A Surprise Laundromat Encounter

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I felt my pants getting tight as I watched her bend to toss her clothes in the washer. She was wearing a pair of short nylon shorts, so every time she did so they would ride up her legs, pressing tight against the bottom of her ass.

I’d only seen girls around my own age, 18, wearing shorts like that, and then only during gym, but she looked to be a good deal older, maybe her late 20s or early 30s. I looked at what kind of clothes she was tossing into the washer and caught a glimpse of a tiny shirt.

She was a mom, then. A pretty hot mom. I suppose a MILF, then, based on my still hardening cock.

I took a quick glimpse around and confirmed that the rest of the laundromat was empty, then went back to looking at her legs and ass. She had started at a washer almost directly across from me, which was about a dozen feet from the bench I was sitting on, so in my mind I assumed she had picked it on purpose and wanted me to watch her. I honestly hadn’t been paying too much attention when she had walked in, looking instead at the magazine that I now looked over, so I couldn’t say for sure. But why not start at the other end?

I moved my eyes up from her ankles to her thighs, then again to her ass. Out of the corner of my eye I then noticed that she had stopped loading the washer and had turned her head towards me.

My eyes flew down to the print on the magazine, even though I couldn’t read a single blurry word, and could feel my whole face getting warm and red.

Was she frowning when she was looking at me? Angry? No matter how hard I tried to recall the expression on her face I just couldn’t dredge anything up.

I heard her move, shut the washer, and start loading another, but dared not raise my eyes from the magazine. My pants started feeling looser and looser as my penis started shriveling up. I’d have to wait and see exactly what would come from my indiscretion.

My mind snapped to reality when I caught something out of the corner of my eye. I kept my eyes planted on the magazine. Two fingers, feminine, were placed on the top of the magazine and pulled it away from me.

I let the magazine tilt and looked up at the woman from before.

She was looking at the magazine, but I dare not move my eyes from üsküdar escort her face. After a moment she smiled and looked at me.

“Did you find what you were looking for?”

“Excuse me?”

She nodded towards the magazine in my hands. “In the picture. Did you find what you were looking for?”

I looked down, realizing that the open pages contained a full page image and the other a full page ad.

“You’ve been looking at those same pages for the last couple of minutes, so I assumed something caught your eye.”

Surprisingly, I felt my face getting red once again. I opened my mouth to say something, but nothing would come out, so I closed it.

After a moment she spoke. “Or, perhaps something else caught your eye?”

I looked over at her, not sitting on the bench to my right, and she winked. “Thanks. I wasn’t sure I still had it in me.”

I swallowed. “Wasn’t sure you had what in you?”

“The ability to turn a young man’s head.”

She could tell it wasn’t sinking in, so she clarified.

“I noticed you were staring at me earlier.”

I looked down. “Sorry about that.”

“That’s okay.”

I looked up. “Uh … it is?”

Her smile grew. “Sure.” She moved to the edge of the bench and leaned back, pushing out her chest slightly as she did so. “After …”

A buzz sounded from one of my washers. After a few seconds, the other sounded.

She smiled and nodded towards the washers. I swallowed and stood. I grimaced slightly as I did so, as my erection had started to come back. After a moment I was walking like normal. I emptied my wash, then moved over towards the dryers, throwing my clothes in.

I made my way back over to the benches and noticed that she was now sitting on the bench I had been at. I turned, looking at the washers that were still running to confirm that she had in fact moved, and must have stopped while I did so.

“Is it okay if I sit and talk with you?”

I turned back towards the woman, who had once again reclined back as she was before. Without realizing it I started moving my eyes down her body before catching myself and looking back at her face.

She smiled. “It’s okay.”

I yenibosna escort swallowed and let my eyes crawl down her body as I slowly walked towards the bench.

Her t-shirt looked to be at least one size too small, as it hugged her chest in all the right places. Above each of her breasts I could see her tits poking against the material of her shirt. No bra?

I licked my lips.

Having slid forward on the bench her shorts were drawn tight against the front of her body. As I looked down she moved her feet, giving me a better view of the material between her legs, which was drawn tight above her pussy.

I sat on the bench and turned slightly towards her.

She smiled. “Do you like what you see?”

I knew my words wouldn’t come out, so I simply nodded.

Her smile once again grew broader. After a moment she leaned forward and put her left hand on my right knee. “As I was saying, after a woman has a child she often fears that she’s lost her sex appeal.” Her hand moved half way up my leg. “So it’s nice when a man gives her a compliment.”

I cleared my throat. “You look really great.”

She laughed, then moved her hand further up my leg until it was resting on my hard cock. “Thanks, but you already complimented me when you stared at my body.”

I took that as my cue to go back to looking at her body.

From closer up her chest looked even better than before. I swallowed as I debated reaching out and touching the breast and tit closest to me. Seemingly reading my mind, she started moving her hand up and down my pant leg, rubbing my completely hard cock as she did so.

I reached out, but then paused, and instead of reaching towards her breast, moved instead towards the bottom of her shirt. As she continued to rub my cock I slid my hand over her stomach, then under her t-shirt and up towards her breasts.

She exhaled as I slide my hand under her shirt, then moaned slightly as my hand reached her chest. Her shirt definitely was too small, as I had a difficult time sliding my hand over her breast. I was able to do so, however, and slide until I had her hard tit between pointer and middle fingers. I clamped down and heard her zeytinburnu escort moan again.

Her hand, meanwhile, had started closing around my cock, focusing its efforts around the head. I could feel the pre-cum on my boxers as she worked her hand methodically.

I looked at her face and noticed a look at content. Not happy with that, and wanting to touch her pussy, I moved my left hand down and out of her shirt while I moved my right hand under and up it. My right hand now on her breast I slid my left down the front of her shorts, over her cotton panties.

She made a wonderful “mmm” sound as my hand reached her pussy, my fingers pushing against its lips. I leaned forward to kiss her but she turned and I instead planted my lips on her cheek. I didn’t care though, as I kissed her cheek again and again as one of my hands rubbed her breast and the other her pussy.

I grunted as I felt my lower body jump a bit. I moved my fingers, pushing aside the cotton covering her pussy, but before I could push a finger into her her free hand wrapped itself around my wrist.


My hands stopped as I looked at her, but her’s kept rubbing up and down my leg. “Just not that, please.”

I swallowed and nodded, then moved the cotton back into place.

Before I could start back up I heard one of my dryers buzz as it stopped. I pretended to ignore it, but as the second dryer buzzed her hand moved from my leg. “You should go get those.”

I squeezed her breast one more time before sliding my hand down her body and out of her shirt, my other hand too sliding out from under her shorts.

I walked quickly to my dryers. My clothes were still wet, as I knew they would be, but you never knew with these dryers just how well they’d work. I put more quarters in each, but before I could turn around heard the door of the laundromat opening. As I turned I saw a woman enter with a child in tow.

I looked over towards the benches but my woman had moved back to her own bench, and was sitting straight. It was over then, unless this new group got in and out.

Sadly, that was not how it was to be. Her wash loaded, she and the child took another bench, or at least until he got up and started running about. I tried to make eye contact with mine but she wouldn’t look at me. So instead I stared at her as sneakingly as I could, so as not to draw the attention of the other woman.

Her wash finished, and still she didn’t look at me, so when my dryers finally finished I slowly packed them up, and went home.

I continued to go to that laundromat, but never saw that woman again.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32