BabySitter Willing

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I was baby-sitting for Maree and Todd on that night. They’d departed for places unknown along with Rob, Maree’s brother. The kids had been reasonable and had gone to bed with a minimum of fuss and fallen asleep quite quickly. With nothing left to do I’d stooged about on the PC for a while and then watched TV.

Typically there was nothing much on TV. If you wanted a decent movie you had to get one online and I just couldn’t be bothered. I flicked through the channels and came across some action movie that was just starting so I decided to watch that.

I read somewhere that old-time western writers were paid by the word. This meant that their heroes were lightning fast on the draw but terrible shots, with the author describing shot after shot until the last bullet scored. No such problems with movies. The hero had a gun that either never ran out of bullets or he had dozens of replacement magazines that he could swap in in one fifth of a second. The hero also rarely missed. The villains, of course, were all terrible shots. They could empty an automatic rifle at point blank range and still miss.

The movie rolled along with the bodies piling up. A helicopter made an appearance and promptly blew up. Big surprise. Then the obligatory sex scene came along. Objectively I had to admit that the heroine had nice breasts, and they looked quite natural to me. She seemed to be having a great deal of fun on that bed.

I’ll admit that I might have been idly rubbing myself while that scene took place, wondering what it would be like. It also gave me cause to ponder my current dilemma. I didn’t want to be a virgin. I wanted to see what sex was like. I knew it might hurt the first time but what the hell, everyone else seemed to get past that hurdle. My boyfriend was also hot to trot and therein lay the core of my problem.

We were both of age and we’d had some fairly heavy petting sessions. More petting from him than from me I have to admit. The few times that Ian had whipped out his erection I’d noticed a bit of a smell; not a sexy interesting scent but an off-putting smell. I wasn’t game to even touch that thing. As for putting it in my mouth or elsewhere, forget it.

You see my problem. Ready for sex, just not with my boyfriend. There was also the issue of size but I hope I’m not so petty as to let that sway my thinking. If Ian says four inches is average then I’d take his word for it. (Wikipedia says otherwise but it might be incorrect.)

It seemed to me that it was time to drop Ian and go looking for someone who might be a bit more compatible where certain issues were concerned. I’d just have to try to let Ian down lightly.

The movie ended and it wasn’t very long after that that Maree and Todd returned home. Maree made us all some coffee (Rob was still with them) and they chatted for a while. Rob finished his coffee and shot through and then I finished mine. A gentle hint and Marree produced my pay and thanked me and I headed for the door just as the doorbell rang. Rob hadn’t departed after all.

“Turned the key and something went whirr, clunk, and that was it. Turned the key a second time and I was met with silence. Not even a clunk. I’ve been having some trouble with the starter motor and was scheduled to get it replaced next service. Looks like I’ll be doing that tomorrow.”

“Hard luck. Guess you shouldn’t have put it off,” said Todd cheerfully. “Just wait a moment and I’ll run you home.”

“Um, I live just up the road from Rob,” I pointed out. “I can drop him off if you like.”

“Sure you don’t mind?” asked Rob.

I shrugged. “If I minded I wouldn’t have offered,” I pointed out. “Unless you’re nervous about being driven by a woman?”

“Not me,” he said cheerfully. “Statistically, women are better drivers than men. Not better than me, of course, but better than the average man.”

“Of course,” I said. “Coming?”

I drove of and Rob politely thanked me for the lift.

“You’re welcome,” I told him. “You’re bursa escort bayan also welcome to remove your hand from my knee.”

What is it with men? If they think they have you at the slightest disadvantage their hands are all over you. That’s why I always insist on Ian driving if we’re going somewhere. (The fact that it cuts down on his alcohol consumption is a bonus.)

“Why would I do that?” Rob asked. “You’ve got nice knees. I quite like them.”

“Maybe so, but they’re my knees so move your hand.”

“Not like that,” I gasped, as his hand started sliding along my leg on the inside of my thigh. Take your hand off my leg.”

“Be reasonable,” Rob protested. “How am I supposed to seduce you if I can’t even touch you?”

Was he kidding? I felt a frisson run through me at the thought of him seducing me. What would it be like? I flicked a glance at him. He was older and larger than Ian. I idly wondered what that larger covered.

“You’re not going to seduce me,” I told him. “I don’t want you trying to seduce me.”

“But you don’t get a say in the matter. That’s why it’s called seduction. The man persuades you against your will to bow to his wants. Then he proceeds to ravish your quivering young body, with your consent, reluctant though it may be.”

