A Good Shag

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We were having a weekend break at a hotel in Llandudno the evening had been champion, we were all slightly, shall we say “happy”. Well fed, and with the obligatory few drinks under our pinnies, tongues started to loosen. This time the story was related by Pamela. One of our friends from south of the Thames in London, I will write it for you as she told it to us.


I had been having a bit of a hard time. Various reasons, hardly that important. My aunt Nora however decided I needed a holiday away from our Battersea home area. We hadn’t a lot of money, and aunty was treating me. I’m Pamela, Pam for short; I was in my twenties and aunty probably in her mid forties. The holiday was in Devon, a static caravan, on a fairly new holiday camping site, Cockwood Farm, more of a farm than a holiday camp, not like it is now, they even sold their own milk, it was cheap, but comfortable enough, and it was a break as it was early season, not too many folk about.

The site had fairly basic amenities, mainly for the campers, there were toilets, showers, a small shop of course, and a visiting, three times a week, mobile fish & chip van. That van was where my adventure started.

The Monday evening queue for chips, it started of course a good half hour before they were ready to open, families, chatting and laughing. Young couples, cuddling and kissing and a few loners, individuals, like myself, queuing for Aunty Nora. There was a guy alone in front of me, he was about my age, not bad looking, a bit shorter than my five foot six and seemed shy. I was feeling chatty and cheeky. I called him shorty. We made small talk as we waited, and gradually he became bolder. As the person in front of him finished getting served Gerry turned towards me, looked straight at my bust and said…

“Bet they look good in a bikini.”

Then before I had chance to reply, turned back and asked for his fish supper.

As he moved away with his meal, I was at the window for Aunt Nora’s and mine. Gerry had disappeared through the gap in the hedge by the time I had bought our suppers. Having just bought one meal, I thought he might be holidaying alone, and being about my age might mean a bit of a break from my aunt’s company. I ducked through the gap expecting to see him standing there, but was confronted by a bewildering field of tents. I spotted Gerry’s tent after a while, then I hurried off with our suppers. Aunty was a bit cross because the suppers were not as hot as she expected.

Anyway, after we had eaten I picked up my wash bag and towel, and told aunty that I was going for a shower and off I went. Of course I didn’t go for a shower, I went down to the tent field, dozens of frame tents, all shapes and sizes, relocated Gerry’s tent, I could see him in there, reading a book, well, a men’s comic.

“Coo eey. Coo eey.” I stood just out of his sight and called.

I heard the tent zip, and then his head appeared. He pushed his dark framed glasses to his forehead, blinked and said…

“Oh! Its you!” then, “do you want to come in for a coffee?”

I did of course, or I wouldn’t have this tale to tell, and as tales go, it was certainly not the holiday memory I expected, no, much better than I could have imagined. Gerry busied himself putting the kettle on the Calor gas stove while I sat myself down on his camp bed. Well it would have been rude to take the only chair.

Now girls, just a little reminder, do you remember the dresses we wore, they were short, cotton mini dresses, mine had a bit of contrast lace at the neck and cuffs, believe me I mean mini, I, at that time still wore stockings and suspenders I hadn’t gone over to those new fangled tights. My minis literally came to just the end of the suspenders. See, mini.

The camp bed was as you might guess , quite low, I suppose, no more than 10 to 12 inches off the ground. It won’t be difficult for you to imagine just what happened to my dress, yes, quite right, there was very little left to the imagination. I was aware, but not too bothered, I was on holiday and I had some hopes! But, aunty, well aunty was another matter.

When Gerry turned back to hand me the plastic mug of coffee, I was lucky, he wasn’t expecting to look me in the eye if you know what I mean, and the slopped hot coffee only just missed me, splashing on to the waterproof ground sheet. He got some tissues and was between my knees as he mopped the spillage.

“Are you comfortable there?” his eyes fixed between my legs “You can have the chair if you’d rather.”

“Nah, I’m ok here if that’s alright with you.”

Gerry sat in the chair and could barely and only occasionally tear his eyes away from my ‘stocking tops’. The banter was great and I felt really cheered as we chatted and flirted. I decided to be a bit of a tease.

“Can a camp bed really be comfortable?” I patted the pillow.

“Comfortable enough.”

“It doesn’t look it.” I surveyed the sleeping bag covered bed.

“Give it a try.” Gerry invited.

