Mom at the Cottage Ch. 02

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While watching his mother, still in her two piece swim suit, make a take away lunch for his dad, Jr. was on the phone to Jake. “Yes, I think I can convince her to come if it’s fine with your dad. You, think he’ll be cool with her coming. Yes, I will tell her to wear her sexy clothes, but what about your dad, what would he think? Yeah, I think he would like to see her great body as well. Super, I’ll tell her.” Jake closed the mobile connection and spoke to his mother.

‘Mom. Jake and his dad said they’d love to have you come, it will keep them from working too hard. And yes, since it the water will be too cold to swim, the hot tub can be fired up to if you get too tired from tanning yourself. They said they might even join you in it, if their muscles are sore from the work. Mom, Jake and I want you come for the weekend, you deserve it.’

‘I’ll check with your dad when he gets here, now scram and finish your home work. With a brief grin to herself she thought about the might lay in store for her. A submissive’s life easy she mused, others make the plans and tell you what to do. All you had to do was follow instructions.

‘Wow, you look fantastic, I am sure glad some hot weather is here.’ Sr. called out breathlessly as he almost ran into the kitchen while ogling his wife’s long legs. Dead ahead of him, bending over getting something out of the fridge, was his wife of 25 years. He walked up behind her, wrapped his hands around each side of her waist, and reached down and under to feel her hanging tits. Feeling her swollen nipples, he pressed his cock into the crack of her ass and pushed her almost into the fridge.

‘Stop that Sr., I’ve got my hands hand full!’ she playfully retorted. She secretly loved it when he played with her and being in the kitchen in such a revealing outfit was exciting. She pushed her ass back into his cock as he ground into her, then pulled away, to put the food down on the counter. ‘I need to finish this if you are going to make your plane….shouldn’t you go pack?’ she demurred, not really wanting the attention to stop. “Oh, by the way, Jake and his dad asked Jr. to help them out at their new cottage this weekend and since you are going be away, Jr. asked if could tag along. You wouldn’t mind would you? I could use more time outside in the sun and I might be of some help.’

Clasping her upper arms, Sr. turned her around to face him as he slid his thumbs under her bra straps and pulled them out, away from her body. Moving his thumbs up, he slid the straps off her shoulders for the second time in less than ½ hour. ‘Let me look at you, lean back on the counter and support yourself with your hands and open your legs.’ Sr. ordered. ‘That is beautiful!’ he exclaimed. Leaning back, pushed her breasts out toward him and made the straps fall down further. Opening her legs suggestively pushed her swelling pussy closer to the tent in his pants. She averted her eyes as he stared at her wonton display.

‘Can I count on you being good and doing what Jr. tells you to do? Annie nodded. ‘Will you miss me? Annie nodded. ‘Well, if you wear this sexy swim suit, you won’t have time to miss me with three men around. What about the suit that Jr. made you buy last year? I want you to take that one and wear it for Jake’s dad. Will illegal bahis you do that?’ Annie nodded.

The conversation was making her flush and her pussy between to dampen when Jr. interrupted the moment by calling out, “Mom, did you talk to dad about the weekend.?”

“Well Sr., what should I tell him?” Annie asked as she felt her breasts spilling out of her unsupported top. Sr.’s eyes ran over her sleek neck, down the expanse of her chest, into the oily cleavage as he inhaled the smell of her sex.

“Play with your nipples while I make a decision!’ he directed.

Peeling down her top, she bunched it under her breasts, so it was holding them up and out like the shelf bra Sr. preferred she wear. Annie took her nipples between thumbs and forefingers and pulled them and with a twisting motion began squeezing them quite hard. She bit he lip as she saw Sr. rub his crotch. Rolling her nipples, her areolas got bumpy from the stimulation. Her knees weakened and the lips of her weeping vagina began to push against the thin fabric her swim suit bottom. Sr. slid a finger into the leg hole of her suit probing for the tight wet cunt. That part was the easy, all he had to do was follow the juice trail.

