Red Eye

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Cassie rushed out of the airport bathroom with flushed cheeks straightening her short skirt and tight hoodie as nonchalantly as she could, power walking to join Will in line just in time to board their red eye flight back home. She felt the stares of every passenger burning through her as they made their way to their seats in the middle of the plane, but told herself that her quarter-thigh skirt was more than adequate and even the most obvious double take was probably just nerves getting the best of her, and stuffed her panties further into her hoodie pocket.

She sat anxiously through takeoff in the window seat of their thankfully two seat row in the middle of the plane, and waited for the ‘fasten seat belt’ sign to turn off and the cabin lights to dim for the late night journey. She turned on the overhead reading light and unzipped her hoodie, making a show of arching her back to peal it off behind her, thrusting her braless chest up towards the halo above her, the light shining through the thin material of the extra small white tank top that clung to every curve and detail of her barely contained breasts.

Cassie reached down to place it in her carry-on bag and retrieve her book, twisting her body towards Will to make sure he had sufficient time to ogle her spilling cleavage before she returned to an upright and seated position without glancing at him once, playing it cool. She idly turned the pages at seemed like a natural interval, but didn’t read a word, too preoccupied with the way Will was fidgeting in his seat and trying not to do the same. A flight attendant with a drink cart made her way to their seats. Cassie politely declined, but Will ordered himself a Coke which both he and the attendant almost fumbled into his lap. Cassie looked up at the two of them having a noticeably difficult sincan escort time tearing their eyes away from her and quickly returned to intensely ignoring her book, slightly embarrassed, but incredibly turned on.

After some time had passed she glanced to the seats across the aisle, everyone seemed to be asleep, perfect. She closed the book and asked Will to let her up to use the bathroom. Will stood and moved to the aisle, Cassie followed and once beside him turned and bent over to place her book on her seat, taking advantage of the limited space to grind her ass against the crotch of his visibly tightening pants. When he sat back down she bent over him again, cleavage at eye level, and asked him to get her a blanket and pillow if a flight attendant happened to pass by. Wide eyed he nodded, at that she turned her back to him and looking like she was taking a quick stretch with her hands on her hips, and lifted her skirt to reveal the bright red jewel of the plug she’d inserted before boarding shining between her bare cheeks.

In a flash she covered herself and hurried to the back of the plane, only taking a split second peek at Will’s shocked face on her way, and locked the lavatory door behind her. For several minutes she shook with her face buried in her hands, half hyperventilating and half hysterically laughing, definitely grinning from ear to ear. When she’d regained her composure she lifted her skirt and admired the view of herself in the mirror. She’d worried that the cabin might be too dark for the jewel to shine like she’d hoped it would, but to her delight it sparkled brightly even in the low light.

She moved back to the seats with her skirt hiked up even higher than before and slowly stepped over Will’s legs, flashing her pussy inches from his face on the way and immediately ankara escort cocooned herself in the blanket waiting for her, curled in a tight ball facing the window, biding her time and letting his mind wander a bit. She slowly fingered herself in her cocoon acutely aware of all the strangers sleeping just a few feet away until her fingers grew slick and she decided Will had been tormented long enough. Turning to Will she placed a hand in his lap, traced the outline of his bulge with her fingers, and asked him to let her up one more time. He stood, futilely attempting to cover himself, she stood pretended to stumble into him landing her hand on his hard cock, gripped it firmly and kissed him in the middle of the aisle before making her way back down towards the tail of the plane. As she walked she tugged her skirt higher and higher until she stood paused outside the lavatory glancing at Will over her shoulder, naked from the waist down with the butt plug shining like a beacon before entering.

She stood in the tiny room with her back to the door with her hands against the wall, leaving as much room for Will as she could. Moments later he entered and locked the door behind him. She felt the cold steel of his belt buckle slap her ass followed by his cock snapping free from its denim prison. He slid into her dripping pussy easily and they began to grind their hips into each other, being careful not to make a sound beyond their light panting and labored breaths. Will gripped Cassie’s hips and drove into her as best he could in the limited space, she thrust backwards meeting his pace, small claps reverberating through the chamber.

Cassie soon felt her orgasm building. She reached back between them and pulled the plug out and dropped it in the metal sink with an irresponsible clang, and with a bit of etimegut escort careful maneuvering Will replaced it with his naturally lubricated cock and continued making passionate, risky love to her ass. She watched in the mirror next to them, steadying herself with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other. She fingered and watched herself get fucked with nearly 100 strangers sleeping on the other side of a thin plastic barrier until her body exploded and she had to bite into her arm to muffle her screams.

When her orgasm subsided and she felt like her shaking knees would give out on her, she carefully guided Will out of her and turned to sit on the closed toilet seat. She leaned back in her seat and made quick work of him, both hands pumping his shaft tip to base, and soon he began to twitch and grunt and braced himself just as Cassie had a moment ago. She aimed his cock at her open mouth as best she could, but found the powerful jets of cum difficult to control and only a few met their target at the back of her throat while the rest streaked across her face and dripped down her body. When his spasms subsided and the last drop had fallen, Will took the cue to clean up and move back to the seats, chivalrously pocketing Cassie’s butt plug on his way.

Next Cassie met the aftermath in her reflection. Bands of cum lined her face and hair, but mostly it pooled and dripped down her tank top leaving it totally transparent. She cleaned her face and smoothed down her skirt, and calmly made her way back to her seat past the throng of sleeping passengers, a little disappointed now that nobody was awake to witness her parading her near nakedness through the crowd. Before Will could stand Cassie straddled is lap, first leaning back for a moment so he could appreciate the fine work he’d done leaving her so exposed for anyone awake at this hour, and then pressed his face to hers, mind already wandering to their next adventure when they returned home in a few more hours, and hoping the next flight attendant would come by soon.

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