Andi’s Summer – Day 05

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Thursday morning after Mom and Daddy had left for work; I tidied up the kitchen, dusted and vacuumed the entire house while doing my own and my parents’ laundry. I had energy like I had never experienced before. I had always helped out around the house but today I gave it more than just a once over. I was also trying to keep busy so I wouldn’t start in on myself. I wanted to — needed to — pleasure myself but I knew I would be disappointed.

As I played homemaker I did my homework exercises and jotted down my sexual desires and fantasies. The list was quite long and specific. I considered paper clipping some of the explicit pictures from my magazines for Mr. Jacoby’s consideration before realizing that doing so would make him aware that I was more versed in sexual perversities than I wanted him to comprehend. I had already spilled the beans about Roxi’s influence and guidance.

On my pink stationary in my best handwriting I reduced my confessed list of desires to a simple statement that I would leave my sexual education up to Mr. Jacoby’s judgment. Thinking I was being quite clever I didn’t consider that his range of interests and experiences were far more extensive and darker than my own.

I had spent the entire evening on Wednesday reliving the wonderful orgasms Mr. Jacoby had given me. Not one — not two — not three — but many, many marvelous, nearly continuous escalations dwindling to the most previously visited plateau before soaring again. My hands and fingers tried to duplicate the sensational feelings I had experienced but after Mr. Jacoby’s mouth and fingers, they just weren’t up to the task.

Finished with the housekeeping by lunch I didn’t look forward to a long afternoon alone. Maybe I should go over to the park. HELL no! The boys were history; I had found a real man — two – in fact.

Mr. Cooper’s invitation was foremost in my mind. I was running out of time and opportunity to accept his invitation to visit this week to pick up my birthday present. I was sure his offered gift was made spontaneously as an excuse for us to meet again to resume our liaison. No doubt, showing up at his store would imply I was curious, willing and interested too.

I felt an intense sense of guilt even thinking about going to see him since I was now employed by Mr. Jacoby. Wouldn’t I be cheating on Mr. Jacoby if I went to see Mr. Cooper on my first day off? But then, didn’t I owe Mr. Cooper at least one completed blowjob in gratitude for what his magic fingers had done to me? Hadn’t I wanted to suckle him — and would have — if we hadn’t been rudely interrupted?

To clear my mind of its confused state I decided to separate my thoughts of the two men. Today I needed to concentrate on Mr. Cooper; who was after all a part of my known world. Tomorrow Mr. Jacoby would have my undivided attention and my continued immersion into the unknown.

My blackmailer was treating me like a woman; I was sure Mr. Cooper considered me a naïve little girl. I should play up my innocence. Mr. Cooper didn’t know anything about Tony and Jimmy so he surely would consider himself to be one of my first lovers, if not the first.

For my own well-being I needed to establish some rules for my meeting with Mr. Cooper so I wouldn’t fall prey to him as I had with Mr. Jacoby. I had let him fondle me and I had held his manhood in my hand. I couldn’t imagine me walking into his store and the two of us starting up where we left off.

I would have to tease him, flirt and make it obvious that I was anxious to play. He needed to make the first move. Once he thought I was putty in his hands I would surrender to his needs — and my desires. My reward would be his cum filling my mouth.

Rule number one: I wouldn’t let him fuck me. That benchmark was to be navigated by the more ‘Prince Charming’ equivalent – Mr. Jacoby.

Rule number two: I sure wasn’t going to get naked for him like I had been required to do for Mr. Jacoby. Wouldn’t Mr. Cooper expect me to be shy and unpretentious?

Feeling naughty, yet daring after last night’s and this morning’s mix of moral apprehension and erotic sensual buoyancy I decided to venture out in a pair of three-year old shrunken cotton short-shorts without panties that clung to me like a second skin and my tightest, shortest hacked-off shrunken tee-shirt that exposed the underside of my bra if I shrugged my shoulders.

Checking myself out in my mirror I saw my only strapless bra encased breasts stretching the material to its limit, the shape of my puffy muffin was clearly visible and majority of my butt cheeks were hanging free of shelter. I decided to lose my bra. Checking again I saw my squashed boobies spread from under my arms across my front revealing even more flesh and broad smiling creases below. Perfect for my mission!

