Barbie’s PrickTease PlayDates Ch. 08

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Need we say that Barbie’s seduction of poor Dan was well underway at this point? Their evening together was just getting underway, and he had already gotten in way over his head!

As they sat at their dinner table together, Barbie was gently caressing his hand with the soft ends of her fingers as she revealed some details of the little games she intended to play with him. She even told him that she was playing some of them already…

So there was simply nothing for him to do except sit there in stunned arousal and allow her to continue working her sexy magic on him. And he wanted nothing more than to give her complete control and listen intently as she expertly strung him further and further along, leading him exactly where she wanted him to go.

So that’s just what he did, watching as she continued stroking his fingers with hers for another minute before stopping and casually taking her hand away, letting her soft fingers slide gently off the ends of his as she did.

Next, she proceeded to pull out a small compact mirror, glancing at him and giving him a sexy wink before opening it up and starting to fuss over her appearance. Dan watched as she checked herself out, just like she had done at La Petite Mort. She was quite the sight to behold as she began fluffing up her hair and inspecting the expertly applied makeup around her eyes and on her lips.

He was starting to realize that this kind of visual display of her well-endowed femininity was one of her trademarks, and since she seemed to be in no hurry to do anything else just yet, his mind immediately began reliving some of the details of what had happened so far that night.

It had all begun with her appearance and attire, which she had clearly paid special attention to as she got ready for the fun and games she had planned for him on that particular evening. The way she looked that night had completely ensnared him right away when he saw her standing outside the restaurant waiting for him!

And her busty, sex-kitten temptress looks were most certainly a constant, overwhelming presence as the evening got underway; she was simply a vision of wonderfully attractive and enticing femininity! And it was all because of the way she was all dolled up to go out “on the prowl”, so to speak…

Her pretty face, with those big, baby-blue eyes and her glistening wet, pouty-pink lips, had Dan getting himself into more and more trouble every time he looked at her. Also, the way she was dressed, starting with that fluffy pink marabou feather jacket she wore, had him pretty much surrendering to her soft, disarming femininity right off the bat.

When he followed her into the restaurant, the sight of checking out her shapely lower body stayed quite fresh in his mind. Her skin-tight pink designer jeans enhanced the curves of every inch of her voluptuous figure, and her dainty high-heeled open-toed mules showed off those pretty feet of hers to great effect.

Things got even better when they got to their table and he helped her take her jacket off, revealing her low-cut, snug-fitting pink angora tank top with her gorgeous boobs barely contained underneath. At that point there was already a lot more of her to admire, and admire her he did!

And just to complete the picture, there was gold jewelry dangling from various places all over her body, serving only to add to her raw, unbridled, pure sparkly sex appeal. Once he had seen the whole picture of how she looked and what she was wearing, he was pretty much done for!

Furthermore, Dan was quickly coming to understand that the way she looked was just the beginning, because it didn’t take long before Barbie began explaining her fascination with playing erotic teasing games, but only with certain kinds of guys…

She had gently stroked his hand, tantalizing it with her fingers and lovely pink nails as she told him about her interest in dressing sexy and being a showoff. What followed was a description of her desire to be in complete control when boys take her out on dates, and there was clearly a connection between those two little ideas…

Soon she had served up a deliciously administered bit of stimulation using her shoe and its spiked heel under the table, both on his leg and then right on the aching hardon in his pants. And that part of the titillation was delivered while engaging the pretty young server in casual conversation, making it clear to Dan that Barbie could tease him whenever she wanted and however she liked, whether they were in private or not!

As to the specifics of the games at hand, she had really whetted his appetite by again reminding him how her exhibitionistic desires flowed directly into her need for control when dating a guy. Just mentioning those things only made him want to know more about exactly how that game was played and what the rules were!

And the fact that she had announced that she had been playing some of her games with him already made certain that his mind was awash with thoughts gerçek seks hikayeleri of wanting to play along with whatever else she had in mind for him next…

The other game she mentioned was about keeping secrets from him…and something told him that one was already underway as well, but she had revealed even less about it. That was the point, wasn’t it?

