Wolf Girl

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Big Tits

Note: my first story, and was not meant to be wrote for this site, so not as much sex as some would like. Its mostly a rough draft, if I get positive feedback ill rewrite it so its much longer and graphic, pms welcomed.

Sarah woke up to the annoying buzz of her cell phone recieving a new text messege. Groggily she reached onto her nightstand and clumily slid her slider phone open. 5:33 AM and there was a new text from Alex. She sighed, she was used to him waking her up, but since he was on business in New York, he got up an hour earlier than her body was used to, and he didn’t care she might not like it. Oh well, I’ll be gone next week with all his money, she thought. She had arranged it so she can leave his controlling ways and have enough money to start her own business.Yawning, she opened the messege: “Hey baby sleep well?” She resisted the urge to tell him that she can’t possibly sleep well if shes woken up before dawn and simply ignoring the messege and dozed off again, dimly feeling a tingling as if her small defience had an effect on her. Her last thought before dozing off was that that idea was stupid.

Sarah woke up again, but didn’t open her eyes right away. She felt a small tingle in her eyes and she instictively rubbed her eyes, thinking it was just because she had been asleep. She slowly opened her eyes and gasped in surprise as Alex stood over her. “My wife, you have made your first mistake, and I have a feeling it wont be your last. You were unaware I knew of your plans, and now you are going to pay for ever defying me,” he said. “What the fucking hell Alex? What do you mean??” she asked angrily because of his behavior. It wasn’t like him. He held up a mirror and Sarah gasped in amazement, her beautiful green eyes had turned into an amber color, the whites completely gone, like a wolf’s. Contacts? No wonder her eyes had felt weird, but how did he put them on her while she was asleep?

“You see Sarah, I made plans too, and from now on, if you defy me or i cum into u, you will gradually turn more and more into a wolf, eventually becoming my lil obedient wolf bitch, now be quiet and-“before Alex could continue, Sarah inturrupted, “Your crazy, that’s impossible, they’re contacts. I am so outta here-” before she could even attempt to move there was a tingling sensation again, along her spine. Outta instinct she rolled onto her sides and let out a gasp of pain as something exploded outta her spine just above her butt. Suddenly very scared that maybe Alex wasnt crazy she looked behind her.

Coming out of escort gaziantep rus bayan her body like she had been born with it was a large furry white tail like one you would see on a dog…or wolf in this situation. Alex laughed at her. Before realizing what she was doing she yelled at him again, “What the hell have you done-” This time the tingling came quicker and she saw her nose and mouth push out slightly on her face. Almost yelling again, she glowered at Alex, who seemed to be grinning wider than his face in happiness looking smug. “Learn your lesson yet? I hope so, I’d hate for you to change just out of defience, I want some fun too, now get up on your hands and knees my soon to be wolf bitch, or you’ll just lose ur humanity quicker,” He said grining.

Knowing she was trapped, she obediently got up on her hands and knees. She knew what he wanted, and hopefully the changes wont be too much to escape this time. She plotted how shed escape already, trying not to focus on what was happening to her. As he got behind her, before she could help herself she sat down and growled, “Fuck off you bastard I’ll never be your bitch.” She instantly regretted it as the tingling began and Alex chuckled, “Oh I will fuck off, but my dear, you will be my bitch. Appretly sooner than I thought.” Before she could even assess what changed he quickly stood her up again and entered her and started thrusting eagerly. Amazingly, she enjoyed the feeling unable to even attempted pulling away her new tail wagging as her mind slipped away.

Sarah woke up again, this time in a large dog kennel on a soft blanket. She couldn’t remember any of the day before after he had started to fuck her doggie style. Panicked, she looked at herself trying to asess what had been changed. Apprently Alex had had fun, because there were several changes from yesterday. There was a soft covering of white fur on her back and stomach, her nails were black and sharper, and she couldnt sit up normal, her spine would only allow her on all fours, feeling a weird sensation in her ears, she assumed those had been changed too. She no longer thinked of escape, but instead wondered what was in store for her.

Looking around the kennel, she saw two bowls, one with food and one with water, disgusted she crawled over and picked up the bowl trying to sip it, but her short muzzle made it impossible, she was forced to lap it up like a dog. As she finished, she noticed she was feeling very horny. Without thinking, she started rubbing escort bayan gaziantep swinger her breasts, moaning softly as it seemed they were more sensitive than normal. When the door leading out of the room opened and Alex walked in and went into the cage, she did not notice as she became semi lost in the pleasure of the moment.