I swung myself onto the bed, but was too close porno izle to the end and as I moved I was unceremoniously deposited on the cold ground sheet. We both shrieked with laughter, and I know the views he had as he assisted me to my feet.

“Now, sit in the middle, are you alright? Now gently lie down.”

I did as I was bid and safely lay my head on his pillow. I was facing into the tent. With a little cuddle I could have drifted off to sleep.

“I usually face the other way.” Suggested Gerry.

I decided to try it, knowing that I would be showing off my nylon pantied bum, which could not have had any cover from my dress, I turned to show him my bum, sorry, I turned to face the other way.

“Hmmm, yes, the view this side is nearly as good as the other.”


Dusk had fallen, and it was a couple of hours since I had left to ‘have a shower’.

“Fancy walking me back to the caravan?”

Gerry stood and unzipped the tent then turned to assist me from his bed.

“It wouldn’t take two, would it?” I nodded at the camp bed.

“No, but the sleeping bag on the floor would take any number.” He grinned.

We left the tent and strolled in the twilight back toward the caravan. Initially we were arm in arm, and then his arm around my waist, his hand then dropped to fondle my bum.


“Oye yourself.” He gave my right cheek a squeeze.

Somehow, I was really comfortable with his hand fondling my bum; it felt sort of natural, as if we had been together for ages, not just an hour or two.

Back at the caravan we sort of slipped into a clinch, snogging and necking, kissing and hugging, his hand went to my boobs, which he squeezed and fondled, firmly yet gently, my arms around him felt so good as I felt his hand first descend to the hem of my dress then rise slightly to stroke my panties. I locked my mouth on his as his fingers intruded on my quim, I was wet as could be and gasping for breath, you will have already have guessed that I could feel his hard on pressing against my thigh.

Suddenly the caravan door swung open, aunty was standing there. We of course sprang apart.

“Who’s there?”

“Just me, Pam.”

“What’s going on?”

“I am just saying goodnight to my friend.”

“Don’t stand out there; come in for a few minutes.”

We entered sheepishly.

“Take a seat.” She addressed Gerry.

He sat by the door.

“So, who are you?” she asked Gerry.

“I’m Gerry, I’m on holiday.”

“Are you from round our way?” Nora quizzed.

Gerry had already asked me and knew we were from London.

“No, I’m from the Birmingham area.”

“So how did you two meet?” Nora was trying to look out for me.

“We were next to each other in the chip van queue and sort of got on ok.”

“And very quickly too by the looks of it” challenged Nora.

“You don’t mind do you aunty?”

“Mmm, I s’pose not.”

Gerry excused himself to return to his tent, I stepped out with him and shut the door, once more we slipped in to the clinch, his hand, straight to my pants, his hard on, instant, and our mouths totally meshed, I gave in to my urge and felt down between us to get a good feel of Gerry’s hard. I don’t know about the rest of you girls, but I always got a special thrill when I got my hands on new stiffy, and believe me girls, this one lived up to the promise it made against my leg.

We parted Gerry to his tent and me to a frustrating evening with dear Aunt Nora. I was certain that the tingle in my pants was not going to be relieved. Very disappointing, very disappointing.

Our caravan, sort of a mobile home thing, was comfortable, there was a lounge sort of dining place, a toilet and wash room, a kitchenette, sink, cooker and fridge, and a good size double bedroom, just the one bed of course, but aunty and I could live with that.

Anyway, after deciding on the next day’s outing, a trip to Exeter Boat Museum, and changing into our night wear, aunty in a mid calf length cotton nightie and me into my powder blue nylon baby doll we retired to our, in my case enforced, shared, virtuous bed.

“Why not go down in the morning, see if your new friend, what’s his name, would like to join us?”

Aunty was soon snoring, that Devon air was intoxicating, and I was left to play “hey diddle diddle” with my tingling self before dropping off to sleep.

The morning was dull and damp; it had obviously rained during the night, and more rain threatened, ideal for a museum visit. After breakfast, I grabbed my mac and went down through the field; my pumps and feet were soaked from the wet grass by the time I reached Gerry’s blue and yellow tent.

“Knock knock!” I called.

Don’t laugh; you can’t actually make a sound if you knock on a tent!

“Hello?” a very dozy voice responded

“It’s me.”

“Well, don’t stand out there, come on in.”

I unzipped, went in, as I turned from rezipping the door flap, Gerry was propped on one elbow lying in his sleeping bag. amatör porno

“Morning gorgeous.” He greeted me.

