A Family Affair Ch. 02

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** At the time of writing, I’m currently 48 years old and divorced for maybe 16 or 17 years. I cant quite remember. This is my attempt to string together some of my past experiences that rightly or wrongly have shaped who I am. I hope you enjoy reading this and please don’t judge me. I’d love to receive comments from my readers too so feel free to say what you want. **

Uncle Pete and I continued to have sex. It didn’t happen every weekend that I was there but more often than not. I’m not sure if Aunt Rita ever suspected anything but she started complaining about what I wore around the house and telling me about how good girls should behave.

It was kind of ironic as Uncle Pete would tell me stories about how horny Rita used to be when she was younger and how she wanted sex all the time. It suddenly dried up when she was 40 and started spending a lot of time in church.

Looking back, it was vanilla sex with Uncle Pete. Granted, at that age I didn’t know too much but he was happy with missionary and didn’t even want blowjobs. I never offered either, happy with just being fucked. He was a decent fuck but at the time it was the best I had seeing as all the other boys I was fucking around with would come really quicky.

Turned out he had been cheating on Rita for years, especially when he was away on business trips. So he always carried a condom with him “to be prepared for any eventuality,” as he put it. He’d tell me about all the women he had fucked and he’d always say I was the best fuck he had ever had. It felt good to hear that but now I wonder if he was just saying that to keep getting at my pussy. After all, in my later years, I heard that phrase so many times.

About 6 months after Uncle Pete and I started fucking, things got a little complicated. Mom left home. She and Dad had been having problems for years and apparently she was screwing around. Dad was no angel either from what I pieced together and they both felt it was for the best and in many ways so did my two elder brothers and I. They stayed friends though and the breakup was very cordial.

Life was more peaceful at home now with no more fighting and tantrums. Dad didn’t seem too fussed about Mom not being around anymore especially since I stepped up and basically took over running the household.

One night dad came home after a few drinks with his friends over Happy Hour. He wasn’t drunk, just a little tipsy. When dad got tipsy, he became rather melancholic. My brothers were out and I had made dinner for Dad and me.

I went into his room to tell him dinner was ready and he was just sitting in bed with a faraway look in his eyes. He looked up when I walked in and smiled.

“You look just like your mother when she was young.” He said, somewhat ruefully.

“That’s what she used to say too.” I smiled. “She güvenilir bahis said I was a mini her.”

“She was so pretty. Always had men after her. Perhaps I didn’t take good enough care of her.” He said softly.

“You did your best dad. She cheated on you.” I said, matter of factly.

“Ahhh.. who can blame her. I wasn’t faithful either.” He admitted.

I just nodded my head, showing that I knew.

“It’s not easy you know. People come and go in your life. You take what you can.” He said. I wasn’t sure if he was offering advice or just trying to make himself feel better.

He looked at me again. “So pretty, just like your mother. Will you do something for me?”

“Sure Dad. What is it?”

“Mom left some of her clothes here. She only took what she wanted and what she could still wear. She did put on some weight over the years.” He laughed, reminiscing. “There’s this dress of hers that I always liked. Would you put it on for me? You used to share clothes sometimes right?”

I nodded, acknowledging what he had said. I moved to the wardrobe, opening it and displaying some of moms dresses still hanging there. “Which one would you like me to wear dad?”

He laughed quietly. “No, no, none of those. Open the drawer on the left.”

I opened the drawer. Inside were a few sexy lingerie pieces. I turned to look at dad quizically. “You want me to wear lingerie?”

“Your mother loved the red one. She didn’t feel it was right to take all of those with her for some reason.”

I picked up the red piece. It was a tangle of lace and string. Straightening it out it looked like a teddy with a halter top. It was pretty and I imagined my mom in it.

“Put it on for me, please.” Dad asked.

“I..I’m not sure I should Dad… I mean.. I mean…” I hesitated. “You’ll see me all…” I couldn’t bring myself to say the words “sexy”.

“Nothing I haven’t seen before.” Dad said, this time with a tinge of sinister in his voice. “And from what I’ve heard, nothing your Uncle Pete hasn’t see either. Or had.”

I felt my heart leap to my throat and I stared at Dad. He looked at me with a leer I hadn’t seen before. “If Pete is getting some, I want some too” He said. “He tried for years with your mother. Whether he succeeded or not is anyone’s guess. Anyway, he’s not having you to himself anymore.”

My heart was pounding now, listening to what my father was telling me. He knew about me and Uncle Pete. And was he saying that Mummy had slept with Uncle Pete too? I remember Pete whispering a few times in my ear that I was just like my mother. I had thought that meant I looked like her. Was Pete telling me that he had fucked my mother as well?

My mind kind of went blank as I stared at my father. He was a good looking man and God knows I had often thought of Daddy fucking Mummy and wondering güvenilir bahis siteleri what he did with her. I had often wondered if she squealed in delight when he fucked her. There were so many mental images of the two of them that was burned in my brain over the years. And now, was my father telling me he wanted to fuck me as well? I felt myself getting wet.

