A Mother Confesses Pt. 04

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These next couple of chapters I’m going to tell you the more sordid of the stories I’ve had over the years. My sexual relationships with my two children never dwindled over the years. It was good to have two lovers I could always rely on; the taboo nature always a huge turn on for all three of us and it was our little family secret. It stayed like that until one late autumn evening and my daughter gave me an absolute treat.

It started when she came home one evening with a huge beaming smile on her face. I remember it clearly, she looked beautiful when she smiled like that. She was dressed in her work clothes, a white blouse and a black pencil skirt that hugged her waist. She’d left a couple of the buttons of the blouse undone – showing her cleavage and leaving a hint of the lacy white bra underneath – and as usual, she looked stunning. I am very lucky to have a daughter that her!

She informed me that she was taking me away for a few nights to a very fancy hotel and that she had “left something for me to wear for the first evening.” To say I was intrigued was an understatement and there was something in her voice that sent shivers down my side, I had started to feel very horny. I could read her like a book and I knew there was a sexy side to the whole thing.

The hotel wasn’t too far away. It was a big spa hotel a few towns away that we’d stayed in before but this time she’d booked us the honeymoon suite. I walked in to find a king-sized bed that had white Egyptian cotton bed sheets on. There was a private ensuite bathroom with a hot tub big enough for 5 or 6 and a massive walk-in shower. It was very posh and fancy, I couldn’t thank her enough. There was a sitting room with a table inside just off the main room that we skirted past quickly. Alex told me that this was a weekend just for my pleasure and that I deserved it for everything I’d done for her. She led me into the bedroom and kissed me. The taste of her lips against mine felt hot and I felt a tingling sensation all around my body. She motioned to the packet on the bed and told me to wear it.

Inside the packet was a light blue silk negligee. It was beautiful and was gorgeous to touch. It had spaghetti straps and there was lace detail all around it. I stripped off and put it on, whilst Alex tidied my clothes away. There was no matching underwear for it, so I was naked underneath. I love the feel of silk against my ass and this was the same. The lace detail showed my breasts leaving nothing to the imagination. I felt a million dollars and sat on the bed as Alex instructed.

Alex got changed too into her pajamas. She wore a black see-through babydoll nightie with matching panties. It fastened at the top but opened up towards the bottom, revealing everything underneath. She looked extremely sexy and I could feel myself getting wet looking at her. (I’m getting wet now just writing my memoirs!). She had a cute but wicked smile as she came over to kiss me. This was then she whispered in my ear that she loved me and to enjoy my present. She got up and disappeared into the adjoining room in the suite.

In walked a young blonde girl, who must have only been nineteen or twenty. She was introduced as Daisie. She was short, with perky little breasts and her blonde hair fell cutely around her face. She was dressed in a floral satin robe that hung open revealing a matching cami top and short set – in the same floral pattern. My word, she was so cute and sexy. She came over and joined me on the bed.

Alex disappeared again briefly and introduced another girl around the same age! I was in heaven. The new lady was Emily. She was dark-skinned with black curly hair that sat on her head. She wore a white cotton nightie that flowed around her curves. It was sleeveless and you could see the silhouette of her shape through the material as she walked. Like Daisie, she sat beside me on the bed. I could feel their hands around me or on my leg as Alex disappeared again! She came back in and told me there was one more.

In walked her closest friend, Cora. My jaw dropped. She wore a long silk nightgown. It had a slit up the side so you could see her legs when she walked. The back was completely clear bar a two straps that started just above her ass and went up over her shoulders and met the lace detail around her huge breasts. She looked stunning, I couldn’t believe my luck. I knew she was very sexually open, I’d heard the stories from Alex about the pair and we’d always enjoyed flirting whenever around each other but I never once thought I’d get the opportunity. She walked over to the bed with Alex as Daisie and Emily pulled me further onto the bed. Alex came behind and Cora in front. All 4 of them had started to rub their hands over me as Cora kissed me first.

Her tongue went deep into mine and I could taste her lips. I felt shivers down my spine. My neck was being kissed, my ears nibbled and I could feel hands all over my body; rubbing my back, my legs. I felt someone start to kiss my thighs as I continued to deep kiss Cora. I was on the bed fully now and completely helpless. A pair of kilis seks hikayeleri hands, which I think were Daisie’s, reached down the top of my negligee and started to massage my breasts and playing with my nipples. I moaned in delight, my tongue still exploring Cora’s mouth. I found myself opening my legs as I continued to feel kisses all up my thigh. I was soaking wet. I don’t recall ever feeling so horny.

