Ali’s Deflowerment

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Hard Cock

Ali was a 19-year-old who had gotten to her time in life with her virginity intact. Now though she had met the man of her dreams. As she stood in front of the mirror in her room, completely naked, she questioned how she could have overlooked what to wear. Slowly, it dawned on her that being naked was perfect for this situation. It would help them both relax and remove any inhibitions. ‘I’ll lay the food out on the floor on a tablecloth in front of the fire,’ she thought.

Once everything was in place, she made her way up to wake Ted. Entering the bedroom coquettishly, she walked over to the bed and kissed him gently on the forehead. “Ted, it’s time to wake up. Go and get a shower before you come down,” she whispered.

“I’ve had a bath already. Anyway, what time is it?” he asked.

“8:00 p.m. Come on; just do this for me please! Anyway, a shower will freshen you up after your sleep,” she ushered, as she gently pulled him up by the hand.

Ted was reluctant at first, but the sight and smell of Ali seemed to waken his senses. He could feel her soft, gentle hand in his, and the thought of what might lie ahead was starting to spur him on. The temptation to grab her and pull her down onto the bed was strong, but he knew that everything must follow a slow and gentle sequence of events tonight.

Ted showered thoroughly, leaving no part of his body unwashed. He used a subtle amount of deodorant and aftershave before reaching for his dressing gown. “No,” he said aloud, while stopping himself. “Ali’s naked, and I’m comfortable being naked in her company.” It suddenly became apparent to Ted that he didn’t need to have this conversation with himself out loud! ‘Anyway it will set the mood,’ he thought, before leaving the bathroom and heading downstairs.

Ted inhaled deeply as he entered the lounge, soaking up the aroma and atmosphere of the room. It was intoxicating and slightly mystic, like entering a fantasy world. Ali had created an extremely romantic aura in the room. Ted felt that he wanted, and needed, to explore this part of her personality in depth. She definitely had an artistic side to her. Ali wasn’t in the lounge at the moment, but he could certainly feel her presence. He started to imagine sharing his life with such a mysterious, sensual, livewire of a partner, and he felt a buzz of excitement.

The separation and divorce needed to be hurried along, so that he and Ali could be more open about their relationship. This would also allow them to make some solid plans for the future. ‘Enough of that for tonight,’ he thought. ‘I must concentrate on making this the most memorable night of Ali’s life, and probably mine too.’

Ted started to take in the details of the room more carefully. Gentle flickering light caressed his eyes. It was being emitted by at least thirty candles. There was a scent of something mysterious and exotic present in the air. Peer Gynt Suite No. 2 was quietly playing in the background. An awesome spread of food was laid beautifully out on the floor. The room was encompassed in gentle warmth. Everything had an extremely relaxed and comfortable feel to it. ‘Surely she must have had outside help? If so, the caterers must have cost a fortune!’ he thought.

Ali walked in through the door holding an ice bucket. It contained a bottle of Champagne. She set it down to one side. “What do you think?” she asked.

“I think that you’re beautiful, and I’m a very lucky man,” he said.

“No, silly, what about our love nest?” she enquired.

“I’m amazed; this lot must have cost a fortune.”

“No, it was very reasonable actually.”

“I’ve never heard of reasonable caterers,” he said. “Anyway it doesn’t matter, let’s enjoy ourselves.”

“Caterers! You cheeky pig, I prepared all this,” she protested, as Ted grinned. “If you don’t believe me, check the bin in the kitchen, you’ll find all the shopping receipts in there!”

“Oysters, lobster, what appear to be black garlic mushrooms, baked Alaska, and this fine looking pate?” he enquired.


“What is it?”

“It’s made from the lobster tail that was left over,” she snapped back.

Ted saw that she was hurt. “I’m sorry. My goodness, you must be some cook,” he said, looking at her in surprise.

“Not as good as I am a painter.”

Eventually Ted managed to close his mouth. “There really is a lot more to you than I dared to imagine,” he said.

“You mean I’m not an American slip of a girl that can’t cook?” she retorted. “Anyway if things turn out as I intend them to, you’ll have all the time in the world to learn everything about me.”

“Things will work out, I promise. I have the feeling that you’ll always be able to shock me.”