Withdrawing his finger, he put it to his mouth and licked it. It was a gourmet taste, the taste of a woman inn need. Annie’s eyes pleaded with him, don’t leave me like this.

“Sure, sure, go and enjoy the weekend while I fly coach, work long hours, stay in some cheap hotel and eat bad food. Now, stay topless and finish my sandwich while I go pack. I’ll tell Jr.’

Giving Annie a wink, he turned and quickly took off toward the bedroom wing. Along the way to their master bedroom, Sr. called out to Jr. that Annie was going with them for the weekend. Jr. smiled and could not believe his luck. Fifteen minutes later, he heard his dad say to his mom, “Bye Luv, say good bye to Jr., make sure you do want he says and I’ll most likely see you late Monday.’ Tweaking her still exposed nipples with his thumbs, he gave her a kiss on the lips, grabbed his sandwich and shot out of the kitchen toward the front door. Stopping abruptly, he called out over his shoulder: “Make sure you pull you top up before Jr. sees your tits.”

Suddenly feeling left hanging and frustrated, Annie put her fingers into the jar of refrigerator-cold mayonnaise and took out a glob and began smearing it onto her breasts and inflamed nipples in a vain attempt to cool them off. Realizing that easing the demanding sensation was futile, she stuffed them back into her top.

Cleaning up the kitchen, she made a cup of tea and returned to the patio and the chaise lounge. Still stimulated she wanted to slip her finger into her pussy and frig herself until she came, but she knew she could not, she did not have permission. The hot sun beat down and she must have dozed off.

She was startled when Jr. called out to her. He seemed so close. Was it a dream? ‘Mom, I’m going over to Jake’s house. We’re going to plan and get organized for tomorrow and the weekend and then study. I’ll be back late. You go ahead and have dinner and if I’m not back, just go to bed. Don’t worry.”

He bent over, gave a kiss on the top of head and said. “Thanks for agreeing to come along for the weekend, illegal bahis siteleri it will be awesome.” Heading out through the patio door, Annie thought she noticed an extra spring in his step.

Jr. stayed out, but Annie did not worry. It’s a safe neighborhood and he was a good kid. She stayed up late watching TV in her bedroom. Partially due to the tingle of her slightly sun burnt skin but primarily due to the excitement of what lay ahead, she did not get a good nights sleep.

The next morning she was up early, naked under her short robe the way Jr. and Sr. liked her to be. She made coffee and was enjoying a leisurely cup while sitting on the patio glancing at the paper when she heard Jr. swoosh into the kitchen to grab a bite before heading to school. Seeing his mom on the patio, he poked his head out.

‘Morning mom, you look great. Sorry about being so late last night we just lost track of time. I got to rush, since I have full day on Thursday. I will see you later tonight and we can plan for tomorrow. I have classes until 10 on Friday, then a swim workout. I thought you could pick me up at the college pool, say hello to the team and we could head out about 12:30. According to Jake’s dad it is about a 2 hour drive. Leaving then we’d beat the traffic and the map he gave me the route looks simple.” He studied her face as he talked and noticed she looked pensive.

‘What are you thinking? Jr. inquired.

“Oh, just thinking about what I should take for the weekend, so that if you guys need me I might be able to help you.’ Annie replied without really any emphasis.

“Well don’t fret too much, I have some ideas and what we don’t have we can pick up on the way. Can we discuss it tonight? Gotta run, bye, love you!’