I felt a sweet kiss against my clit. Cora broke off the kiss and slid my negligee down my body to reveal my breasts. I moaned even louder than before. Daisie now pulled my face towards her and kissed me. Cora and Alex both were playing with my breasts and neck, I could feel them sucking on my nipples, each lick just heightening the pleasure. Emily had her head buried deep between my legs, her tongue on my clit going up and down. It felt amazing and I felt like I was in heaven. I could feel waves of pleasure throughout my body and I was soon twitching as I came; pushing Emily’s face deeper into my pussy as I exploded.

I was already sticky with sweat but I was only just getting started. I could tell from the grins on the girl’s faces that they were all expecting a turn. Who was I to say no? I beckoned Emily towards me. I felt it was her turn to kiss me. My tongue met hers and I wrapped my hands around her body to feel her ass and squeezed it. I carried on kissing her and continued to move my hands around, I could feel her nipples harden through the nightgown and slid one hand to play with them, whilst I slid the other hand down her nightgown, lifted it slightly and brought it to her wet pussy.

I slid two fingers inside and it was her turn to give a loud moan, as much as you can when you’re being kissed with your lover’s tongue meeting yours. I started to move my fingers up and down. I saw Daisie move over towards us, shrugging her robe off before it got in the way. She came over and licked Emily’s pussy, with my fingers deep inside her. This was too much for Emily to bear and we felt her body quiver as her orgasm flowed through her. Her white cotton nightie was now soaked with sweat and pussy juice. I peeled it off her, before turning towards Cora.

Cora was ready for me. She was lying at the top of the bed, her legs tucked together. I slowly made my way towards her and climbed on top of her, working my hands all over her body. It felt amazing underneath all that silk. I gave her another kiss, before kissing her neck. I moved my position slightly so I could roll her onto her front. I then kissed her exposed back and undid the shoulder straps. Cora then sat up so I could wriggle the nightgown down her body exposing her breasts. They were so pert with nipples that begged to be touched. I buried my face deep inside them before sucking on her nipples and caressing them.

Cora moaned and groaned and allowed me to wriggle the nightgown down further until she was completely naked. She looked stunning with a neatly trimmed bush. I pushed her back onto the bed and licked her clit, her pussy was gleaming. Daisie came over to kiss her and I saw Emily massage her breasts. Alex had a different mind and was lightly playing with my breasts. Fucking hell it felt good! I carried on sucking at her clit and Cora couldn’t do anything but cum. Twice in quick succession. She was a greedy girl!

By this time I could see Daisie and Alex begging for some attention. Well, my daughter could wait! Daisie was still in her matching Cami and Short set and I could see how wet she was. I kissed her again and slid my hand down her shorts. I could tell how trimmed her pubes were as I slid down and slipped my fingers inside her. Daisie gave a loud moan in delight. I could see Cora and Emily start to kiss each other and play with each other’s bodies. It seemed that once I had stripped them naked, they were fair game for everyone. No wonder she was begging to be next!

I carried on kissing her, sliding my fingers in and out. She was absolutely soaking wet, giving loud groans with every movement of my finger. It wasn’t long before she was cumming. The poor girl must have already been on the edge. Her body tightened and she gripped her hands around my body as came; her pussy juices exploding over my fingers. I gave a grin and helped the girl out of her cami top and pulled her shorts off. I moved across the bed, to where Alex was lying waiting for me.

She lay with her babydoll only held together by a clasp by her breasts. I ripped it open and immediately sucked on her nipples. I knew Alex. I knew what to do. I could feel her body react to each time I sucked; her smile said it all. I moved down her body and pulled her panties clean off, and moved her legs apart. Her pussy was gleaming. She was extremely wet already and I couldn’t wait to taste her. As I put my down, I felt a hand run along my ass, and I felt someone slide her finger inside my pussy.

