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Adam? Yes, Matty.

©2019 by Gamin Paramour

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1) This is fiction, although it”s Based on a True Story! (Unless the guy was bullshitting me, but I don”t think he was.)

2) Stay safe. Don”t break the law.

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Gaydar detected two bogies.

Part 13

I had to go into the office for a few hours the next morning and arrived home just in time to kiss Susan goodbye as she left for work. Normally she would have taken Matty with her and dropped him at the Park District for the afternoon.

We had to tell her about the swim date, of course, in case the other parents ever mentioned it, so my extra layer of security of her not knowing we were at the condo was not in place. But then Matty and I had been fooling around for nearly a year and she had never once come home unexpectedly. She was a boss at her job and dependability was a big deal in her position. For us that meant predictability, and it was a genuine blessing.

The garage door was still rumbling down after her departure when Matty tugged at my arm.

“Adam! Adam! Guess what?”

“OK, what?”

“Jason is completely sure that Jeremy likes boys! He told me this morning on the phone.”

“That’s great, if he’s right,” I said. “What makes him so sure?”

“They both go to the same day camp, and yesterday a couple of boys got into an argument and called each other gay and said they sucked dicks and stuff.”

“Yeah, so?”

“So afterward Jason got Jeremy alone and came right out and asked him, if he found out one of the boys really was gay would he let that kid suck his dick.”

“Holy shit!” I exclaimed. “That’s pretty direct. We might have created a monster with that Jason.”

“What do you mean?”

“Just that he might be putting the gay stuff out there a little too openly. You still have to be careful who knows, because bad things can happen.”

“Well, I guess we got lucky again,” Matty said, “because when Jeremy said he wasn’t sure Jason said he definitely would, because someone sucking your dick would have to feel amazing. And then Jeremy said he’d let the kid do it too.”

“Well,” I said skeptically, “That was only hypothetical. You know, just talk. There’s a big difference between saying you would do something and actually doing it.”

“But that’s the thing! Jason said thinking about it made him get a boner and Jeremy said him too, and then they touched each other! Over the pants, I mean. Jason said Jeremy has a big long one!”

“You could have started with that information,” I said. “Touching each other’s dicks is a pretty clear sign, though I still think Jason is a little too bold.”

An hour later my car was bulging with preteen pulchritude as we drove to the condo. Once again I adjusted the mirror to watch the three boys riding in the back seat, Jason in the middle happily rubbing both of his bare legs against the smooth, delectable flesh of Matty’s and Mike’s bare legs.

That Jason was as queer as a seventy-six dollar bill, bless his little heart.

I had Jeremy up front with me. Despite his tall, dark and handsome look not being my favorite, much preferring Matty’s small, blond and pretty, Jeremy’s muscular, impeccably hairless legs looked beautiful in the bright sunlight. He struck me as the physical type to hit puberty early, but so far nothing marred his boyish charms, at least nothing that showed in a t-shirt and shorts.

The five of us bustled into the condo in a yakety, high-spirited mass. Matty and Jason headed immediately for the bedroom and the two new boys followed, but once inside little Mike headed straight for the master bathroom.

“Where are you going?” Jason blurted. “We’re all going to change in here, Mikey.”

The little brown-haired boy spun to face Jason, balling up his fists. “Don’t call me that!” he said, in a tone that sounded to me more like frustration than real anger. Jason didn’t catch the distinction and backed away in alarm. I knew he didn’t mean anything by it. He was only hoping to get a look at the kid naked.

“I’m sorry,” Jason stammered. “I heard kids call you that. I thought it was your nickname.”

“I don’t like it!” Mike said sternly. “Just because I’m small you don’t have to make fun of me.”

“He wasn’t!” Matty said, stepping between them. “He called you Mikey just like people call me Matty. It’s because he likes you.”

I put a hand on Mike’s shoulder and he turned his face up to me. “It’s called a term of endearment, Mike. Maybe some kids call you that to make fun, but not these guys. Why would they invite you swimming unless they liked you?”

Jason put his hand on Mike’s other shoulder and said, “I’m really sorry, Mike. I won’t call you that anymore.”

The little rooster softened his expression, finally giving a sheepish smile. “I guess it’s OK,” he said. “As long as you’re not messing with me.”

“OK, then! Pool party time!” Matty said, changing the tone in an instant. “Let’s put on our swimming suits and get down to the pool!”

“But I do have to pee first,” Mike said, stepping in but not closing the door and not taking his suit with him. Matty and Jason shared an approving glance as the sound of Mike’s strong urine stream echoed off the tile.

We three conspirators were happy to see that neither of the new boys was shy at all, and both stripped right down with no hesitation. Jeremy was even slimmer than he appeared with clothes on, his clavicles and hip bones starkly visible. Happily he was smooth and utterly pre-pubertal, with a long but definitely undeveloped penis draped limply down over a tight, hairless scrotum. His long, slim arms and legs were attractive in their own way, but the overall picture was entirely too skeletal for me.

Little Mike was a different story. He looked to me like a perfectly normal, well-proportioned and properly-developing nine-year-old, which of course was two years younger than his actual age. I knew that late development was not uncommon and usually resolved itself by the mid-teens, though Mike looked like an extreme case to me.

I myself had been a bit of a late-bloomer, reaching visible puberty later than all but one of my age-mate friends when it finally happened just before I turned fourteen. I, however, had not been especially small, just late to develop, and by fifteen I had completely caught up to my friends. Mike was indisputably tiny, and I wondered if his folks had taken him to a specialist in growth disorders, though I allowed that eleven was still a bit young to throw in the towel and declare him a midget.

I paid attention to the new kids and was quickly convinced that both were eagerly checking out every swinging dick in the room, including each other and me. Mike, especially, kept glancing back to me right up until I tucked it into my swimming suit. Jeremy’s eyes seemed especially drawn to Matty (weren’t everybody’s?) but he also got his fill of Mike and Jason’s sweet little offerings. I began to think this might be a pretty easy ball to get rolling, but decided that unless something significantly changed I would stick to the script.

