Another Aftermath

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“Can we do it?” She asked in an unsure voice.

“It’s not that simple,” the answer came, “I need to fully understand what happened between you two over the past 3 years to ensure there are grounds for a lawsuit.”

“Look at me,” the red-haired woman demanded, “look at what she did to me! She ruined my life.” Her voice was furious, filled with rage. Her body still possessed the light shimmer of a beautiful woman, but something was not right. Her once flat belly, a compliment to her bombshell figure, stuck out like a sore thumb. While the woman was average in weight, her abdomen was many times bigger.

“While I understand your frustration,” the slim, black-haired lawyer retorted, “I also understand you signed a waiver…”

“What? That stupid piece of paper?” The redhead practically screamed with rage, “Are you telling me that little piece of shit can get away with what she did because of a damned legal paper?”

Monica noted just how furious her client was, and rightfully so. Her belly was so titanic it was hard for Monica to grasp its size. It was hard to work with those types of people, though her distress was completely justified. “Listen, I know this is hard, but I need to go over your story. I have to understand exactly how you got here in order to establish a lawsuit.”

The redhead took a deep breath, “Okay, what do you need?”

“Just start from the top, Karen, and tell me how that happened.” She gestured at the woman’s once perfect body, now reduced into a container of ungodly amounts of semen and used exclusively to birth new babies.

“It started three years ago,” Karen recalled, “when I first met Anastacia Bloomhaven. “

“If I understand correctly, she is the target of this lawsuit.” Monica made sure she recognized the name.

Karen nodded in approval, “The bitch hides under the guise of niceties.”

“Okay, better get this out of the way now,” Monica sighed, “no more name-calling when you talk about this case. The last thing we need is you calling her a bitch before a judge.”

Karen nodded her head. As angry as she was, Monica had a point. Suddenly, she felt a movement in her lower body, “Oh, Monica, can you please get the doctor? I think I have another birth coming.”

Monica blinked at her client, “But… But you just gave birth when I came in an hour ago…”

“Doctor please,” Karen screamed as a man dressed in white rushed into the room to check up on her. Five minutes later the doctor left the room with a baby cart containing the newborn octuplet of girls.

Monica tried to pick things up when they left, “Can you retell your first meeting?”

“It was February 20th three years ago. Nine twenty in the morning, on the dot. I remember it clearly because that was when that bitch-“

Monica cleared her throat, reminding Karen to watch her language. Karen lowered her head and corrected herself, “That was when Anna started ruining my life.”

“Please explain.” Monica requested.

“I was sitting in my favorite coffee shop when she walked in,” Karen recalled, “when you look like Anna, that alone is a crime.”

“Karen, please refrain from passing judgment.”

“I wasn’t passing judgment,” Karen protested, “she has a restraining order on those types of places because of her condition…”

“What?” Monica sounded surprised.

“The moment she stepped in the door her hormones made people go wild. One minute I was sitting in a coffee shop eating breakfast, the next I was in a porn movie.”

“How bad was it?” Monica asked.

“Bad, real bad… Everyone around me went into a sexual frenzy. I saw things that belong in cheap porn flicks. Threesomes, gangbangs, it all happened in a couple of minutes. My date just came in his pants and then went on to join a ganabang without saying a word.” Karen recalled.

“Sounds intense, and what about you? What did you do?”

“Nothing,” Kat said and shrugged her shoulders, “for some reason I’m immune to her pheromones.”

“Creepy, I can’t imagine myself in that situation,” Monica said as a shiver ran down her neck, “what happened next?”

“Next, Anna Bloomhaven noticed me and decided to ruin my life,” Karen shifted around uncomfortably, “she walked through the crowd of sex-crazed people and sat where my date was moments ago. It was such a strange thing as if in that instant the world was gone and there was only us two.”

“That doesn’t sound so bad,” Monica tried to cheer her client.

