She Cums from Away Pt. 02

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I wasn’t sure if I’d ever see Rose again. I’d met her off an online dating site and even after we had the most timid of sexual encounters, she still declined to give me her number. In the afterglow, we talked about getting together again. Even the suggestion of anal sex as an alternative to striping Rose of her virginity wasn’t completely rejected. Rose’s biggest concern remained her uninformed belief that sperm could find their way to eggs no matter the orifice used. Her childlike innocence was a big part of her charm.

To recap, Rose was twenty-two years old, 5′ 3″ and petite. She had straight black hair to her shoulders and a cute face with one dimpled cheek. She was of Chinese heritage and grew up in Newfoundland. She was bubbly and had a reproductive knowledge that a ten-year-old would consider deficient.

More than a week had gone by and she still hadn’t called, but eventually, I saw her back online. When I messaged her with suggestions of another get-together, she seemed upset over what we’d done. She said it was wrong because we weren’t in love.

Eventually, I soothed her enough to get her to call me. Rose was uninterested in reminders about how much we enjoyed ourselves the last time we were together. When I suggested starting over again without any expectations it seemed I’d found the right tack. We talked for a while and I was eventually able to convince her to meet me again on Friday.

We met at the same bar and I had a couple of beers while Rose had tea. Just like our previous date it seemed unlikely from our conversation that Rose would conceivably accept an invite back to my place. Even though she had miraculously accepted my invitation the last time, given her regret I thought she’d be wary this time around. I did slip a few inferences over what we did last time into our conversation. Without going into the details, I managed to get her to admit she enjoyed her massage. I told Rose I enjoyed her massage too, but I had to elaborate.

“But I didn’t give you a massage,” she responded at first.

“You did, but only to one muscle,” I reminded her.

When she looked puzzled, I slyly pointed down under my side of the table.

Still not getting it, I reminded her, “Remember what you did for me after?”

Finally blushing with the realization, Rose held her hand up to her mouth as she bashfully giggled.

This seemed a good sign. When I finished my beer, I asked Rose if she’d like to come back to my place. She seemed hesitant, so I mentioned that there was a book I got from the library she might like.

With her interest successfully piqued, Rose pressed me to tell her what the book was.

I managed to hold out and Rose seemed happy to come back with me. If for no other reason than see what I checked out for her.

When we arrived in my puny apartment, I directed Rose to sit in the only place I could. The couch that I’d slowly undressed her on two weeks earlier.

“Would you like another tea?” I asked.

“That would be nice.”

After turning on the kettle I pulled another beer from the fridge and sat down with Rose. Atop my coffee table sat the book I’d picked up at the library.

“Would you like to take a look at the book I checked out for you?” I asked as pulled the book toward her.

“Basic Human Anatomy,” Rose read off the cover before she started laughing. “Why did you get this for me?”

I opened to the bookmarked to the page I wanted to get her to read. “I remember that you had some unusual ideas about how you could get pregnant. I thought I would try to put your mind at ease.”

Fortunately, Rose kept laughing without challenging my motives.

Just as I was directing her to the well-illustrated section that I wanted her to read my kettle began to whistle. “Oh, what kind of tea would you like? I think I have chai, green tea and Earl Grey.”

“Chai would be nice,” Rose indicated as she began to read.

The human reproductive system usually involves internal fertilization by sexual intercourse. During this process, the male inserts his erect penis into the female’s vagina and ejaculates semen, which contains sperm. The sperm then travels through the vagina and cervix into the uterus or fallopian tubes for fertilization of the ovum. Upon successful fertilization and implantation, gestation of the fetus then occurs within the female’s uterus for approximately nine months, this process is known as pregnancy in humans.

“Milk or sugar?” I asked.

“No thanks,” Rose slipped in as she read to herself.

After finishing, Rose said, “I guess I knew, but I’m just so scared of getting pregnant.” Then sheepishly adding, “It doesn’t really rule out the risk of oral or anal sex.”

“True, but there is an infinite number of ways that won’t cause pregnancy. They don’t specifically rule any of them out. They’re only covering the specific way that pregnancy occurs. Read a little further down the page too,” I said pointing to another section.


The human female reproductive system is a series of organs primarily located inside of the body and around the pelvic region of a female that contribute towards the reproductive erotik film izle process. The human female reproductive system contains three main parts: the vulva, which leads to the vagina, the vaginal opening, to the uterus; the uterus, which holds the developing fetus; and the ovaries, which produce the female’s ova. The breasts are involved during the parenting stage of reproduction, but in most classifications, they are not considered to be part of the female reproductive system.

