A Massage for My Lady

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Big Dicks

Dedicated to Bess.


I see you lying on your stomach on top of a table, a robe concealing your ass. The rest of your body is free of clothing. I can see your delicious breasts being squeezed by the table. I feel a stirring in my pants that I massage as I move towards you.

A soft light that is over us baths your body. I ask if you are ready. Not waiting for an answer, I pour cool lotion onto your back. The scent of jasmine and vanilla adds to the scent of sexual tension that wafts from both of us.

You gasp as the first drop touches your skin. I rub the lotion into your back, hearing you purr as your skin glisten.

“Lower,” you tell me.

I rub my slick hands lower and lower, until I reach your robe. Gently, I remove the robe. I rube more lotion onto your ass. This time, I hear a loud moan from you as I spread your legs, getting a glimpse of heaven.

I rub lower and lower, cupping the cheeks of your ass in each hand. Then, I make my way closer and closer, rubbing your inner thigh. You whimper, saying, “closer…closer.”

I move my hands closer to your heat. Your skin burns for my touch. As I slip a finger inside your ass, you sigh, moving your hips. My other hand gently, softly etiler escort rubs your clit.

I bring my tongue to take over, licking you, kissing you. From the corner of my eye, I see you lift your body a bit allowing you to pinch your nipples. Your hips are rocking as I take your clit in my mouth, lightly flicking it with my tongue as my finger goes in and out of your ass. All of sudden, you body clenches: your eyes are squeezed shut as you cum.

Your hips undulate as you ride your orgasm on my tongue. I feel your wetness dripping down my chin. I lick up your back and start kissing your neck. I stand up and turn you over, looking at your body, glistening with lust. Your eyes bore holes through mine with desire. You climb off the table and kneel before me taking my pants off. As you drag my pants down my legs, my cock strikes your chin. You gaze at it, licking your lips.

“Suck it,” I tell you.

You engulf my cock in one stroke. My head is thrown back as I feel your warm wet mouth around me, sucking and moving up and down on my shaft. I grab your head and start to fuck your face. You fondle my balls, trying to make me cum. But I have other eve gelen escort plans.

I pick you up, seeing the disappointment in your face.

“Patience,” I tell you, as I back you into a wall. I pick up one of your legs, and guide my cock into you. As I slide into you, your eyes roll to the back of your head and you whisper, “Yeah…fuck me!”

So I do.

I withdraw until only my head is in you, then ram it in, my balls bouncing against your ass. You wrap your arms around me and loudly moan each time I bang myself into you. Our bodies are slick with our sweat. You pick up the pace, rubbing your clit against me as I fuck you. You go faster and faster, getting louder and louder…

Then I feel it. I feel you cum as I am in you. Your lips find mine as you ride the crest of your second orgasm, our tongues intertwined. I feel the need to cum, but not yet.

I lead you to the table, where I bend you over, your ass facing me. You automatically spread your legs. You are so wet; your juices coat the inside of your thighs and make my clock glisten. I put my fingers inside your pussy, getting them wet. Then, I insert it into your ass, making fatih escort sure you are well lubricated for what I have in store next.

I put my cock slowly into your ass. I see you squeezing your nipples, your eyelids squeezed tight as I slide into your ass. Your hands caress my balls, as I let your ass get used to my cock.

“Yeah…fuck me,” I hear you moan, pushing your ass into me. I withdraw until only the head is in you. I slam my cock into you, pulling your hair. Your back arches and your ass grinds into me each time my cock is fully immersed.

Your fingers rub your clit. I grab you by your waist as I move in and out of you, picking up the tempo as our passion ignites, heating the room with our lust.

“Oh my god…I’m gonna cum again,” you yell.

You moan louder and louder until finally, at the peak, I feel you cum.

I withdraw my cock from you and put you onto your knees, facing me. Your hair is plastered to your head by our sweat.

“Are you ready for it,” I ask stroking my cock.

“Yeah, give it to me,” you say, breathlessly.

You are rubbing my balls with one hand, and grabbing my ass with the other.

“Oh god, so good…soo good,” I mumble.

Then, I feel it. I feel my balls squeeze, and I am cumming on you. I see you open your mouth, trying to catch as much as you can. As my orgasm subsides, your hand replaces mine and continues to stroke me, squeezing the last drops out into your mouth.

My legs are shaking as I kneel in front of you, massaging your breast and I say, “Ready for round two?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32