An Awakening Ch. 02

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After arriving at the office early the next morning, I started my workday the way I normally do, with a cup of coffee in the employees’ break room. Michelle was already in there, sipping her coffee from a styrofoam cup and talking with two of the other interns.

When she saw me, she grinned sheepishly and walked over to where I was standing, adding creamer to my coffee.

“How are you feeling?” I asked, smiling and stirring my coffee with a thin plastic straw.

“Never better! I feel great!” she said. “And how are you?”

“Well, I had an interesting night,” I hinted suggestively.

She asked in a whisper, “Can I see you again tonight? Maybe I can make it just as interesting.”

“Of course,” I replied. “Same time, at my place?”

“Yes, but be ready early, and don’t prepare anything. I have a surprise for you!” she said slyly.

The day crept by slowly, and I found myself distracted with the thoughts of the pleasures of the previous evening and with wondering what that nineteen year-old might be planning for my “surprise.” I had difficulty in concentrating on my work, because in my mind’s eye, I kept thinking back to the night before, seeing her slipping off her tiny panties in my bedroom, and exposing that lithe young body.

I left the office promptly at five PM to make sure I was at home well before she arrived.

Michelle rolled into my driveway again, early this time, and she hopped out of her car. She was wearing denim “Daisy Duke” short-shorts and a white tank top. The summer sun was still shining and warm, and she was wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses to cut the glare. She had left the car running.

“Let’s go, I want to show you the surprise that I have planned!” she called, and I stepped out the door of the house and began walking to her car. I got in the passenger seat, and she took her place on the driver’s side.

While Michelle drove, we made small talk, and didn’t say anything about the previous evening. She had the radio turned up loud anyway, so serious conversation was impossible. She drove fast, well over the speed limit, and a few minutes later we were at the entrance to a large municipal water reservoir, which was surrounded by a park that was open to the public.

The park was heavily forested, with several small clearings and paths that crisscrossed its many acres. There were numerous streams, small lakes, and ponds. During this time of year, there would normally be a handful of picnickers or hikers, but at nearly seven in the evening there were few visitors. We drove into the nearly deserted park and pulled the car into a small vacant lot.

“Let’s go, I want to get there while there is still some daylight,” Michelle said. She opened the car trunk, took out a blanket and a large basket, and began walking at a brisk pace toward the woods.

“Where are we going?” I asked. Although I knew most of the park well, we were heading to a part that was unfamiliar to me.

“You’ll see. Come on!”

I quickly followed, and I saw Michelle enter the heavily wooded forest by a small, nearly invisible footpath. It was too narrow for us to walk side-by-side, so I followed a few paces behind her. She moved quickly and effortlessly – she obviously knew where she was going. I hurried a bit to keep up.

After walking for about ten minutes, the path opened up into a small clearing, and the clearing was on the edge of a remote part of the reservoir. The sun, starting to set and reflecting in the water, created what professional photographers like to call the “golden hours” – the time at dusk or dawn when the sun is low in the sky and the light is best for capturing photographic images.

Michelle carefully placed the basket down akbatı escort and spread the blanket in the grass about twenty feet from the edge of the water, and she walked down to the small strip of sand. She slipped out of her sandals and touched her toes in the cool, clear reservoir.

I trailed her down to the edge of the water, where Michelle was idly trailing her toes and creating small ripples in the otherwise placid calm. Both of us were silent until she spoke.

“You know, last night was an incredible experience for me. I have been thinking about it all day,” she stated matter-of-factly.

“That was the first time I ever gave someone a hand job, and it was the first time I ever gave someone a blowjob, and it was the first time anyone ever performed oral sex on me.”

She paused for a moment, and turned to look at me. “I really appreciated the way you were gentle with me, the way you took your time. It made me feel desirable. You have awakened my sexual urges, you made me want you.”

“Now, I have thought about this a lot, and I am curious to try some other things with you tonight. First, though, I want to go for a swim – I have been wanting about a nice cool dip all day.”

“Well, I didn’t bring a swimsuit,” I said.

“Neither did I,” she replied slyly.