“Mmmm, morning.” I stooped to kiss him.

I stood again and shrugged off the mac. After hanging it, I bent to move the chair, knowing full well that lying in his bed he was well below my hem level. I kicked off my wet pumps; Gerry threw me a towel to dry my feet.

I finished the task and threw the towel back to him, then stooped again to kiss.

“Got anything in there for me?” I tugged at the sleeping bag.

“You will have to find out for yourself.” He tugged the hem of my dress.

“Anything under here for me?”


I pushed my hand into the sleeping bag, now girls; you just won’t believe the woody I found. You know how it is, sometimes you find something and you just got to have it. This was my something and I had to have it.

I shrugged off my dress, unzipped the sleeping bag and dived in, the intense passion of that first collision of our bodies’…wow. My pants, his pants, gone. My bra round my neck, snog, kiss, grope, fingers, his woody and my quim came magnetically together. I can’t say that the earth moved for me but as we both hit the right note, if you know what I mean girls and I am sure you do, the camp bed collapsed under us.

Well of course, we were in hysterics shrieking with laughter, fortunately, we didn’t come apart. When we stopped laughing, we sort of rolled apart in the sleeping bag and I know he was looking me in the eye as I groped around in the sleeping bag to recover our pants. As I was stuffing my boobs back into my bra, I thought I heard aunty calling me, so I rushed to get my dress back on. It suddenly came to me that I was supposed to ask if Gerry wanted to come on our day out.

“Wanna come to the boat place with us for the afternoon?”

“Could do.”

As we waited near the site gate for the bus to Exeter the rain came in, Gerry and I huddled together until we felt guilty enough to bring auntie into the huddle. Gerry reached his arms around both of us. As the bus ground to a halt we leapt back, failing to avoid the splash from the puddle catching us between ankles and knees.

The bus had a sort of long bench seat at the front of the upper deck, which we occupied. Gerry between auntie and me. Those dear little ladies handkerchiefs were pretty useless to dry our legs, but Gerry, bless him gave us the benefit of two of his, first drying my legs then aunty’s. Then wringing them out and draping them over the heater vent to dry.

From the bus station, down to the quayside museum was another wetting, fortunately the museum was largely under cover and we spent a pleasant afternoon among the exhibits, I even managed a few kisses and gropes in the more secluded sections.

As we got back to the site, auntie decided to go to the shop for something for tea sending us back to the caravan to put the kettle on. Of course, once that was done we just had to get started snog, snog, grope, grope.

“Not again!” auntie returned and raised her eyes to heaven “For goodness sake. Can’t you leave each other alone for a few minutes?”

She busied herself preparing the evening meal that she had invited Gerry to join us for. The caravan soon warmed up, the disgusting weather left to its own devices, we tuned the radio to a music station, played cards and chatted, cuddled, kissed, and when auntie wasn’t looking, groped. The rain lashed, thunder, well I hated that, crashed, and the wind howled, typical English summer. This was after all the south coast!

The evening wore on till about ten thirty, when auntie started to make bedtime noises, the weather was still atrocious, the rain and wind still lashing the site. Gerry stood and picked up his coat and together we moved towards the door, we slipped into an embrace, I didn’t fancy going outside to bid him goodnight although it would have given us more privacy from auntie.

“Where are you going?” auntie called from her ablutions in the small bathroom.

“Back down to my tent.” Gerry shivered a he responded.

“What? In this weather? Don’t you be daft, stay here.”

I couldn’t believe my ears, surely auntie wouldn’t think I would let Gerry sleep alone on the settee, I had been all over him every chance I got.

“Our bed is big enough for the three of us, and I just hope you will behave like a gentleman.”

“I could go back to my tent, I don’t want to intrude, or I could stay here and sleep on the floor.”

“No, absolutely not, you sleep in the middle, we can manage. Just behave yourself. Ok?”

“Well…OK… If you’re sure.”

“There that’s settled then.”

Frankly I didn’t believe what I was hearing. Was auntie punishing me? How could I be this close to Gerry and not want him?

Anyway girls, this was going to be an interesting night. I couldn’t see that Gerry wouldn’t get a woody, and I would be hard put to it to keep my hands off it. Auntie sent me to put my baby doll on it the bedroom, anal porno and get into bed. Needless to say I ‘forgot’ to put the pants on; well a girl’s got to have hope!

