A Winter’s Tale

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Six weeks after their wedding, Ken and Laura arrived in Killington, Vermont. Ken in his early 30s loved skiing and Laura 25 was smitten by everything Ken did. They arrived late in the evening at Burlington International Airport and battled the snow to reach the ski resort. Immediately after checking in, the couple stepped into the outdoor hot spa.

She braved the cold with her two-piece bikini and entered the hot tub jacuzzi. The force of the water literally bounced her light body around, popping her breasts loose. Ken held onto her to stabilize her. She was embarrassed as an older man was sitting in far corner of the hot tub, smiling as he enjoyed the view.

Ken led the conversation. “Hi, I am Ken and this is my new bride, Laura.” Laura was still clutching her bikini top to her breasts. She smiled.

“I am Jim. I am here with my wife too. Only she decided to retire early.”

“We just got here. The drive from Burlington was treacherous. But glad we made it.”

“I hear that there is going to be more snow later tonight. The resort is taking steps to build tents along the ski trails, in the event the skiers are stuck in snow tomorrow.” Jim continued to look at Laura as he spoke.

“I can’t wait to get out there”, Ken turned to his wife as he held her from behind, running his hands down under the water to her bikini line. Jim excused himself to give the couple their privacy. He saw Ken’s hands move in between her legs as he stepped out.

“Good night, love birds.” He wrapped himself with robes and walked back to his room.

Ken’s fingers played magic on her pussy. She was ready for some loving. The couple kissed passionately. She felt his cock against her. She gripped him through his shorts. They knew it was time to into bed.

Minutes later, she was on the bed naked, on her back, legs raised onto Ken’s shoulders. His hands were on her breasts, pulling at her nipples, and his cock rubbing her entrance. They had fucked so many times before, but this is the first time he was teasing to enter her.

His hands left her nipples and covered her mouth as he pushed in. She was a screamer and he had to silence her as the resort cabin walls were thin. The bed shook violently as his cock pounded her stretched pussy. She was struggling to keep her moans and screams down. Ken handed her a pillow to bite into and muffle her voice, as his cock pressed into her.

She held on, trying to meet his humping with her own hip raises from below. She wanted more. Ken was on the edge, she sensed he was going to cum and tried to slow him down. His expressions changed and she felt his hot semen fill her up. He continued to push into her but could not keep his cock hard enough for her to Cum too.

He laid on her body, his head next to hers, whispering into her ears, “Sorry baby, I came a little too quick again.” She embraced him, “It’s fine. You are tired too.” He kissed her on her cheeks and she cuddled to him. He was already snoring softly in her ears. She closed her eyes “hmmm, this is one more time he left me wanting.”

Early next morning, she woke up to the alarm at 8:00 am. Ken was gone, so were his skis. She saw a note pinned to the wooden shelf “Will be gone for most of the day. Don’t wait up for me. See you for dinner.”

She freshened up and went down for breakfast. She sat by the glassed window overlooking the white mountain range. The snow fall continued and there was good pile up. She looked out as she enjoyed her hot chocolate.

“They are expecting more snow, probably a foot more.”

She turned to see Jim sitting at the table in front of her. She looked around for his wife.

“Good Morning.” He smiled.

She nodded. He asked Onwin her if he could join her. She reluctantly agreed. He rose to his feet, standing 6’4″ tall, grey haired with facial hair, well-built about 200 lbs., and a large frame as he walked to her table.

“Jane is running a temperature. She just turned 50 and wanted to spend it here, the place we came for our honeymoon 25 years back. “

“Oh! how nice. Congratulations!”

“Yeah too bad she is not well.”

He was staring at her. A man twice her age was making her feel uncomfortable. He sipped his coffee and he checked her body out. There was an awkward silence between them.

“You are a beautiful girl. Ken is fortunate.”

She smiled, “Thank you.” She held the cup close to her chest.

“I heard you two last night. That was some loving.”

Laura’s eyes popped with what she heard. She almost split the hot chocolate on herself.

“Reminded me of Jane and me.”

She laughed nervously. He was adjusting his crotch as he crossed his legs to hide his bulge.

The restaurant was closing for breakfast and the cleaning staff were getting ready to prepare for lunch.

Laura finished her hot chocolate. Jim left his coffee on the table. He stood up as she did. His trousers bulged out his erection. Laura’s eyes were transfixed on his package.

