All Mine

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Pulling aside her knickers I caught site of her perfect pink pussy. I had seen Kate so many times, had imagined what she looked like underneath her clothes, and now I found a thin delicate line reaching up towards a small patch of dark curly hair. I looked up at her, her small pert breasts gently rising and falling with sleeping breath, eyes closed, dreaming in twisted drunk images and visuals. Her mouth hang open slightly, caught how she had collapsed with arms flailing and legs giving way beneath her. It had not taken much for her to get drunk. Vodka and beer quite a combination of intoxicants.

At nineteen, Kate was in full womanhood. Skinny with long slender legs and small ample breasts, she had an ass you could lose yourself in for days. I had watched her saying goodbye to her parents as they filled the car with suitcases. Another holiday in the sun. I had watched her like I had always watched her; with fascination and lust, mentally undressing her and teasing her skin with my hands. Bending her over and squeezing her cheeks. Licking her body all over.

She had flirted with me on many occasions. Taking out the dustbins we had convened together at the end of our drives. A thin-lipped smile winking at me and the over-use of make-up were signs of a young girl trying to impress. I was in my late twenties, and she had a thing for me. An older guy, more experienced, good looking and relatively sophisticated, charmed with easy communication and eyes that said ‘yes’, caught a lot of girls off-guard. Kate liked to flirt. A childish giggle and a ‘whoops, look at me’ attitude allowed me to tease her with gentle jibes and the occasional flirtatious touch.

I let a day disappear after watching her parents drive away to the airport. I didn’t want to be too eager, and then knocked on her door.

‘Hi,’ she said, eyes a little surprised, unsure but welcoming.

‘Hi,’ I smiled back.

From behind my back I revealed a large bottle of vodka.

‘Wanna get drunk?’

It was that simple. It always was. We had listened to music and drank, even danced a little as the alcohol flowed. She loosened up completely and I was surprised to see a very young girl arise from behind the adult nature she always wore. She was still quite clueless about a lot of things. She wasn’t interested in politics, economics, religion or current affairs. She talked about her friends, her parents, her college course. balgat escort About her life in general. She was interested in material things, fiction not fact. Rumours fascinated her, truth bored her, and adventure excited her.

‘Does sex excite you?’ I asked as we sat together on the couch.

She blushed and looked away, smiling at my comment. Her body was swaying slightly. She brought her hand to her face and rubbed her fingers into her eyes.

‘Sometimes,’ she replied looking back.

I smiled.

I leant towards her, reaching out my hand and touching her leg, letting her know I was interested. She returned the gesture and our lips touched. We kissed gently, mouths parting, tongues exploring each other. She tasted great. Her warm wet tongue playing with mine. I stroked her face, fingers tracing lines over her cheek, then combing her hair back, massaging her head. My other hand continued touching her leg, groping at it with excitement and moving inward.

She pulled away, uncertain.

‘Sorry,’ I said. ‘I just had to kiss you.’

‘No don’t be. I — I wanted to… to kiss you… as well.’ She smiled, realising she was drunk. She stood, unsteady and dizzy. ‘I think I’m a bit drunk,’ she laughed.

‘I think you are too.’

‘Do want to have sex with me?’ she asked.

‘Yes,’ I told her.

I followed her up the stairs to her bedroom. Inside the colour pink tied together mahogany wood, pillows and cushions. A mountain of bears and cuddly toys sat on pillows. The duvet looked pumped with air, soft linen lined with gold etching. She stumbled slightly as her knees knocked into the side, and then she fell, half turning and landing with a puff of air onto the soft covers. She giggled and smiled and placed her arm across her face, head rocking from side to side. And then was still.

I gazed at her for a moment. So helpless and innocent. So ready for me to fuck. She moaned slightly.

‘Are you going to fuck me?’ she managed to say.

‘Do you want me to?’ I asked.

‘Yes,’ she said under ragged breath.

I undressed her slowly. Undoing the zip on her blue jeans it cracked with every groove. Taking off her socks I found pedicured feet, soft and small. I looked at her knickers, light blue and plain. Her t-shirt was up a little, a soft smooth belly just showing it self beneath. I climbed onto the batıkent escort bed next to her and pulled off her t-shirt, moving her dead arms about. She was fast asleep now. Out like a light. I lifted her into a sitting position, letting her rest against me as I unhooked the catch of her bra. I threw it to the corner of the room and lay her back down. Small tits. Nice nipples. Darker than the smooth white skin of her torso.