“See, it doesn’t mention your bum, mouth, ears, nose or any other part of your body.” Then with a hint of suggestion I added, “Just your little pussy.”

Blushing Rose said, “Don’t say that.”

That turned out to be her only real pushback. As we sat on the couch chit-chatting, I kept probing Rose with a stream of innuendos. Whether she got them right away or they required a little explaining Rose never demurred. All while radiating a veil of purity.

While offering her a massage had yielded better than expected results the last time she visited, I was hoping to rekindle her interest in showering together as our opening act.

Looking over at her sitting on my couch I couldn’t help but admire the gentle curve of her back. When she set down her cup, I reached over without forethought and ran my hand from her shoulder blade to the small of her back. “You really have the nicest posture Rose.”

“Thanks,” she said with a smile.

Feeling encouraged I asked, “Any chance I could off you another massage?”

“Sure,” Rose said.

Moving closer I ran my hand under Rose’s sweater and around her midriff. Rose contours were soft and smooth, but my access was limited.

“Would you like to try that shower first? I think you’d like it even more afterward.”

“I guess that sounds nice.” Rose agreed.

As I led Rose to the bathroom, I couldn’t help but marvel over how pliant she became once her resistance fell.

Rose stood passively as I ran the water and found the ideal temperature. Once I took my shirt off, I began helping Rose out of her clothes. First, I pulled her shirt over her head, then after a brief struggle, she helped me take off her bra. Then back to simpler clothing, I undid her pants and slide them down along with her underwear. Rose took off her own socks, while I took off my pants. My cock was hard and I made sure that it touched against Rose.

Rose couldn’t help but take hold of my cock while reaching out with her other hand to test the water. Finding it to her liking she stepped in, drawing me with her.

Once we were wet and warm, I began washing Rose’s body paying extra attention to her pussy and ass. With Rose relaxed, I left her sparsely pubed pussy lathered with soap and reach by the curtain to the sink t0 retrieved my razor. I figured since Rose was so innocent and naive, I might as well accentuate those characteristics by pairing them with a smooth hairless pussy.

Slightly taken aback I had to assure Rose that I knew what I was doing. From my knees, I carefully shaved away her hair. Occasionally directing her to put a foot up on the side of the tub to allow for a thorough job.

Once finished, I rinsed her. Then I handed Rose the soap so she could wash me. Intuitively replicating my wash, she took extra care with my cock and ass. Unsure yet how far I could get Rose to go once back in my bedroom I felt encouraged over the possibilities.

After drying each other we moved to my bedroom. “Time for that massage,” I whispered as led her ono the bed.

The last time with Rose, a massage served as the means to undress her. I could only wonder where this advanced starting point could lead. While I still had to take my time, at least I knew a boldly placed hand wouldn’t send her fleeing.

Rose lay on her stomach. Before joining her, I pulled a bottle of baby oil from my nightstand. Straddling Rose’s butt, I held the bottle aloft and let a line of oil fall on her back. Flinching at the chilled liquid, Rose let out a mild squeak.

I began rubbing the oil into her skin, gently kneading her muscles, slowly massaging her from shoulders to the small of her back. Every so often I’d refresh the oil and reflexively rub the excess of on my rigid shaft. Another positive sign was whenever I pressed my shaft down between Rose’s ass cheeks, she never resisted my periodic grinds.

I slid down a bit to better massage Rose’s little butt. Each cheek was a joyful handful.

Other than a few gentle caresses running down across her anus and the inside of her thighs, there was no focused attention given to her pussy. Before doing that I instead moved down to Rose’s feet and began the achingly slow traverse back up her legs.

I loved every moment of it. I loved the smoothness of Rose’s skin. I loved the subtle, but notable tone of her calves and thighs. I especially loved the welcoming spread of her leg and wetness of her pussy.

I massaged the insides of Rose’s thighs and the bottom of her cheeks. I was only able to take so much of the radiating heat and spreading moisture before I had to bury my face into her ass from behind. Her fresh pussy tasted wonderful and felt so wet film izle against my face. Rose’s reactions seem more acute than the last time I tasted her. Her soft moans were deeper and her butt rose sharply pressing back against my face.