But as she led him along her golden path, he didn’t mind letting her do it, not even one little bit, because she was clearly laying the groundwork for everything that was to follow between the two of them in their interaction going forward. Yes indeed, he was definitely falling deeper and deeper into her sexual trap every second!

Anyway, Dan continued to watch her tending to little details of the appearance of her face and hair until she finally put the mirror away and reached out to put her hand on the table, right next to his. Then she looked into his eyes with a nice warm smile and gave those fingernails of hers another little tippity-tap on the tablecloth, one nail at a time, as if she was waiting for something.

She glanced down at his hand while she did it, letting her fingers fall still for a moment. Then she looked back up at him, opening her eyes wide for a second, as if encouraging him to do something. Unsure of how to respond, but thinking she was offering him her hand to touch, he placed his hand on top of hers.

She held her smile for just a moment, almost like she was happy to allow this tiny little physical advance on his part, or as if it was what she actually wanted. But then she gasped in mock surprise, pulling her hand away and slapping his hand firmly with her other one.

“Oh, you are a such a naughty boy!” She said in a sweet but mocking tone, “Who said you could touch me like that?” Her smile couldn’t have been bigger as she scolded him, and she stared at him, opening her eyes wide again at the sheer excitement of starting in on him like that, demonstrating one of her favorite little mind games…

Dan’s face turned almost tomato-red as her playful but punishing words penetrated his psyche. The slap of her hand stung a little bit too, and he pulled his hand away, gently rubbing it with his other one as he stammered, “Oh my god, Barbie, I’m sorry, I…I…I thought…”

But before he could finish his sentence she rolled her eyes and interrupted him impatiently, using just a touch of disdain in her voice as she countered his apology, “Yes, yes, I know what you thought, you thought it was okay to touch me!” To add emphasis to her words, her face changed from an excited smile to a blank, stern expression.

“I’m sorry!” Dan wailed again, his tone of voice escalating as it betrayed his feelings of panic. The change in her appearance from warm and inviting to ice cold literally sent a wave of fear through his body. He truly thought he had committed some grand indiscretion, and he desperately wanted to correct his behavior for her right away!

Barbie paused, sensing the fear in his voice and liking it. Then a smile crept slowly across her lips, and her voice went softer and more soothing as she said, “It’s all right, my dear boy. Just so you know, what I demonstrated right then is another game I love to play with boys like you; it does have a name,” and she paused, giving him another sexy wink before continuing, “but I won’t say what it is just yet.”

“Oh, wow…” Dan panted as he listened to his gorgeous prick teasing Goddess reveal just a little more about her sexy games. And the way she did it, giving him a quick demonstration but also making it clear that she was purposely withholding other details — it was so masterful and so fabulously well done; he loved everything about it!

He also felt a tremendous sense of relief that she wasn’t mad or even displeased with him; in fact, it was quite the contrary, it seemed that his behavior was exactly what she wanted. He could feel himself already starting to get addicted to the idea of having her set him up like that, just so she could take pleasure in shooting him down. The whole situation was just perfect, and it was right out of his most erotic submissive fantasies!

Anyway, after another little pause for effect, she said suggestively, “So would you like to know why you thought it was okay to touch me?”

“Yes, please!” he enthused, continuing to rub his hand as the sting from her slap slowly subsided.

She smiled before laying out another aspect of this particular game, and then said, “You thought it was okay because I MADE you think it was okay! Or…maybe I just suggested that it was okay, or I implied that it was okay. But let’s be clear, just because I act like I’m going to let you do something doesn’t mean I’m actually going to let you do it. Is that clear?”

Dan just stared at her and his mouth fell open at the thought of her controlling him mentally like that started to sink in, and again it was a deliciously appealing thought. This time he responded with a simple “Wow”…

Barbie continued, “Good! I’ll take that as a yes. So now that some of my games are out in the open, I think it’s about time to tell you about one little rule I have, one that is to be followed until further notice. Do you want to know what it is?”