I looked hard at my father. “I don’t think I should wear this. It was mummy’s and you should remember her in this.” I said softly. “But… but.. if this is what you want….”

I lifted my dress over my body, peeling it off. Standing there in just my bra and panties. Matching baby blue lace. Daddy gasped as he stared at me in my undergarments. “Good god, you’re even more gorgeous than your mother.”

I looked down at his crotch and I could see the effect my half naked body was having on him. He was hard and the outline of his cock in his pants was clearly visible. He move toward me and pulled one bra strap down then the cup, exposing my breast. His hands moved to it and started to pinch my nipple. I moaned softly.

“Your mother liked that too.” He said, lecherously as his fingers tweaked and pulled on my nipple. His other hand went behind my back and expertly unhooked my bra. He pulled it off me, letting it drop to the floor and exposing both my breasts. Daddy started to suck on one nipple as he tweaked and massaged the other. I couldn’t explain it but the fact that father wanted me so much was a turn on. Him telling me how my mother used to like it as well just added to my desire. I could feel my juices starting to drip down inside my pussy.

Daddy cupped my ass and pulled me closer to him. I could feel his hardness under his trousers as he held me tight. He pushed me to the bed and I lay on my back. I was breathing heavily in desire as I watched him as he stared down at me. I could see his cock throbbing in his pants. He seemed a little conflicted and something triggered inside of me and all I could think of was his daddy cock.

“Are you gonna fuck me Daddy? You want my pussy Daddy?” I said, almost goading him.

He let out a guttural moan as he suddenly pulled his pants down and then his underwear. His cock leaped up in freedom. He was a nice length and thickness, slightly longer and thicker than his brother Pete but his head was large and swollen. A deep, angry, purple.

He moved to the edge of the bed, grabbing my legs and pulling me toward him so that my ass rested at the edge of the bed. He pulled my panties to one side and rubbed his cock over my slit. “You’re dripping.” He said.

Holding my panties aside with one hand, he pressed forward against my slid and slipped in. His large cock head spread my lips and I moaned with the first penetration. He kept his cock head just inside me before suddenly ramming iddaa siteleri straight into me. I gasped loudly.

“Just like your mother.” He smiled. He released my panties and placed his hands under my shoulders. He lifted me up halfways and then began to slowly saw his cock in and out of me. I gasped again as each thrust rubbed against my clit. The feeling of him fucking me while my panties were still on was another turn on for me. I began to moan.

“So wet. So tight. Unnnhhh..” Daddy moaned as he fucked in and out of my soaking pussy. You could hear the sounds of his cock fucking into me, I was so wet. The smell of sex filled the air, fuelling my desire even more.

I moaned softly. “Ohhh.. Unnhh.. Unnhhh”

“No one is in the house” Daddy said. “Scream if you want to. Your mother used to.”

I suddenly wanted to be a slut for my daddy. I wanted to be a better fuck than my mother was. “Oh fuck me… fuck me Daddy… fuck my wet pussy. See how wet I am for you?” I cried out.

That seemed to excite him and he started to pound into me fiercely. His cock rubbed furiously against my clit and I thrust against him harder and harder. I cried out as a huge orgasm burst through my pussy and my whole body trembled.

“Fuckkk Oh god… yessss..yesss.. Daddddddddyyy!” I cried out not caring how loud I was.

Daddy kept fucking harder into me, banging me like crazy. I came over and over as he fucked me relentlessly.

“Oh god… your pussy… so good… Erina…” He cried out as well. He suddenly tensed and grabbed my tits as he pumped into me harder and faster. “Aaaagghhhhh…Erinaaaa” Daddy cried out as I felt his cock tense and then pump into me. He kept fucking as his cock throbbed and emptied his seed deep inside me. One final thrust deep inside of me and he stopped, his own body trembling.

Slowly he pulled out of me and I could feel his cum dripping out of my hole. I pulled my panties to cover my slit, feeling it get wet with cum. It was then that I realised he hadn’t put on a condom but at that moment I really didn’t care. I had just finished my period so the chances of me getting pregnant were kind of slim anyway as I was regular like clockwork. It was the first time anyone had cum inside of me and I was glad it was my Daddy.

Daddy came to lay beside me and held me lovingly. “You were amazing sweetie, better than your mother.” He said softly. His hands cupped my breasts and twiddled on my nipples. He sighed softly.

“Things are going to change around here Erina sweetie.” He said. “First thing, no more visits to Pete. No more Pete fucking you either. I’ll see to that.”

I nodded, snuggling closer to him. “Next, you will be mine whenever I want. I wont stop you from seeing your boyfriends or doing whatever with them but I want to know. That also means that whenever I want you, that means I want you. Do you understand?”

I nodded again, “Yes Daddy.”

His hand moved to mine and placed it on his cock. “You make me so horny Erina, you always have. Now suck my cock. I want to fuck you again.”

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