time I shocked her. There wouldn’t be many but it was well worth any embarrassment just to see that look on her face.

When we went in to the store Josie handed me a basket and then preceded to fill it. By the time she was done the basket was full of all kinds of bottles and jars. Not to mention, the twelve hot oil treatments for the hair and a case of shampoo and conditioner. When she was done she said

“I know how you feel about me paying for things. Do you want to pay or should I.” I told her I would then I realized that my credit card had my picture on it. I knew when the clerk saw the picture she would know immediately that I was the man in the picture. A check wouldn’t have worked as my ID also had a picture on it and I knew I didn’t have enough cash to cover the bill so I said

“Maybe you should pay and I’ll pay you back.”

“No. If I pay then that’s it I will not except your check this time.” I agreed though reluctantly.

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