“Oh my god, Barbie…yes please!” He said, answering her suggestive prompting with unrestrained enthusiasm.

“All righty then. My rule is called ‘Lookies but No Touchies’. The name of it should tell you exactly what it means, and like I said, you will be following it until I say otherwise. Oh, and Daniel, you should also consider yourself forewarned, because I really enjoy enforcing it!”

Her eyes opened wide once again as she delivered her words with brazen confidence, and she stared at him like she was going to eat him alive. Again there was that big smile of hers showing off her pearly white teeth as she slowly let her mouth fall open, and she bit the edge of her bottom lip suggestively…

And then she placed her hand on his again, and she continued staring at him with a penetrating gaze that had him simply reeling. The sensations she was giving him, the erotic mind games she had started to reveal and explore, and now her little rule…all of it was just completely overwhelming for him, and to say she owned him at that moment pretty much summed it up.

And once again, he didn’t mind, not one little bit. There was simply nowhere else on planet Earth that he’d rather be!

Then she patted his hand gently as she continued, “So like I said, my rule should be quite self-explanatory, but in case you need a further clarification, maybe you should look at it this way. You ever been to a strip club?” Her eyes twinkled at this provocative question, knowing full well that the salacious nature of it would really put him on the spot and make him even more nervous.

Dan totally panicked, and his heart began pounding, knowing that his home for a while had literally been the Tease Club. The girls there had pretty much kidnapped him and made him move in with them, so yeah, the answer to her question was an even bigger yes than he figured she knew about.

“Um…yeah…” he managed to stutter.

“Well then you know about this little rule already! Which is…the girls can touch YOU, but you can’t touch US!”

Wait…what did she mean by ‘us’? This was the first time that she had openly referred to a possible familiarity or affiliation with a strip club in general, or perhaps even the Tease Club girls specifically, and he really didn’t know what in the world to make of it. And something told him not to ask, nor to expect her to explain herself just yet either!

Anyway, to demonstrate the pleasures that might await him if he obeyed her little rule, she took both hands and reached out slowly toward Dan’s face. He remained perfectly still, watching in enchanted fascination as her long, lovely, pink-nailed fingers slowly closed in on him.

As they got closer and closer, she waved them around one by one so that they looked like kind of like long, spindly spider legs, and she told him, “Just so we’re clear, my pet, if you behave yourself and be a good boy, then maybe Goddess will please you…and be verrrry nice to you!”

Her words implied rewards for good behavior, and something told him that in the upcoming few seconds she was going to give him a little taste of just what kinds of treats she was going to offer him. At the same time, he wholeheartedly understood her message, which was that her goodies would only be delivered if he were to do exactly what she said and behave himself just the way she wanted…

Sure enough, she proceeded to give him a taste of the kinds of rewards she had in mind, and she started by putting the tips of her nails on the sides of his head, up high right above his ears. Leaving them there for a moment as she smiled warmly at him, she then slid them lightly down over his ears and onto his cheeks.

As they went, she spread her fingers an inch or so apart, so that each long, lovely fingernail made contact with a slightly different part of his face. Her touch was as light as possible, and it caused tingles of pleasure to shoot all through Dan’s body!

As she moved her fingertips along his cheeks and down onto his jawline, she slowed their progress down even more and added some little zigzag motions as her nails converged on his chin. Then she let them all come together on his tip of his chin and slowly glided them down onto the upper part of his neck, spreading them out again. She continued down his neck with some more little zigzags before pulling them away just before they reached his collarbones.

Through all this she tilted her head back and let her eyes close halfway while making an “Ooo” shape with her mouth, but without uttering a sound…you know, just for visual effect! Of course, this entire presentation of sensual pleasure she had just delivered had other effects as well…

Dan’s eyes closed and rolled up into his brain in response to her utterly titillating stimulation. It was an incredibly sensual act she had just granted him, and when he opened them a few seconds later, he saw her smiling from ear to ear as she observed his predictable response to the incredibly sensual teasing touch of her nails. She clearly liked what she saw…

“You like that, Danny?” She asked, in a sticky-sweet tone of voice, her eyes locking onto his as she drank in the details of how he was reacting.

