A Gift of Analingus

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This story contains BDSM, bisexual, and incestuous overtones near the end. Just a warning in case you aren’t aroused by those subjects.


I was given a task to complete by my wife. I cannot say to you that it was in any way unpleasant.

It was late one night. My wife’s sister, my sister-in-law, was in the guest bathroom getting ready for bed. Fresh out of the shower, she stood at the vanity washing her face with her nightly facial cleanser. Her eyes were pursed shut to avoid its stinging lather. She was unaware that I had opened the door and crept inside, silently watching her during her nightly ritual.

For a woman in her mid-30’s she had a body that most would kill for. Slender. Petite. Small breasts. Dark, shoulder-length naturally curly hair. Her eyes, as blue as the sky, were exactly the same as my wife’s. My cock began to engorge.

I stood behind her for the duration of time she washed her face before finally drying it with a towel. I drank in her erotic beauty. My cock reached full hardness. Clad only in a white t-shirt that came down just below her buttocks, I could see the outline of her white cotton panties underneath and the impressions her small, hard nipples made when I observed her reflection in the mirror. The sight of her tanned muscular legs – the legs of a runner – made my cock even more rigid.

She was startled when she opened her eyes and saw my reflection in the mirror staring back at her, but not overly so. I, too, was wearing a t-shirt but I also had on gray sweat pants. The pants did nothing to obscure the obvious bulge just below my waistline.

Her eyes met mine, and she made a comment like, “Oh, hi. I’m about done if you need in here for something…”

At this point, I walked up behind her. I placed my hands on her hips and pressed my groin against her. She could feel the hardness of my erection between her buttocks. My hands found their way under the bottom of her shirt and slowly made their way to her small, firm breasts.

She gave no reaction, just continued to stare into my eyes via the reflection.

I began alternating between kneading those firm little breasts and pinching her nipples. The way her eyes squinted in the mirror, as well as the way she pressed her buttocks back against me, told me how much she was enjoying my attention. I placed my chin on her shoulder and took her earlobe between my lips.

“We can’t… she’ll hear us,” my wife’s sister whispered unconvincingly.

“Why do you think I’m in here? I’m here because she told me to come to you, but I’m in here to do one thing specifically that she told me to do.”

Her eyes and facial expressions began to reveal her obvious feelings of lust and diyarbakır escort desire as I groped her breasts.

“Pull down your panties. Let them drop all the way to your ankles, step out of them, and spread your legs apart a little more,” I commanded.

Her eyes continued to start into mine via our shared reflection in the mirror. I could tell she had to consider what I was telling her to do, but only seconds after hearing my words her hands went to her waist, underneath the bottom of her shirt, and I felt her slide her panties down to about mid-thigh. I could feel them hit my feet, and she complied with my demand by stepping out of them and spreading her feet about shoulder width apart.

“That’s a very, very good little girl. Now I’m supposed to deliver something to you from your sister. A gift. Something you’ve never experienced before,” I teased into her ear in a very slow whisper.

I knew she expected me to bend her over and slide my big cock inside her. I knew that’s what she wanted after being in a sexless marriage for so long. But that’s not what my wife had in store for her.

Not yet.

My hands trailed down her body as I knelt onto my knees behind her. I lifted the back of her t-shirt above her waist. I began kneading her buttocks, catching short glimpses of her pink little anus when I would gently spread them apart. I blew a cool stream of air across both it and her pussy. Instinctively, reflexively, she leaned forward onto the vanity, resting on her forearms. It revealed more of her to me and gave me much easier access to her treasures.

Again, I’m sure her expectations were for something different. I’m sure she wanted to feel the warm wetness of my mouth on her sex. That’s not what my wife had in mind. That’s not what she sent me in there to do.

The realization that she was to experience something different first hit her when she felt the tip of my tongue begin to press against her anus. She either inhaled or exhaled deeply. I don’t know which. What I do know is that I could feel her constrict the small sphincter from the shock of the contact with my tongue. Her virgin orifice was clean yet tasted exactly like her sister’s normally tastes. Earthy. Musky. Distinctly feminine. The same dark hair encircled it.

For long countless minutes I worked her anus with my tongue. Light, shallow penetrations with the tip of my tongue. Slow, tantalizing laps up and down across its surface with the top and bottom of my tongue. I could smell her pussy responding with the strengthening scent of her sexual arousal. As I tongued her anal orifice I slid two fingers inside her.

Her toes curled. She shuddered slightly. Her breaths, almost like audible edirne escort sighs, increased in speed.

