Pocket Pool

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Big Dick

Every man should have a pool table in their house. It’s a whole lot of fun. Even if you don’t play pool all that well…

I had invited Renee over to see my new Christmas present to myself. I had just finished pouring a drink when she came in. As usual, her stunning beauty was a sight to behold. She was dressed in a low-cut top that accentuated her ample cleavage. I really did try to keep from drooling as I worked my way down her body to see a pair of jeans that hugged her in all the right places. I glanced down to see a pair of high heels adorning her feet. She always wore them around me. I don’t know if it was because she liked looking me in the eyes, or if she liked the look in my eyes when I saw her in them. Her hips swayed back and forth just perfectly as she walked over to me. I smiled as she drew close and gave her a long, slow kiss on her luscious lips.

After a minute or two, we finally came up for air, to which I finally said, “Hello there, sexy. Nice to see you again.”

Renee smiled and replied, “Same here. How could I refuse an invitation to come over and see what Santa brought you?”. I laughed as I took her hand and led her into the other room. There, smack in the middle was my brand new pool table. A full-sized model with a beautiful finish. I had always wanted one, and when I finally got the chance and the room, I jumped on it.

Renee walked around the table, tracing her fingers across the wood and felt as she admired it. She pulled the rack down off the wall and started to rack up the balls for a game.

As she worked, she said, “No sense letting it sit around like this. Might as well start playing. Be a dear and fix me a drink, will you? You know what I like…”

I nodded and returned to the kitchen to mix up a nice bourbon and Coke. I returned to the ‘entertainment’ room to see Renee’s ass swaying back and forth in front of me as she bent over slightly, ready to break. I sat her drink down on the table and walked up quietly behind her.

As I got close, I pressed into her and whispered in her ear, “You should really get down lower. More power that way.”

With a gasp from my sudden appearance, she miscued and almost scratched. I reached out, pressing into her tighter, and grabbed the ball before it could get away.

Renee pressed back against me as she turned around and told me, “That’s not fair. How am I supposed to win if you keep cheating?”

I stepped back and held my hands up innocently. I replied, “I’m not cheating. Just trying to give you a few pointers.”

She glared at me and returned to her shot. I sat back, trying desperately to hide the growing hard-on in my pants. I knew that if she spotted it, my playing days were numbered.

The first game was fairly uneventful. It was close, but in the end Renee was able to sink the 8-ball with a tricky shot. I applauded her and went to start the next game.

I asked, “As the winner, you get to pick the next game. What’s it going to be?”

With a hint of that devilish smile I love so much, her reply was “Let’s make this interesting, shall we? How about we play strip 8-ball?” Now, I’ve played strip poker, naked Twister, and a variety of other clothing-optional games before, but strip 8-ball was a first for me.

Renee explained that every time you sank a ball, your opponent had to remove an article of clothing. I thought this might be interesting. I agreed, and Renee had an excellent break. The 12-ball went right into the pocket. I looked up to find her staring at me, waiting.

I protested, “What?!? That was luck…”

She wagged her finger at me and replied, “Rules are rules. Pick something.”

I pulled my shirt over my head and threw it into the corner. Renee smiled and resumed her shot. She missed the next one, and I jumped on my chance to make a straight-in shot. After it went in, I stood proudly eryamandaki escortlar and awaited Renee’s response. I saw her shrink a couple of inches as she stepped back. She bent down and picked up her heels and placed them in the corner.

I shouted, “Hey! Shoes don’t count!”

She turned around and said, “Oh yes they do, baby. If you had to wear those all the time, you want to get out of them as soon as you could. Besides, it’s my game, and shoes count.”

My next shot was wide of the mark, and Renee resumed playing. Before I knew it, two more were down. I responded by removing my shoes and then my socks. No protest was offered this time. Another tricky shot later, I found myself undoing my belt and sliding my pants down. Now standing there in nothing but my underwear, I saw Renee lick her lips slightly and smile at me. I waited until she was just about to shoot, then bent over to pick up something in her view. The cue ball sailed away without hitting it’s intended target.

She looked back at me and shook her head. “That’s not fair, you know.”

I mockingly replied, “What? I was picking up some lint…” She sat back down as I returned to making a shot.

Now, with some of the balls off the table, I had more open shots. I sank one, and when it came time for Renee to remove another article of clothing, she said, “Turn around.”

