Mating Rituals Ch. 04

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Big Dicks

Cherie finds the love of her life and is presented with a dilemma

Author’s notes:

1. This is a work of fiction. The activities and practices described in this story are not necessarily either condoned or recommended. If you choose to do anything described in real life with real people you do so at your own risk.

2. All characters are fictional and any likeness to any living person is purely coincidental. The story is purely imaginary and, to the author’s knowledge, bears no relationship to any factual occurrence.

3. This is the fourth chapter of the ‘Mating Rituals’ series — it is a standalone story but will make more sense if you read chapters 1, 2 and 3 first (and why would you not want to do that?).


At the feel of the soft breast capped with a nipple, Cherie recoiled in shock, all attempts at silence gone. She reached up and turned on the bedside light to see two heads on the pillows, Jared’s and another with long blonde hair. Both came awake with a start as the light shone in their eyes.

“You bastard, you lying, cheating bastard,” screamed Cherie as she reached across the woman’s body and pummeled Jared’s face and head, the only parts of him that were exposed above the sheet. He quickly grabbed her wrists and held her as she continued to shout abuse at him, the owner of the blonde hair cowering away from this unknown mad woman.

Eventually Cherie ran out of words and threw herself on the bed, sobbing her eyes out. Jared tried to console her but she was inconsolable and brushed him away every time he tried to touch her. After a long time she stood, covering her naked body as best she could with her hands, and told Jared in no uncertain terms that if she never saw him again it would be too soon. She then strode from the room, dressed and drove herself home.

Once there she went straight to her parents’ room and sat on the bed telling them about what had happened.

“Oh you poor darling,” said her mother, stroking her hair and holding her close, “That was terrible. I just knew there must have been a reason why you didn’t move in with him. Poor honey.”

“Thanks, Mom,” sobbed Cherie, “Please just hold me tightly.”

She did. Lance realized that Bel was much better at the initial consoling than he ever would be, but that after she had regained her composure a little she was sure to want some physical lovemaking and he was ready and willing to help out with that. And so it proved to be. After half an hour or so Cherie shrugged her mother’s attention aside and snuggled in next to Lance.

“Please make love to me Daddy,” she said, reverting to her more childish form of address.

She was still fully clothed so Lance had the pleasure of slowly removing her clothing, unwrapping her as he would a precious gift as he caressed and kissed each and every exposed piece of skin as he uncovered it. She felt for his cock and let out a small cry of delight as she found it was hard and ready. Once she was naked, Lance felt between her legs, feeling her lubrication flowing profusely. He made to turn her onto her back but she stopped him.

“No, Daddy, I want to ride my pony tonight,” she said, much as she would have when she was a child and had a wooden horse.

Lance acquiesced and Cherie spread her legs across his hips and lowered herself down onto his cock just as she had done many times for Jared. As she rode back and forth, feeling his cock head moving deep inside her and her clit being crushed and released between their pubic bones, tears ran down her cheeks as she released the anger, frustration, regret and feelings of betrayal following her discovery earlier in the evening. She realized how much store she had put on continuing and developing the relationship she had with Jared, but in the end it was all for nothing. She would never be his bride, never be the mother of his children. What was the point of it all? What was the point of life? If she was to be treated like a slut if she tried to attract men, then they treated her like so much garbage to be disposed of when she finally gave her heart to one man, then was there any point in trying to find a good man anymore?

She felt her orgasm rising to match her anger and she began far more aggressive movements, as though she was trying to destroy her genitals, those wonderfully sensitive and erotic parts of her which caused her so much heartache, frustration, grief and pleasure. She reached her climax and threw her head back, releasing her pent up anguish in a long shrill scream as she came on her father’s cock, feeling him cumming in the depths of her body, his warm cum, which had helped create her many years ago, being dispensed as though a balm for her despair. She collapsed onto her father’s chest, panting for breath, and fell into a deep sleep even before her breathing had returned to normal.