“Is that a good thing or a bad thing?” she asked, as she knelt down by his side.

“It’s fantastic. It means that I can never get bored with you, not that I would anyway,” he re-assured Ataşehir Escort her.

“Pour us both a wine,” she said.

“Kiss me first,” he replied.

Ali picked up an oyster and gently drew her finger across its flesh, before brushing it against Ted’s lips, sparsely coating them in oil. Next, she leaned across and slowly licked the oil from where she had deposited it. Ted attempted to respond and kiss her, but as he closed his eyes, he felt her prod his nose with her finger.

“No! All in good time,” she said.

Managing to contain himself, he poured two glasses of wine. As he handed one to Ali, she raised it. “To us,” she said, and Ted did the same. “I intend to die as your wife, eventually,” she told him.

“Me dying as your husband is much more likely to happen first.” Ted pointed out.

“Then whenever it happens, we’ll go together.”

“I’ll drink to that,” he said, intoxicated by her gorgeous dark eyes. Ali was smiling and feeling very much alive inside. The anxiety that she’d been feeling previously had completely melted away. She knew in herself that this was the right man and the right time.

Ali picked up an oyster and put the shell partially inside Ted’s mouth. He tipped his head back, and pulled at the oyster gently with his teeth. The juices from the shell ran down his chin and neck, as the main body of the oyster slid down his throat. Ali took the shell from him, then leaned forward and licked the spillage from his flesh.

When she’d finished, Ted decided to return the favour. He held an oyster inches in front of her mouth as if to tease her, but he was actually watching the drops of juice dripping onto her breasts. Eventually he squeezed the oyster against its shell in an attempt to drain all the remaining surplus oil. After handing the oyster to Ali, he bent forward slightly and took one of her breasts into his open mouth. Ted took the time to make sure that every last morsel of juice was licked clean with the utmost care, before moving on to the other breast. Ali sighed heavily, enjoying the feeling immensely.

She realised that the feelings she’d been experiencing during their previous encounters, although awesome, had partly been due to the novelty of having some mature male companionship. Perhaps, it had been the companionship of a man whom she’d fancied since the first day she’d met him, but something much deeper and more intimate was taking place now. All her previous experiences paled in comparison.

Ali found herself being gently guided into a horizontal position, with her stomach facing down towards the floor. Ted carefully straddled her thighs, resting himself gently on the back of them. Using the olive oil that had been laid out with the food, he lubricated his palms. His next move was to begin massaging her shoulders. Ali felt extremely relaxed, and rested her chin on her forearms.

Ted worked his way down her back, pausing occasionally to kiss along her spine. The texture of her skin, combined with the shape of her body, felt absolutely delightful against his palms. He drew his hands into the small of her back, down the outside of her hips, and then up over her buttocks, all of which caused him to draw his breath.

Edging himself backwards at regular intervals, Ted managed to allow his hands unbroken access to her body. He slowly massaged down her legs, before massaging each foot individually. Gently bending one of her legs, in order to lift her foot, he proceeded to suck each toe, and then licked between them. He repeated these actions with the other leg. Ali became so relaxed that she felt as if she was floating.

Ted beckoned her to turn over, which she did quite eagerly. As he massaged the front of her thighs, his eyes were drawn to her exquisitely formed crotch. He averted his gaze though, as he didn’t want to become too aroused—not too soon anyway!

Moving further upwards, his hand accidentally brushed Ali’s warm, fleshy womanhood, causing her to quiver slightly. In order to prevent any further premature excitement, he quickly moved on to her torso, moving his hips forward to cover her crotch and place it carefully out of his line of sight. After massaging her torso, he moved on to her breasts. They felt absolutely divine in his hands, but once again, he started to become excited and quickly moved on to her shoulders, arms, and hands. Ted leaned forward to kiss her when he’d finished.

Suddenly alarm bells stated to ring! Ted felt himself begin to throb. The sensitive end of his manhood was brushing against the soft flesh of Ali’s bulbous mound. He lifted his body quickly; concerned that he might ejaculate prematurely. Whilst totally in love with Ali, Ted was so turned on by her that he wasn’t sure whether he could last until penetration. She leaned up and began to manoeuvre him into a different position.

“What are you doing?” he enquired.