Dan exhaled suddenly, realizing he had held his breath during the delivery of her incredibly erotic fingernail teasing. Again, a breathy but highly excited “Yeah!” was all he could muster.

“You want…some more?” She added, with the pitch of her voice going higher on the last two words as she waved those shiny pink fingernails right before his eyes.

“Oh my god, yes, PLEASE!” Dan panted in sheer desperation as his eyes danced around at the sight of her gorgeous shiny pink nails waving around in front of his face.

Barbie giggled as she enjoyed the sound of him begging for more, and she moved her super-sexy nails in for the kill, but then she paused, leaving them inches before his eyes and telling him, “Hmmm…well, I sayyyy…NO!”

As she uttered that last, very important word, she took them away and put one of her hands back on the table, giving it another tippity-tap on the tablecloth with her fingernail-tips. Then she took her eyes away from his and casually picked up the dinner menu with her other hand. Dan’s eyes were totally focused on those deliciously sexy-looking fingers and nails of hers as he let the incredibly erotic teasing pleasure they had just administered bounce around his body.

And she paused, watching the way his eyes were glued to her lovely nails as she continued to tippity-tap them on the tablecloth. Then she slowly slid them toward her and opened the menu with both hands, leaving those pink nails visible from behind either edge of it. She glanced at him and saw how he was still totally fixated on them, just as she figured he would be.

She smiled to herself, knowing that she had just led him through one complete cycle of a wonderfully delivered but also quite simple display of erotic tease and denial! She had demonstrated her ability to show him something, make him want it, give him a little bit, and then take it away. And she absolutely adored making him beg for more, just so she could tell him…NO!

She was quite pleased with his obedient behavior, and she casually looked down at the menu, leaving him dangling with his arousal once again as she began to peruse the dinner choices. And then she added another comment, “Well actually, perhaps I should say that it’s ‘no more for now’, not just yet, at least. But Daniel, if you behave yourself, then maybe, just maybe, you might be able to convince me to tease you some more with these sexy fingernails of mine…later…”

She didn’t even look at him as she served up the suggestion that there might be more fingernail teasing pleasures available to be served up from her later, and Dan felt like his mind was going to explode as he listened to her tell him so. He just kept staring at her lovely hand as she tippity-tapped those shiny pink nails edge of the menu, beginning with her pinky nail and going in sequence.

Again she paused after delivering her little promise of reward, and then she looked at him and continued, “That is, of course…if you want me to! Do you?”

“Yes, please, YES!!” He begged.

“You DO?” She answered with a feigned-surprise tone of voice that Dan found wildly appealing. She was focusing her eyes mainly on her menu as she strung him along, but she did glance at him briefly before looking back down at it.

Dan was simply eating it up, and his level of excitement continued to escalate as she expertly toyed with his desires. She took one hand and placed it down on the table in front of her again, daintily walky-walking her nail-tips toward the empty space halfway between them. Then she lifted up her pinky nail and made slow, suggestive little circles in the air with it, leaving the tips of her other nails still touching the table.

He was completely mesmerized, and he became quite distracted as he just stared at the incredibly enticing motion of her lovely fingernail. She liked that, but he hadn’t answered her question, so she quickly took her hand away, letting it disappear behind her menu again as she asked in an accusatory tone of voice, “Well do you or don’t you?”

And that did it. Snapping out of his trance, he blubbered, “YES!”

And she took her eyes off him again, looking back down at the menu and continuing the suggestive tippity-taps on the edges of it with the nails on both her hands as she said, “Well…maybe that can be arranged…”

Damn she was good! Her last comment was delivered while she wasn’t even looking at him; she was talking to him like he wasn’t even there at that moment and Dan had simply never experienced anything like it. Needless to say, she had him wrapped completely around her little finger at that point!

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