Answering a CL MW4M

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I’ll admit it, I’m homophobic. Never thought of a male in any sexual way. High school sports, college sports, showering together constantly, nothing. Then one day browsing CL, I run across an ad that makes me wonder…

“WIFE NEEDS TO BE EATEN, HUSBAND NEEDS A BJ. ARE U AVAILABLE – mw4m Title says it all, and u must swallow both of us. Please be hwp and ddf. Wife would also like a nice slow massage. Cum and suck us both off.”

Now the first part is a piece of cake, or should I say hair pie. Part two challenges all my boundaries. Am I willing to cross a boundary and stretch my limits? I decide to reply, as I am anonymous and can run and hide at any time. Here is my reply- “Let me give you my stats. WM, 6’2”, 210#. I could see it happen like this – I start with the woman lying face down, I knead the tops of her thighs. I work my way to her calves and then massage her feet. Probably suck her toes. Then up to the globes of her ass, where I may lay my cock at the top of her ass crack as I continue. As I start on her lower back, he presents his cock to my mouth. I continue to slowly massage her back as I slurp away. Then her back, shoulders, neck, scalp and arms, while swirling my tongue. If I haven’t finished with him by then, I will get her to roll over and stroke his shaft to help him finish in my mouth. I continue by rubbing her arms extended above her head and work my way down to her shoulders and breasts. I like nipple play, but it’s not totally necessary. Down her sides to the fronts of her thighs, shins and back to her feet. She should be relaxed, but not asleep. Then I will lick my way back up her legs and attack her clit. I will be groping her ass and tits and will use my fingers as allowed.

Sound fun? Can I get your stats and when you are available?”

I check my email far too often, wondering if I will elicit a reply. Half hoping that I will get an invite, half hoping I will at least get a rejection. I’m on pins and needles for several days checking for a reply. Just as I have resigned myself to the fact I may never hear back, I get a response. They want to get together at a local hangout to see if there is any chemistry between us. She will be in a red top. No pics, no stats. They claim to be intrigued by the response they got from me. I am happy to agree to meet them for a drink and see where this goes.

I make the easy 15 mile drive up to where they want to meet. Now, since I have no idea what they look like, it’s fortunate that we are about bahçeşehir escort the only people in the place. I have envisioned the worst and the best. They definitely are on the upper end of the spectrum. She looks classy, shows off a lot of cleavage and dresses to impress. He is imposing, too many gold necklaces and bracelets, but good looking. I certainly want to taste her, but still worry about my first time with a man. Like I said, I still have the option to cut and run.

We spend some time together getting to know each other. Nothing too personal, might never see each other again. I start to forget we just met and begin to have an easy conversation like I would with old friends. As commonly happens, she excuses herself to use the restroom. In the meantime, we discuss the game on the TV and discover we like different teams. She returns from the restroom, puts her thong and a bottle of lube on the table and looks me in the eyes. He gives me a pat on the back and suggests I follow them home. I scoop up her gifts. I guess I will be getting to know them better.

They live a short drive away. I again ponder the opportunity to just turn and go home. My mind is a mess. I wonder if I am the 5th guy in 5 days. I wonder how many times they have done this. I wonder if I should have concerns about their personal cleanliness. Then it’s too late, they turn into their garage. I park on the street in front and now warily walk up the driveway to their vehicle.

They very cordially welcome me to their home and invite me in. I follow her in as her husband holds the door for us. I hear the garage door close behind him with a thump. They escort me into the living room, offering a glass of wine. I accept the liquid courage. Soft music is playing overhead. I take a spot on the couch, discussing how the evening will likely play out. They liked my thoughts, had some different ones, we decided to just let it play out as it might, go with the flow. We had another wine “just to finish the bottle”, then we headed for the master bedroom.

They had felt my scenario was a little rushed and wanted to draw it out longer. Fine with me! I started by slowly unbuttoning his shirt, dragging my fingernails over his nipples as I removed it. Just like me, it was something that he obviously enjoyed. I removed my shirt as well. We both then turned our attention to his wife as she sat on the bed watching. We took turns with the buttons, removed her top and bakırköy escort undid her bra. Her breasts spilled out and I discovered nipple play was definitely on the table. We each took one, sucked, licked and slurped them hard. We left them exposed in the cool air. Certainly not part of my earlier plan, but I’m not complaining.