After gazing at her beautiful little pussy I pulled her knickers down completely, the material sliding along her soft slender legs. I opened them, looking at her pussy in full view now. She was mine now. To do with as I please. I could bend her, shape her, move her into any position I wanted.

I undressed quickly, my clothes piling on the floor at the bottom of her bed. My dick was hard, anticipation exciting my blood. I grabbed her ankles and pulled her towards me, wrapping her legs around my waist, the end of my dick touching her soft shaved pussy, pushing slightly against her lips.

My hands stoked her legs, reaching forward and up to cop hold of her breasts, squeezing them and pinching. Thumbs circling her hard little nipples. She was fucking beautiful. So fucking sexy. Her eyes were shut tight, and she didn’t flinch at my touch.

I took hold of my cock, and guided it towards her pussy. Pushing gently at first, opening her up. She was moist there, but I spat onto her, and used my cock to smooth it around. Then I pushed harder until the end of my cock penetrated her. She was tight, but no virgin. I pushed harder until I was fully in and started to fuck her, slowly at first, holding her legs up as I gyrated my hips. She moaned in her sleep.

‘Oh God,’ I said under my breath.

I fucked her for several moments, my hard cock in and out of her wet tight cunt, her little titties bouncing up and down. I played with them, squeezing hard as my speed increased. Pinching her nipples hard and twisting them. I fucked her faster, harder. My hands exploring her body, groping and squeezing. Reaching down to her ass and feeling her cheeks. Nails scrapping them. I moved my fingers to her ass crack as my cock mechanically thrust into her. I reached her tiny little asshole, touching the puckered skin. My finger explored and probed, finding her opening and pressing a little deeper, easing it inward until it was in beşevler escort by a fingernail. I moved my finger with the same rhythm as my cock in her cunt. Pushing a little deeper every time, until her asshole had swallowed my finger to the knuckle. She moaned a few times, her eyebrows frowning as though something in a dream was disturbing her. But then she relaxed again and let out a moan and slight cry of pleasure.

I kept screwing her hot little pussy, feeling how wet she was becoming. It slid in and out of her slimy hole with ease now, hot, wrapping my hard cock, welcoming it naturally.

I slowly slid my finger from her ass and moved it to her mouth. Touching her lips with it, before pushing it into her.

‘Taste your shitty asshole, darling, yea,’ I gasped as I fucked her.

I moved my finger about inside her mouth, running it over her tongue, under it, the inside of cheeks.

‘You’re a dirty little slut aren’t you?’ I said, excitement rising in me.

My rhythm increased as I pumped her with hard and aggressive strokes. She moaned more and more with each movement. I could feel myself reaching a climax, my dick tingling with the need to cum. I pulled out of her and moved myself up over her, straddling her tits, my hard cock hanging above her face.

I pushed it into her mouth and forced it hard into her, fucking her hot wet lips, guiding it in and out. My hands at the back of her head, pushing her onto me with each stroke. Eyes still closed. Oh God, I was going to cum. My breathing was like a drum, beating faster and faster. My dick fucking her mouth.

‘Oh yea. You like me fucking your mouth, bitch?’ I said. ‘You like me fucking your nineteen year old face, huh?’

My dick pumped in and out of her mouth, harder and faster, her cheeks bulging from each action. The end of my cock reaching down her throat, causing her to gag in her sleep. Her desperate breathing and open mouth was releasing saliva, dribbling down her cheeks. The drum increased.

‘Oh God yea. Oh yes you little slut.’

My dick exploded, hot semen pumping hard into her mouth and down her throat. I pulled out and it shot over her face, over her eyes and nose, dripping onto her lips. I kept cumming, until it was finally all out. I wiped the end of my dick all over her face and sat back, squashing her tits. I looked at her covered in my cum, my breathing returning to normal.

What a great little fuck, I thought. I’ll have to do this again. Maybe with her mother next time? She was lovely too. Maybe with both of them at the same time? God that would be hot.

I got off of her and began to dress.

‘See you tomorrow Kate’, I said as I left.

She moaned and smiled slightly, as if she had understood my words.

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