I intended to tease the hell out of the first adult man that had shown enough interest in me to actively pursue his attraction.

To be inconspicuous on my saunter downtown I wore one of Daddy’s old tee-shirts over my slutty seductive almanbahis giriş choice of attire. The neighbors and townspeople had seen me in this summer casual and unfashionable uniform for years. Even so several of the men outside in their yards or on their porches that I passed blatantly stared in impulsive admiration at my robust chest and rippling bottom. As I passed them I felt myself begin to glow from their attention.

Since way back last summer I had noticed that the men in town; not just the boys in school were paying attention to my developing figure. I never flirted or gave any indication that I knew I was being looked over or that their appraisals made me feel all warm and gooey.

Still, it was unnerving that so many adult males that had watched me grow up had become lechers and perverts upon my reaching the age of consent. I didn’t acknowledge their adoration. I didn’t make a fuss; I slouched and shuffled along with my eyes down as my heart fluttered and my spirit soared.

Several ladies were in the store when I entered and I went to the far back, a darker section of the large single showroom and began looking through the racks of girls’ and women’s clothing. Being mostly end lots, overruns or donations they were cheaper than the in season selections at the Five & Dime or Miss Sally’s Dress Shoppe.

The store grew quiet and Mr. Cooper came back to greet me.

“Hi Andi! My, my you are a welcomed surprise! How can I help you?” Was he going to pretend that he hadn’t invited me to visit?

I drew Daddy’s tee-shirt up and over my head, casually setting it aside after checking the expanse of showroom for any prying eyes. We seemed to be out of sight of any curious gawkers. I could play this game of his.

“I’m looking for some casual blouses and skirts for college in the fall.”

“You certainly have become the young lady. You might want to look at some of the summer clothes as well; I can see that you have outgrown those you have on.” I felt a naughty thrill knowing that my chosen outfit had warranted his close attention and suggestive comment.

“Yes, I seem to be popping out all over.” I shrugged; twisted to face him letting him see more of the underside of my titties. I couldn’t very well look down to confirm how much more without letting him realize I had exposed myself deliberately, but felt the whirling air from the nearby upright floor fan brush over my right (closest to him) nipple. It seemed that my hard extended nub on that side was not allowing the unhemmed frayed edge of the tee to hang freely again.

“Let me look at what you have.” I stared at his crotch.

I wasn’t talking about clothing but I didn’t think he caught on to what I was requesting. I wanted to see his pride and joy even though there were other customers in the store. Wouldn’t that be daring fete?

With courage and confidence that I couldn’t explain I just said it out loud, “After I try on some things I’d like to continue where we left off when we were rudely interrupted in the basement.”

Mr. Cooper ignored my proposal; he looked dismayed at my directness. He stuttered, “I… will help you try on some things, if you like.”

I pretended to search for something that caught my eye. What was wrong? Mr. Cooper didn’t seem nearly as confident here in his store as he had at church. Had he had too much time to think? Had he decided not to let me play with him?

I’ll be right back, Andi.”

I continued to seriously look through the available selections that screamed second-hand small town apparel. I heard his hand-cranked register broadcast its use once and the cowbell on the front door clatter several times before Mr. Cooper rejoined me.

“The other customers have left.” He held out a freshly unwrapped red sucker that he always gave to kids when they were leaving the store. “I thought you might like one of these.” He held it in front of my mouth so I let him lay the fat tube on my tongue.

His lollipops weren’t your standard every-day round pop on a stick; his were like the stem of a candy cane on a tongue depressor much like a fudge or ice cream bar.

“Gee thanks, Mr. Cooper.”

I had been right in thinking he wanted me to act like a little girl, instead of a grown woman. If he wanted to seduce a young virgin, I was more than willing to play along. Was he thinking, as I was, that the sweet hard candy was a stand-in for his cock? I gave it a series of sloppy sucks and long loving licks. To stimulate and focus his imagination I let my saliva gather and then noisily slurped it down.

“You may call me Otis when we’re alone, Andi.”

Mr. Cooper hovered close-by and watched my every move. There was no question he was enjoying my near naked curves. I found excuses to stretch, twist, bend and squat for his benefit. I would glance up, smile, bat my lids and pucker my lips when I caught his gaze the few times his eyes abandoned my titties or my butt.