Jared tried to contact her the following morning but she would not take his calls or answer his texts. He atalar escort bayan even visited her but she told her mother she would not see him and he was barred entry. During those days the outgoing, vivacious, enthusiastic young woman who had been full of joie de vivre, died and in her place was a staid, more mature and far more serious young woman, focussed on her studies, finding a career and staying away from men, except her beloved father. She changed her wardrobe, wearing ‘sensible’, sexless clothing that would hopefully deter any young man who had any inclination to ask her on a date.

Cherie’s new persona attracted a different group of males. Instead of those who were after a quick sexy romantic evening with little commitment, she found she was being approached by more serious and studious males who treated her as a real person, with a mind of her own and were keen to discuss ideas and to hear her thoughts. She found she really enjoyed this change and her grades improved due to her lengthy debates with learned people which enabled her study time to become far more productive.

She accepted a few dates from studious, often bespectacled young men who took her to pleasant restaurants and the occasional evening dancing. These evenings usually involved academic discussions pertinent to their studies and invariably ended with a hug or a chaste kiss as her latest escort delivered her safe and sound to her door. On several of these dates she would have quite happily jumped into bed with her partner but these males seemed to be relatively sexless; at least, that was the impression they gave, appearing to be more interested in their studies than in more physical activity between the sheets. Fortunately there was always Lance, waiting for her to come home, accepting her into his and Bel’s bed and making sweet love to her when she felt the urge, which was several times a week and usually after her dates in particular.

“How long are you going to keep this up?” asked Bel one day after several months of sexless dating.

“Keep what up, Mom?” asked Cherie.

“You know, accepting dates from men who seem to be unable or unwilling to take the relationship further than a first date and chaste kiss at the door?”

“Well, perhaps that’s what I want,” replied Cherie defensively.

“Mmmm, I doubt it; it doesn’t seem natural for a beautiful young woman to be deeply engrossed in study and academic pursuits with no sexual activity involved, especially after you’ve been so sexually active in the past.”

Cherie leant back against the edge of the kitchen bench and studied her mother’s face for several seconds, wondering how to answer this observation, realizing, as she considered her response, that what her mom had said was largely true. She also realized that she had been actively shunning the attention of young men who would have had a more sexual inclination.

“Well, Mom, I was deeply hurt by Jared’s betrayal. That was inexcusable. I trusted him; we’d talked of marriage, moving in together, children, the whole works. Then to find him in bed with some blonde bimbo like that was absolutely devastating. I feel that I’m still grieving for the relationship we had. I certainly haven’t forgiven him and don’t even know if I ever can. I know with absolute certainty that I never want to repeat that experience.”

“Yes, I appreciate that, but surely there’s a happy medium. Surely you can dress a little sexier to attract those men who may wish to take you to bed after discussing academia with you. You really are sending the wrong message to prospective lovers, just as earlier you were sending the opposite message of having little academic interest but simply wanting a quick romp in bed. You can have both you know, if you play your cards right.”

Cherie did not reply but instead walked away and, once in her room, studied her wardrobe thoughtfully.

The course which Cherie liked most and which she achieved best at was Wilderness Ecology. It was an area in which she intended to work but was also aware that there were few career options in that area. This year there was a field trip scheduled in a few months’ time and she was looking forward to that eagerly.

After she had modified her wardrobe a little and wore clothes that made her more attractive to young men, she noticed that one particular young man chose to sit beside her in class quite frequently. She thought at first that maybe they both enjoyed sitting in that position in the room so she deliberately chose another area to sit only to find that he came and sat next to her. Apart from greeting each other each time in a friendly manner, there were few words exchanged between them. Cherie found this interesting, as well as frustrating. Was he interested in her or not, she wondered. If he was, why didn’t he ask her out or something? If not, why did he continue to seek her out, possibly deterring advances from other young men? She ataşehir escort bayan decided to take the lead.

“How about a coffee?” she asked him casually at the end of a lecture.

To her surprise he blushed scarlet. “Y — yes, that would be great, thanks. You’re sure you have time?”

“Yes, I’ve finished for the day. How about you?”

“Yes, me too.”