As she passed him, he bent down and softly mouthed” I have been thinking of you since last night.” She looked at him and felt a strange sense of ease and comfort. His rough manly hands touched her slender body, “Nobody but us will know.” His fingers moved up to trace her sports bra.

Laura looked around. They were alone. The other guests were out. Her eyes caught his bulge again. She felt her left nipple being stroked over her top. She sighed.

“Not here. I know a place we can be together and no one else will be there.”

She listened to him give her directions at the same time felt his hands on her ass. She nodded as he went over the directions again. He was squeezing and kneading her ass as he completed the instructions.

She saw him walk away. She quickly went to her room and got into comfortable clothes, getting rid of her sports bra and long underwear. She was wet with excitement. She moved quick. She reached the spot that she was directed to.

It was a large wooden door. She pushed it open gently. The door opened with a creaking noise. She stepped into the room, and the door closed in behind her. The room was dark with the exception of a central wood burning fireplace.

Jim was on the couch next to the fireplace. On the coffee table nearby, there were two glasses and a bottle of red wine. He gestured her to come sit on the couch.

“This room is a Manager’s special. I know them well here. They promised we won’t be interrupted by anyone.”

He handed her a glass of red. There was warmth in the air. The wood cracked in the raging fireplace. He moved closer and lifted her and placed her on his thighs. She was nervous. He was a confident of himself and look very self-assured. He unbuttoned her top and his warm large hands cupped her breasts.

She saw him at work. Her top was open and on the floor in no time. Her C cups were firm, her nipples erect. His hands were tugging at her pants. She felt his fingers press her camel toe shaped cunt lips. She was dripping wet. He took his fingers and put them in his mouth; making a sucking sound.

She knew she wanted it. She slid of his thighs and dropped her pants, exposing her full body to him. He pulled her close and buried his head in between her legs. Her moan was loud. She did not care. Nor did Jim.

His tongue lashed onto her juicy lips. She Onwin giriş was out of controls. She held his head into her. She jerked forward, falling closer to the fireplace. Her body was shaking, her pussy grinding his face, squirting herself on his face. She held him here. Jim did not mind it.

Few minute later, she looked down. She messed up Jim’s hair; his beard and mustache were wet with her juices. She slowly sat back on the couch. She sat silent. Jim poured her another glass of wine. As she took the glass from him, his hands reached to touch her cunt again.

She gulped down the wine, trying to anticipate his next move. His fingers found her clit and he was rubbing it slow and steadily. She was wet and ready again. He sat back and unzipped his pants. He took her right hand and slid it into his pants, through his unbuttoned boxers. She felt a thick hard wood. She slowly pulled it out and exclaimed ‘OH MY GOD!”

“Yes, he did give it to me. I am blessed.”

In the dark room, by the crackling fireplace she was staring at an 8 incher, almost 2 inches thick uncut cock. He pulled her closer and made her sit on him, with her legs on either side of his pelvis. He put his mouth on her nipple and his cock teased her wet entrance.

“Don’t hurt me with it.”

“I’ll let you glide it in at your pace.”

She reached down to feel him. Her fingers held his cock’s head and she slowly descended. She was tight, the cock moved into her. She was holding her screams back. Jim moved his hips up to push into her wet lips. She moved her hips down and his length was inching itself deep in her. She finally felt his pubic hair and his pants caressing her cunt.

“Ride me at your own pace.”

She did. She held onto his shoulders and rode him. Her pussy worked on him slow, her cunt lips holding him tight and her ass bouncing on him. Her nipple was in his mouth. He sucked on. She wondered, “Is he fucking me, or am I him?” The sexercise continued for the next ten minutes. The inexperienced bride was Cumming again. He was not. Her screams increased; her fingers held onto his frame as she creamed once more.

His cock was rock hard; pounding deep in her. He kissed her for the first time on her lips. His facial hair tickled her mouth. He whispered “Hold onto me”. She obeyed. He rose to his feet. His cock in her, his pants fell to his ankles. He stepped out of them and she felt his hands under her ass. He lifted her ass and brought it down, his cock moved in and out every so slightly. She grunted into his ears. He fucked her standing up and she enjoyed his dominance.