It didn’t take long. With the combination of stimulating her anus with my tongue, massaging her g-spot with my fingertips, and circling her clit with my thumb she climaxed. Hard.

While she experienced her orgasm in silence, or as silently as she could, the simultaneous contractions of her pussy around my fingers and her anus against my tongue betrayed the event. I pressed the tip of my tongue against her delicate asshole as firmly as I could and licked as rapidly as possible through her climax. As it waned to completion, she began to breathe more normally. I stood up as she turned to face me.

“Please fuck me,” was her plea in a shaking voice.

“You know I can’t. It’s not allowed. Not yet,” I replied.

She slowly dropped to her knees in front of me, our eyes never losing their lock on each other.

“I can suck your cock, though, right?”

“She didn’t specifically forbid that. I suppose you’ve been good enough that she would allow that. I suppose I have been good enough, too, since I was able to make you orgasm with my tongue,” I answered.

Her hands pulled my sweat pants down to my knees. My hard cock bobbed out in front of her. Swollen. Firm. Eager.

She wrapped her small hand around my shaft, almost as thick as her wrist, and began to slowly stroke it. She then stared directly at the tip of my mushroom head.

“Your cock is so fucking magnificent,” were her only words before she engulfed it with her petite mouth. She wasn’t a very skilled cocksucker. She didn’t get much practice while in her sexless marriage. Married to a pitiful loser of a man for so many years. A man who, even if he did have close to a normal sex drive, had a very small penis.

What she lacked in cocksucking skills she made up for in enthusiasm. Her mouth and tongue found every surface of my cock and large, pendulous testicles. Her tongue explored. Her hands and fingers caressed. The eroticism of having my cock in my sister-in-law’s mouth was what brought me to climax. I grabbed a fistful of her hair, held her in place with it, and began ejaculating my normal copious amount of semen into her mouth.

She had to swallow twice to contain the amount of thick, hot semen I fed her. It was interesting. She had been deprived of sex for so long that she was literally hungry – cum hungry – to taste and swallow a man’s seed. She sucked my ejaculating cock as desperately as a starving infant would suck its mother’s milk. She wasted nothing – sucking the tip of my cock as she milked the last remnants of ejaculate from my urethra with her thumb.

She rose to elazığ escort her feet, looked me in the eyes, and pressed her lips against mine. Our mouths opened. Our tongues danced a lustful dance with each other. I enjoyed, no, savored the taste of my cum on her breath and tongue.

Finally, we broke the long kiss. She was hugging me and I her. I was almost holding her upright. She seductively whispered, “Your cum tastes delicious. I could get used to swallowing that every day, maybe even addicted.”

I turned my head and placed my mouth close to her ear.

“Have you given her offer any consideration? Would you be willing to submit to her? To join us in our bedroom and serve her sexually along with me?” I asked. I was, of course, referring to the offer her sister made days ago.

There was no answer.

I continued, “She’s told me how you two experimented before she married me. She said you were very… responsive… to her attention, and that you were very eager to return it.”

She leaned back and looked me in the eyes once again.

“I don’t know… It’s just… well, it’s a big change, you know? To go from a sexless marriage, to divorce, to being included in your bed – and my sister’s bed. To embracing bisexuality, not to mention…” I could tell she was still unsure about accepting my wife’s offer.

“Incest?” I finished her sentence. She looked at me and only nodded yes.

I placed her hand on my cock. “I can tell you this. If you join us, if you agree to serve her, you will be rewarded with feeling this inside you. She is eager to explore your submissive nature with you. She’s eager to help you find sexual fulfillment by allowing you to indulge it, just like she did with me. There will be no end to the sexual pleasures you will experience with her, with us…”

She gently squeezed my cock. “You have no idea how tempting all of this is. I’m just so unsure of what to do.”

I bent over and raised my sweat pants back up. My hands came up to her chest and I began gently pinching her nipples between my thumbs and index fingers through her thin t-shirt. Again, our open mouths found each other and we kissed passionately for an extended amount of time.

Then I whispered in her ear, “I have to go to her now. I have to service her with my mouth exactly the way I did you. She wants me to tell you that she invites you to watch me worship her orally. To watch her fuck me with her strap-on. To give you a small taste of what to expect. Just to watch. No obligation to join in. Would you like that?”

I turned and walked toward the bathroom door. I looked back at her. Her face, while twisted with indecision, betrayed an equal amount of lust as she bit her bottom lip. I reached out my hand behind me and offered it for her to take. “Are you coming?”

She took my hand. Leaving her panties on the bathroom floor, I led her into our master bedroom where my nude wife awaited the servitude of her submissive husband’s mouth.

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