We had the pool to ourselves from the get-go, and for a while everybody just had the usual kind of pool-play anyone would expect of such a group. Mike loved the diving board and turned out to be really quite good at it, doing one-and-a-half flips and inward tucks with ease. Jeremy was a strong swimmer and easily triumphed in races to the point where nobody would challenge him anymore. We had been swimming nearly an hour when Matty and Jason conspired to get the wrestling started in the shallow end, and that’s where I got to shine.

The mechanics of tossing Jeremy across the water turned out to be somewhat daunting. It was hard to get his long extremities completely out of the water so that I could get any distance with him. By contrast Mike was a dream, and I could put one hand under his little butt and launch his fifty-two pounds ten feet or more like a shotput. He shrieked in delight and came back to me over and over again until I was sure it was more than just the aerial acrobatics that drew him. One time I allowed my hand to linger on his sweet, small ass and looked him in the eyes and I could swear a moment of silent understanding passed between us. I didn’t know how Jeremy was coming along, but I was growing very sure of Mike.

I hoisted myself out of the pool and grabbed a towel.

“Aw,” Mike complained. “Come back in, Adam!”

“Gotta use the washroom,” I lied. I picked up my phone from the table next to the chaise lounge and checked it as I walked to the men’s room accessible from the pool deck, though of course I didn’t expect to find anything on the phone. I went ahead and peed as long as I was there, then stepped back out to the pool.

“Hey, you guys! Listen up!” I called. All four quieted down quickly and gathered around. “Let’s get dried off and head upstairs.”

The boys all groused about having to leave the pool, though I knew it was fake coming from Matty and Jason. As they climbed out of the pool I said, “I have a minor emergency at work, and I have to go to the office for a little while. I can’t leave you guys alone in the pool because it’s against the rules. Since there’s no lifeguard nobody under sixteen is allowed without an adult.”

“Do we have to go home already?” Jeremy asked, the disappointment obvious in his voice.

“No, you guys just have to stay in the condo until I get back. The office isn’t far away, and I’ll be back in less than an hour.”

“And then we can swim some more?” Mike asked eagerly as we entered the elevator.

“If we want to, sure,” I said. “Now listen. You do not leave the apartment, got it? You stay right there no matter what, and you don’t let anybody in except me. The only way you leave the condo is if the building is on fire, OK?”

“OK, Adam,” Matty said as we filed into the unit.

Jeremy turned on the TV and grew alarmed as channel after channel showed only snow.

“The TV doesn’t work!”

“Nobody lives here right now,” I explained. “So I turned off the cable.”

“Then what are we supposed to do for an hour?” Jeremy complained.

“We’ll think of something,” Jason said with a look at Matty.

“Yeah, we’ll play a game or something,” Matty said. “Don’t worry, Jeremy. It’ll be fun.”

I went into the bathroom, rinsed off in the shower, and changed back into my clothes, listening to the boys discuss what sort of game they could play with no video game console, no cards, and no toys of any kind. I came out of the bedroom and suggested, “Why don’t you play Truth or Dare?”

Matty and Jason both brightened on cue, saying, “Hey, yeah!” and “Sure! Truth or Dare!”

“That’s a girls’ game,” Jeremy complained, but Mike unexpectedly piped in, saving Matty and Jason the trouble.

“No it’s not. It’s anybody’s game.”

“Well,” I said, opening the door, “Have fun, whatever you decide to do. Matty, keep this door dead-bolted. I’ll buzz from downstairs when I get back, so you’ll know it’s me and you can unlock the deadbolt. I’ll probably be about an hour. See you guys later.”

I stepped into the hall and Matty closed the door behind me, sliding the deadbolt with a loud clunk. This meant the boys could be confident of an hour of privacy where nobody could walk in on them and they’d have several minutes warning when I got back. The rest was up to Matty and Jason.

I walked to the coffee shop across the street and settled in to wait. I figured I shouldn’t be too far away in case the building really did catch on fire! I kept imagining what was happening, how Jason would get Jeremy into the mood and Matty would work on Mike. I wondered if they would split up, two in the bedroom and two in the living room. I wondered how long it would take for the dares to evolve from kid-stuff like crawling around screeching like a monkey into sucking stiff little cocks.

It took forever, but finally the hour was up. I walked back and buzzed the doorbell for the condo. Matty’s excited voice crackled over the speaker, “Adam, is it you?”

“Yes, it’s me.”

“Get up here!” he said. “You’re missing everything!”

I rode up to my floor wishing it was possible to speed up an elevator. When the doors opened I rushed to my unit and knocked excitedly. I heard the deadbolt slide and then the door swung open, revealing an empty living room. But when I stepped inside I saw all four boys huddled out of view behind the door, all nude, all grinning happily and all sporting boners!

“I see you guys found something fun to do,” I said dryly, and the boys laughed.

Jason closed the door and fixed the deadbolt again as Matty made the reaching-up gesture that meant he wanted to be picked up and kissed. I did as he desired and felt the other three rush me, not only Jason but also the two new boys throwing their arms around me and pressing themselves close.

“Kiss me too, Adam!” Jason implored, and I set Matty back on his feet and turned to Jason, bending down to give him a full, deep kiss. I turned back to the other boys and Jeremy looked excited but uncertain, while Mike reached up in the same pick-me-up gesture as Matty and said, “Can I have one?” I picked up his nonexistent weight and ankara türbanlı escort pressed my mouth to his, and though he was very small he kissed like a powerhouse.

“Wow, you really know how to kiss!” I said.

“Matty’s been teaching us,” Jeremy said, one of his arms around my waist and one long leg wrapped around one of mine.

“Let’s see how much you’ve learned,” I said, and still holding Mike in my arms I leaned over and engaged Jeremy in a sensual kiss. He was tall enough that I didn’t have to bend down very far to reach him. He responded more than I expected him to, and I gained great respect for the accuracy of Jason’s gaydar. I pressed my tongue into Jeremy’s mouth and he tentatively swirled his around it before pulling away with a sheepish smile.