They walked together to the nearby café where they ordered and paid for their own drinks and selected a table to await their arrival. They chatted of inconsequential things until the coffee arrived then fell silent for a while, each lost in their thoughts, each wondering when the other was going to begin discussion of the elephant in the room. Eventually they both began to speak at once and Gary immediately stopped and signalled Cherie to continue.

“I was going to ask if you had much of a social life. I thought maybe we could go out to a movie or something together if you liked,” she said.

“I was actually going to ask much the same thing,” he replied. “In answer to your question, no, I don’t have much of a social life. I had a girlfriend a while ago but she dropped me for some reason; I don’t think I was exciting enough for her. How about you?”

“Well, I had a boyfriend for a while, I actually would’ve married him if he’d asked, but fortunately he didn’t. We broke up after I found him in bed with another woman a few months ago.”

“That must’ve been very traumatic for you,” he replied, spontaneously reaching out to hold her hand in a gesture of condolence. Cherie kept her hand still, enjoying the companionship and the feeling of his warm hand on hers.

“Yes, it was. It changed me greatly and I almost made a vow never to go out with guys again. It’s only in the last few weeks that I’ve decided that’s stupid, but I am much more cautious than I was.”

“Yes, I noticed you changed your style of dress a few weeks ago. Is that part of reinventing yourself?”

“Absolutely. You’re the first guy I’ve interacted with socially for a very long time. Part of me misses that; the other part of me seems very afraid in case she’s betrayed again.”

“I can certainly understand that. As you may have noticed, I’m also quite nervous around women. My last breakup was anything but pleasant. Like you, I’ve also considered getting back on the horse, so to speak, and I have been trying to get the nerve to ask you out for the past little while. Thank you for breaking the ice.”

Cherie smiled her radiant smile that in the past had both dazzled and encouraged suitors. “Well, someone had to, I guess,” she said. “So what movie are you going to ask me out to?”

They discussed current movies for a while, settling on one they both wanted to see and arranged a date for Friday night. Cherie gave him her address and he told her he’d collect her at 7.30 for the 8pm screening. They continued chatting for a while then walked out onto the street, where they needed to part. He reached down and held her hand in his.

“Thank you, Cherie; I’ve thoroughly enjoyed our coffee break and am looking forward to our date on Friday.”

“As am I. Thank you for accepting my invitation.”

Neither Cherie nor Gary was sure how to farewell the other. Was simply holding hands enough? Should he or she kiss the other, maybe a peck on the cheek? Both decided that would be too forward so instead they simply gave each other’s hand a squeeze and released their grip. They turned in different directions and walked away. After a few steps, Cherie turned to see if Gary was turning to see if she was turning, etc. He was. Her heart gave a small skip of joy even as part of her was cringing with fear at the thought of even the possibility of being hurt by a man again.

That evening Cherie told her parents about her pending date. They were very pleased that at last she had begun taking notice of the opposite sex once again and commented on her softly, softly approach to meeting and dating. That night Cherie snuggled in beside her father in bed.

“Daddy,” she began in her little girl voice, then she stopped. No, that’s no longer me, she told herself, so she started again.

“Dad, could we please make love tonight. I feel so sexy from thinking about the possibilities with Gary. I know it’s silly and that we’ve only drunk a cup of coffee together so far, but just thinking of the possibilities has got me really horny. Please make love with me, Dad.”

Lance and Bel noticed the change in attitude and were pleased that it seemed that already Gary was good for their daughter. In response, Lance moved his hand between her legs and felt the moisture dripping from her opening.

“Mmmm, you certainly are hot to trot tonight. I hope you’ve warned Gary that you’re insatiable. Yes, sweetheart, I would love to make love with you tonight.”

Lance rolled Cherie onto him and kissed her, feeling her juices dripping onto his hard avcılar escort and ready cock, then rolled her again so she was on her back between himself and Bel. Then both her parents began arousing her, as if she wasn’t aroused enough already, caressing her, cupping her breasts, squeezing her nipples, running their fingers through her trench and inserting them into her sloppy love tunnel. It took only a few minutes before Cherie was moaning as she approached her first release, writhing under their hands as sensations coursed uncontrollably though her body. A few seconds more and Cherie convulsed, tensing up so her spine was arched backwards, lifting her back off the bed as Bel massaged her clit and vagina while Lance cupped and stimulated her breasts and nipples. Her orgasm seemed to last forever, until, after what was in reality only a few seconds, she relaxed onto the bed and lay there panting for breath.