“You have got to be joking.” Didn’t he? I couldn’t be sure.

“Joking? Why on earth would I be joking? I’m already painting mental pictures of you sprawled on your back, your blouse and bra pushed up above your breasts so I can taste and touch them, and your skirt bunched around your waist, revealing that I’ve taken your panties off and you’re lying there helpless before me.”

The same picture flashed through my mind and I started feeling somewhat heated. I had to put a stop to this right now.

“Not happening,” I stated. “You’re just trying to stir me up. You’re not serious.”

“Not serious!” he exclaimed. “How can you say that? Does this feel as though I’m not serious?”

He lifted my hand off the steering when and pulled it towards him. I let him do it, not turning to see what he was doing as I was watching the red light that I was approaching. I was dumbstruck when he closed my hand around something hot and hard, especially as I just knew what it was. I snatched my hand away, braking for that stupid light at the same time, turning my head to look at him even as I came to a halt.

I turned my head to give him a horrified look and oh, boy, did I get an eyeful. Compared to Rob Ian was severely handicapped in a certain area. Enough so that he could probably get a disabled sticker for his car. I forced my gaze back to the road, relieved to find the light change to green, giving me a reason to not take another look. I didn’t dare look at him. I was blushing furiously, I just knew it.

On top of all that his hand had just kept moving up under my skirt and it was now brushing against my panties. One thing you can’t do when driving is hold your legs together. You can guess what that meant – Rob taking full advantage of my vulnerability.

That’s the way things continued as I drove. Me getting hot and bothered as Rob kept touching me, his hand even going under my panties, damn him, and Rob ignoring my every protest, having his fun while his erection jauntily waved to me any time I turned my head. OK. I’ll admit that it was probably just rocking back and forth due to the movement of the car but if felt as though it was deliberately waving to me.

I was terribly relieved when we finally reached Rob’s place. He told me to turn into the drive and I did so automatically, not even stopping to think that there was no need for me to do so. As soon as I stopped I could guess his diabolical plan. He was going to invite me in for coffee and the coffee wouldn’t actually be coffee. I got in first.

“I’m not going into your house,” I told him firmly.

“I wasn’t going to suggest you do so,” he replied, which was a terrible letdown. Suddenly I felt gorukle escort as though he was rejecting me rather than me rejecting him.

“No, I’ve already decided that I’d much rather take you in the backseat of your car, so why don’t you squeeze between the front seats and hop in the back.”

Even as he was making that outrageous suggestion he was reaching across and undoing my seat-belt. I was busy explaining to him why I had no intention of doing any such thing while he was busy pulling me up out of my seat and practically pushing me into the back. That done he was out of his door, opened the back door, and joined me.

I sort of stared at him, noting which part of him had seemed to enter the car first. I didn’t know what to say although two questions immediately popped to mind. Number one was how did I stop him if he tried to force the issue? I didn’t think he would force me but what if he did? Number two was did I want to stop him anyway? I mean, I had been wondering what it would be like and this was my chance. All things considered Rob might be considered rather a hot property.

I had the scent of him now. He didn’t stink like someone who shall remain nameless, but he certainly had a masculine aroma. Something that was telling me he was ready to go. Geez, as if I need pheromones to tell me that. It was obvious to anyone who glanced at him what was on his mind.

It finally registered on me that he was talking to me. I’d been concentrating on him so hard that what he’d been saying was just background noise. Listening to him now I realised I should have been listening hard right from the start. I think it was the phrase ‘take your panties down’ that grabbed my attention.

Rob was following his words with action. He pushed my skirt up around my waist and started pulling my panties down. I was just lying back, propped on me elbows, watching him do it. I guess the fact that I was making no effort to stop him answered my second question. It appeared that I’d decided to let him do this.

He didn’t just pull my panties down a little. They went all the way down and off, Rob tossing them onto the front seat.

“How does it feel being exposed like this, knowing what I intend doing?” he asked, and I had a suspicion that he was laughing at me. I didn’t answer, just looking at him. How did I feel about it? Does the word wanton mean anything to you?

“I can’t leave you just half exposed, you must realise,” he said, still speaking softly. At the same time he was pushing my top up, exposing my bra. I had to give him full marks for the way his hand slid under me and unclipped my bra, one-handed, and then it joined my top, leaving me fully exposed.

