After Work Surprise Ch. 04

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You could read this alone, but it makes more sense after the earlier parts. And, it’s based on real circumstances.

Tonya and I had a pretty good thing going. Not every week but three or four times a month she and I would get together after working hours in either her office or mine, and we thoroughly enjoyed each other, in the physical sense. It worked well for both of us, me alone and highly horny and she being married with two older kids at home but her husband being married to his work and totally ignoring her physical wants and needs.

True to her condition when we first entered this arrangement, there never was any penetration. It was always oral or digital, sometimes one concentrating on the other and sometimes a mutual, simultaneous thing.

Then came the envelope.

Tonya and I had enjoyed one of our masturbation fests, she had dressed and departed, and I had stayed just long enough to straighten a few things and get rid of the paper towels and things we’d used to refresh ourselves after our pleasures. I’d locked the building and headed to my car, the only vehicle left in the parking lot which by this time was lit by the light poles instead of the sun, and I noticed a plain white letter sized envelope stuck under the wiper on my windshield.

I grabbed the envelope, opened the door and sat down in the car to open the envelope.

Inside was a photograph with a typewritten note paper clipped on top. I read the note, which said; ‘I know what you and Tonya are doing. Unless you want her hurt you will meet me at 8pm at The Tavern.’ My mind immediately raced to her husband. I flipped the note out of the way to look at the photograph and my heart almost stopped.

It was a fuzzy and slightly blurred photo but the people in the image were unmistakable. The setting was in my office with both me and Tonya totally nude, and this picture happened to catch Tonya with my dick fully impelled in her mouth, her chin touching my balls. The angle suggested that someone had taken it from outside, looking through the blinds.

My mind instantly shot back to a week ago when I thought I’d heard someone in the alley behind my office but had passed it off as the maintenance workers emptying the garbage, and to the blinds on my office windows that sometimes don’t close entirely at the bottom of the window.

We were caught. The only question was, by whom?

The Tavern is a beer joint about a half mile from the office and if I left right then I’d get there early enough to get my first beer down before my accuser arrived.

I’m not a huge beer drinker, not a big drinker of anything these days, but that first beer went down way too fast and easy. Towards the bottom of the glass I began to nurse it along, dragging it out until whoever it was I was meeting got there. I didn’t even know who to look for, but figured they knew me and would find me. After all, they had my photo and had apparently been watching Tonya and me at least once if not more.

Right at 8 a guy started walking towards my booth and I knew it had to be my guy. Sure enough, he had two beers in his hands and he looked just as nervous Ankara escort as I felt.

He was a bit younger than me, shorter and heavier, softer than me for sure, the corporate desk jockey type that never sees much sunshine or physical activity. He strode right up to my booth, set the glasses down, and stuck out his hand. “Hi, I’m Chuck.”

I didn’t know Chuck from Adam’s house cat. My first impression was that he was a newbie private detective of sorts and this was his first case. Wrong. He is Tonya’s husband and when he told me who he was I suddenly felt trapped, nervous, nauseas, and hot. For some reason it got really hot in there and I was sweating profusely. That second beer didn’t last long at all.

Chuck told me he knew all about the meetings between me and Tonya, had photos, and was ready to sue her for divorce unless I could come up with an alternative to change his mind. That was it, short and sweet. He slipped me a card with is cell phone number, turned and walked out. I watched him walk down the sidewalk and get into an expensive sedan, but he didn’t drive towards his neighborhood.

The truth is, Tonya and I were close, but not like you might think. I think our relationship was more about respect, discretion, trust, and two people that happened to find someone to help them fulfill some physical needs without any baggage.

I called Tonya. Yeah, I had to share this with her, give her a heads up on what had been presented me. There was a long pause on her end of the line before she responded.

“Dan, you mind if I come to your place, right now?” I didn’t mind but did question the timing as whether it was prudent or not. She said it would be alright, almost insistent.

About thirty minutes late Tonya knocked on my door, wearing the same outfit she’d had on earlier that day in my office. I had put on a pair of ragged jeans and a t-shirt for comfort but Tonya didn’t mind.

She came in and took a seat on one end of my couch and asked if I had anything to drink. She seemed a bit fidgety but also determined, as if the thoughts were running full speed in her head. To that point she hadn’t said a word since asking to come over.

“Dan, Chuck is out of town on a business meeting.” I showed her the card with the cell number and Tonya said that wasn’t Chuck’s number.

She confessed to me that her she and her sons all knew something was up with Chuck and that they usually spoke about him as if he were a visitor and not their father. One son was off in college now, the other already 18 and about to leave for the military in a few weeks was off visiting some cousins for a few days.

I called a buddy of mine, a real techie, a byte head from way back that really gets into the whole CSI-esque electronic stuff. I gave him the cell number and within a minute or so he gave me the address on the other side of town where the phone GPS was located.

Tonya gave me Chuck’s real cell number and my buddy confirmed that it was at the same address. I didn’t tell Tonya, instead telling her that Chuck’s number was a couple of states away.