“It wasn’t, it was as if I was the center of the world for a moment.” Karen Bostancı Escort smiled, “We talked and she introduced herself as if there was no crazy sexual bonanza happening in the background. Then she proceeded to invite me to her place, produced a business card and vanished the same way she came.”

“Wow, what an introduction,” Monica whistled, “and I take it once she left the sex party ended..”

“Nope,” Karen chuckled, “it took them another 3 days to come out if it…”

“Fuck,” Monica mumbled at the thought of going through such an experience.

“Didn’t you say we should watch our mouths?”

Monica nodded, “Yes, you are right, I apologize.”

“My relationship with my ex ended after that, I dumped his ass because all he could think about was sex after that little incident. It was ridiculous, he came 6 or 7 times every day, no matter what…” Karen picked up the story, “I lasted two months before I broke and contacted her…”

“What do you mean?” Monica looked honestly baffled.

“Anna, she was everywhere, in my days and nights, shopping, exercising, driving, everywhere!”

“Stalking is a good base for our lawsuit, do you have any proof?”

“No, it wasn’t like that, Monica, she wasn’t doing anything, it was my mind, refusing to release the thoughts of her, it even happened in my dreams.” Karen paused and a shiver went down her back, causing her giant midsection to wobble.

“You went to meet her?” Monica guessed how things unfolded and was rewarded with a head shake, “and in her apartment, one hidden-pill-in-water-glass later, you two were at it hard…”

Karen shook her head, “unfortunately no, it was nothing as simple as that-” suddenly, her expression changed, “can you get the doctor?”

This time Monica didn’t even think about it and immediately rushed out to get help. One hour and thirty babies later, the situation cleared and Monica was able to resume her inquiry.

“We had a really good launch and talked about the details.” Karen resumed.

“The details of what?” Monica wondered.

“The details of our lovemaking. Anna insisted she only gets it on when there’s an agreement between her and the potential mate.”

“So she ran you through it, rushed you to the end with promises of sex?” Monica tried to get an angle on her lawsuit.

“Quite the opposite,” Karen admitted, “she told me we will not be having any type of sexual activity that day because she didn’t want to force me to agree to anything.”

“Wow, that girl is one sly cat…” Monica released her grip, “Okay, what did you talk about?”

“About how sex with her works, mostly,” Karen blushed a little.

Monica walked over to the desk and picked up a legal paper and a blue pen, the agreement between the two, “Details, Karen,” she demanded, “I want to check if she hid something from you in the contract…”

Karen cleared her throat and tried to remember everything, “she told me it could last anywhere between 1 day and 6 years depending on how backed up she was.”

“Check” Monica approved and marked the document.

“She also told me I will become pregnant for sure but she had no way of knowing how prolific the pregnancy would be.” Karen recalled, “she framed it between fifteen babies at the lowest and over a billion at the top.”

Monica ticked off a couple more marks on the paper and her face looked grim, “Anything else?”

“I asked about contraceptions*, and she said there are no scientifically proven ones that worked for her…”

Monica chuckled, “I’m sorry, Karen, but this contract is legitimate.” She shrugged her shoulders and thought about a different approach, “was there wine at the table? Did you consume alcohol during the meal?”

Karen nodded, “Sure, I drank a couple of glasses.”

“Cleaver lady, intoxicating you to get you to sign the contract.” Monica railed, “a contract signed under such impossible conditions won’t hold in court.”

Karen frowned, “but we didn’t sign it at that meeting, that was just a review where she explained everything.”

“Oh,” Monica sighed in despair, “so, when did you sign?”

“A month later, after the demo,”

“Demo?” The lawyer wondered.

“She insisted I didn’t understand the gravity of the situation and wanted me to see it first hand.” Karen explained, “She invited me to a demonstration that night.”

Monica sighed and frustration was starting to chip at her mask of professionalism, “What happened at the demo?”

“I watched Anna have sex with another Ümraniye Escort woman. She put on a show for me, went at her really hard,” Karen remembered.

“Did she hurt her partner? Abuse her?”