“Me again,” little Mike said simply, and leaned in for another kiss. This one was longer and more sultry, and his tiny tongue flicked forward and engaged with mine. When we were done he sighed and said, “You were right, Matty. Adam kisses crazy good!”

Jeremy was still holding me, and said, “I couldn’t believe it when those guys said you do it with them.”

“Now you can find out for yourselves,” Matty said, turning toward the bedroom.

Jason bounded alongside as I carried little Mike. “We did the triangle, Adam!” he said excitedly. “But wait, with four of us I guess it was a rectangle.”

“What will it be with five?” Mike asked with a naughty grin.

“A pentagon,” I said, reaching the bed and dropping the naked little boy on his butt. Mike laughed as he bounced.

“Like that Army building in Washington!” Jeremy observed. “We saw it on our vacation last year.”

“Let’s make a pentagon right now!” Mike enthused, then added, “Hurry up, Adam! Take your clothes off!”

I stripped quickly, making sure that when I pulled my underwear down Mike got a perfect view of my straining erection. I don’t think I’ve ever been harder than I was at that moment, and Mike’s brown eyes glistened with excitement.

“Wow!” he gasped. “Matty, can you really suck this big thing?”

“Sort of,” Matty said, giving himself far too little credit. “Don’t worry, you can just slurp the head and it will make Adam happy.”

So apparently it was decided that Mike would be the first to tackle my tackle, and I said, “Yeah, and Jeremy can be on the other side of me. I can be in the middle of a new-boy sandwich!”

“OK, then,” Mike said. “Let’s get started already!”

It was a California King bed which had once accommodated three grown men in drunken passion, but it was a little tight for the five of us trying to daisy-chain. I lay along one edge while Jeremy arranged himself before me and opened his slim thighs. His hairless dick was noticeably longer than Matty’s, closing in on five inches I guessed, but quite thin, not much more than the thickness of my index finger, and supremely hard. It angled steeply up his flat belly, a trait most boys his age seem to share. His little scrotum was the kind one of my childhood friends had called a “unisack,” a single smooth pouch of silky skin with no outline of the contents, as opposed to Matty’s loose-hanging sack with its two clearly-visible eggs. Both had their charms, for my money.

Suddenly I felt a warm wetness on the very tip of my cock, and I looked down to see Mike’s little pink tongue drawing circles around my cock head, a huge smile in his eyes as he looked up at me. He held my shaft in his small left hand as he slowly and delicately licked me. Only Matty had ever gone for my cock so readily. Mike knew that he could give me pleasure and he relished the ability. His eyelids drifted closed and he began to dreamily mouth the very tip of my cock, slurping it as Matty had advised, unable to take more but then not really needing to. He was making me squirm already and enjoying the hell out of it.

Looking past Mike’s little bobbing head I saw Jason happily giving the smallest boy’s tiny cock his signature lick from base to tip. It wasn’t a long journey, but the skinny little two-and-a-half inches was trembling with rigidity. Then Jason engulfed it deeply, his eyes also dreamily closed as he savored the little stiffness.

On the other side of the bed Matty was giving his usual enthusiastic head to Jason while Jeremy attacked Matty’s delicious cock with real passion. I suddenly realized that I was not doing my duty for Jeremy, though he was so enamored of Matty’s sweet dick that he didn’t seem to have noticed. I hated to abandon the beautiful view of our pentagon (which was really more of a free-form oval than any sort of five-sided polygon) but I also relished the prospect of the “strange,” a wonderful boy dick I had never tasted before.

I settled between Jeremy’s slim, hairless thighs and drew closer to his boy parts. I used a finger to bend his thin but solid boner away from his belly and circled my tongue around its small helmet-shaped head. It was fucking delicious, its smooth texture delightful on my tongue, and I felt him tense and heard him moan in pleasure at the contact. I closed my lips around his cock and slid all the way to the base in one slow plunge, taking all of him and maximizing the contact with my tongue. When my chin touched that silky ball sack I held my position, applying suction to the long thin treat that came all the way to the back of my mouth.

Who the hell was I kidding about not liking Jeremy’s body all that much? He was a willing boy, and that was the most attractive thing in the world to me. I began to pump up and down his relatively long shaft and I could feel his thrill.

My senses were nearly overwhelmed. Mike was torturing the tip of my cock, his tiny tongue, lips and teeth producing the most exquisite licks, slurps and nibbles this side of Heaven. I could barely think coherently enough to speculate that he must have had prior experience. It’s just not possible to get that good in one hour with Matty and Jason.

Jeremy’s slim member throbbed in my mouth and I felt his tremors and heard his moans of pleasure. I pulled back and duplicated some of Mike’s tricks on Jeremy’s sweet dick head and felt him tense and relax rhythmically. I wondered if another preteen boy was going to amaze me by reaching orgasm.

Since I was pulled back a few inches I was able to see Jeremy ravishing Matty’s deep pink cock while also reaching up to twist and pinch one erect nipple, and I saw my boy’s belly quake and convulse and I knew he was getting close. Apparently Jeremy was a fast learner. I couldn’t see Matty working Jason’s dick or Jason working Mike’s, but loud sounds of slurping and moaning came from that quarter as well.

I felt the tension building in my gut and it dawned on me with a start that I had done it again, forgotten to warn my inexperienced little partner that jets of hot fluid would soon rocket out of my cock and into his mouth if he didn’t release me. I was about to pull off of Jeremy’s dick to issue the warning when I recognized a change in Mike’s demeanor. I felt the anticipation in his body language and realized that he knew something was about to happen. His hand began to stroke my shaft, his lips still clamped to the tip of my cock, and it seemed like he was preparing to accept my jizz, but then as my hips began to buck and the molten lava climbed my shaft he suddenly pulled off and huskily implored, “Shoot it, Adam! Shoot it!”