The hand continued to finger fuck me as I licked my daughter’s pussy. It was Cora. Emily had now started to kiss Daisie. All over the bed was naked flesh pressed against each other and we were all getting loud. I felt sorry for anyone in the room next to us. Alex started to cum and I tasted every drop of her – it felt amazing and she always tasted like perfection. The second she finished someone pulled my face towards them and kissed me. I could feel someone’s breasts in one of my hands and I knew someone was licking me out so forcefully I wasn’t going to last long. I knew this was happening to everyone, no-one caring who was touching them, or who they were touching.

All you could hear was the sound of girls cumming over and over again. I lost count of the amount, my body starting to feel weak. Alex then suggested one final thing and pushed Emily down into a daisy chain position. Emily grabbed Cora who in turn grabbed me. I smiled and beckoned Daisie towards me and buried my face deep into her pussy. I felt the pleasure throughout me because as Cora thrust her tongue inside me I could feel Daisie moving involuntarily with what I was going. This was one of the hottest things I’d ever done I can tell you! I’m not entirely sure who was the first to cum, but it exploded all down the chain. Mine was huge, my legs twitched and curled up and I screamed the house down. All I could do afterward was lie in a heap on the bed.

It was shortly afterward I found out that Cora was going to stay the weekend but Daisie and Emily had to go. They both got dressed and said their goodbyes. Dasie wore a peach top with matching skirt and looked ever the sweet and innocent girl. Emily had a white blouse and blue jeans. I kissed them goodbye and soon went straight to sleep. I was naked, the satin sheets feeling soft and silky against my skin.

I awoke in the middle of the three. Alex had her arms around me, her head nestled against my chest. I still couldn’t believe what had happened the previous night and there was still a couple of days left that they’d planned. We discussed the upcoming day over breakfast. The maid that dropped the meal to our room, gave us all a very knowing grin as we sat around the table in our suite. Alex and I were in the complimentary robes and Cora had wrapped herself in one of the satin sheets off the bed. It was obvious what had gone on but the young girl didn’t say anything.

We were to spend the day going shopping, followed by dinner and drinks later on. Everything was already booked so the girls weren’t taking no for an answer. Who was I to argue anyway? I love shopping. In any case, we had a fun but uneventful day in the shops before it was back to the hotel room to get ready for the night. I’d bought myself a new outfit for the evening, it was a simple black knee-length cocktail dress; sleeveless and a plunging neckline. I even bought a tiny black thong to go with it, which I paired with one of my trusty black bras. Alex wore a maroon midi dress that showed off her legs. She wouldn’t let me see what was underneath though – I hoped it was something special!

Cora wore a very lacy shift style dress in navy blue. It didn’t leave anything to the imagination, which is the way she liked it. The dress was very short and she bent over for Alex and I, so we could get a glimpse of the matching panties underneath. Cora was one hell of a tease, she knew how to get the attention. The pair of them looked stunning and very sexy, I considered myself lucky to be going out with them.

The meal we had was fine in a posh restaurant and soon it was time to hit the cocktails and do some dancing. In the nightclubs, the flirting soon hit an all-time high. Cora loved the attention, off anyone and was soon dancing with men all around – kissing some of them and kissing some of the women too. It was very hot to see. Alex was doing the same, just not to the same extent. I found myself excited for them on how easy it was to pull.

I also got chatted up, I like to think you never lose it. I got invited back to the apartment of a couple of college kids which was tempting but I was more than happy with Alex and Cora. I was starting to get horny with all the attention and dragged the pair of them closer to me. I wanted a turn to dance with them. I slow danced with Alex, running my hands up and down her back and kissed her – my tongue finding hers. Cora came from behind, turned my head towards her too and kissed me herself. We continued in a similar fashion for a while, not caring who was watching before I could take no longer. I told them both to take me back to the hotel and fuck me hard.

We rushed back, barely being unable to keep our hands off each other in the taxi. Once we’d reached our suite they both pounced at me. Alex at the front with Cora behind me. I was stood up and they both crouched down, pulled down my thong and promptly sent me onto cloud nine. Alex started to lick my clit and Cora licked my asshole. I could feel both their heads pressing against me. I was in a mild state of shock, I didn’t know what to but moan and groan as I could feel the orgasm build up inside me. I came, still stood up in the hallway.