“Don’t Acıbadem Escort worry. I want you to last when we start,” she said, as if understanding the problem he was having. “Just come here and let me show you what I want,” she ordered, pulling him into the sixty-nine position, with him on top.

‘Of course, the obvious solution—why didn’t I think of that?’ Ted thought. He realised that by being satiated now, his subsequent performance would be much more relaxed and substantially elongated. This was only the starter and would be followed by a delicious main course, one that he had craved since first eyeing her exquisite femininity.

As Ali did her magic, Ted passionately kissed her lower abdomen, before moving down to her soft, naked, bulbous femininity. In less than a minute, she had Ted arching his back. He felt the back of her throat envelope his shaft, causing him to grunt as he exploded inside her mouth.

The intensity of his orgasm receded, and he looked down lovingly at the soft, pinkish, red flesh on which he was about to gorge. Ted kissed Ali’s vulva, causing her to sigh. He felt her head drop back onto the floor. After a slow and careful search, he located her clitoris, sucked it gently for a while, and then he chased it around with the tip of his tongue. Her hips started to writhe, and the movement became more and more vigorous as time passed.

Eventually he felt her body become rigid. Her mound started lifting towards him, as if it was demanding firmer contact with his mouth. Ali’s legs began to close, but before they were fully together, Ted managed to lock onto her inner labia with his mouth. He was sucking her bloodshot flesh, while taking care to keep his teeth well out of the way. Ali screamed as her hips started to tremble violently. The fire in her crotch was delicious and caused her to cup the back of Ted’s head in her hands, while pulling his mouth against her genitalia for all she was worth.

Finally, she relaxed, allowing Ted to move his head further down between her legs. He started darting his tongue in and out of her vagina, only surfacing for air occasionally. Before long, Ali began to stiffen again, while raising her hips at regular intervals. She tugged at Ted’s hair in sheer exasperation but ended up using it to pull his head away.

“STOP! STOP!” she shouted. “I can’t take anymore!”

Ted smiled, feeling rather pleased with himself. He leaned over and grabbed a black mushroom, before turning around and straddling Ali’s hips. Placing the mushroom between his teeth, he leaned down towards her. She reached up with her mouth, grabbed the piece that was protruding from between his teeth, and then pushed her lips up against his as she bit off a portion. They repeated the action with every mouthful. Ted remained astride Ali’s hips as they devoured the remaining oysters and drank chardonnay.

Next, they moved on to the lobster, eating the claw meat first. Occasionally the two of them giggled together, whilst making facial expressions at each other. Neither one of them averted their gaze from the others eyes the whole time. They could both feel their own hearts beating, and they were fully aware of the awesome chemistry they shared.

Ted lowered his body down onto Ali; their eyes remaining permanently locked the whole time. He clasped her hands in his and reached out to the sides. This also allowed him to support some of his weight on his elbows. As he manoeuvred the bottom half of his body into position, Ali splayed her legs to accommodate him. Ted’s aching stiffness seemed to locate her vaginal entrance automatically, as if guided by natural instinct. The tip of his manhood rested just inside her, and he could feel the presence of her unbroken hymen. They kissed gently, while maintaining visual contact.

‘If I’m too slow it will cause her unnecessary pain,’ he thought. Keeping this in mind, he thrust forward with just enough force to ensure that he gained entry. Once he’d broken through her hymen though, he couldn’t stop pushing until he was all the way inside her. The initial thrust caused Ali to close her eyes, while biting down hard on her bottom lip. Even though his entry had been more forceful than she’d expected, and slightly painful, it was not as bad as Ali had anticipated.

Once inside her, Ted remained motionless, while kissing her gently. He felt her start to relax, while also becoming aware of a warm moistness now enveloping his shaft. Her vaginal wall was still wrapped around him tightly though, even though he’d felt it relax a little. His buttocks started to tense and relax slowly, as he began to move cautiously in and out of her, while constantly examining her eyes for any sign of pain or discomfort.

Ted was aware that ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ had just started playing. It was a piece of music with a rhythm and accelerating tempo that suited the İstanbul Escort occasion perfectly. As he probed the inner depths of the woman he loved physically and spiritually, he experienced a sense of intimacy that he’d never felt before. The combination of atmosphere, music, physical sensation, and emotion had Ted experiencing pleasures to such intensity that he felt intoxicated.

