A Big One for the Nurses

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My sister Kate had introduced me to the wonderful world of group sex, one in which my incredible endowments were tested to their limits. I had surpassed all expectations, being able to pleasure five horny teenage beauties several times each in the space of a few hours. My tireless monster cock had unloaded plentiful loads of sweet cream onto their gorgeous bodies.

However, with mum back, I had lost interest in those marathon fuck sessions. I preferred to pleasure my ultra-boxom mother, and occasionally Kate, my sister. I also continued my lunchtime private “ tuitions “ with my stacked English teacher, Mrs Harrison. I only participated in two or three more orgies after that initial “ slumber “ party, which had seen me fuck the living shit out of Kate and her four cheerleader friends.

Unfortunately, a few months into my eighteenth birthday, I contracted appendicitis and the doctor said that I needed to get an operation. It was bad. I would be stuck in a hospital for a week or so. My balls would explode and drown me to death before then!

I don’t remember anything of the surgical operation nor of the first night. They had sedated me, and I awoke late on the following morning. My eyes strained to adjust to the light and then I saw her. A gorgeous blond cutie in uniform, with an impressive rack under her blouse, from what I could make out. She gave me the most beautiful smile I had ever seen. If I had not been under heavy sedation for the past 12 hours or so, I would have popped an instant boner.

“ Good morning, Tim. Time for your wash! “, she said with a twinkle in her eyes. I just stared at her, dumbfounded by her incredible beauty. She pulled the curtain to give us some privacy and advanced towards my bed, pushing her tray and deliberately swaying her hips. “ Could you unbutton your pajama top, please? “. I tried to comply but my arms were stuck in place by a sudden pain. “ Don’t worry, I’ll do it for you. Gosh, you sure have big muscles for a young man your age! “, she commented as she slowly uncovered my bare chest. I was mesmerized by the unobstructed view of her ample cleavage and barely noticed that her hands were gently running over the overdeveloped slabs of muscle of my large torso. Our eyes suddenly met and she blushed slightly, quickly unfastening the rest of my hospital gown.

Quickly, she turned round and picked up a wet sponge. She slowly lathered my upper chest with it, deliberately running her free hand over my bulging muscles. I could feel her sharp nails caressing my pecs, shoulders and abs. Despite my weakened state, my cock began to grow slightly, enough for the nurse to notice some movement under my overpacked pajamas.

“ You can call me Kelly, by the way. I’m not much older than you, after all! “, she winked at me and gave me a wicked smile. “ I have to take your pajama bottom off now. But don’t feel embarassed, sweetie! “, she said as her fingers clasped the waistband, already stretched by my growing hardon. Eventually, she managed to pull my pajamas over my hardening rod as I lay, breathless, mesmerized by the large orbs of flesh of her barely covered tits. They bounced slightly when she forcefully tugged at the waistband, exposing my semi-erect tool to her shocked eyes. Immediately, she drew a deep breath, covered her mouth with one hand while transfixed by the sight of my colossal pillar of maleness. Eventhough I wasn’t anywhere near my full hardness, the size of my genitalia obviously took her by surprise. After what seemed like an eternity, her gaze left my engorging crank and she looked at me, almost giggling, her hand still covering her mouth.

“ My God, Tim, I didn’t know you were so… “, she hesitated. “ You know, big down there! “.

“ I’m sorry, nurse Kelly. I can’t stop from getting hard when I see beautiful women…”, I half-apologized.

“ It’s okay, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. REALLY nothing, actually. I’ve never seen anything like it in all my time as a nurse, quite frankly! “, she whispered, fearing that another patient might overhear our conversation. While talking to me, she had been slowly stroking my massive piece of manmeat to a gigantic fifteen-inch erection. She no longer used the sponge, but instead coated her hands with soap and gently washed my groin. I groaned as her delicate fingers encircled my rock hard dick. I had longed for the feeling of a womanly touch on my crank for over two days now, and moaned in pleasure as nurse Kelly continued her gentle massaging of my cock and balls.

“ Shit, those things are HUGE! “, she purred as she lifted my ballsack, feeling their enormous weight and smooth texture. As she was cradling my tennis ball-sized gonads, a big drop of clear juice emerged at the tip of my glans, glistening in the light like a diamond. She reached a finger towards the head of my dick, touching the drop with her fingertip. She then slowly smeared it over the swollen head, leaving it shiny. A long trail of sticky juice followed her finger as she removed her hand altyazılı porno from my purple head. It snapped as she raised her finger to delicately lick that glob of pre-cum. Immediately, another dollop, bigger still, spurted from my cock.