As her hips rose, I slipped my arms under her legs and my hands wrapped around to her cheeks. Perched upon my elbows, my grasp of Rose’s backside kept her legs spread and pussy level with my face. I could easily feast on Rose’s flower and puckered star.

I may have spent an hour eating Rose’s pussy and ass. Not only do I like doing it, but history would suggest my efforts are appreciated. While girls who liked to fuck would have pulled me up, in Rose’s case I wasn’t sure if this feast might again be our pinnacle. Even though Rose accepted the penetration of my roaming digits, I figured my cock would trigger a stiffer reaction. If I’d successfully educated Rose on the birds and the bees, my cock might have options other than her pussy.

Rolling underneath, I kissed the baby smooth skin above Rose’s clit. Using my arms, I raised her torso, so that she was sitting on my face. Rose was so light that I was able to easily pivot her around her on top of me. As I guided Rose to face down my body, I tried to maintain my mouth’s contact with her pussy as best I could. No matter how well things were going I always had fears that at some point Rose would question what I was doing. I figured a well-stimulated pussy would go a long way towards keeping unwanted thoughts at bay.

While sitting atop me having her holes licked, Rose still had broad enough focus to take notice of my cock. I suppose it would have been hard to miss with its eye pointing right up at her.

“Are you cumming?” she asked.

Lifting her up enough to take a peek, I could see a string of pre-cum forming a glassy line from the tip of my cock down to my belly button.

“No, that’s just pre-cum,” I said.

“Oh, what’s that?”

“Even before orgasm when a cock’s excited it begins secreting.” Then adding to the explanation, “It doesn’t taste bad and you can’t get pregnant.”

“Are you sure?” Rose dubiously asked.

“Absolutely, you saw the book,” I maintained.

“I don’t know,” she demurred.”

Rather than trying to further reason, I figured my tongue could be more persuasive elsewhere. Tucking back into her pussy and adjoining region I had Rose squirming on top of my face. As she became more unsteady, she braced herself with her hands on my chest. Next, I wrapped my arms around the back of Rose’s waist. Holding her tightly, not only kept her pussy in place, it put more weight on Rose too. Soon her arms gave out and she was lying face down on top of me. It would have inspired a sixty-nine for most girls, but Rose just rested her cheek next to my cock. She may not have been sucking it, but she was getting an ultra closeup view.

Soon I felt Rose’s hand fondling my cock. She tentatively ran her fingers over my entire shaft and gingerly caressed my balls. Eventually, she settled into gently stroking my cock beside her face. Then perhaps overcome by proximity, I felt the first soft kiss against the side of my cock.

I continued licking Rose’s pussy, happy with the growing frequency of her lips against my cock. I thought I felt the occasional kitten tongue lap against me too. Then without a doubt, a tongue ran from the base of my helmet up to my weeping eye. I felt a minor surge in my cock at the surprise of Rose being so bold.

While licking Rose’s pussy, I was becoming very curious to see her mouth on my cock. I didn’t want to lose any momentum by abandoning her pussy, but I found I was taking short breathers for a few looks. The breaks not only let me concentrate on the unseen feel of Rose’s mouth, but gave me the sense that Rose’s motivation was self-sustaining. She was engaged enough to use her mouth without her pussy being continually licked.

I’m not a big moaner, but my body let Rose know that I was enjoying what she was doing. When I tried to peek by her again to see, she swung herself off my face giving me an unobstructed view as she licked the head of my cock. My cockhead looked red and swollen, glistening with pre-cum and Rose’s saliva. I hadn’t really believed I could have gotten Rose to this point when suddenly she took the head of my cock in her mouth. I was so excited it almost recreated with the same sudden rush of my first high school blowjob.

Then Rose lifted up her head and asked, “Am I doing this okay?”

“Yes, it’s great!”

“If it hurts, tell me.”

“Don’t worry Rose.”

Throwing me another surprise Rose pressed my cock against her face before taking me back in her mouth. While that display increased my excitement, the brief interruption was enough to draw me back from a runaway orgasm.

Rose mostly sucked on the head of my cock, taking breaks to lick it like a lollypop. It was hard not to enjoy considering Rose’s unexperienced reserve. But after the initial rush of excitement, the limited technique began to show it might not achieve the ultimate results. Even though Rose was showing a surprising enthusiasm, I didn’t want to be as aggressive as I seks filmi izle otherwise might.