My cum blasted forth and splashed on the bedclothes, Mike’s small hand continuing to stroke and, two seconds later, coaxing a second spurt out of me. Almost simultaneously Matty’s signature grunt came from around Jason’s dick as he bucked and came for Jeremy, who held Matty’s dick deeply and rode out his orgasm. Nothing so climactic happened for Jeremy himself, nor for Jason or Mike as far as I could tell, but then as one the group began to slow and reluctantly bring our inaugural pentagon to a halt.

Matty and I rolled onto our backs, chests heaving. We made eye contact and exchanged a silent “Wow!” Mike climbed right on top of me and clamped his mouth onto mine and, seeing this, Jeremy did the same with Matty. Poor Jason seemed left out until Matty, ever kind-hearted, gestured for him to join into the embrace with Jeremy and gave him a deep, long kiss.

I nibbled sweet kisses on Mike’s lips and gazed into his happy brown eyes as he lay on my chest, his tiny stiff dick poking into my belly. “Grab my butt with both hands,” he whispered, not to conceal anything from the others but just because whispering was sexy, and when I did I felt his little ass muscles contract and relax as he humped against me. “Squeeze me against you,” he whispered, and so I kneaded and massaged his soft, smooth buns and pressed his hips even more firmly against me, eliciting a smile and then more kisses.

Mike was one horny little guy.

After several minutes of cuddling we all began to disengage, though there was still a lot of touching and sporadic kisses. Jason played with Jeremy’s long dick while I fondled Mike and slowly stroked him between my thumb and index finger. Matty reclined against the headboard, happily taking it all in.

I finally broke the silence. “Mike,” I said to the littlest boy, “that was pretty obviously not the first time you’ve sucked a grownup dick. You’re way too good at it for that to be your first time.”

He smiled, taking it as a compliment. “I wish I could take more of your dick,” he said, “but it’s fun to do just the tip.”

“He sucked me really good while you were gone,” Jason offered.

“Yours is just the right size for me,” Mike said to Jason. “I can take the whole thing just the way I like to.”

“I love to do that,” I agreed. “And clearly you knew I was going to squirt.” I was fishing for his story, fully expecting it to turn me on like crazy, as if I needed more stimulation than these four beautiful, horny boys.

“I could tell,” he said. “You squeezed your stomach just the way my Uncle Jackie always does just before he squirts.”

Holy shit, I thought. Mike has had at least two grownups already at age eleven! I wondered how old he was when he started, and that gave me an idea.

“OK, let’s all go around and tell about the first time we sucked a grownup dick. I’ll go first. I was fourteen and it was my friend’s older brother who was, like, twenty. He came home from college for the weekend when Patrick didn’t know he was coming, and he caught us sixty-nining. He said we both had to suck him or he’d tell.”

When Jeremy looked uncomprehending Matty said, “Sixty-nine is what they call it when you lay opposite ways and both suck at the same time.” Jeremy nodded in full understanding, apparently glossing over the weird nickname for the position, and I realized that sixty-nine must have been part of their playtime when I was across the street wasting time drinking coffee.

Jason was grinning lasciviously. “Did he squirt in your mouth?”

“No,” I said. “He actually didn’t squirt at all, now that you mention it. I wonder why not?”

“Maybe you didn’t do it so good,” Mike offered. “I mean, because it was your first time on a big one.”

“Maybe that was it,” I said, not sure if my cocksucking skills were being unfairly maligned.

“My story’s easy,” Matty piped up. “Last year, when I was ten, and it was with you, Adam!”

“Mine was with you, too,” Jason added. “Just, like, a month ago.”

There was a brief silence, then Jeremy offered, “I never have, but I suppose that will change today!”

We all laughed, then turned to Mike expectantly.

“Well…” the boy began hesitantly. “I kind of promised not to talk about it, but I already said his name by accident and anyways I can trust you guys, right?”

We all nodded and mumbled assurances. Matty shared an excited look with me.

“OK,” Mike said with a huge smile, betraying how much he really wanted to tell the story. “When I was nine my Uncle Jackie came to visit for a week. He’s my Mom’s brother and he’s real old, like thirty or something. He’s a grown man but kind of little like me. My Mom’s whole side of the family is like that. We liked each other a lot and I spent a lot of time with him that week. He’s a real touchy-feely guy, and he was always hugging and kissing me and sitting me on his lap and everything, and I liked it.

“Then one night I woke up and Uncle Jackie was right there by my bed. I could see him because he turned on the light inside my closet so there would be a little bit of light. He told me to be quiet and he asked me if I liked it when he kissed me and I said yes, and so he kissed me, only it wasn’t like the kisses when the family was around, it was a real kiss like we do! I didn’t know how, but I figured out how to kiss back and that got him going even more, and then I felt him pulling the covers off of me and then I felt his hand on my dick! I didn’t know what was goin” on but I got a boner in like one second and I sure knew I didn’t want him to stop.

“So we were kissing and he was touching me and I didn’t want the pajamas in the way, so I lifted up my butt and tried to get them down, and Uncle Jackie helped me and then he was feeling my bare dick, and it was way better! And then all of a sudden he moved his mouth off of my mouth and down to my dick and then he was sucking it! And man, nothing ever felt that good before!”

“Get to the part where you sucked him!” Matty urged, stroking his again-stiffened dick. My boy was tuzla escort always turned on by sex stories.

Mike gave a wicked smile. “It was right after that,” he said. “Uncle Jackie sucked me for a long time and then he said his dick needed some fun, too. So he stood up and took off his pajama bottoms and told me to scoot over so he could get in bed with me. Then he hugged me real close and took my hand and put it right on his dick.”

“So then he ordered you to suck it?” Jason asked breathlessly. It was definitely Sub City with that kid.