I looked at her quizzically, as I had disrobed in front of her with no issue. She teasingly replied, “I’m shy. Besides, it’s my game, remember?”

I grudgingly agreed and turned my back to her. After hearing her acknowledgment, I turned around to find her top missing. A colorful bra was all that held back her bountiful breasts. I concentrated on the next shot, doing my best to ignore her in the corner of my eye squeezing her breasts together in an obvious attempt to fluster me. My shot was true, and it was time again for Renee to pay up. I turned around, hoping that I would get to see her completely topless after my efforts. What greeted me instead was even better.

Renee instead had decided to remove her jeans, and what I found underneath was a sexy pair of stockings. I almost conceded at that point, since seeing her in stockings drove me crazy. I missed my next shot and sat back down, trying very hard not to think about how badly I wanted those legs wrapped around me.

Renee walked over to her neatly-folded pile of clothes and slipped back into her heels.

I once again protested, “That’s not fair! You already took those off. They shouldn’t count.”

She grinned at me and said, “Fine, they won’t. I just needed a little more leverage for my shot.”

She walked around to the front of the table and took great care in bending over in front of me for her shot. Her ass was just inches away from my face, and it was all I could do not to reach out and touch it. Before I got my chance, she took her shot and just barely missed. I was relieved that I could keep on one more article of clothing. She returned to her chair and crossed her legs with great effort, taking her time and making sure to attract my attention.

I jumped up quickly, hoping to make another shot and also hoping to hide my rock-hard cock from her view. I picked a shot and sank the ball. I turned to see Renee standing up. She didn’t make me turn around this time, but instead I watched her right hand slip behind her back. A second later, I watched the brightly-colored bra slacken and slip down gently. She caught it with her left hand and held it in place for just a moment. I raised an eyebrow in her direction and she responded by pulling the bra away and letting it drop the floor. Her beautiful breasts came into view. I figured them to be at least a D-cup with a dark areola that drew my eyes toward them like a beacon. I swallowed hard and turned my head back to the game, trying my best not to sneak etimesgut bayan escort too many glances.

The number of balls on the table were dwindling, but so too was the amount of clothing left on Renee and me. I was down to the last couple of shots. I took careful aim at my target, trying my best to avoid distraction from Renee’s ample bosom seated at the end of the table. Renee tried her best to draw my attention, as I could see her hands sliding up and down her bare breasts, teasing her pert nipples. I shook my head to clear the fog and managed to sink a long shot. Renee frowned a bit at my luck. She was down to her final two pieces of clothing. I figured that she’d play it a bit safe and slide off her stockings. I could imagine her bent over sliding the silky leg coverings down to the floor. I was surprised to she her still seated, wriggling her ass side to side as she slid her panties down slowly. She took her time pulling them down her legs, teasing me with a little show. Once she had them slipped around her ankles, she playfully kicked them in my direction, and I could see the glistening dampness on her smoothly shaven pussy. Now, as if things weren’t hard enough (pun intended), now I had a mostly naked girl teasing me as I was trying to win the game. It was no use this time, as my shot sailed wide of the target.

Renee stood up and picked yet another shot. She was down to two balls left. Her aim was right on and another one slipped in. Left with no choice, I removed my last article of clothing. There I stood, completely naked in front of her. Her eyes grew wide as she noticed my raging erection. It took her a couple of minutes to regain her composure, but she settled down for her next shot.

As it went into the pocket, I calmly asked, “I’m out of clothes, princess. What am I going to do now?”

She laughed and said, “Well, I’m so close to winning that we won’t worry about it right now.” With that, she leaned in to take a shot at the 8-ball. I made sure to stand directly in line with the pocket so she got a full view of my cock. She barely missed again. I was sure that the next shot might be my last, so I surveyed the table carefully, ready to make my big comeback.

As I lined up for my shot, Renee stood behind me, pressing her breasts into my back.

I shook my head at her and said, “That’s cheating. But it won’t matter. Nothing you can do will make me miss this shot.”