With that, she tossed the baseball cap to the sand, and placed her sunglasses on top of it. Without hesitating, she grasped her tank top at the waist and pulled it over her head.

She was braless, and her nipples were rapidly becoming prominent in the cool early evening air. She unsnapped her shorts, and slid them to the ground. She was now wearing only a light blue thong.

“Well?” she looked at me, eyebrows raised expectantly.

I quickly undressed while she slipped out of her thong. We both stood there nude, and I was already semi-erect. Michelle tried to appear casual and uninterested, but her eyes lingered on my hardening cock.

We waded into the cool water until we were waist-deep, about 20 feet or so from the shore. Michelle dove forward, and she begin to swim with effortless strokes. I quickly followed, working to keep up, as she sliced through the water.

We kept the pace up for about ten minutes, and Michelle turned around to go back to the shore. Once we got back to the spot where she had placed our blanket, she produced two towels from inside the basket and handed one to me.

“How did you find this place?” I asked, toweling my arms and chest. The cool water had had no effect on my stiffening cock.

“Oh, I have been coming here since senior year in high school. My girlfriends and I used to come here in the summer, and we would go skinny-dipping and drink beer.” She added, “This is the first time I have ever been here with a guy, though.”

She dried herself off, then stepped behind me, and used her towel to finish drying my back. She gave my ass a playful squeeze after she dried me off.

I turned to face her, and she dropped her towel. We pulled each other close, our naked bodies touching, and kissed each other deeply for several moments. My rising cock was brushing against her waist.

We stopped only briefly, caught a breath, and kissed again, our tongues probing and darting in each other’s mouths.

Michelle moved slightly away from me, brought her right hand to my chest, and let her fingertips lightly trace a path down to my waist, and then lower. She moved her hand to my cock, stroking me slowly and making me harder and harder.

I began kissing and licking the base of her neck, while my right hand reached over and cradled her perfect little breasts, first one and then the other. I let my fingers aksaray escort brush gently over the hard buds of her nipples.

With her eyes still closed, she turned her head toward me and her mouth sought mine again. We kissed deeply, our mouths opening and tongues exploring each other hungrily. We sank to the blanket, our mouths locked together the entire time. We were half-sitting and half-reclining on the blanket, holding each other, kissing and fondling, and saying nothing.

I reached between her legs. She parted them slightly for me, allowing my fingers access to her moist slit. I found the prominent nub of her clitoris and began gently teasing it with my forefinger, touching it lightly, rubbing around it, and stroking the side of it.

A groan escaped from Michelle as she lay down completely on her back, and she rotated her hips a bit to allow me to have better access. I could feel that she was already slick with moisture, and I continued to play with and tease her clit with my fingers. Our mouths remained locked together, and I could feel her urgency growing as I continued to caress and stroke her in between her legs.

After several minutes of this foreplay, Michelle’s body tensed and she brought her legs tightly together, nearly locking my hand in place on her clit. I increased the pressure of my stroking, and she began to moan and whimper. This went on for several more moments, quickly reaching a peak.

Her entire body froze for an instant, and she arched her back as she cried out. Her spasms continued for several seconds, and her body trembled and shook uncontrollably. She pressed her pussy hard against the flat of my hand, grinding vigorously as she brought herself satisfyingly over the edge. My hand was damp with her wetness.

There is nothing that turns me on more than a woman having an orgasm. I love to see and feel a woman lose control like that, focusing on nothing but reaching her climax, uninhibitedly moaning, groaning, crying out. I was so excited that my cock stood nearly straight up, and I was urgently in need of my own release.

“Oh, that felt good!” she said, turning on her side to look at me. “When you make me come like that, it feels so much more intense than when I masturbate alone at home!”

I chuckled a little, and said, “Yeah, that is how I feel, too. It’s very different when you are lucky enough to share that with someone else.”

Michelle lay on her side, propping her head up with one hand. “I want to do everything with you tonight. Being naked outside in a secluded setting like this, with the sun going down in this beautiful place, has me really turned on.”

“Really? And what exactly did you have in mind?” I asked playfully.

“Well,” she said, “first of all, I want you inside me. I have been thinking about you all day, and I want you to be the one.”