“Oh, no, not at all,” the bloated woman recalled with an affectionate smile, “she was actually super gentle with the whole thing.”

Monica paced around the room with a plastered expression of confusion, “what next?” She sneered.

“Once she had the head of her cock in the girl’s snatch things started going. I think it took her about a minute to go into an orgasmic loop-“

“Orgasmic loop,” Monica wondered.

“It’s when a woman constantly orgasms because a cock is big enough to hit all her sweet spots.” Karen elaborated.

“Wait, just how big is she?”

“She said she was 5 feet long, fully erect and her circumference is 4 feet around.”

“That’s crazy!” Monica marveled, “that’s thicker than my waist, are you sure this is her size?”

“Definitely,” Karen approved, “she measured it for me live on the demo. You know what? She told me that she gets bigger when she orgasms, but I never saw or measured that because it was inside the girl…”

“What the actual fuck!” Monica burst, “how can that bitch be so perfect?”

“Everything okay, Monica?” Karen looked at Monica with a confused expression, unsure why the lawyer was getting so worked up.

“Her cover, it’s watertight,” Monica paced around the room, “she’s completely covered, no loopholes in the contract…”

“So, no lawsuit?” Karen wondered.

“I don’t know, what happened next?”

“She fucked the girl for a couple of minutes and then her own orgasm started. It took her about three days to fire her first blast of cum into the girl.”

“Wait, are you telling me that Anna had an orgasm that lasted three whole days?” Monica sounded shocked that such a thing was possible.

“No, no, no,” Karen corrected, “it was just the first blast of the orgasm that took 3 days. The whole orgasm took over a month – around 12 blasts.”

“Are you serious, Karen?” Monica was clearly upset now, “are you telling me this futa orgasmed for a full month non-stop?”

Karen nodded in the affirmative. Suddenly her eyes went wide, “doctor,” she whispered and the medical team rushed in to deliver another batch of newborn babies. This time Monica didn’t stick around to watch the show and went to the adjacent room and made a few phone calls.

Two hours later, once Karen calmed down, Monica returned to the room, her face grim, “I looked at a couple of angles, the woman you watched Anna have intercourse with is also on a perfectly good legal contract. She’s an avid supporter of Anna, so no gold there…”

“Next time we met?” Karen wondered if she should continue her story, Monica approved, “I didn’t stick around to watch the whole demo, I visited routinely every couple of days over the next year to see the two undergo their lovemaking.”

The yearlong sex didn’t phase Monica. Reviewing the legal information, 30 minutes ago, she learned the woman was now housed in an industrial warehouse and birthed enough babies to count as a small nation. “Fine, what happened after the year ended?”

“Anna needed a day to recharge herself for me, and we used the opportunity to have a meal and sign the contract,” Karen recalled.

“Alcohol? Anything addictive?” Monica started to fish for leads again.

“Nope, just a regular lunch, though Anna ate a ton of food to replenish herself…”

“Fuck! Why is that woman so waterproof?” Monica blew a fuse. It wasn’t that she never lost a case, it happened once in a blue moon, but this woman seemed impossible to smudge, “okay, sex time?”

“The next day, we came here and got cracking…” Karen said.

“You had intercourse? Or was there some kind of training montage?” Monica was clearly upset.

“No, we just went at it,” Karen answered, oblivious of her lawyer’s unrest.

“Tell me about it…” Monica sighed with deep frustration.

“It started out rather mechanical. We both undressed and stored our clothes away. We kissed a little and things started to heat up. We started with me on my hands and knees and she positioned her cock on top of my pussy…” Karen started retelling the story, still unperceptive of the situation, “it was ridiculous how much bigger she was. But once she started to push in my body seemed to go with the flow and my slit started to gap open for her…”

Karen went on and on about her lovemaking, how it took them Kartal Escort 3 hours to get half of Anna’s cock in her. And how things went from there, once cum started blasting out of the hyper futanari.