Then, Gerry was instructed to strip off in the lounge, down to his Y fronts, with his back to auntie, and then when he was ready he turned towards the bedroom and auntie who escorted him to the bedroom door, turned off the light and let him into our bed. She must have seen the tent pole in his pants.

“If you must, you can kiss Pam goodnight, then that’s it, and you turn on your back and behave!”

There was no way auntie was going to allow me to get over friendly in ‘her’ bed.

Gerry and I had a long lingering kiss, he was solid and girls, believe me I mean solid. That woody could have bored holes in concrete. I had a bit of a grope, and of course so did Gerry; we made very good use of the fact my knickers were missing. All too soon, auntie called time, and Gerry with lingering fingers turned away from me.

I’ll tell you now girls, I was hot and wet, and hungry. All of five minutes must have passed before the ache got the better of me, ‘hey diddle diddle’ was keeping things going but I was desperate for something which was so close but so distant. I heard aunty’s heavy sonorous breathing. I chanced my luck. Crept my hand towards my hope of fulfilment. It wasn’t Gerry’s cock I touched, and it didn’t feel like his hand. I threw back the bedding to reveal aunty’s hand wrapped around my treasure.

“Aunty, what are you doing?” I almost shrieked.

“I just wanted to see what this lad had that got you so gee’d up.”

She was on her knees on the bed now, and hiked her cotton nightie over her head, god, she hadn’t even got any knickers on, and she always wore them in bed. She threw her leg over Gerry.

“I am damned if I am going to waste this, it’s been years since I rode a good one.” And slipped its full length into her.

It was so rude, I was so randy, and I started to diddle myself as she got into her stride. Gerry’s hand reached toward my wet naked crotch and replaced my hand with his. I wanted to cry, I was so annoyed, so randy, so in need of that woody and here was aunty robbing me, Gerry’s other hand reached for aunty’s bosom, a bit smaller than mine and I wasn’t over big, and started to fondle them. He had fondled mine several times, but only rarely as naked as this and I wanted his touch. Hell, I could feel his hands on me, I was that sexed up.

Even though the episode Gerry and I had in the sleeping bag at his tent was rough, ready and urgent, it was, I felt, lovemaking. There was a sort of gentle passion about it. Looking at aunty riding MY woody was not. It was rough, crude and it was fucking, plain and simple. And I wanted it to be over so I could get my needs catered for. I just knew she wouldn’t let up until Gerry had spilt his beans if you know what I mean Even when she got there, you know, climaxed, which she did with a quite genteel little shudder and a number of muted cries of;

“Ooh ooh ooh”

She didn’t display any tenderness; she just nuzzled his shoulder, not even a thank you peck. It was sort of wham bam thank you, without the thank you.

Gerry turned to me, and quietly mouthed. “I’m sorry.”

I was annoyed with aunty for making all the noises about behaving. And then doing that.

I climbed over them both and went to the kitchen and made some coffee. Naked arsed as I had been since bedtime. Gerry followed me, took me in his arms and comforted me, apologising again for what had happened of course as he did so, woody came out to play again. We sat for our coffee, me with my naked arse, and him with this prong of a woody standing proudly. Aunty came from the bedroom to join us, naked as the day she was born.

“Sorry about that Pam, I got the sex smell off you, I knew you had had some, I haven’t for three years and just started yearning. When he turned over in bed, I know I said he had to, I reached out and touched, and that was it, I couldn’t help myself.”

“It was bloody mean.” I accused, “You knew I would have wanted it.”

“I know, I’m sorry.” Auntie whimpered, her eyes filled,

I was annoyed, but you all know, annoyance doesn’t diminish desire, and boy was I still randy.

“I am going to bed…with Gerry. And I am going to shag and shag with him, and when we are ready to stop, you can come back to bed.”

As I was speaking, aunty was pulling on a pair of knickers and her nightie. She sat with her coffee and book of puzzles while I lead Gerry by the cock to bed.

I won’t say I was sore when we got up in the morning, but with the number of times I had pleasured myself and Gerry, oh and how he had pleasured me, it did take a few hours before I could walk comfortably again, I am sure you girls must recognise that feeling.

Anyway, aunty hadn’t come to bed at all; she spent the night on the sofa. Got up early, and was at the site shop when it opened. When we arose we were faced with a full English breakfast, bacon, eggs sausage, tomato, mushrooms, and fried slice. We had the appetites to do it full justice, after which Gerry excused himself to go back to his tent for a change of clothes and I suppose, to have a breather after the nights exercise. I followed him out the door.

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