It seemed to be his turn again, so I turned and grabbed one of his nipples with my teeth. Since “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander”, she quickly pinched his other one. I released his nipple, dropped to my knees and made quick work of his belt buckle, waist button and zipper, sliding his pants down. Now, like I say, I have no experience in this and no idea what to expect when I unwrap this package. It was obvious the situation had an effect on him. He was hard, tenting his boxers, right at face level. I reached and did what I would like, I stroked his cock. If it was possible, he stiffened more. I reached through the front flap, brought his cock and balls out through the opening and tentatively brought the helmet to my mouth. I licked the precum as he began to moan. I rolled his balls gently in my hand. I wanted to edge him and leave him wanting more. His wife was chewing on one nipple and pinching the other. This was turning out so much better than I could have imagined.

Time to switch again, I left his pants puddled around his ankles. I needed to get her out of her skinny jeans. I have found this is usually a challenge. I undid the snap, she lifted her butt and I tugged. They began their descent, revealing her naked, dripping pussy. She was partially shaved, with a landing strip. I removed her sandals, slid her jeans the rest of the way off. I scooted her up the bed. It didn’t seem fair to have already played with him without at least a little foreplay with her too. I stood, removed my pants and shoes and dove into her pussy. I stabbed her with my tongue, then began an assault on her clit. I slid one finger, then two up her hot hole looking for her G spot, hoping she was multi-orgasmic. I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked back. He reminded me they didn’t want to rush and that she was a “one and done” girl. Damn it. He had kicked his shoes and pants off, so here we were, she was naked, we were in our boxers.

She rolled over, I reached and grabbed the lube, squirted it on my hands to warm it, then started on her upper thighs. I proceeded as I had described, working my way to her feet. başakşehir escort Sucking her toes was almost too much for her so I had to cut that short. I moved up to her ass and deep massaged it as she moaned her approval. I felt the bed move and was confronted by her now naked husband kneeling at her head in front of me. It was showtime.

While I kneaded her lower back with the knuckles of my left hand, I grabbed his cock with my right. He wasn’t too long, but was thicker than most. Remember, I have seen a lot of cocks in my sports career, but none hard. I guided it to my mouth and did what I would like, not at this point that I think that it mattered much. As I got more comfortable with his shaft in my mouth, I let go, returning both hands to the back massage. I had them both moaning at the same time. I leaned forward to reach the nape of her neck, effectively driving him deeper into my throat. Right on cue, she started to roll to her front. I sat back a little, reached out and stroked him, felt him pulse and the warm fluid fill my mouth. I held it my mouth until he quit pumping, then opened and showed it to him. One down.

I was now able to concentrate on her massage. Trying to prolong the experience was suddenly a problem. As I began to work her shoulders, she grabbed my cock. Now I did not anticipate any reciprocity and my only thought had been to honor their request. She asked me to use some lube and to be generous on her boobs. I oiled them up and started to rub it in. She fished my cock out of my boxers and slid it between her breasts. After all the stimulation, this won’t take long. I looked at her husband for approval since this wasn’t part of the deal. He told me to enjoy. A dozen strokes later and I was done. She rubbed it into her chest. At this point apparently the massage was over.

She grabbed my head and pushed it to her pussy. I was careful to stay off her clit or this would be over. I slipped two fingers back into her and grabbed her ass with my other hand to raise her up. She was starting to buck against my hand as I saw her husband working her tits. It was clearly time to finish this. I attacked her clit, sucking it as hard as I could while raking my tongue across it. I slid a finger into her ass. She came in a series of waves, pushing me off her with her hands. I backed off, but her husband was hard again, changed positions and hammered into her.

I had never seen live sex before and it proved to be very exciting. So much in fact, that I was hard again and masturbated in rhythm with them. I even managed to come at the same time he did. He knew her well though, she lay there exhausted. I asked him if he wanted me to clean him up, hoping he would say no, which he did.

I dressed and was on my way, knowing they had my contact info.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32