Surprisingly enough this was the first time I’d ever been effectively naked in front of a man. I mean, even with the groping sessions with Ian I’d never let him undress me, mainly because I didn’t trust him to back off once he got that far. Did it worry me that I was so exposed? Not so you’d notice. I was breathing harder and feeling excited. My stomach was turning over and flashes of heat were firing off inside me.

Rob leaned over me, pressing against me, kissing me. I found myself kissing him back while his hand stroked my breasts. On top of that I could feel his erection pressing against me, heavy and hot and biding its time.

His head slipped down so his mouth was on my breasts. His hand also slipped down and it was rubbing me in a very intimate fashion, stroking and probing, familiarising himself with my body, letting me get accustomed to him touching me, I think.

He lifted himself up, looming over me, and I could see him adjusting his position, preparing to enter me. That’s when a thought struck me. It was around midnight. I shouldn’t have been able to see him this clearly. My eyes flicked to the roof and the inside light.

“Um, the light,” I suggested.

“Leave it,” he replied. “I want to see you and this will let you see what happens.”

I bursa merkez escort bayan dismissed the matter of the light, my mind now on more important things. I was feeling way excited and I wanted, I needed, that cock inside me. I needed to know what it was like.

I started finding out quickly enough. He used one hand to stretch my lips apart and pressed the head of his cock against me. I was suddenly feeling very nervous because it looked awfully large to be going into little me. I could feel him there, his cock trespassing within my body, and it was touching my hymen. Horror stories about first time rose to mind and I bit my lip, not wanting to scream. Instead of screaming I gave a startled little gasp, finding that initial pain no worse than getting stuck with a sewing needle. I’ve done worse to myself sewing on a button. (I now use a thimble.)

With the ceremonial popping of the cherry done he now came surging triumphantly up my passage, and all was fun and games. Right? Wrong. Instead of surging triumphantly he seemed to be fighting every inch of the journey. He must have seen the surprise I was feeling because he winked and explained.

“You’re a virgin, remember. Your muscles are untried and your passage is effectively closed to trespassers. I have to make your muscles yield to let me pass. If I batter my way in I could end up hurting you. It makes more sense to take it nice and slow and let you adjust.”

How kind and considerate of him. The trouble was that I didn’t want him to be kind and considerate. I wanted his cock inside me now, not later. As soon as he started pressing into me for his next small gain I started pressing hard towards him, trying to force him to go deeper, faster. Would you believe that he laughed at me?

Didn’t matter. I’d achieved what I wanted and he was now fully inside me, and it seemed to me that full described what I was feeling really well. In my humble opinion that was a lot of cock. The only question I had was what the hell do I do now?

Again, it didn’t matter. I simply assumed that Rob knew what to do and waited. He’d have to be a very odd man not to know after getting this far. His hands covered my breasts again and he started stroking them. After a few moments his cock started pulling back and then gently returning. No muss, no fuss, just a slow partial retreat followed by a slow thrust returning it to its starting point.

I found myself moving in time to those slow movements, the friction of his cock rubbing against me doing odd things to me internally. I was like, “Oh, wow,” thoroughly enjoying the feel of flesh against flesh. At the same time I found myself getting warmer, my blood seeming to heat up as he moved.

I’m not sure how it happened but after several minutes I found that we weren’t proceeding with the same gentle movements. Rob had picked the pace up and I’d just automatically adjusted to the change. The biggest change I noticed was that he wasn’t just easing back in but actually thrusting into me, driving in hard and apparently expecting me to push up just as hard against him. (Which I was doing, even if not by a conscious decision.)

When we’d first started I’d idly wondered why they referred to that gentle movement as thrusting into the girl. I certainly knew why now, as his cock was driving in hard and fast, striking sparks within me with each stroke, obviously trying to set fire to that pool of heat low inside me.

I could hear myself urging him on. Exactly what I was saying I’m not sure, but I was certainly urging him on. Something was going to happen and I needed it to happen now or sooner. I heard him gasp and then he increased his efforts, and I had no choice but to explode internally, giving a small shriek as I did so.

“Do you have to hurry home or would you like to come in for a cup of coffee?”

There was a question for you. Did he mean coffee or something else? I dithered and he smiled.

“I really mean coffee. I feel like a cup.”

I shrugged. Why not? I straightened my clothes a little more and hopped out of the car. I also reached over to snag my panties, meaning to make an excuse inside so I could have some privacy to put them on.

“Leave them,” Rob said. “They’ll just get in the way after we’ve had our coffee.”

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