Suddenly she was entered from behind, instead of trying to escape she again relished the moment and made a moan of ectasy as she orgasmed almost instantly. No longer caring that with each thrust she came closer to becoming a lil more wolfy, she moved with him, bringing them both to another climax. As the familar tingling began Sarah watched Alex pull off her and sat next to her breathing fast. Before her mind could protest, she started furiously licking his dick wagging her tail happily, barely noticing the white fur that quickly covered her entire body including her face. He moaned with pleasure and she slid his dick into her mouth sucking eagerly until he finally came into her mouth. She pulled her head away swallowing as her small muzzle grew longer and she could no longer suck on his dick. It didn’t matter. She started licking again then rubbed her fur againest his shaft soon losing the grip on memory again.

Sarah woke up in the kennel again, remembering what she had done she was stunned at herself. Whatever he had done had changed her mind as well. Trying to sit up she noticed her fur was thicker and longer than before, and her legs shorter and her arms longer, her hands and feet more pawlike. Alex walked in and sat down, fully dressed, she growled at him instead of yelling, apprently speech was now lost too. “There’s my little bitch, you were a very good girl yesterday, apprently ur personality was affected first. Tho you seem grouchy today, maybe I should change that,” he spoke looking smug. Sarah started to lunge at him, intending to hurt him, but stopped immediately as the tingling began again, when it stopped, she was incredibly horny again, not caring that she was slightly smaller now with a almost full size muzzle. All she cared about was having him fuck her. She growled playfully, gently ripping his pants off with her teeth. Alex chuckled, but she didnt care and soon he was thrusting into her again and again her memory leaving again.

When Sarah woke up again, she was completey a wolf, except for two fur covered breasts that were huge compared to her body. Alex was already in the kennel grining, “who’s my lil wolf bitch?” gaziantep travesti escort kızlar to her shock, she growled happily wagging her tail. “come here, bitch,” he said, and using all her will she stayed in place, no longer caring as her breasts dissapeared into her fur, turning into 8 almost invisible nipples, but she became incredibly horny again. Stuggling to retain some control she looked at the kennel door, it was shut and locked as usual, no chance of running. Noticing her strain, Alex quickly stripped down to nothing and Sarah lost her hold on her body as she began rubbing her new furry self againest his dick for what seemed to be hours, she did not black out completely and slowly gained control again.

Laying collapsed and asleep on her blanket was Alex. Sarah was incredibly wet and sticky, she didn’t want to even try to think about what she had done. She started to lick the salty tasting stuff out of her fur, and realized it was hopeless. She simply watched Alex sleep, her will to harm him completely evaporated. Then she noticed something, there was light grey fur just on his dick. Apprently whatever he had done to her had rubbed off on him slightly. In her mind she laughed, it served him right. Alex woke up just then, smiling at her. She smilied too, wagging her tail like a good bitch. He wasted no time with words and simply entered her, thrusting harder and harder, but did not stop when he came the first time, and his dick felt different somehow, longer. She howled as she experienced more and more orgasms and still he didnt stop. She lost track of how many times she came, or he came. They collapsed together afterwards, sound asleep.

When she woke up, she was clean again. And the door was open. She didn’t run out tho, and instead looked around. Laying next to her on the blanket was Alex. He was a lot more wolfy than before, below the waist he was entirely a wolf, and he was covered in thick grey fur. He could still talk apprently because he then said, “Sarah, guess were mates, ironic huh? Well guess too late to say sorry.” She nodded nuzzling him with her muzzle lightly. he stayed with her all day, but didnt try sex, she suspected he wanted to stay human. They fell asleep laying next to each other again, his arm over her protectively, or maybe just keeping her in place?

The next morning when Sarah woke up, there was a burning desire in her loins. She guessed she as in heat, and nuzzled Alex awake, her humanity gone for now, possible for good. He looked a lil scared but it quickly turned into lust as he sensed she was in heat and he mounted her again and again through the day, and by noon, he was completely a wolf except for his eyes, which very quickly became the same amber as hers. That night the two wolves ran off into the woods though the open doors and the two wolf mates began thier life in the forest, all human thoughts behind them forever.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32