Afternoon Rendevous

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The text you received earlier in the day was very specific, but you would expect nothing less from me. Especially after having read it.

“I’m in a mood and want you now. This can’t wait until later. Put on your skirt. You know the exact one I want, and if you whine about it you will be punished. I expect your hair and makeup all done in my favorite looks. Thigh high stockings and your fuck me boots. Go to the address I send you by 3pm. You will get there before me. Go in sit down and wait for me. Do not touch anything but the drink I have made for you, it will calm the nerves. “

“PS Just so there is no confusion, the absence of panties or bras in my attire layout was not a miss. Nor was the allowing you to choose the top”

As the time quickly approaches you begin to get ready. You do your makeup and your hair, hoping you have remembered correctly from all my comments which way I like it the most. You pull on your thigh stockings then just stare at the skirt. You know this is the skirt I want you to wear but you have only worn it once before when you first got it and it was to show it off when I was already there. Now you had to wear it out to meet me somewhere.

“Fuck I don’t know if I can do this.” You type quickly and text to me. “Please can there be another option.”

You wait for me to respond. After fifteen minutes of no response you realize you are out of luck. You have already whined about it, so you know something will be waiting for you when you finally see me. The question is whether you fully go against my wishes and take the punishment or just wear it.

After pondering the many possible outcomes, you take a deep breath and slide the spanking skirt on. You grab a shirt to complete the outfit and your longest coat and head out the door.

You walk up the path way not sure where you are headed. Each step you take though you realize how wet the anticipation of this meeting has made you. Even the thought of the spanking skirt has you dripping. As you reach the end you come to a small cabin.

The door is unlocked. Inside you find a very simple setup. There is a chair in the corner and next to it a small table with a pint glass filled with your drink. In the middle of the room is a bed and next to it a table. On the table there are is a wooden box that is closed, what appears to be a paddle, a riding crop and some restraints.

You walk over to the chair, take your coat off and sit down. Thinking about all the things you see and not knowing what is in the box, you mind begins to wander and your nervousness to see me kicks up. What kind of mood was I going to be in. We had played rough before but never was everything so meticulously laid out. You grab the glass and take a drink. A Long Island Ice Tea, that will calm the nerves for sure.

As you reach the end of your drink you hear the door open and jump almost spilling what little was left on yourself. You look over to see me walking in. You look me up and down taking me in and trying to determine how much of a mood I am in. I am wearing blue jeans and a black t shirt but there is an intensity in my face you have ulus escort not seen.

“Stand up and turn around.” Are the first words uttered out of my mouth. “I want to see if you were just being whiny or totally went against my wishes.”

You stand up and turn around. “I’m sorry for being whiny, but I never thought you would make me wear this skirt out.”

“Well I am glad it was just whining.”

You feel my hand rub over each of your bare ass cheeks. Expecting a hard spanking for your whining earlier you brace yourself.

“Hmmm. We need to get your punishment out of the way before we play, and spanking is definitely not a punishment for you.”

My hands leave you ass and make there way up your back and entwined in your hair. Pulling firmly, I turn you around, place my other hand firmly on your neck and kiss you. Our lips locked as our tongues dance around each other.

Pulling your head back I bite your lower lip. Holding onto it for just a few seconds before letting it go.

I lead you to the edge of the bed. “Unbutton your blouse.”

You start to slowly unbutton you blouse, but before you even make to the third button my hands grab your shirt and rip it open the remaining part of the way. Pushing it open I expose your breasts.

Each one is so succulent. Your nipples are hard and want my mouth wrapped around them, but you have a feeling that is not the first thing that will happen.

I walk over to the table and come back with the riding crop in my hand. You quickly cover your breast with your hands.

“Move them! Put them at your side.” I say. “This will be quick and then we can get about to playing with you.”

You lower your arms to your side and almost immediately after they left you feel the first smack of the crop on one of your nipples. Biting your lip, you let out just the littlest yelp. And then another smack to the other nipple.

“Good girl. You took your punishment well.”

I put the crop back on the table and walk back over to you. Grabbing your hair I pull your head back and begin kissing your neck. Starting at your ear and working my way down your chest. Then I take each of your punished nipples sucking them into my mouth, rolling my tongue around them, caressing them, easing the pain and causing your pussy to ache to be touched. Kissing my way back up the other side of your neck, I bite your ear.

“I want you. I want to fuck you. I want to fill each of your holes and leave you used.”

You slowly nod your head. Speechless.

I walk over to the table and grab the paddle.

“Bend over. Let’s make good use of this skirt before we take it off.”

The paddle looks intimidating. Just slightly bigger than your phone and black with a long handle. You feel it rubbed on you ass. The idea of a good spanking really turns you on. But based on my mood you’re not sure what to expect.

Smack! Your ass stings as the paddle makes contact. Smack! The paddle hits the other cheek. The sensation echoes through your body. Any chance of maintain control just went out the window. Your pussy is now yenimahalle escort drenched, and you want more.