Cora led me into the bedroom and pulled my dress off over my head. Alex followed suit and produced from her suitcase a 7″ strap on. My eyes bulged, I did want to be fucked after all. She slowly stripped down to her lingerie; she had on a pair of crotchless panties and an open bra. She looked so sexy and I was wet with anticipation as she put the strap on. I leant forwards over the bed, Cora was lying there with her dress hitched up giving me room to lick her sweet pussy as my daughter eased her strap on deep inside me and holy fuck, it felt amazing. I needed to be filled, I needed her to fuck me hard.

Alex started to go quicker and quicker. I had to abandon all thoughts of Cora because I couldn’t concentrate on anything else but myself. In and Out. In and Out, Alex thrust harder and deeper every time putting me right on the edge. As I started to cum loudly Cora chose that moment to suck on my breasts, her tongue meeting my nipples greedily. That tipped me right over the edge and I squirted all over the bed, soaking the sheets.

In a daze, I ordered Alex to take the strap on off and give it to me. It felt weird looking down and seeing a solid erection but I wanted some fun too! Alex took Cora’s dress off her and told me she wanted to watch me fuck her friend. I went on top of her, kissed her and slid it inside her. She let out a soft moan as I started to fuck her. I went slowly at first to ease her in gently but ended up going harder and harder. Cora, it seems, really could cum quickly, often and loud. She was a dream to fuck.

I fucked her in a few different positions, I didn’t see why I couldn’t be greedy and try them all. I loved seeing her ride on top of me, her breasts bouncing up and down with every stroke. That was the favorite, it made it much easier for Alex to get involved too. She sat on my face and I sucked and licked her supple clit whilst her best and closest friend rode herself home to another orgasm. We lost count, but after the final time, Cora could take no more. She was now weak and my back was getting scratched to hell from when I was top. We both kissed her and she was soon fast asleep on the bed next to us.

I moved onto Alex then, pushing her onto her back. I wanted to look her in the eye. We kissed that was both loving and intense and played with her nipples. Her bra was open after all! She looked so gorgeous, it was hard to believe we were related. I felt lucky to both have her as a daughter and to have her a lover. I stayed on top as I moved the strap on cock into her pussy and she squealed in delight. I was fucking my daughter and looking her directly in the eye. The moment was hot and sweet. I could tell she was enjoying it and as I kept fucking her hard she came; her body shaking and she gripped me tightly. We then kissed, the most intimate kiss we’d ever had. We lay for a long time in each other’s arms just basking in the weekend we’d had. She went to sleep first with me stroking her back. By this time I’d taken the strap-on off, it had been a very nice surprise, I asked her if we could use it again – I knew the response in her grin.

We awoke the next morning to find the same girl as the previous day dropping our breakfast off. Alex and I made it up in time and if our robes didn’t give the game away when she looked over she saw Cora fast asleep on the bed – naked with her entire body on display. She spent some time looking over at Cora and I could tell she wasn’t judging. She acted flirtily, insisting she’ll be back personally later on with our evening meal if we wanted one.

Once Cora was awake we were to have a spa day. We had the full works, a deep full body massage, facials – I had my feet done too. This was followed up by a sauna together. We weren’t the only ones in there, so we had to make do with wearing our bikinis. A fun time was had by all though! For the final night, the two young pups were heading out to the hotel bar. I was too tired, I wanted a long soak in the bathtub with a couple of drinks so I asked room service to bring a bottle up.

As I was getting everything ready for the bath there was a knock on the door to drop off my prosecco. I was naked, so I slid my robe back on and opened the door – it was the girl from breakfast. She was an attractive girl, who looked in her early 20s with long dark hair and was wearing the company uniform. A yellow colored blouse and black skirt. She invited herself in and I was happy to oblige. She confessed that she knew what we’d been up to and wanted to make sure my final night was memorable too. She worked her way closer and closer before we kissed.

Who was I to resist? A lovely young woman throwing herself at me? She undid my robe as we made our way into the bedroom. it fell to the floor in a heap. She pushed me down and started to kiss my neck. She took her time as she worked her way all over my body taking great care with my nipples. Every kiss sent a tingle through me and as she sucked very hard on a nipple she pushed two fingers inside me. It was frantic and I came quickly. She then started to undo her blouse and threw it onto the floor, all the while still frantically kissing me. She was wearing a plain white bra which I took off her and buried myself into her very pert chest. Her nipples stood erect awaiting the slightest of touches.

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