Alice , Joel: Back At The Hotel Ch. 02

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Please refer to “Alice & Joel: back at the hotel” for the first half of this story. I will do my best to make it a stand alone as well.


She was still on her hands and knees, her long dark hair cascading down her pretty tan back. She was still trying to catch her breath from the powerful orgasm he had generously just given her when she felt his hands grip a handful of her thick hair.

He jerked her head back, pulling her up so her back was against him. He wrapped her hair around his wrist, tangling it tight in his grip as he maneuvered her off the bed and onto the floor.

She was on her knees, her back pressed against the bed, and her neck was bent at an awkward and very uncomfortable position.

He was standing in front of her, his cock not nearly as hard as it had been a few moments ago.

Her mouth watered at the sight of it so close to her face, instinctively she parted her lips and tried to reach for it – his fistful of her hair jerking her back before she could even move.

He held her so that she was looking up at him and he placed the tip of his cock on her bottom lip. Her tongue licked at the slit, tasting both of them.

He pushed forward, putting a bit more of his cock inside of her warm, wet mouth. She used her tongue to put pressure on the tip, a small moan of pleasure escaping from her throat.

He pulled his cock out of her mouth and she looked up at him right as his hand came down, striking her almanbahis adresi cheek with an open palm.

Her eyes instantly filled with tears, she had no idea what she had done to deserve being hit.

Still, she knew her tears were what he was after, so she let them fall down her cheeks while she stared into his eyes.

Once more he put his cock to her mouth, she opened her lips and greedily took in as much of him as she could from that angle.

Her hands came up to grip his hips in front of her, she moved as best she could with his hand still tangled in her hair. He held her head still as he shoved his cock deep into her throat, thoroughly enjoying the sensation of her gagging over him.

He did this several times, only stopping when her gagging seemed excessive. Her mouth was full of thick spit, and was dripping down over her gorgeous, heavy tits.

Finally he let go of her hair, only to slide both hands into the front of her hair and gripping just as tightly as he had to her makeshift pony tail.

Her hands came around to grip the base of his cock as she proceeded to love him with her mouth, licking and sucking the best way she knew how.

Every so often he would exert his power and hold her head still while he face fucked her, stopping just before she threw up.

She used her hands to stroke the length of him while her tongue played with the hole in the tip of his penis, pressing into it while her lips suctioned almanbahis adres the rest of the tip.

Eventually they found a rhythm where she gripped the base of his cock tightly with one hand, working the length with her other hand.

She kept the pressure just so, sucking on his cock with every bob of her head until finally he was ready to cum. The first shot landed in her throat and she eagerly swallowed, enjoying the taste of him.

He let go of her hair to pull himself out of her mouth, pumping the rest of his load over her lips, cheeks and chin.

He watched as she kicked her lips, tasting as much of him as she could, and he watched as it dropped from her chin down onto her chest.

Her hand came up to rub it in over her nipples as she squeezed and played with them while he watched. She looked up at him, sweetly, as she leaned up to lick his cock clean and suck out any remaining cum.

She was a mess, her eyes were wet with tears, her cheek was red where he had slapped her. Her lips were swollen and there was cum and spit everywhere.

She was feeling pretty proud of herself, she felt like she had done a good job of pleasing him – right up until he back handed her across her other cheek, simply saying,

“I expect you to better next time. Go get cleaned up, you disgust me.”

She was exhausted. Dejected. She warily picked herself up off the floor, her legs numb from keeling for so long. She fell forward, almanbahis adres and rested for a minute. She saw him putting his pants on, then his shirt. She knew better than to ask if he would be back, but was pleased when she saw him slip her extra room key into his pocket. He stepped over her and walked out without a word, as she lay there, naked and pathetic.

She sat on the floor for what felt like a lifetime, but was probably 30 minutes. Finally she got up and made her way into the shower.

The water was as hot as she could stand it, the room full of steam.

For a long time she just stood there, letting the water wash over her as she relived her experience with him.

She was in a daze, and barely registered the sound of the shower door opening behind her. Suddenly there he was again, wrapping his arms around her waist. He held her, she let him.

They took turns washing each other, avoiding eye contact, and neither one speaking. She turned the water off and began toweling him off. He watched as she dried herself off.

He enjoyed seeing how her body moved, and how sensual she was, even in such an innocent task.

She was made for sex, and he had every intention of using her as such.

They both climbed into the very luxurious, very expensive hotel bed. She didn’t know what to expect, so she laid down in a position that was comfortable for her.

She was pleasantly surprised when she felt his hand take hers as he also got comfortable on his own. It was appropriate, a small token of affection from the man who was full of contradictory feelings for her.

After a long day of traveling, anxiety, nerves, and fucking, it didn’t take her long to fall asleep.

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