Why didn’t he reach out and touch me since we were alone?

Soon my almanbahis yeni giriş top after some casual effort on my part was resting on the crest of my breasts with both nipples now on display. I was tempted to shout out, “Hey Mister, my tits are right here waiting for your masculine caresses!”

Several deliberate squats wedged the gusset of my shorts inside my lips spreading my vulva wide; wide and wet enough to welcome his magic fingers.

From his dazed expression I wondered if he had gone temporarily blind.

To keep from overdoing it I picked out two blouses and skirts, asking him if I could try them on and if he wasn’t too busy I would like to have his opinion about how they looked on me.

Returning to earth he drew back the curtain of the small changing room and turned on its own bright light. The thin curtain on the small changing room didn’t stretch all the way across the doorway; centered, it left a good six inches on either side. The top was set at my shoulder height and the hem was well above my knees; a tall woman’s bust line would surely be viewable over the dinky drapery.

A ceiling blocked the overhead fluorescents. The blinding bulb was set midway on the back wall and full length wall mirrors and benches were on each side. From time to time the light would flicker but I dismissed it as caused by a loose bulb.

I saw my own silhouette on the curtain as I undressed and dressed thinking that perhaps that was how Mr. Cooper got his thrills. My shadow would make it appear that I was naked — and I was. I had read about exhibitionists and voyeurs. I was the show-off and Mr. Cooper was peeper.

I did see Mr. Cooper flit by in one or the other mirrors several times. He seemed to continue straightening the clothing displays and just happened to be facing the booth so he could sneak peeks at me through the gap of the curtain or the reflections in the mirrors. I was well aware that he could see portions of me completely naked at times.

Rule number two came to mind, but I justified that fleeting flashes of my moving body didn’t count.

Tingling all over I felt my juices filling me up. I took a good long time trying on each item to tease him more. I made sure he saw limited views from every conceivable angle. I realized that today I had the power, not like last Sunday when he had the upper hand. Actually, I giggled to myself remembering that it was his lowered hand that did the damn-damn on me.

Not liking either outfit even when I tried to mix-and-match them I opened the curtain with the clothing returned to their hangers and saw Mr. Cooper’s obvious disappointment as my tee was in place and my shorts again hid the outline of my womanhood at least until I stepped forward or back.

“Sorry, I didn’t like how these looked on me.” He looked devastated.

“Not to worry, Andi, take your time; I have a lot in your size to choose from.”

That really wasn’t the case because I had looked through most of the selections before my try-ons. I held out the rejected outfits for him to replace them on the display.

I had to get him to do SOMETHING! “No, not today — I’ll stop back another time.”

He acted out a genuine panic. He held up two skimpy bikinis from the rack next to him.

“Don’t go yet! Here, look, these two bikinis are 50% off today only!” He sweetened his bribe. “You can have either one for free!”

I already had a modest two-piece suit. I knew Mom and Daddy would never approve of the strings and triangles.

“No, I don’t think so.”

“Oh, don’t be shy. You are getting to be a big girl; I bet you could be a glamour model.”

That was certainly not true, models were tall, thin and practically flat chested, but his comment made me curious as to how I would look in the suits and it would give us both an excuse to continue playing our game.


“Go on — try them. I’ll give my honest opinion when you model them for me.”

I hadn’t even considered modeling the suits outside the booth. One minute I was hell bent on being a seductive woman and the next retreating to being an apprehensive little girl. What the hell was wrong with me?

I took the suits from him and barely closed the curtain on purpose.

Each suit was designed differently from the other; one suit was red, the other was white. I decided to try on the red one first as it appeared to be able to be worn both modestly and more brazenly. I wondered if I could get this one past my parents or if I should hide it until I left for college.

I tied the top strings around my neck and the side strings around my torso. I centered the two triangles over my breasts. The strings on the bottoms weren’t easy to get tied; I had to squeeze the tiny triangle of material between my thighs while tying the first side. Looking in the mirror I thought I really looked amazing yet felt insecure and awkward because I was witnessing a tramp advertising her wares.

When I timidly looked out the side of the curtain Mr. Cooper almanbahis was standing right in front of the booth a few feet away. Being taller than me he reminded me of Kilroy with his eyes and nose right above the curtain rod. His hands were extremely active in his pockets.

