A Little Difference

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Johnny and Melissa have been married for over twenty years. When they met in their twenties the attraction was instantly mutual. After becoming friends, one date lead to another and they eventually became a couple.

They had their ups and downs over those many years, but for a while now everything has been great. Johnny works in construction and makes a good living, while Melissa stays at home and runs a small accounting business. They were happy and content, but with that complacency came predictability.

Their sex life had started out great. Young and in love, they explored whatever any one of them thought of. She was 5’3″, with large 38D tits that had big nipples. Her body was softly curvy with a nice round ass. He was 6′, 190 lbs. with a long smooth dick that she adored.

They had taken hours finding out what turned each other on, and enjoyed it thoroughly. With time and life, sex became less frequent and more of the same things over and over.

As she matured, Melissa’s desire had become a little less. Johnny slowed down himself for a while, but had become more and more anxious to have sex lately. The sex they had was still fun and fulfilling, but he wanted more and different. The topic was tough for him to broach though, so he never mentioned his desire for more.

He accepted that his fate may be the same sexual routine with his wife and leaving of his fantasies for masturbation.

One day a circumstance arose that gave Johnny some insight. It was purely random, but lead to a new approach. Melissa was going out of town for a few days, and was waiting for her ride to pick her up. Not having had sex in the past week, and faced with prospect of it being another four days until they would, Johnny moved into action.

He grabbed Melissa in the bedroom, laid her down on the bed, and through her questions and protests slid her pants down. bostancı escort He removed her panties then his own pants and underwear, and rubbed his dick at her entrance. As she said a few times that she needed to leave, and that her ride was coming, he assured her he would be quick.

After slipping inside her, he worked his hips slowly to get inside all the way, then used short quick strokes to get her used to him being in her. After just a couple of minutes he pulled out and rubbed the head of his dick on her clit. Rubbing it up and down he worked up speed until he felt her body tensing and heard her holding her breath. Soon she had a powerful orgasm, one of the strongest he had ever witnessed.

He then slipped back inside her and finished himself, turned on by how she reacted to his efforts. They quickly dressed just in time, and said good bye.

The thought of it made Johnny hard. Why did she cum so hard? How can he get that reaction again? He decided that it was better because it was different. They had not planned it, didn’t know it was going to happen, and reacted completely naturally. It was new for them. It was exciting.

The next thought Johnny had was simple. He would come home from work one day at lunch and ravish her again. He only worked about twenty minutes away from their house, but he never came home during the day. This would surprise her and hopefully make her cum as hard as she had a few weeks earlier.

He went to work like any other day. He always left well before she would wake up, but always kissed her good bye right before he left. He thought about his plan off and on a few times during the day, but work was busy and kept him occupied most of the morning.

About noon he left the job site. He drove home with a purpose and when he got home he parked in the driveway. He turned his phone on silent büyükçekmece escort and when inside.

Melissa was puzzled when she saw him, and asked him “What are you doing home?”

He looked at her and told her “I want you.” She looked at him and “What?”

He told her again, “I want you. I want make love to you right now.”

“You came home just to have sex? Really?”

“Yes, just to have sex and then I need to get back.”

He pulled her in close and kissed her, running his hands up and down her back. Reaching lower he squeezed her ass and kissed her harder. He then pulled away and led her to go to the bedroom. Once there he pulled her shirt over her head and grabbed her full, soft titties through her bra.

Kissing her some more he pulled her shirts and underwear off in one motion, and reached back for her tits. While he kissed her he unhooked her bra and then went to work on his own shirt. He laid her back on the bed and continued undressing himself, which took only a few seconds. Looking down on her naked body he felt full and alive, anxious to feel her warmth.

He got between her thighs and laid his hard dick on top of her mound while he leaned in and kissed her across her chest. He then leaned in and took one, then the other nipple in his mouth. Licking circles around them and pulling them in his mouth softly between his teeth. She was leaning back, eyes closed and enjoying herself completely. He stopped suddenly and slid down the bed.

Laying between her thighs he pushed her knees up and leaned in, kissing and licking the bottom of her opening. He kissed the sides of her pussy and licked her slow from bottom to top, avoiding her clit each time. Licking up one side then the other, his hands holding the back of her thighs with his thumbs squeezing her ass. Finally focusing on her clit, he çekmeköy escort licked around it, then softly on it. She moaned and rolled her head to the side, her hands squeezing her tits and her fingers squeezing her nipples. He licked her clit soft at first, then faster and more focused. His hands were rubbing the inside of her thighs, and his tongue pressing harder and moving faster.

Her back arched while her body tensed up. She was holding her breath when she came hard, her body pulsing with the waves of her orgasm while she moaned loudly and clenched her thighs. She reached down and pushed his head away as her clit became more and more sensitive.

Johnny was smiling slyly while moved up her body, putting himself in position to slide inside her. His hard dick found the entrance of her pussy and softly pressed and against her. He rubbed at her entrance, making her shudder when he rubbed on her clit.

Finally he slopes inside her and pushed his way in deep. He held it there for a moment, then moved his dick in short, deep strokes. As she got used to him being inside her pulled out further and quickened his pace. His mouth leaned in to find her nipples, sucking and pulling on them with his lips while his pace picked up inside her hot, sensitive pussy.

She always felt tighter and hotter and she had an orgasm, and today she was even more turned on, squeezing him and thrusting her hips back at him and his hard, pumping dick. He was fucking her hard and fast now, looking down her bouncing titties and ready to cum deep inside her.

She sent him over the edge when she said, sensing that he was close, “Pump it in me baby, cum for me.” He drove his final thrusts deep inside her, pumping his cum in her pussy. He shuddered as his last shot filled her and looked at her through half closed eyes.

He rolled over and caught his breath, thanking her and telling her how sexy she was. In just a minute he dressed, kissed her good bye, and went to work, leaving her naked and satisfied on the bed.

Doing things a little different had made things more exciting, and he soon started to plan other scenarios that he hoped would add that excitement to future encounters.

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