She and I talked for about Escort ankara an hour and I offered to try to find out who it was that met me at the pub, and see what was going on. Tonya agreed to act as if nothing had happened, to both her sons and her husband.

Over the next ten days with the help of my tech head buddy I was able to put together a fair understanding of what the situation was. Old Chuck was having an affair of his own, but with a dude named Bradley. It was Bradley that had met me at the pub, posing to be Chuck. I never could figure out their scheme or goal though. Time to meet Chuck, for real.

I was able to put an envelope on Chuck’s windshield similar to the one I’d found on mine, and instructed him to meet me at that same pub later that afternoon, after working hours, and to be alone. He did just as I had instructed, but was indignant when we met. Until, that is, I reminded him of where his car had been overnight and who he was with. That calmed him down a bit.

I told him that now the ball was back in his court and that it was time for him to come up with some course of action.

I gave him one week to meet me back at that same pub, same hour, else Tonya would take steps he really didn’t want to tred. At that point I didn’t wait for a reaction but stood and walked out.

I went home and called Tonya. Again, she thought Chuck was out of town and offered to come over, and this time I was eager for her to get there.

I told Tonya I’d found out Chuck was having an affair, that he was in fact there in town and not away on business as he’d told her, and that the guy that had met me was someone trying to intimidate both of us, perhaps as a smokescreen.

I told her I’d actually met with Chuck and given him a week to come back to me with a new course of action that we would consider. Through all this Tonya sat quietly, listening, absorbing. I never told her it was a homosexual affair and I’m not sure she ever made that assumption. What I did tell her was that I had enough on Chuck now that I was sure there would be no more trouble from him with regards to the relationship between Tonya and me.

We talked about possibilities and as the time passed her mood and temperament seemed to mellow a great deal. She even cracked a joke or two before asking for another drink. To say I was shocked when I came back from the kitchen would be a huge understatement.

I was stopped in my tracks when I came back into the den and found Tonya standing there in nothing more than bra and panties. Now, it wasn’t as if I’d never seen her that way before, or totally nude for that matter, and I’d done my best to kiss and fondle and stimulate each and every square inch of her voluptuous body, but to find her like that here, at this time and under these circumstances caught me totally off guard, especially when we’d just masturbated that afternoon.

“You’re not scared of me now, are you?” Scared no. Surprised, yes, but there were powerful stirrings in my briefs at that very moment.

“Tonya, is that the booze talking, or you just wanting to get back at Chuck?”

“You complaining, Ankara escort bayan either way?”

“No, just curious.” She never took the glass but instead went straight for my jeans buckle. I started backing up, headed for my bedroom and a more comfortable platform, and by the time we got through the doorway she had lost her bra and me my jeans and shirt. That’s when her lips found mine for the very first time, attacking my lips with a passion and purpose. I fell back onto the bed and Tonya leaned over me, dragging my briefs off before dropping her lips down and around my rapidly hardening dick.

By the time Tonya had crawled up onto the bed she had shoved her panties down and off, and I pulled her up atop me so that I could feel her naked body fully prone against mine.

As she came up onto me she dangled her huge breasts over my face, loving how I would nibble at her nipples and tug on them with my lips clamped around them. As I was playing with her nipples she was rubbing her mound over my erection, the wetness of her passion already evident and coating my dick.

Something told me this wasn’t going to be one of those long, steady sessions.

Tonya leaned upright, moved her knees up alongside my ribs, raised up a bit and then deftly guided my hard rod between those magnificent folds of her pussy and into the entrance of her sex. I never questioned her but allowed her to make the moves, and as my dick entered her vagina she let escape a long, low moan that mimicked the progress of my member as it dived further and further into the warmth embrace of her tunnel.

At full penetration Tonya paused and held that position, savoring the feeling of being full inside, a feeling that had been missing for too long. She rose slowly, almost letting my dick escape those sweet, wet confines, but then slammed back down to full depth.

The pace of her fucking gained steadily with her hands clutching at my chest, her back arched and skin beginning to glisten from the strain. I had a glorious breast in each hand, keeping them from flopping wildly and with growing pressure on the nipples as I pinched and pulled on them. The sensation of having Tonya on me, of her squeezing my dick as it occupied the warmth of her grasp inside her, of having her tits there in front of me and feeling them, of seeing the expression her face as I knew the power of orgasm was building within her drove me to my own orgasm.

I held as long as I could, trying to divert my thoughts and attentions to anything, trying to ignore the building energy that seemed to be straining the very confines of my own body until I could hold and resist no longer. A long, low guttural growl came from my own body as the power of the eruption swelled up and was concentrating towards my enraged dick.

I was unable to breathe, my whole body was tensed and rigid, and at once the forces burst from my loins like the very forces of life. I felt like the head of my dick was going to be blown off, and my hips were buck against Tonya with their own will. I was vaguely conscience of her at all, but as my senses began to return I was treated to the ends of her own powerful and wicked orgasm.

We both collapsed in the aftermath of the simultaneous climax, our breathing heavy and fast, our bodies hot, sweaty and so sensitized to the moment that the slightest movement between our coupling brought a jerk and gasp from both of us.

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