“No!” Mike said rather indignantly. “It was my idea. I just snuggled down in the bed and started doing whatever I could think of that would feel good.” Mike turned to me and said, “His dick is just as long as yours, Adam, but not as big around. I could get the whole head of it into my mouth, not just the tip. He whispered things, like not so hard, and careful with your teeth. You know, stuff like that. And pretty soon I figured out what he liked and he got more and more excited.”

“Did he squirt?” I asked, wondering if the kid had gotten a mouthful the very first time and it turned him off of cum for good.

“Not in my mouth,” he said. “He pushed me off of him and grabbed his dick to jerk off, and in, like, two seconds he made the noises and his body jumped like you guys do and then he squirted all up on his stomach. There wasn’t as much as you, Adam. You’re a big squirter!”

It was true. Over the years many guys had commented on the volume of my cums, though I had seen bigger.

“Did you ever let him squirt it in your mouth?” Matty asked.

“He didn’t want to,” Mike said, “and I never really wanted him to. It seems yucky to me, and besides, I really like to watch it come shooting out!”

“Me too!” Jeremy interjected, and then when everyone looked at him in surprise he added, “This was the first time I ever saw it, but it was really cool and I want to see it again.”

“I’ll see what I can do,” I said, and Jeremy smiled sheepishly.

“So you really like doing it with grownup men, then?” Matty asked hopefully, his face showing more and more excitement as he masturbated.

“Uncle Jackie was the only one before today, and he was great,” Mike said. “And so far so good with this one…” He gave me a prurient smile and gently touched the back of my hand.

Jesus, I thought, now there are two of them, beautiful kids who, for some unfathomable reason, like us old geezers. It was completely counter-intuitive to me. I had finally accepted Matty as the exception that proves the rule, but now I knew two boys who were primarily attracted to grown men! Being the beneficiary of this weirdness I happily decided not to examine the gift horse’s oral cavity.

“Adam! Jason!” Matty cried, his face and upper chest reddening in a pre-orgasmic sign I well knew. “Suck my nipples! Please!”

Jason and I scrambled to his side and hurriedly clamped onto his pointy, electrified nips. He was close, his mind’s-eye voyeurism of little Mike with his adult lover having already brought Matty to the very brink. In ten more furious strokes he came, the second time in about fifteen minutes, and it seemed just as volcanic as the first.

“That’s so cool!” Jeremy exclaimed, his own red and well-used stiffness serving as evidence that he had also needed to stroke along with Mike”s story. “I play with my nipples sometimes and it”s kind of nice but it looks like you really like it!”

Matty grinned. “I sure do,” he said. “I like lots of things.” Suddenly Matty threw one leg over the astonished Jeremy’s body, like mounting a bicycle, and settled on top of him, cock to cock, and began to squirm against him. I don’t call it humping because it really wasn’t. He was more mashing his dick against Jeremy”s and grinning down at him.

“Your dick is so hard!” Matty said.

“Yours too,” Jeremy replied, and I marveled again at my boy’s stamina. Two orgasms in twenty minutes and he was bone-hard again!

I watched them from behind, enjoying Matty’s grinding ass with his dusky pink hole winking at me. I glanced over to share a smile with the other boys but Jason and Mike were busy sixty-nining at the foot of the bed. I watched them for a minute, appreciating Mike’s full-depth sucking of Jason’s “perfectly-sized” dick. The littlest boy may have been hot for grown men, but he was no slouch with his age-mates, either.

Matty sat up, his knees on the bed easily spanning Jeremy’s slim hips and his balls and perineum resting on Jeremy’s long, slim cock. The tall boy more or less automatically began undulating his hips.

Every boy is born knowing how to do that.

Matty threw back his head and exclaimed, “Oh, yeah, Jeremy! Oh man!” I knew my lover’s body language and there was no doubt he was massively turned on.

Matty fell forward onto Jeremy’s narrow chest, kissing him while breathing heavily.

“Adam?” my boy asked huskily, grinding away on top of Jeremy and smothering him with kisses, which the boy eagerly returned.

“Yes, Matty.”

“Do you know what I’m thinking?”

I watched his sweet ass gyrate on top of Jeremy. “Yes, Matty, I think I do.”

“Do you have it?”

“Of course, baby,” I said. “I always bring it.”

“Then get me ready, OK?”

I reached into my bag and retrieved my trusty tube of personal lubricant. I squeezed out a generous stripe of the goo onto my finger.

Mike’s little face poked into the space between me and the grinding boys, startling me. “What’s that stuff?”

“It’s called lube,” Jason said, poking his face in from the other side. “It makes things real slippery.”

“What are you gonna do with it?” Mike asked me.

Jason wore a devilish smile as he said, “You won’t even believe it.”

I smiled at Mike as I used the thumb and forefinger of the non-gooey hand to open Matty’s cheeks wide, fully exposing his beautiful hole. I smeared the lube around and around Matty’s wide-open anus, which made him sigh in pleasure.

“Go inside now, Adam,” Matty said, and I gently inserted just the tip of my index finger. I knew he could take it easily, but I wanted to give Mike a show and also demonstrate how a boy gradually gets used to this sort of anal intrusion. I withdrew and squeezed some more lube onto my finger, then slowly and carefully inserted it to the first knuckle.

“Matty, doesn’t that hurt?” Mike asked in wonder.

“No,” Matty replied dreamily. “It feels fantastic!”

“What’s going on?” Jeremy gasped, so turned on that he barely seemed aware that we were present.

“Adam is sticking his finger up Matty’s butt hole!” Mike said in a mixture of amazement and excitement. “Isn’t that dirty?”

“No it isn’t,” Jason defended me as I happily pleasured my boy’s tender spot, sliding in to the second knuckle. “That’s why we washed so good in the shower, so everything would be nice and clean.”

Mike couldn’t seem to believe the look of ecstasy on Matty’s face as I fingered him. I made reassuring eye contact and said to Mike, “Don’t worry, Matty likes this. I would never do anything that a boy didn’t want.”