No sooner had the words come out my mouth when Renee dropped down on her knees and took my cock into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the head and eagerly devoured all the precum that had been sitting there. No amount of concentration can help in that situation, and so my shot was laughably short. As soon as the ball stopped rolling, Renee slid my cock out of her mouth and gave the tip a gentle kiss. She stood back up to find a dead-on shot to win the game. I decided turn about is fair play, so as she lined up for her shot, I stood behind her again. She didn’t even acknowledge my presence at first, so I traced my finger along her leg just above the stocking top. She shuddered slightly, and tried to concentrate on her shot. Before she could make it, I slipped my finger inside her dripping pussy. She moaned slightly and pressed back against my finger. I pushed in deeper, both enjoying the opportunity to pleasure her and hoping I would distract her enough to win. Sadly, her shot was too easy, and as the 8-ball sank, she turned her head to look back at me, my finger still sliding in and out of her.

I smiled at her and said, “Good game. What now?”

Her breathy reply was, “Well, I think the winner of the game should have her pussy fingered and licked by the loser. Right here.”

With that, she turned and sat up on the table. My finger slipped out, and instead I was greeted ankara escort with a full view of her delicate flower. I knelt down in front of her and resumed running my tongue up and down her juicy lips. I lapped up every drop of her flavorful juices. I licked and nibbled and teased her as best I could. I worked my way up to her clit and started licking and sucking it. I felt her silky legs rest on my shoulders as her hands started playing with the back of my head. I scooted her closer to the edge of the table so I could once again insert my fingers back into her. As I did, she pressed my face closer to her, and her legs pressed me as well, keeping me from escaping. Being a good boy who does what he’s told, I licked and sucked harder, driving my fingers into Renee as her moans became louder and deeper.

She started saying to me, “Yes! That’s what I want. Finger my pussy and lick my clit, baby. I want to cum all over your face. I want you to lick up my juices. Make me cum, stud!”

I responded in kind with a renewed sense of determination as I licked and fingered as hard as I could. After so much effort of sliding my fingers in and out of her soaked pussy, along with my tongue dancing over her clit and rubbing against her, Renee finally gave in a started cumming all over my face. Her juices ran all over me, covering my face in her intoxicating scent as I lapped up everything I could. Her legs and hands held me in place as she rode my tongue and fingers. After a few minutes, I felt her relax her grip on me. I slid out from under her and stood up. She grabbed my arm and pulled me in close to her. She kissed me deeply, savoring her own juices as she hungrily thrust her tongue into my mouth. We kissed each other deeply for several minutes, sharing her flavor back and forth.

I stood in close to her and said, “My turn now, honey.”

With that, I shoved my cock into her dripping slit. I wasted no time in pounding away at her. Renee wrapped her legs around my hips and pulled me deeper into her with each thrust. The feeling of her stockings rubbing against me as I fucked her was heaven itself. I leaned in a took her nipple in my mouth as I fucked her, nibbling it and teasing her closer and closer to another orgasm. The pain was exquisite as she moaned and moaned, telling me to bite harder and fuck her deeper. I felt her pussy tighten around my cock as another orgasm washed over her. I slammed harder and harder, driving myself all the way in as she called my name.

When I felt her relax again, I slid out quickly. I grabbed her hips and spun her around roughly. Now she stood in front of me, bent over the pool table with her ass pressed against my cock. I reached up and grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back toward me.

I growled, “Now I’m going to fill you up and fuck you like you deserve. And then, I’m going to cum inside you and fill your pussy all the way up.”

Renee gasped and begged me to fuck her. I slammed my cock into her again, this time grabbing her hips with one hand while keeping a firm grip on her hair with the other. I fucked as hard as I could, driving into her each time harder and harder, while using my leverage to pull her back against me. All this time pleasing her was enough to send me over the edge.

I groaned and shouted, “Here it comes, baby! A nice hot load for your wet pussy!”

Renee replied, “Oh yes! Please fill me up! I want your hot cum inside me!”

I felt a tingle in my balls as the first spurt came shooting out into her pussy. The feeling of hot cum splashing inside her was enough to send Renee over the edge one more time. We both came in unison, my filling her hot pussy with my sticky cum and her pussy covering my cock with her warm juices. As I slid out, she spun around and licked my cock clean, eager to taste our combined juices.

We both collapsed in a chair, Renee sitting on my lap as I absent-mindedly played with her hair. We both laughed at the wet spot on the table where our juices had run out. I looked up at her and said, “If this keeps up, I think we’ll just have to forget about the game and start referring to this as our ‘fucking table’.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32