“ Oooh! That’s so tasty, Tim. And I see that there’s plenty more where that came from! “, she exclaimed in a soft voice.

Holding my cock around the base, she gently felt around behind my balls until she located a slightly protruding lump just at the very root of my mighty shaft. Then, she began to massage this lump, rubbing it in small, slow, circles with a moderate pressure. I immediately started to feel a rich warmth spreading through my entire groin; my giant dick swelled even more, and I could feel my juices flowing. With her other hand, she tugged gently at my rod, scraping its immense surface with her manicured fingernails. Her exquisite technique brought me to new heights of ecstasy. A slow stream of fluid began to emerge from the tip of my super-hard cock. For many minutes, she continued her expert handling, drawing unprecedent quantities of spermy liquid from my overexcited glans. Somehow, I never felt anywhere close to climax, but remained in a perpetual state of pre-orgasmic bliss. All I could do was to lie back numbly and watch this ultra-gorgeous busty nurse fondle my giant prong like it had never been fondled. I made a mental note that I should teach Kelly’s technique to my mum and sis.

Suddenly, we heard a cough from behind the curtains. Nurse Kelly quickly covered my pulsating ramrod with a sheet as I woke up from my trance in time to see another nurse pull the curtains open.

“ Everything OK, nurse Kelly? “, asked the new super-sexy nurse. She was a short brunette and her dark glossy hair cascaded down her shoulders and over what appeared to be a humongous set of tits. They probably didn’t make uniforms for nurses as well-endowed as herself, as the blouse was tightly stretched over her giant bosom, the buttons threatening to burst open at any moment. Kelly stood in front of me, attempting to hide my monster lurking under the sheet from the view of the other nurse.

“ Yes, Shauna, I was just washing young Tim here! “, she stuttered, obviously feeling uneasy.

“ Hurry up, we need you in ward C. “, said the newcomer. She glanced over Kelly shoulder and smiled at me, but I don’t think she saw the cumstain that was forming on the sheet at my torso level. Despite the embarassing situation, I was still rock hard and leaking pre-cum at a steady rate. When nurse Shauna left, Kelly turned round and said :

“ I’m sorry, I have to go, Tim. But I’ll make sure to come back to finish my handiwork! “.

I was left in a state of extreme arousal, but unable to satisfy my urges as I was surrounded by other patients watching me with reprobation. I eventually managed to fall asleep and to catch some rest…

When I woke up, I sensed that I was not in the same room, eventhough it was pretty dark. I reached for the switch on the side of the bed and, when the light came on, saw that I was alone in a small room with no TV. I pressed the nurse button and waited anxiously for someone to come and explain to me what had happened. After a minute or so, nurse Kelly came into the room, her blouse unbuttoned nearly all the way down. Her massive jugs bounced in her red lace bra as she walked towards me, a large smile covering her face.

“ Hi, Tim! Did you have a good nap? “, she inquired enthusiastically.

“ Humm, yeah, thanks. But what am I doing here? “

“ Well, I thought a young man like you needed more privacy, if you know what I mean. Now, where were we before nurse Shauna barged in on us? “. With those words, she put some rubber gloves on and spat into them. My cock surged with blood at the realization that she was going to jack me off like she did earlier on today. In less than ten seconds, my rod stood painfully erect, the shaft tenting the bedsheet obscenely and reaching way past my navel. Kelly moved forward, unveiled my fifteen- inch plus manhood in all its glory, and grabbed my rod at the base. She applied the same incredibly sensual technique that she had used during our first encounter and soon coaxed a steady magma of sticky pre-cum out of my overloaded seedmakers. The clear fluid flowed freely out of my cumslit, literally coating my entire shaft and her rubber gloves in a mesh of creamy offering. She licked at the excess outpouring, lapping eagerly the vast amounts of my pearly pre-cum.

“ Now, big boy, I’m gonna make you blast a giant load out of those enormous testicles of yours! “, she giggled, still playing with my granite-like tool. “ Are you going to give me a big load, Tim? “, she teased, while tugging excessively slowly at my engorged manhood.

“ Yeah, oummmpph, it’s gonna be a HUGE one! “ ; I blurted out.