He was standing there with a big grin on his face and both of his hands in his front pockets. It looked like he was digging around for something, but I knew what he was doing. I wanted to do that for him. Should I be bold and just grab his manhood? He had made me feel it at church; why wasn’t he making the same demand now?

I wanted to let him see me, but there was an awfully lot to see. I started to step out but scooted back in the booth.

“Uh, I don’t know Mr. Cooper.” I suspected my modesty could have been interpreted as being coy.

“Come on out, Andi; let me be the judge.”

“Oh… I don’t know.” I wasn’t sure if I should continue. This bikini was very, very small and didn’t cover much, but it had more material than the white one. After several moments as I stood still Mr. Cooper assured me that I looked beautiful. I was less gracious with my self-appraisal; I looked like a pale and pasty imitator, not the mysterious and seductive woman I wanted to be.

The sides of my titties were bulging out the sides. Thinking I had tied it too tight, I loosed the strings as Mr. Cooper moved closer as he watched my fumbling embarrassed effort. That adjustment helped but it let my titties roll around when I moved. My pubic hair was showing above and on each side the lower triangle; I couldn’t hide it.

I knew I was being ridiculous. I had paraded around nude for Mr. Jacoby yet in this bathing suit I felt more naked than nude. That didn’t make sense. Was it because I didn’t think Mr. Cooper was as perverted as Mr. Jacoby? That was even more ludicrous because they had both had their fingers inside me. FUCK, what was my problem?

“Come out, Andi; you promised to let me see how the suit fits.”

I had made no such promise but felt obligated to let Mr. Cooper see the top at least.

I held my hands in front of my unruly thatch and stepped to the front of the booth. He was beaming.

“I was right you do look like a model! Put your hands on your hips.” I struck the pose to please him not thinking doing so would expose my muff. Damn! He hoodwinked me with that simple subtle ruse.

Following the line of his intensive stare I looked down and realized that there was no doubt that he could see my dark patch. Were my lips as open as I sensed they were? When he asked to see the suit properly so he could give an honest opinion I stepped forward thinking the closer I stood to him the less he could see.

“Just as I thought; the fit is perfect in the front. Turn around let’s see the back.”

I had already checked that view in the mirrors and knew that my cheeks were all but entirely exposed since the string was hidden in my crease but I turned around for him grateful to hide my public hair from his view. I couldn’t determine if I was relieved or frustrated that he hadn’t taken the obvious opportunity to touch me.

“Nice, very nice Andi.” I felt two of his fingers, one on each side slide under the sides of the brief teardrop gusset, stretch out the material and snap it in place. “Perfect!”

Warm hands casually glided over each of my cheeks and his thumbs spread them to view the hidden string stretching up and joined to my waist ties. I suspected that my starburst was at least partially viewable under the string.

He stepped forward which nudged me back into the booth. As if it was entirely normal he stepped in behind me.

“Did you notice that the bra cups on this suit can be widened or narrowed to your liking so you can adjust them any way you want?”

Now we were getting somewhere; he had finally made his move.

Before I could answer, he reached over my shoulders and demonstrated by gathering and shrinking first one triangle and then the other. That was so unnecessary because I had already discovered that and had stretched both of the triangles out as far as they would go which still gave him a lot to look at.

I smiled at his stealth. Now the fun would begin. I also felt a pressure right between my big butt cheeks. Mr. Cooper was rubbing his penis up against me. I reached behind me and palmed his projectile that was appropriately standing straight up. Was the tip up above his belt?

To encourage him and calm my own unwarranted heebee jeebees I forced myself to make a commitment. I clasped his manhood and squeezed, then as if confirming its rigid length I rubbed my palm up and down the surface of his baggy trousers before clutching it again. Wow! I was amazed that a man of his age had such a hard erection.

Why hadn’t I considered that in the basement at church? He had been just as hard then, although I hadn’t been aware that at least half of his penis was hidden behind his zipper. I looked in the mirror in front of me and saw he had a big delighted smile on his face and a devilish gleam in his eyes.

He had me where he wanted me. I was doing what he wanted me to do. I was where I wanted to be; preparing to do what I wanted to do. Returning his smile, I wet my lips, winked and pushed my hips back against him and my hand.

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