She paused and added, “I have had a lot of opportunities with guys my own age,” Michelle continued, “but I want you because you are older and gentler, more mature, and you showed me last night how much you really care for me.”

I didn’t know what to say, so I lay there silently, toying with her hair, and looking at her. We kissed again, and continued kissing and holding each other.

After a few minutes, I positioned myself in-between her legs, and began to tease her swollen clit and the slit of her pussy with the head of my rigid cock. The tip glistened with her wetness, and I stroked her clit with my cock in the same way as I had my fingers, tracing light circles around it, followed by teasingly inserting just the head of it inside her pussy.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t have a condom,” I said hoarsely.

Without atakent escort opening her eyes, Michelle reached down and took hold of my cock, positioning it at the entrance to her pussy, and she thrust her pelvis forward and upward in anticipation. My cock slid in easily about two or three inches.

“Don’t worry about it. I have been using the pill since high school to regulate my periods, and I want the real thing tonight!”

I began a slow shallow thrust, pulling almost completely out, and continuing to insert only the first two or three inches of my cock, and Michelle gasped with pleasure.

“Ohhhhh,” she said as she spread her legs a bit wider, and I repeated the shallow stroke inside her pussy over and over. She began to whimper, obviously wanting more. She opened her eyes, and looked down at our coupling.

“Oh, God, that is hot! I can’t believe how sexy that is!”

I started to push a little deeper inside her, varying my thrusting a little. About once every ten strokes or so, I inserted the full length of my cock. This unexpected pleasure took her by surprise, eliciting a gasp. I continued the exciting pattern, alternating several shallow thrusts with a deep, slow full insertion, each time getting a response, literally taking her breath away.

“Are you OK?” I asked.

“Oh, yeah,” she murmured appreciatively. “This is wonderful, please don’t stop. I want to feel all of you inside me!”

After several minutes of this teasing, both of us were beyond ready. I felt like I was going to explode, so I slowly inserted the full length of my cock deep inside her pussy, and I began to grind our pelvises together.

The pressure and the rocking motion quickly brought her to climax, and her eyes were closed tightly as she began to come in waves, over and over.

“Ohhhh, ohhhh,” she gasped, as her spasms became more intense, and her body rocked involuntarily against mine. She wrapped her legs tightly around my waist, and I could feel her pussy tighten around the base of my cock.

She moaned with the pleasure, and I could feel my own orgasm beginning to form, deep in my groin. My balls started to tighten, and I began to thrust more in earnest.

“Oh, oh, oh,” I cried out. There was no turning back now, I couldn’t stop if I tried. My body tensed from head to toe, and my orgasm was incredibly powerful. The muscle contractions sent warm pleasurable waves from my cock through my entire body, and wave after wave kept me moving inside Michelle. The intense sensations continued for a few minutes as I continued pushing my cock deep inside Michelle’s pussy, only stopping when I was drained and could no longer move.

I collapsed on top of Michelle, and I felt her arms encircle me. I waited a moment, and then gently uncoupled my cock from inside her pussy. My heart was pounding in my chest.

Still positioned between her legs, I sat back and watched, fascinated, as my come oozed from inside her. A large milky glob seeped from her opening.

Michelle reached down with her finger, touching the large drop of white liquid, and then rubbing it over her labia and her small neat patch of pubic hair. She smiled the enigmatic smile of someone who has been fucked thoroughly and enjoyably.

“Oh, was THAT good!” she said. “I could actually feel you coming inside me – I didn’t know that was possible! I could feel your cock twitching inside me, and then I could feel the warmth and the wetness when you came!”

We both collapsed on the blanket, and gave ourselves a chance to recover from our exertions.

After a short time, Michelle put my shirt on and I slipped on my boxer shorts. Although the sun had completely set we were still comfortably warm. Michelle opened the basket and brought out two sandwiches and two beers, and we talked and ate.

When we finished our picnic supper, Michelle and I got dressed, packed up our blankets and towels, and we began to walk back to her car.

“Let’s go back to your house. I want to be in your bed again,” Michelle said, “and I have a lot of catching up to do.”

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