“Ooohhh, Mom, Dad that was amazing. You two are incredible.”

“Pleased you enjoyed it,” replied Bel with a broad grin. “Now, time for Dad’s encore.”

Lance moved two pillows under Cherie’s hips, lifting her pussy high for better access. He then positioned himself between her legs, spreading them wide apart as he stroked and admired her delicate lips, engorged clit and gaping vaginal entrance. He bent down and kissed her vulva, taking her clit between his lips then biting it gently, causing her to moan in desire. He moved up her body and placed the head of his cock at her opening while Bel knelt beside her and began kneading her breasts. Lance then gently but firmly penetrated her to the full depth of his cock, pressing his pubic bone against hers so that her clit was sandwiched. Once again Cherie moaned and rolled her head from side to side with the intensity of the sensations.

Lance pulled out slowly and pushed back in, beginning a slow fuck that would last for many minutes while it took them both to peak after peak of pleasure without allowing an orgasm. By the time Lance felt himself approaching his release, Cherie was begging him to move faster, to push her over the edge. He increased his speed a little, his cock moving back and forth in her tunnel with a noticeable sucking sound as she moved her hips and body to try to obtain that last bit of sensation that would enable her to cum. Ultimately this was provided by Lance who felt his cum begin surging upwards through his cock. He thrust hard and fast a few more times, pushing Cherie over the edge as she felt his pulsing cock deposit his hot seed against her cervix. She let out a scream of delight as Lance held on to her writhing body while experiencing the overwhelming sensations of injecting his potent sperm into his daughter’s vagina.

After a few seconds Lance collapsed gently onto Cherie’s body and the lovers kissed and cuddled for a few minutes. They then parted and Bel turned off the lights before she joined the cuddling couple, everyone kissing and caressing each other. They relaxed together and quickly fell asleep.

The following morning Lance awoke to find that Cherie was already up and that Bel was fondling his cock, which was almost fully hard.

“Good morning, darling,” she said as she snuggled against him, “It’s my turn this morning, honey.”

Lance rolled onto his side to face his darling wife and they spent several minutes arousing each other in ways that they had learned from many years’ experience. When she was fully ready, Bel rolled Lance onto his back and mounted him, thrusting back and forth as his cock head moved against deep within her vagina, stimulating her so beautifully to complement the sensations from the pressure of her sensitive clit moving against his pubic bone. It took only a few minutes before she leaned backwards, her head tilted back, breasts pushed forwards, her engorged nipples inviting Lance to squeeze them as he caressed her breasts and thrust firmly with his hips to push her over the edge as he spurted his cum into the end of her vagina. They remained like that, both shaking from the intensity of their orgasms, then Bel collapsed onto Lance and they lay together, breathing hard.

Bel felt a hand caressing her back but knew it wasn’t Lance as his hands were both cupping her ass. She opened her eyes and looked into those of Cherie.

“You seemed to enjoy that, Mom,” she said.

“Yes, I did, darling, just as you did last night.”

Lance turned his head and looked into Cherie’s eyes. “No, no encore for you right now,” he grinned, “I think you two have drained me for a month.”

“You’ll be right well before a month’s up,” grinned Cherie, “Probably by tonight.”

“Yes, that’s true,” agreed Lance glancing at the clock. “Is that the time? I’ve gotta get up.”

He rolled Bel off him and squirmed out of bed and headed to the shower. Cherie pulled back the sheet and slipped into bed beside her mother. They embraced each other and pressed their bodies together, feeling their breasts compressing against the other’s breasts and their pubic bones pressing together.

“Do you need some more, sweetheart?” asked Bel.

“No, Mom, but thanks anyway. It’s just nice to cuddle and be cuddled. I do hope this works out with Gary. He seems a nice guy, but then, so did Jared.”

“No, right from the start Jared was trouble. Look what he did with the other guys he gave you to.”

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