Escapades of Eva Ch. 14

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It was Sir Dan on the telephone with another message for Eva. “Pet listen carefully. I have an assignment for you and I don’t want you to miss anything. First of all I want you to give yourself a good bubble bath and make it a hot one. I want you to be relaxed after the hard week we have spent during the busy Thanksgiving holiday at the store. We will be very busy again next week preparing for the December holidays, so I want you to have a good time tonight. We both need to unwind and let our hair down, and I have just the surprise to do that with. After your bath I want you to dress in your best slut outfit. Clothing should all be very tight and very short. Your cleavage should only be covered enough to get away with being in public. Also, it would be best if the clothing were black, and of course you will not wear any panties. I want the works including lots of makeup and perfume. We are going somewhere special and I want you to knock their eyes out. In other words dress as if you were a prostitute in training. After all, you are My whore and I want you to flaunt it. I will pick you up around 8 o’clock. I will see you then my little slut…. Oh, and Pet I want you to take an extra strong enema. I want you as clean as you can be inside and out. Also, I will bring some fried chicken to the potluck that we are attending. No alcohol is allowed here so I would like you to bring our favorite soft drinks.” Sir Dan’s message ended and when Eva looked at the clock she realized that she did not have much time to get ready.

Sir porno indir Dan walked into the house and looked Eva over from head to toe. She had her eyes lowered since she did not know if they were doing a scene. She was wearing a basic black mini dress with a scoop neck. She had hemmed the skirt to just below her panty line. Sir Dan lifted her skirt to make sure she was not wearing any panties. When he did he reached over and gave her bare pussy a hard squeeze. She jumped and cried out and then she grinned at him. He nodded his approval. She had worn a pushup bra that showed her cleavage as fully and as low as possible. She also wore lovely black lace thigh high stockings that came just above her knees, and some sleek black heels. She was holding a small black bag and her favorite black satin jacket. She had also put her makeup on extra thick with some dark blue eye shadow and dark red lipstick. She smiled sweetly and seductively at her Dom.

“You look wonderful Pet,” smiled Sir Dan. “Now here are the rules of protocol that you are to follow tonight. First of all you will not speak to anyone unless I give you my permission. You may speak to me when necessary. And as usual I have ultimate power over you and you will serve and obey only me unless I give you specific permission to do otherwise. If you eat or drink, or go to the restroom you must have my permission and come directly back to me. If I ask you to get me something you may speak but only to find out where things are or only what rokettube you need to know to serve me. Do you understand? Speak to no one but me.”

“Yes Sir,” she said.

“Also, you will keep your eyes lowered when you encounter others. You may look at me and at what is happening. But, you will not look at others unless I introduce you. Then you will speak to Dominants and only to other subs if the Dom gives his sub permission to speak. You will address all Dominants or Dommes as Sir or Mistress. If I introduce you pay close attention to their title and address them as Sir Soandso, or Mistress Soandso. And once you are introduced if they ask you a direct question you may answer that question only. Keep those eyes lowered. Don’t be talking on and on. This behavior is customary for a new sub in training. Eventually, we will move to a lower protocol but for now you will follow this. Is that understood Pet?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Next, no furniture is allowed except to Dominants and Dommes without my permission. You will sit on the floor at my feet in a kneeling position with your hands in your lap. Again, keep your eyes lowered unless you are talking to me and of course if we should play.”

“Playing around others,” Eva thought. She wasn’t sure if she was ready for that.

As if he had read her mind Sir Dan continued, “You will do everything I tell you to do. I have ultimate power over you. I am your Master and as my slave you will obey implicitly, no matter what I tell seks filmi you to do. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir.” She made herself relax by reminding herself that her Dom would take care of her.

“Basically, be polite and respectful and quiet. Oh, and there is one more thing Pet.”

“Yes Sir?”

“I have one piece of clothing left for you. Since you are in training you will wear this collar.” He brought a studded dog collar and leash out of his pocked. Eva, felt a surge of excitement. This was a new type of private, or not so private, humiliation and she had loved it the other times he had done that to her. He placed the collar around her neck. “Unless I tell you to specifically serve me I will lead you on this leash tonight. This is another way of telling others that you are being trained as My submissive. One more thing to remember is that if I leave the room and put the end of the leash in your mouth that is a signal to others that they are not to talk to you or approach you at all. You will keep the leash in your mouth and your eyes lowered until I remove it. Also, if I tell you to show me your respect I expect you to kneel on the floor and kiss the top of my feet. You will stay in that position until I tell you to get up. Is that clear?”

“Oh yes Sir, I will be as good as I can be. I love this Sir. I am thrilled at the thought of more opportunities to serve my Dom and get some more of that delicious humiliation.” She giggled, “I like that activity a lot Sir. Especially when it is with you. And, I will try to make you very proud of me Sir.”

Sir Dan saw the look on her face and laughed out loud. “Oh lord Pet have I created a monster?” Opening the door for her she walked by him with a huge grin on her face. “Oh my what have I done?” he chuckled as they left her apartment.

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