With ease, I began with a hand on the back of her head and ever so slowly used it to establish an undulating rhythm. Little by little the pace and depth increased until two hands held Rose’s head in place as I thrust into her face. Rose’s braced herself against my thighs with enough resistance to suggest a certain boundary. While knowing I couldn’t turn this into a completed face fuck, hearing Rose’s guttural responses and seeing the uncontrolled slobber over my cock was enough for me to feel a build-up that couldn’t be stopped.

Normally I don’t make any sort of announcement when I’m about to cum. Not wanting to sour Rose, at the point of no return I declared, “Rose, you’re going to make me cum!!”

I didn’t outline a timeline (it was right away) or release her head, but she was warned. When the ribbons of cum began erupting into her mouth I could feel her flinch. She tried to lift her head away and at first, but I held her in place. I relented after the initial surge letting her pull free. She looked a little stunned with my cum drooling down of her chin.

“Please don’t stop!” I groaned.

Responding to my desperate tone she let me push her mouth back down on my cock to accept my remaining pulses. I held her head in place until the last twitches ended and I could feel my hard-on fading.

When I released her, Rose lifted her face from my cock letting my load spill from her mouth. Though she might have swallowed some as a reflective reaction, most of my sperm was either a messy mass around her mouth or lathered about my cock.

Looking like a little kid who had tried to eat her first soft-serve ice cream, Rose drew a few deep breaths and declared, “That was a lot!”

Then she sheepishly added, “You’re sure I can’t get pregnant?”

“Totally, sure. You’re completely safe. And thanks Rose, you did a really good job. That felt so good.”

“Really? I didn’t know what to do.” Then after thinking a moment laughed and said, “You kind of guided my head like you did my hand last time.”

“Maybe, but it was your mouth and it felt really good,” I assured. “Did you enjoy it?”

Wiping some cum from her chin Rose smiled and proudly said, “Yes, but can I go wash my face?”

“Sure, I’m gonna wash too.”

As soon as Rose saw herself in the mirror she exclaimed, “Wow, there’s so much!”

I turned on the water for her as she seemed a little bemused over what she could touch without expanding the mess.

After rinsing her hands, she cupped them together to splash off her face. The sperm was determinedly clingy, forcing her to bring her face down to the faucet to wash off the heaviest build-up. Satisfied her face was clean Rose turned off the hot water and began rinsing her mouth. Something I never like to see, but excusable for a neophyte.

Once she finished, I cleaned up my cock too and took a piss for good measure.

When I got back to my room Rose had already started to dress.

“Hey, you don’t have to do that yet,” I suggested with a smile.

Seeming a little bashful, Rose said, “I should probably be going soon.”

Taking hold of her I said, “Sure, but that doesn’t mean just yet.”

I ran my hands down her body and without objection, slid her panties down. Laying down with Rose again my hand gently traced across her skin while the other propped up my head. Rose’s small body looked so nice. Her light brown skin and subtle curves had me thinking cock hardening thoughts.

As I stroked her skin, I could feel Rose’s body relax. As I sensed her give herself over again, I touched her parts that confirmed her continued willingness.

Once it seemed like leaving was no longer a thought Rose entertained, I began sucking on her pert nipples. As her body and any resolve melted, I moved down her body to lick the holes between her legs again.

Rose was moaning and obviously enjoying my tongue lapping and probing her pussy and asshole. With any other girl, the next step would have been clear. I knew Rose was too worried about pregnancy and a little too puritanical accept a cock in her pussy. Those puritanical tendencies did have possible workarounds and now that Rose better understood what would and wouldn’t get her pregnant there were other options. Most girls, let alone virgins, would be unlikely acquiesce to having someone fuck their ass instead of their pussy. As a by-product of her innocence, Rose seemed to be missing some common hang-ups as to where she could be touched. While she might have had prudish ideals, once she was undressed, aside from her fear of pregnancy, she responded easily to sensation.

I didn’t neglect Rose’s pussy, but I did increase my attention to her ass. When I pushed my finger into her little bud, her running pussy was able to provide enough lube. As I continued to munch on her I thought I better try the adding some K-Y to help open her ass. Her pussy could have done the job of greasing up another finger for her ass, but I had bigger plans. When the time came to transition to my cock, I wanted to make sure her ass would be slick and receptive. In my mind, I was already thinking of how to brush aside any objections that Rose might raise when my cock began pushing its way into her ass. Once I got to that point, I didn’t want an unsmooth entry disrupting my persuasion.

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