Smack! However, this time there is not the same sting even with the same power behind it. Smack! The sting returns. You quickly realize there are two sides and get to feel the softer side occasionally has I continue to spank you. Turning your ass from a pale white to a rosy pink.

I stand you back up, you can feel yourself dripping down your thighs. Your so wet and want to be fucked so bad.

I slide the blouse off your arms and let it drop to the floor. Then slide you skirt off over your hips. It falls to the feet of your boots. Standing there feeling exposed but wanting me more than you would have thought.

“Laydown on the bed.” I command

You lay back on the bed.

“Give me your hands.”

As you give up each hand to me I strap it into a leather cuff and then connect the two cuffs to the headboard above your head.

I sit next to you kissing random spots on your body. Your neck, your nipple your lips, and stomach.

“Are you comfortable?”

You nod your head yes.

“Do you remember your safe word?”

“Yes.” You whisper.

“Good. Let’s begin.”

Laying on the bed your skin tingles, the anticipation and excitement grows with each second.

I move down the bed and spread your legs open.

“If you cooperate, I won’t restrain your legs, if you don’t, I will lock them in place.”

I run my fingers down your stomach and over your mound. You are drenched. Pressing just slightly on your lips my fingers slides right between them with out an issue. I continue sliding them down through your wetness before pulling them out and sucking them clean.

“You taste so good.”

I lean down running my tongue through them just deep enough to graze your clit. A shiver runs through your body. I lick you again, this time pressing my tongue in deeper than the previous go around, pressing against your clit. I then press one finger deep inside you.

“You are so fucking wet.” I say as a second finger finds its way inside and pressed up against the spot. The spot you love to hate. Your body shifts as you are suddenly put on the edge with no release possible.

A third finger quickly joins, and they start to rub against your g spot. You know from the moment I start what is coming. I rub faster pressing into the rights spots over and over until your body gushes.

As I stop momentarily, I hear you whisper. “Again.”

Immediately my fingers go to work, looking for a bigger gush. Rubbing you inside, feeling your body as it gets ready to explode.

“Fuuuuck!” You let out as again you squirt all over. So much more than the previous one.

But before the words can even escape your lips, I have slid a fourth finger in and I am at it again looking for a third and fourth one. By the time I have finished with you the bed beneath you is drenched.

I spread your lips open and begin sucking on your clit. Drawing out the letters of the alphabet with my tongue across it. Licking and tongue fucking your pussy until you are on the edge of cumming.

Once you have that look of desperation in your face, the one that says please fuck me hard and deep. I roll you over and help you up on your knees. Your pussy swollen, sore, dripping but aching for my hard cock.

You hear me step away, looking for me you see me opening and closing the box on the table, but can’t tell what I have removed.

After a few minutes you feel my hands back on your ass. Stretching it open and then my lips kissing each cheek and then my tongue runs up the crack. The feeling causing your pussy to tingle. Then my tongue circles your asshole, causing you to tighten it up. But as it lingers there you push back, wanting to feel what it would be like to have my tongue fucking your ass.

“I have just the thing for your tight little hole.” I say as something cool to the touch makes its way from your clit to your ass collecting your juices along the way.

You feel the cool tip pressed into your asshole. This is different than my fingers and the more I push the more you feel yourself expanding to take it in, until suddenly your ass closes around it and you feel so full. A new sensation that makes you crave being fucked even more. I slide it out and push it in again. First slowly, then quicker. Fucking your ass as you moan for more.

After pressing the plug deep into your ass once more I slide my fingers through your dripping pussy then press them inside. My fingers along with the plug bring a whole new sensation of fullness.

“Oh fuck!” you moan loudly

Rubbing my fingers inside I bring you to the edge of squirting and stop. You press back into me.

“Please let me?” You beg.

With three fingers filling you up I start fucking you again. Just as you are about to squirt, I stop once more.

Moaning loudly, you exclaim. “Fuck! Please let me.”

“No. Not until I am fucking you.” I say calmly pulling my fingers out of your dripping wet pussy.

After a few seconds you feel the head of my cock sliding up and down your lips. Hitting your clit and just barely pressing into you.

Then you feel it slowly sliding in and out. But not all the way, just at the opening.

“Mmmm. You feel so good.” You moan. “Please fuck me.”

I press it further in, all the way until you can’t take anymore. So deep inside you. In and out and in and out. All the way in and all the way out. Each stroke feels better than the previous. Grabbing your hips, I pull you back as I slam into you. First slow and rhythmic. Then the speed picks up and it just relentless pounding of your already tender pussy. You place your hands up on the headboard to keep your head from slamming into the headboard. As I continue pounding you, I grab the plug in your ass and start thrusting it in and out at the same time.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” are the only words escaping your lips as the sensations wash over your body.

As you starting gushing all over my hard cock, I shove it into you harder and harder. Each thrust leaving you begging for the next. You can feel the throbbing sensation, the throbbing that only brings one thing, a rush of cum that will fill you to the point of overflowing.

Cum filled, you rollover as I untie your hands, the euphoria rushing over you. Fucked, filled and used you couldn’t imagine a better end.

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