Her fingers were still massaging the oversensitive spot at the base of my shaft when I felt the first spurt travel along the length of my oversized zenci porno cock. It blasted out of my disgorging cumslit and sailed clear of my head, splattering the wall behind me with a loud splash. Kelly stood transfixed, admiring the spectacle of my humongous tool gushing volley after volley of creamy sperm. She aimed my cum cannon in every direction, watching the voluminous ropes of cum hit the walls, the bedside table and landing copiously on the floor on each side of the bed. After around fifteen wads, she was laughing uncontrollably and directed my giant wads at her countenance. Three massive spurts coated her forehead, cheeks and chins while another two forceful salvos cruised past her head, lightly brushing her long blond hair as they arced through the air and hit the wall five feet behind her. While she laughed, one big spurt flew directly into her mouth, splashing against her white teeth and coating her tongue with my potent seed. That wad alone could have fed any cum-hungry whore but she wanted more and sucked my last few blasts directly from the source by applying her luscious lips around my disgorging pisshole. I gave her a mouthful and a half, so much so that cum dripped around the corners of her mouth and onto my glistening megacock. I lay panting, trying to recover from this excruciatingly blissful orgasm while she continued to pull on my dong, attempting to coax the last remaining dollops of cum from my near-empty sperm producers. She was eventually satiated and looked up to me, her face covered in my cum, slowly licking her lips clean.

“ Mmmh! That was extra-tasty, Tim! I can’t believe you came so much. You poor baby, you must have been aching to empty those big balls! Don’t hesitate to call me again when you need your pipe drained, sweetie! “, she smiled. Her words stirred me on and my cock retained its hardness, which she soon realized with amazement. “ God, that monster of yours is still hard, Tim! You can’t sleep with that big thing all hard, now can you? I guess I’ll just have to find a way to make it go down! “, she purred.

“ Please suck my big cock, Kelly! “, I begged, almost ferociously. I held my rod at the base and pointed the huge crimson head towards nurse Kelly’s face. She hesitated, watching my flaring glans with apprehension. “ Come on, suck it! “, I ordered.

“ I’ll suck it if you suck it too, baby! “, she replied, gently running her soft hands along the underside of my angry knob. I was caught offgaurd by her request but decided it was worth a try if it meant she would suck me dry later. I only needed to point my giant dong at my face to be able to lick it, since I was in a near sitting position already, my back resting on two large pillows. I had sucked myself off many times before when I was younger but had given it up at age 18 after my mum offered me her pussy to fuck at my leisure. Slowly, I licked around the rim, catching some drying scum from my pprecious orgasm. It tasted salty but smooth on the palate. No wonder all the girls I fuck can’t get enough of my protein shake. Gently, I enveloped the leaking head in my mouth, rolling my tongue on the top of my hardened helmet. My copious pre-cum coated my gums, and I eagerly licked and gulped down the sticky juice.

“ That’s so hot! Mmmh, I’ve never seen a guy do that! “, beamed Kelly. She was caressing my taut inner thighs, occasionally running her hands under my groin to malax my giant eggs. “ Let me help you, big boy! “, she hissed. I withdrew my gigantic cockhead from my mouth with a loud plop and presented it to her. It was slick with my continuously leaking juice and my warm saliva. She immediately stuck her tongue out to lick the hot mixture. While she was hugging the underside of my knobhead with her luscious lips, I licked the top half with my large tongue. Sometimes, our twisting tongues met, sending shivers down my spine. I closed my eyes as if I was dreaming. We were both so focused on orally worshipping my massive cock that we didn’t hear the door open. Only after I opened my eyes again did I realize with shock horror that nurse Shauna was standing in front of my bed, just behind Kelly, who continued unknowingly to kiss and fondle my plum-sized cockhead.

“ Oh, is that part of the washing procedure, nurse Kelly? “, she asked ironically. Kelly jumped up at those words, and turned round to face Shauna. “ Don’t worry, I won’t tell if I get to taste some of that meaty cock myself. There’s plenty to go around, by the looks of it! “, she exclaimed. Slowly, she undressed her hospital blouse and her colossal jugs came into view. Her bra must have been a J-cup at least, yet her hooters seemed remarkably firm, actually holding up the bra rather than weighing it down. She quickly unhooked the clips and exposed her glorious orbs to my bewildered eyes. They were even more massive than my mum’s ultra-big breasts, the large areolaes a dark red color. Her nipples looked painfully erect, giant suckers at least two inches long and as big aldatma porno around as a little finger. I could not wait to lick those amazing mammaries and pour my sweet nectar all over their ample surface. She must hve been around 35 but had the body of a twenty year-old goddess. Kelly continued to suck on my throbbing manhood while I watched nurse Shauna finger her soaked clit through her white panties.