Jason put a hand on Mike’s shoulder. “Really,” he said. “Adam loves us. He wouldn’t hurt us.”

“All the way in, Adam,” Matty said, and I slowly and gently complied. Mike still wore a look of disbelief, but his little dick was pulsing hard.

After ten or fifteen deep strokes of my finger Matty said, “OK, I’m ready,” and let out a deep breath. “Now do Jeremy.”

Jeremy gave Matty a “Say what?” look, perhaps erroneously thinking that the Fickle Finger of Fate was destined for his butt next, but that expression softened into an open-mouthed look of surprised pleasure as I began to spread the cool, slick lube onto his cock. I masturbated his long skinny tool for several seconds until he was thoroughly coated. Matty raised himself up and reached down to bend Jeremy’s rod to nearly vertical.

“Are you gonna…?” was all Jeremy got out before Matty’s hot asshole began to consume his dick. Jeremy sucked in his breath in a deep gasp as Matty impaled himself with the first inch.

Next to me Mike’s mouth opened its widest. “Oh my God!” he cried about two octaves higher than his usual soprano.

Any higher and only dogs would have heard.

Being used to my much thicker cock Matty could have easily taken Jeremy in one plunge, but I think he wanted to take his time and let Jeremy really enjoy his very first penetration of another human. Two inches went in, then three. I was sure Matty was squeezing with his sphincter to make it as tight as possible. I guess he got tired of waiting, though, because suddenly Matty let himself drop the rest of the way like a fireman sliding down a pole.

“Whoa!” Jason exclaimed in delight. “I never got to watch butt fucking before. Look at that!”

“Oh, Jeremy!” Matty breathed. “You’re way up inside me!”

“I know!” Jeremy said, as if he couldn’t believe it. “It feels so good!”

“Your dick feels great, too!” Matty said. “I want you to pump it now, OK? Up and down, in and out.”

Jeremy instinctively gripped Matty at the waist and began to thrust. “Like this?” he asked, eager to please, his slim cock pushing a half-inch even deeper, then retreating, slowly and steadily fucking into my beautiful, happy boy.

I was pleased at my own reaction, I must say. I had feared that, even though in theory I wanted Matty to enjoy the wonders of freewheeling boy sex, I might be jealous when it actually happened. Instead I was truly happy for him, and for Jeremy, and really turned on as well. I shared an appreciative look with Jason, who was beaming in delight, and craning his neck for a better view.

“I wish I could see better,” he said. “God, the thought of that cock going in and out makes my dick hard as a rock!”

“Mine too,” Mike said, entranced by the scene before him and slowly squeezing his own small boner.

“I couldn’t see anything when Matty did it to me,” Jason said, and Mike turned to him in surprise.

“Matty fucked you in your butt?”

“Yeah,” Jason said. “Once, but in a different position. You could see it really good, couldn’t you, Adam?”

“Yes,” I said, fondly remembering Matty’s first time topping. “It was amazing.”

“Yeah, that’s it,” Matty said softly. “Slow and gentle, OK? Fuck me deep and slow.”

It was amazingly hot, these children making sensual, passionate love a foot away from three voyeurs. Matty’s gut clenched and I knew the lightning bolts were flowing through him.

“I love this,” Jason said. “I wish Matty had fucked me slow like that.”

“Next time,” Matty gasped.

“I think I need to go faster!” Jeremy implored.

“OK,” Matty said urgently. “I want it now, too.” He raised himself off of Jeremy’s hips and supported his own weight with his legs, opening a two-inch gap between them. “Fuck me fast and deep now, Jeremy!”

Jeremy pulled his knees up so that he could brace his feet on the bed, then began to thrust upward for all he was worth. His skinny ass came all the way off the bed as he slammed into Matty, their skin making a slapping sound every time.

“Holy shit,” Mike muttered in amazement, his eyes wide and his cheeks reddening. This was really turning him on.

Matty began making guttural sounds as his body shook, and Jeremy’s slim abdomen convulsed as well. I glanced at Jason and he was masturbating rapidly, his eyes locked on the writhing lovers. The erotic excitement was thick in the air.

And then Matty began to cum, moaning loudly, his guts heaving and his ass clenching Mike’s thrusting cock. It was his third orgasm in about forty minutes and a personal best that, to my knowledge, Matty never surpassed. Jeremy kept fucking and fucking, and for a moment I thought he would outlast Matty’s excitement and go on too long, but just as quickly as this fear came it was dispelled as Jeremy slammed upward one final time and groaned deeply in what looked for the world like a full-on orgasm. His face, neck and chest were bright red, his brow glistening with sweat as he heaved and panted. Matty let himself gently down onto Jeremy’s chest and kissed him as they coasted down from their peak.

“That was great, Jeremy,” he said sweetly. “Was that really your very first time?”

Jeremy looked at him incredulously. “I never did anything before today! Everything is my first time!”

“Boy, Matty,” Mike said, impressed. “It’s so cool that you know how to have so much fun.”

My boy gave me an affectionate smile. “I learned it all from Adam,” he said. “He knows a million ways to make a boy feel good.”

“Well, maybe half a million,” I humble-bragged. “I learned a lot from my cousin Chris, but some of it is just trying different things to see if you like them.”

“Yeah, Mike,” Jason said to the littlest boy. “I didn’t think I would like having anything in my butt, and I almost said no.”

“You always get to say no,” Matty interjected. “Even if you already said yes. You get to change your mind if you want to.”

“And I almost did,” Jason said. “But after I got used to it Matty’s finger felt so nice I was glad I didn’t say no. And then when Adam licked me there…”

Mike’s mouth fell open yet again. “Licked! With his tongue?”

“Hard to lick with your elbow,” Matty said dryly.

“Yeah!” Jason replied giddily, like it was the most delightfully decadent avrupa yakası ucuz escort thing in the world (and maybe it is.) “At first it feels so weird you can’t even believe it’s happening, but if you just relax and let it happen all of a sudden it feels so amazing! Now I get a huge boner every time I even think of it.”