Ali clasped Ted’s hands tighter, wanting more than ever to bond with him for life. She felt that she wanted to bind her soul to his and share every pleasurable experience possible with him. The motivation to participate fully in what was taking place engulfed her.

Ted felt Ali’s groin start to move in harmonious opposition to his. Her pain had gone now, and the pleasure she was experiencing became blatantly obvious. He found himself moving in time to the music, as was she. As the music gained momentum, so did their movement. Ted was being forced towards ejaculation by the increasing tempo. The situation was being exacerbated by Ali’s voluptuous pubic mound punching him in the groin, just above his genitals.

Ali started to speak softly, while continuing to look Ted straight in the eye. It was what she said that blew his fuses emotionally. “I want our bodies to fuse and create a new life!” she told him.

As his eyes began to widen, she started to speak again. “Ted, I want to feel your baby growing inside me.”

Ted’s head jerked back, his back arched, and he thrust into her for all he was worth, then he froze. Sperm and semen pulsated along his shaft, magnifying the contact between his flesh and hers as it went. Ali watched him as he groaned loudly, savouring every moment of his ecstasy.

Ted’s orgasm eventually started to recede, but he remained erect and buried deep within her, allowing Ali to continue making love to his shaft. The tip of his manhood became extremely sensitive as she built up speed, but Ted ignored it. He gazed lovingly into her eyes, eager to witness her experience a vaginal orgasm from mating with his erection.

Ali screamed and pushed her legs over the back of his, tucking her feet back under his shins from the inside, to create leverage. The force she was using to press herself against Ted’s groin caused him to experience an extremely pleasant and new sensation. Gradually the sensation intensified to become stronger than an orgasm. The only way to describe it was as an extremely pleasant burning sensation that you had to push hard against, in order to intensify it and hang onto it. Ali was sure that she could feel her cervix reaching down and taking great gulps of Ted’s sperm from the pool where it had gathered inside her.

He embraced her tightly in his arms, whilst being acutely aware that she hadn’t entirely finished her orgasm. She clung onto him desperately for a while, before relaxing enough to allow them both to continue their mutual eye contact. ‘Handel’s Messiah’ started to play. It was the Durham Choral Society singing ‘Hallelujah’. Ted and Ali both collapsed into fits of laughter.

“I love you,” she said, looking longingly into his eyes.

“I love you too,” he replied, as he noticed tears running down her cheeks. “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing. I’m just happy.”

Ted kissed her on the forehead, got up, switched on the light, put out the candles, and turned off the music. Ali grabbed the Champagne and glasses, asked Ted to fetch the baked Alaska to the bedroom, and then headed off upstairs. Ted followed her shortly afterwards.

“I’ve only brought one spoon,” he said. “We’ll have to share.”

“No problem. Lets party then, lover.”

“Ok,” said Ted, as he pulled back the covers on the bed. “You sit down and hold the glasses, I’ll open the bottle.”

The cork shot out of the bottle, bounced off the ceiling, and hit Ali on top of the head. She pulled a face that caused Roger to giggle and held out the glasses as he poured.

“To us,” she said, as Ted placed the bottle on the bedside cabinet and took his glass.

“To us,” he echoed her.

They chinked glasses, and Ted climbed onto the bed next to her. Before long, they were both tucking into the baked Alaska, occasionally dripping ice cream over each other in the process. Each drip created an excuse for the area it landed on to be licked clean. The night passed with them rotating between drinking Champagne, giggling, and making love. On the very last occasion before they went to sleep, the two of them ended up with their flesh soaked. Their bodies were literally sliding against each other, both of them dripping with perspiration as Ted ejaculated.

“Don’t get off,” Ali pleaded. “I want to sleep with you inside me.”

“Roll over with me then, you’ll need to sleep on top,” Ted suggested.

As she settled comfortably on top of him, he put his arms around her. They both slept an extremely contented sleep. Ted wasn’t even conscious of Ali’s weight on top of him.

It was 10:30 when Ted finally woke up. Ali was just walking in through the bedroom door, a tray in her hands. “I’ve brought you some breakfast,” she said smiling down at him. Both of them feeling very happy at the moment.

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