“Honestly, it felt amazing. Who knew cum can be this thick,” Karen sounded like she had a hard time grasping the words coming out of her mouth, “I still can’t believe I’m full of such thick cum.”

“Karen,” Monica tried to focus her client on the subject, “please tell me about the rest of your intercourse.”

“It was rather plain, Monica, really, she was so intense there was hardly any need to pump her cock in and out of me… but the cum, Monica, look at how solid it made my belly. It’s not like those runny cum loads where you see the belly wobble.”

“Karen…” Monica tried to interrupt the passionate woman and put her back on course but to no avail.

“No! Don’t change the subject, Monica,” she demanded, “you need to feel this…”

Monica hesitated walking forward, wanting to push her client back on track, but at the same time unsure she wanted to feel her cum filled womb. Reaching her hand out to touch the pale skin she gasped. The flesh was so tight and firm it was almost alarming as if Karen could instantly explode given the lightest of agitations.

“Amazing, right? We don’t know how much she pumped into me, but it was so thick that almost nothing spilled out.” Karen said with a low moan, ” thousands of gallons and we only spilled about a cup’s worth of cum on the floor by accident.”

“That’s crazy, How did you agree to undergo such a thing, Karen?”

“I honestly don’t know, Monica, it’s such a strange feeling,” Karen admitted with a sigh of delight, “every time I thought about it my mind screamed that this is a mistake… But my heart couldn’t deal with missing the opportunity to participate in such a great thing.”

Monica sighed, “Please carry on with the story, what happened next?”

Three hours and two births later, Karen was nearing the end of her ordeal. “I think that at that point Anna’s was near her five million orgasms mark, though I’m not completely sure. It’s hard to keep track with two years of nonstop sex.”

Monica’s frustration calmed down as she listened to Karen recounting her sexual odyssey. It wasn’t something she’d do herself, but it was intriguing to hear.

“The last blast was pretty pathetic,” Karen reached the end of her story, “remember the first one was around 300 gallons of baby butter, the last one was a measly 10 gallons…”

“But that’s natural, Karen,” Monica sighed, “cocks drain, you know, the more orgasms they undergo, the less cum they’ll expel.”

“Whatever, I expected more…” Karen shrugged and rested her hands on her distended midsection.

“Wait,” Monica started to wonder, “just how big are you right now Karen? What are the doctors saying about the extent of your pregnancy?”

“Basically, I’m a mild case of hyper pregnancy,” Karen summed, “would you believe that? Two years and giving birth every hour until the day I die, and I’m a mild case…”

“How do they defy a bad case?”

“Turns out there’s this lady Anna started fucking when she was 18 and she was at it for a decade…” Karen shrugged, “I understand she’s basically giving birth so fast it’s just a constant stream of babies day in and day out.”

“Damn…” Monica whispered and silence filled the room. After a long while the lawyer retorted, “I think I’ve heard enough and am thoroughly familiar with the case.”

“Great,” Karen cheered, “so when do we make our move?”

“We are not making any legal move,” Monica emphasized the words, “you made a very bad call and am paying for it… According to what I see, Anna was way more than fair with you, she even included financial compensation for what she did to you…”

“But she’s a futa freak!” Karen demanded, “she has to pay for what she did to my perfect body…”

“What she did was done with full consent, Karen, you did this to yourself,” Monica concluded.

“You know what, Monica? I think I want a better lawyer than you… I deserve better” Karen frowned at her friend.

“You know what Karen,” Monica said with a smile, “you are perfectly correct, you should ask for a second opinion.”

“I will,” Karen agreed, “thanks for nothing…”

“You’re welcome,” Monica smiled, “just one final question?”

“What?” Monica sneered at her friend.

“Can you give me Anna’s number? I’d like to hear her side of the story as well.”

“Bullshit,” Karen called, “you’re envious of my perfect body. You want her to take you too!”

Monica blushed deep red, “I can neither confirm nor deny…” she said with a devilish smile as she copied the number off of one of the legal papers and walked away from the cum filled Karen.

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