Her legs around his back, he played her like his toy. The room was filled with their heavy breaths, moans, and grunts. Their chests pressed against each other. She wanted more. His cock was doing deeper with each thrust.

“I am Cumming again. Don’t Stop, Don’t Stop.” He was a strong man and she loved his control. She did not feel this way with Ken. She was breathing heavily; her cunt was oozing. The lovers could smell her cream. She was dripping down his hairy balls.

She giggled like a school girl virgin. “Put me down, put me down.” He smiled. She landed on the couch on her ass, her knees were weak, and she was shaking.

“Oh My God. Oh My God.”

Jim dropped his clothes to the floor. He stood naked in front of her. His pubic hair was long and grey extending down to his balls. His erection looked menacing. He dipped his wood into the wine glass.

“Here have some cabernet.” She laughed and opened her mouth, sticking her tongue out. He placed his head on her tongue and she drew him in, slurping the wine of his cock. He stood there as she bopped her head on his cock, taking it as much as she could. She choked and coughed as she took him, but was up to the challenge to deep throat him. Soon his hairy balls were dangling by her chin. She continued to work him. Saliva dripping down her face onto the floor.

Jim was on the edge. He tapped her face and slowly pulled out his wet hard meat from her mouth. He asked her to turn around and raise her ass on the couch. She did and faced the fireplace. She felt his big rough fingers tap her wet cunt. Then they held her hips and his cock found its spot deep in her. In move he plugged her tight hole. She was first in pain and then the pleasure took over. She reached for her clit and rubbed herself as he banged her from behind.

The couch shook. The ‘Thud’ and ‘Thump’ noises were musical along with her vocals. He was Cumming.

“Here it Cums” he grunted. Then he gripped her hips hard, she was being humped like a doll. He was in control. His cock slammed into her full length with each hump. He pulled the entire length to its head out of her cunt and then pushed it right back in again. She squealed aloud and got louder. Jim’s ass tightened. He shot his Cum into her, flooding her tight hole. It seems never ending.

She looked at the fire with moist eyes. She realized that just had her third orgasm. Jim’s cock began to softly, but it was still hard in her wet hole. He slowly pulled out and sat next to her. She turned to him and cuddled to him.

“I’ve never been done like this. You are a gifted man.”

“You are kind. I really enjoyed this.”

The fire in the fireplace started to die out. Jim watched her dress up and then sit next to him. He pulled her close to his naked body; placing his hand on her head lowered her face to his cock “Can you work on me a bit longer?” She did not resist. Her mouth swallowed his penis and took it in.

The fire faded. The room was dark. Laura continued to suck him. He just sat there enjoying her warm mouth. She cleaned out his cock of her juices and then reached for his underwear to wipe it clean. “There! no one will suspect that you plundered my pussy.”

They laughed together. Jim put on his clothes and lead her through the dark room. Opening the door, they found it was almost evening. They missed lunch but enjoyed that they feasted on each other. Laura, weak in her legs, limped to her room as she saw Jim walk like a drill Sargent to his room,

She entered her room and fell flat on the bed. Few minutes later, Ken walked in with his Skis. “Darling, today is the best day of my life.” He bent down to kiss her. “I have to shower. Let’s do dinner after.” As he headed to the bathroom, she thought to herself, “Today is the best day of my life too.”

At dinner time, Ken talked about his day on the slopes. Laura was looking for her lover. Just when they were finishing their desserts. She saw Jim and another elder woman walk hand-in-hand into the restaurant. Jim was a gentleman; he held the chair for his wife. As he sat down, his eyes met Laura’s. He smiled and gave her a soft wave.

Laura and Ken passed by the older couple. Jim stood up to greet them.

“This is my wife, Jane. Jane, this is Ken and Laura.”

After the initial exchange, Jim disclosed “It was a pleasure meeting you two, unfortunately we are heading out tomorrow morning. Jane needs to be back home in bed and under medication.”

Laura was visibly upset but controlled herself. “Oh! too bad. Anything we can do to help.” Ken was too preoccupied, he walked away to the room as Laura stayed to say her final goodbyes. Jane looked at her and smiled, “I understand that you kept Jim company today. Thank you. He is such a lovely husband. I am glad he found some time with you.”

Laura looked at Jim with a “Does she know look?”. He nodded positively. They smiled together. Laura walked back to her room and thought,” Back to my hubby.”

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