Mike looked like he was unsure if he should say something, but then with decision he said, “Uncle Jackie got pretty close to there when he was licking me, but not quite in the hole.”

“He probably wanted to,” I said, “but he wasn’t sure how you’d react.”

“Yeah,” Jason said. “Sometimes it’s scary to try things with someone you like a real lot, because if they freak out then you might lose them.”

“I don’t think I would have freaked out,” Mike said. “I don’t know, because I can’t even imagine what it would feel like.”

“Show him, Jason,” Matty said, and I detected the subtle shift into Boss mode. Jason hesitated, but I saw the sparkle entering his eyes.

“Right now?” he asked unnecessarily. Of course now. It was clearly a stall while he worked up his courage.

“You want to help Mike feel good, don’t you?” Matty pressed.

“Well, sure I do,” Jason said softly.

“And Mike, you want to find out what it feels like, right?

Mike’s cheeks flushed in embarrassment. “I guess so, yeah.”

“Well OK then,” Matty said with finality.

Jason smiled adoringly at little Mike, but then the sparkle suddenly left his eyes as an alarmed look overtook him. He turned to Matty and exclaimed, “But I don’t know if he washed good!”

I had to concur. The thought of shit on my tongue would certainly take the sparkle out of my eyes.

Matty replied calmly, “Then take him into the shower and wash him. That will be fun, too.”

Jason looked back to Mike questioningly, and the small boy shrugged in sheepish agreement. His sparkle fully restored, Jason took Mike’s hand and led him to the bathroom.

Matty lay alongside the long, tall boy who had so thoroughly cleaned his pipes. Jeremy had his arm around Matty, holding him closely, with Matty’s head resting sweetly on his narrow chest and one of Matty’s legs on top of Jeremy’s. Jeremy turned his head and placed a tender kiss on the top of Matty’s head, and I had a sudden pang of – guess, what? – jealousy as I realized how much like boyfriends they looked. I pictured Matty lying in that same position with me and it wrenched me to realize that it just didn’t look as right, not as natural.

Oh my God, I thought. What if this is where Matty really belonged? Where he really wanted to be? I would have to let him go, I knew. He had to live his life and pursue his own happiness, regardless of my feelings. And I would have to keep loving him and supporting him, because he’d still be my son and the most important thing in the world to me, only now I wouldn’t get to share that wonderful happiness with him, not in the same way. Matty and I wouldn’t be us anymore.

And then my sweet boy opened his eyes and smiled at me. “Come here, Adam,” he said. “I feel like I haven’t kissed you in days.”

My heart inflated like a Macy’s balloon. I crawled across the bed and flanked him on the other side, and he rolled into my arms like a hundred times before and locked into a deep, passionate kiss. We kissed and kissed, and the only sounds were our mouths sucking and the shower running in the background. I felt the familiar pull of Matty’s hand on my straining hard-on, and then he pulled off of my mouth and began kissing his way down my torso. He paused briefly to suck and nibble one of my useless nipples, then moved into position between my open legs.

“Wow!” Jeremy whispered in amazement as Matty sensually and lovingly worked my cock. Even I was unprepared for how fervent he would be as his lips and tongue pleasured my aching flesh. I went into overdrive almost immediately, and when my gut gave a heave Matty pulled off and used one of the delaying tricks I had taught him, pressing his thumb against the underside of my shaft just below my dick head and his fingers on the opposite side and squeezing hard. Immediately my bullet-train to Jizztown was derailed, and he took me into his mouth again to resume his magic.

I was dimly aware that the shower had stopped and the two freshly-cleaned boys had rejoined the group.

“Watch this, you guys,” Jeremy said in awestruck tones.

“Wow,” Mike said. “I thought I was good at sucking a grownup dick, but holy cow!”

Matty sucked me eagerly and passionately. His hand stroked my shaft as his mouth slid up and down from my cock head to his maximum depth of about two-thirds. I could feel the very tip of my dick touch the back of his throat with every pump. My guts began to shiver and I was back on the fast train, and somehow I knew this time he’d take me all the way. My legs stiffened, my belly clenched, and I felt the urgency rise as my chest and face bloomed red with heat. Matty pulled up to where he had only the head engulfed in his little mouth and I knew he was ready. The surge rose from my balls and up my shaft, and then I was flung over the edge.

“Matty!” I cried as my cum spurted, a tremendous blast directly to the back of his throat. I felt his tongue and throat muscles working to handle the spray, channeling it back and down his hungry gullet. I shot again, much less fiercely, and again my boy swallowed eagerly. He rode me down from my amazing peak, holding my cock in his mouth for half a minute more until I fell back, spent.

“Holy cow!” Mike exclaimed, apparently his favorite phrase.

Matty got to his knees on the bed and motioned Mike closer. Mike looked confused, but he approached and didn’t resist when Matty pulled him into an embrace and planted a kiss on his lips. Mike suddenly reacted in surprise, but then relaxed and allowed Matty to kiss him for another several seconds.

When they broke apart Mike licked his lips and said, “I see what you mean. It’s not exactly candy, but it doesn’t taste that awful.”

I laughed between my gasps for air as I realized that Matty had passed a bit of my semen to Mike. Uncle Jackie should send Matty a thank you note for the gift my boy had just given him.

Jason turned to Mike and eagerly asked, “Are you ready?”

“Boy, am I ever!” Mike replied, and I think I was the only one in the room not massively erect.

“I don’t know exactly what to do,” Jason admitted.

Matty spoke up, the born leader that he was. “Why don’t you just start with a regular blow job? You both like that, and then when you’re ready you can just move down to his balls, then roll his legs up and lick behind his balls, and then move to his butt hole. Just do what you want to do as you go along, because believe me, Jason, you’re going to want to.”

Jason licked his lips in anticipation, then took Mike’s hand and guided him to the free space at the end of the bed. I saw the look that they shared and remembered the identical hand-holding gesture as they retired to the bathroom. It suddenly struck me that these two were a little sweet on each other, and it made me happy, especially given the blowup they’d had right at the beginning.

