The Toy

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The electricity is so charged with anticipation and the tension only becomes thicker with a knock on the door. I invite HIM in. I am already getting wet thinking of what is to come. I take him by the hand and lead HIM to the bedroom.

There is a moment of awkwardness. So I start to kiss HIS neck. I can smell HIS masculine scent and feel the ripple of HIS arm muscles and the tightness of HIS chest through HIS shirt. HE starts to kiss me back and my nipples grow hard as pebbles. HE then starts to kiss between my swollen breasts, but there is too much fabric between us, so HE rips off my shirt and attacks my large red nipples.

In the corner of the room sits my husband quiet as a mouse but taking it all in as he rubs the mass between his legs through his boxer shorts. Seeing him like this made me even wetter. My pussy is dripping wet.

HE then starts to lick HIS way down over my stomach to the top of my jeans. As HE licks He palms and grabs my pussy and I can feel my lips swell and my clit harden with need. HE licks a little further down with the release of each button until my pants are unbuttoned and HE slowly works them off of me. HE grabs me again and HE can eel the wetness of me through my panties and hastily removes them.

HE lowers me onto the bed and gently spreads my legs. Then HE parts the satin folds beneath the trimmed mound of curls and starts to lap at my engorged clit. I can feel his tongue in me gently in and out of my soft bakırköy escort wet pussy This is pure torture. I throw my head back and I can see my husband gently stroking his cock. I know he doesn’t want to cum until we are all ready. HE is rubbing and sucking on my tender pink flesh until I am almost in a frenzy. Then HE puts two fingers inside of me and slowly fucks me. Out of pure need I start to rub my clit while HIS tongue and fingers still assault me. HE keeps going until I can stand it no longer. ” I want your cock inside me! I moan. HE removes his pants and out springs HIS rock. I feel the need to touch it, rub it and it feels so good in my hand that I must taste it. The tip is salty with HIS pre cum and I take his whole length into my hot wet mouth. As I go up and down on HIS cock I can smell the maleness of HIM and it is intoxicating. I keep sucking until I can tell HE is about to explode but I am not ready for that yet. I want a piece of HIM. I grab HIS tight ass and tell HIM “fuck me!”

Just then my husband speaks up ” I want her to ride you. She is so sexy when she cums and I want to watch her cum on you.” HE lies down on the bed and I straddle HIM. Slowly I lower myself with a slight gasp as His shaft penetrates my opening and I take HIM inside of me. I lean forward so that HE can take my nipples into HIS mouth. HE starts to suckle on them and I start to move my hips up and down on HIM. It feels so good başakşehir escort having HIM inside of me and I ride HIM until I can feel myself getting closer. I sit up on HIM and arch my back to get HIM deeper within me. I grab a hold of HIS chest and ride HIM as hard as I can until at last the peak comes and I shower my sweet sex down on HIM. I can feel it squirt and drip down my thighs onto the sheets. I reach behind me and cup HIS balls. I pant to my husband who is watching very intently. “I came so hard it is dripping down HIS balls.” I know that he loves to watch me cum. “I need to cum again!” I moan. This time my husband walks over and sits on the bed so he can see us better. I start my dance again slowly at first then faster and faster. I can feel HIS cock deeper and deeper within me. My husband grabs my breast squeezes my nipple between his thumb and forefinger. This sends a bolt of lightning straight to my pussy. I start riding HIM even harder and faster. Grinding and grinding until at last the gates open and I cum again leaving a pool of my juices on HIS stomach. I know HE is enjoying it too and trying not to cum when my pussy tightens and floods down on HIM.

My husband lifts me off of HIM and thrusts me on his own hard cock. It feels so good and he is so hard. You are so wet!” He gasps as I start to move over him. “Now I want you to cum on me!” Up on my knees I take him in and out of me. Slowly beşiktaş escort at first then going faster with each thrust. I could feel his hardness so deep inside me. I had to keep riding it and I had to cum. Deeper and deeper, harder and harder until a wave of pleasure flowed through me. Throwing my head back I rained down on him the juices of my swollen pulsing pussy. The whole time I am riding my husband I have HIS cock in my hand keeping HIM hard as a rock too.

My husband want to cum too “I want you on your knees!” he tells me. Keeping a hold of HIS cock as I rub and lick on it my husband enters my pussy from behind. He is so deep inside of me and it hurts so good. With my husband behind my and HIM in fornt of me I take all of HIM into my mouth and start sucking HIS cock that still has the sweet taste of my pussy on it. MY husband starts fucking me harder and harder. I can’t keep HIS cock in my mouth , all I can do is stroke it and lap at it as my husband rocks me back and forth. HE is pushing harder and harder and I am rubbing HIM harder and harder. Until at last my husband explodes inside of me pushing his cock deeper as he spasms with pleasure. I can feel the warmth throughout my pussy. He cums so much that I cannot hold it all inside of me and it drips my thighs and his balls. Then turning my attention to HIS long hard shaft I start to suck it with all my might. I can feel it getting harder and harder as my lips and tongue close around it. With a jerk of his whole body HE pours HIS hot cum in my mouth. I try to take it all in but HE has been so hard for so long that HIS release is so great. So with cum on my legs, chin and the bed we all collapse in sheer exhaustion. I kiss my husbands chest as I still have a hold of HIS semi-hard cock and say, “Thanks, I like my new toy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32