“ Oooh! I’m so horny, I need some of that huge beefy cock now. Fuck, this kid is HUNG LIKE A HORSE! “, she screamed while moving on the empty side of the bed. She turned round to let me admire her sweet, round, bubble butt. I pinched it and smacked her till it was red and sore, while she moaned and frigged herself to a messy climax. She then proceeded to collect some of her female wetness on her middle finger and coated my shaft with her warm cum. The excitement of the situation forced a jet of pre-cum to fly out of my pisshole, landing on Kelly’s forehead. She was taken by surprise by this sudden burst of my seed but did not complain. Instead, Shauna cleaned her colleague’s face with her pointy tongue, collecting my scum and letting it pool down her throat before swallowing it in a loud gulp.

“ You should see Tim suck himself, Shauna, it’s unbelievable! “, proposed Kelly. I complied and readily engulfed my glans and a few inches of my shaft all the way down my throat, swirling my tongue around the flaring rim.

“ Yeah, that’s ssooo hot! Keep going, young man! “, encouraged Shauna as she held the wide base of my rod. Kelly was massaging my balls at the same time, milking them and coaxing more pre-cum to flow out of my cumslit directly into my stomach. Shauna began to violently jerk the ten or more inches of my shaft left outside my mouth with both her hands, squeezing my cock and the large bulging vein that ran underneath it. Momentarily, it stopped the flow of pre-sperm, but as soon as she relaxed her tight grip, a massive wad flew out and coated my tonsils as I attempted to withdraw my giant knob from my jaws. Finally, I managed to pull my dong out of my mouth, only to have my face splashed with another voluminous blast of pre-cum.

“ Shit, he’s coming over himself! “ , moaned Kelly.

“ Yeah, go on kid, but keep some for us too, please! “, cried Shauna as she tugged even harder on my rock hard crank. Finally, the flow stopped and I managed to catch my breath.

“ That was only, pre-cum, ladies. “ , I announced proudly.

“ What? I can’t believe it, there’s more than my boyfriend comes in a week! “, commented Kelly, bewildered.

“ Looks like Tim could be right, it’s clear juice. Wow, I’m impressed, young man. Show us what it’s like when you REALLY come! “, urged Shauna. Kelly helped the older nurse frantically masturbate my immense prick, their four hands moving up and down the lengthy column of hard flesh. I was lying back, contorted with pleasure as wave after wave of pre-orgasmic shocks spread from my groin through my entire body. Shauna switched to using her gigantic tits, rolling the soft orbs on either side of my stone-like pillar. Kelly joined in and massaged the top third of my fifteen-inch cock with her big breasts. I had two pairs of enormous meaty melons tickling the bulging veins that crisscrossed the distended surface of my giant prick, and it felt like heaven.

“ Come on, blast that thick sperm out of those big balls, Tim! “, begged Kelly. Already, globs of pre-cum were flying everywhere, coating her upper torso with their clear substance. After a few minutes of this sumptuous titfuck, I roared like a wild animal and unleashed a monster wad that smacked Kelly on the hollow of her throat. She pulled her head back and the same wad coursed its way past her head, several feet in the air, before splattering back on the huge bosoms of the two horny nurses.

“ Jeezus, look at all that sperm! “, breathed Shauna. “ More, we want more, Tim! “.

And I delivered what she asked for. Giant pellets of creamy scum erupted from my ultra-stiff cock, again covering Kelly’s pretty face, as well as Shauna’s massive rack. The older nurse attempted to cover my geysering rod with her mouth to catch some volleys of sperm but she moved in as a big rope of sperm gushed out forcefully. Sperm flew into her nostrils, so she moved back to enjoy the spectacle, licking the dripping juice with her tongue. When she felt it was safe to return, she enveloped my turgid glans with her large mouth and was rewarded with a mouthful of my copious manly cream. After twenty or so forceful wads, I could only leak a few drops of cum over my already messy rod. Hopefully, both nurses quickly cleaned my still-hard cock with their eager tongues.

“ God, we have to show Brenda what this young man is capable of doing. I bet she’s never seen that in her thirty years as a nurse. “, suggested Kelly.

“ Stay here and keep him hard, I’ll go and fetch her! “. Shauna put her clothes back on and darted out of the room, leaving me with nurse Kelly, who was still fondling and licking my extremely hard rod.

“ Would you like to put your big cock in my pussy, Tim? “, asked Kelly, while kissing my rod and looking up to me with her cute green eyes. I coldn’t resist such a beauty, eventhough I was physically weakened.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32