I’ve always been a sucker for young love.

We watched as Jason settled in for his usual gleeful cock sucking. Matty and Jeremy flanked me at the headboard, and I kissed them on the forehead each in turn and then took their sturdy young cocks into my two hands, stroking them slowly and gently.

Mike was tremendously turned on judging by the tension in his body, the rosy flush on his cheeks, and the way he stroked Jason’s soft brown hair.

After several minutes he said, “Do my balls now,” and I suspected it was less about wanting his balls sucked than starting Jason moving in an anal direction. He reacted in heightened pleasure, though, when Jason slurped those two small eggs fully into his mouth, so maybe Mike really was into ball-sucking. Jason stroked Mike’s short, thin boner while he nursed on the little scrotum and the boy lay back and enjoyed.

“This is so fun,” Jeremy said to me and Matty. “Thanks for letting me play with you.”

“We like playing with you too, Jeremy,” Matty said. “Is there anything you want me or Adam to do for you?”

“This is nice for right now,” he said. “Let’s just watch those guys and let Adam play with our dicks. It’s really sexy!”

I had to agree. Jason had Mike’s knees up to his chest by then and was fastidiously tongue-washing his perineum. He seemed to like this part of his little friend even more than the balls, perhaps because he was getting closer and closer to the ultimate decadence. Mike was making faces and moaning in delight, sometimes giggling as Jason’s slick tongue tickled him, and muttering soft encouragement to the boy who was giving him new and previously unimagined pleasure. Every once in a while Jason moved his head just enough for me to see the tiny, rosy pink asshole that was about to be invaded for the very first time, and I, for one, was thrilled. It was open and ready, and I found myself getting impatient for Jason to finally take the plunge.

“Oh, Jason! Come on!” Mike pleaded, as if reading my mind. “Please, baby, please!”

It was not lost on any of us that Mike used the word baby, least of all Jason. I sensed happiness swell within him, and immediately he thrust his stiffened tongue into Mike’s virgin hole.

“Oh my God!” Mike cried. “Oh yes, Jason! That’s it! That’s it! Oh, right up inside!”

Jeremy’s cock throbbed in my hand, and his breath came heavy. “Lick it, Jason!” he urged. “Lick that butt hole!”

I shared a look with Matty, who made a quizzical face as if to say, Who knew Jeremy would turn out to be such a horn dog? I steadily stroked the long slim erection and turned back to the show, and then got an idea.

“Turn this way, Jeremy,” I said, “On your side. Can you see the boys well?”

“Yes, Adam,” he said, confused but doing as I asked.

“OK, put your top leg forward.”

He did, still having no clue. I got behind him, pulled his cheeks wide and nosed into his butt crack. Before he could finish saying, “What the hell?” I had my tongue flicking and swirling around his tight young anus.

“Hey!” he cried, his strong ass clenching at the contact. His hole closed like the water-tight hatch on a submarine, and there was no way I was getting in. It was fun trying, though, and it was a good sign that he didn’t scramble away, but allowed me to keep poking my tongue at his back door.

“Let him do it, Jeremy,” Matty urged. “It’ll be the best, weirdest thing you ever felt.”

Slowly, millimeter by millimeter, Jeremy let his sphincter relax. Gently I licked around and around, punctuated by little flicks across his tender opening. After the tip of my tongue penetrated the tiniest bit inside he clenched again, but I paused and waited for him to regain control and presently the tension in his strong muscle began to ebb.

“Let it in, Jeremy,” little Mike urged from the other end of the bed, his tone of voice revealing the sublime effect Jason’s tongue was having on his most private flesh. “It’s really great if you just relax. Look into my eyes and let’s feel it together.”

Almost instantly Jeremy’s hole began to loosen, and soon he sighed in pleasure as he opened for me all the way. My tongue went in further and further and I felt a couple of subtle tremors in his gut and legs. Soon both boys were moaning almost in unison as they reveled in their simultaneous anal stimulation. Mike’s voice was incredibly sexy to me as he encouraged his lover.

“That’s it, Jason,” he murmured. “Oh yeah, yeah. Right there! Flick it right there!”

A sizeable shudder went through Jeremy as one of two things happened, either I hit a particularly responsive spot or he reacted to little Mike’s thrill.

“Oh, Jason!” Mike exclaimed. “Suck my dick now! Hurry!”

I heard Mike’s feet thump back onto the bed as they took their new position, and then his ecstatic, high-pitched squeal. I could imagine Jason throwing himself onto that beautiful, stiff little morsel, and Mike gripping Jason’s head tight to him like a vise. The vision prompted me to probe my tongue even deeper into Jeremy, and the lanky boy opened himself fully to take it in.

My tongue was just starting to tire when Jeremy moaned deeply and I felt three rapid tremors course through him.

“Oh, shit, Adam!” the boy groaned as his body tensed and released. I’d have to call it the Shudders rather than a full-fledged cum, but whatever it was he sure seemed to enjoy it.

In a moment Mike gave a deep sigh and settled back onto the bed, apparently done with whatever his little body was capable of, and Jason sensed it and reluctantly released the stiff, crimson pole he had enjoyed so much.

“Oh nuts!” Matty exclaimed from behind me. “It’s four-fifteen already!”

“I’ve got to be home by five or my Mom will kill me!” Jeremy said.

“Me too,” said Jason. “I can’t believe the whole afternoon is gone already.”

“Don’t worry, you guys,” I said. “We have plenty of time. Now whoever has lube or cum or anything on them better wash up, and let’s all get dressed.”

I dropped Jeremy and Jason first, as they lived close together. On the last part of the ride Mike and Matty giggled like girls as they went over the day’s events. Half a block from home Mike leaned in and gave Matty a nice, happy kiss, and said, “Thanks a million, Matty. That was the best pool party ever!”

Next time:

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