After a quick vacuum of the house and one load of washing she spent a lazy morning in the sun before lunch. After bussing the dishes, Annie felt she needed to personally prepare for the weekend. She ran the shower and soaped herself all overall and shaved her pussy smooth. She rubbed in and then toweled off a depilatory crème ensuring extra smoothness. Naked in her bathroom, she lay a hand mirror on the stool in front of her vanity and stood over it to make sure her red puffy lips could be seen clearly. Tweezering a few loose remaining hairs in the crack of her ass, she knew Jr. and Jake would like what they saw. Ever since learning from her Australian neighbors that EMU oil was the best for the skin she regularly used it. Taking a bottle off the vanity she poured some in her hand and worked it into her skin starting at her neck, then over her shoulders and down her arms. Mmmmm… that was feeling nice. Facing the mirror she dribbled more oil on her breasts and began spreading the creamy warm liquid over them. Stroking in large circles over and under she closed in on her nipples. Bending over to let them hang free, she captured the hard nipples in the palms of her hand and massaged them until they were inflamed. With a final tug downward on each nipple, she reached for more oil. Annie continued with the luxuriously rich potion down over the slight bulge of her stomach and smoothed it over the now hairless pubic area. Reaching behind her, she slid greasy fingers over the cheeks of her ass and worked the canlı bahis siteleri oil along her crevasse and over her sweet pulsing rosebud. Returning to face the wall mirror she turned her knees out and squatted a little more so the red gash of her wet cunt slit could be seen clearly in the mirror. Using two hands she stroked down her inner thighs and back up to her engorged nether lips. She took the index and forefinger of her right hand and made a V, which she slid over each side of her vagina. She did not penetrate, just pushed rapidly back and forth over the cleft. This heated action forced the swollen lips between the fingers and stimulated her clitoris. Simulating herself to the very brink of an orgasm, she forced herself to stop and slumped on the ottoman to catch her breath. There, she finished rubbing the oil in on her legs and shapely feet.

She debated about doing her nails thinking she might have to work at the weekend. However, she instinctually knew that she would be more on display, more a motivator than a doer. She then chose a nice red color and spent the next hour doing her toenails and finger nails. The phone’s cordless handset rang while she had still had her feet up on the marble vanity edge. She pressed the speakerphone button and smiled when she heard Sr.’s voice. She called out, “Sorry to hear it is not going well and that you are working hard. I’m just doing my nails, getting myself ready for the cottage.’ The tone in her voice conveyed her willingness to please him.

‘I’m glad you are taking such pride lately in your appearance. You’re a beautiful woman and I love it that you pamper yourself for me. Now, where are you in the house?’ he asked.

‘In our bathroom,………………naked.” Annie replied.

“Perfect!’ declared Sr. ‘Take the phone to our bed with you and lie down. Open your legs and place the phone next your pussy. I’ve got a break for a few minutes and I want to hear you masturbate for me.’ he directed. Annie shuddered, this is what she had been wanting, needing. She did as Sr. asked and waited. “Now, stroke yourself, I want to hear your fingers getting you really wet, I want to imagine your juices coating your fingers as your cunt lips flare open and your clit swells. That’s it keep going, I can clearly hear you’re squishy now, I can hear how wet it is. Now finger your cunt, I want to hear the sucking sound of your fingers driving in as far as they can and the smacking of your palm hitting your needy clit.”

Annie, threw her head back, contorted her face as she thrust mercilessly into her ravaged opening, Pulling her knees up so the soles of her feet were against her bum and pressed flat on the bed, her knees splayed open even more. She was near the precipice. “CUM FOR ME!’ Sr. demanded over the phone. She did, she bucked and twisted. Feeling the rounded contours of the black handset against her nether lips sent images of her gigantic black vibrator flashing in her brain. Almost impaling herself on the phone, she felt it penetrate her outer lips, sending a huge orgasm roiling rough her. Her toes turned under, she screamed and gasped for breath as she flooded the bed with cum.

“My god, my god, my god” she wailed.

Slumping back on the bed, she could barely hear Sr. call out “Good girl, gotta run, be good.” Exhausted, sated and satisfied she fell back only be woken an hour later by a persistent “please hand up the phone, please hand up the phone, please hand up the phone, please hand up the phone,” coming from between her legs.

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