White Trash Ch. 03

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Chapter 3 — Tina’s Wake-Up Call

Sorry it’s been so long since I last visited the trailer park. If you’ve read the first couple of chapters you know what to expect. If not, who cares? Save them for later if you want. Fair warning though, while there may be an RCH more to this one than the first two, it’s still a rude, crude, raw and gritty stroker at heart. So if you glean the barest hint of plot and character development, please don’t hold it against me, just skip those parts and get to the good stuff.


Shit, the sun was bright! It hurt my fucking eyes! I rolled over and almost crushed teensy Tina. She was flat on her back, her pint-sized titties poking up at the ceiling. A bit of spittle trickled down the side of her mouth and if she didn’t look cuter than a nodded out crack whore, I don’t know fuck all.

Actually, Tina was a hot little doll-baby sized piece of ass and I felt my fat cock twitch at the thought of that snug snatch, much less the sight of it. Sure as shit she had that power over me; got my hog hard in seconds flat.

I thought about throwing her a wake-up fuck, but my head was pounding harder than Metallica’s drummer on meth. We’d put away a lot of weed and alcohol the night before and I was way hung-over. Hell, the little skank frickin’ out partied me so I could only imagine what kind of beast she’d be when she came around.

Shit-damn, no getting around it, my pecker had hardened up like a titanium driver; one of them Heat Seekers, or whatever the hell the new Calloway or Ping of the moment name was these days. Normally when I wake up with long ball wood I take care of it old school, but since I had such a sweet little gash laying next to me I figured I’d spank the monkey coed style. Hell, the way I saw it pounding out a cum would be just as good as taking a handful of ibuprofen, and feel a whole lot better to boot.

I scooted over, raised up on my elbow and leaned over the sleeping slag. My head swam and I felt all woozy boozy and fuck if I wasn’t still half drunk. Must have had more than I thought last night. Wouldn’t be the first time, though. Or the last. Not by a fuckin’ long shot.

I wiped the drool from her mouth and cheek with her dingy blouse and damn if she didn’t look cute as button. Beautiful even. A warm, fuzzy feeling washed over me that I figured must have been related to the sun beating on my back or the hangover pounding at my brainpan.

Through the hundred proof fog of last night’s memory I recalled how she had taken my hammer in all her juicy holes and if my favorite tool could have gotten any harder it surely would have. As it was, I’d just turned the cannon loose hardcore on the slut.

A touch on her skinny thigh and her legs flopped opened like I’d used the golden key, but I knew it was just her Pavlov pussy doing its thang and it fucking warmed my cold heart. I felt that hairless little cunny and goddamn if she wasn’t slicked up and ready to ride. Must be dreaming of me, I figured.

I kneeled between those sweet meat thighs, hooked her knees under my arms, skootched her up close to my kit and kaboodle and was halfway home before her eyes flew open and she grunted “good morning.”

“Oh,fuck! What are you doing? My head’s fucking killing me!”

“Relax, sweet puss, I’m gonna fuck that headache gone,” I said and bottomed out.

“Are you out of your asshole mind?” she screeched. I let my wiener do the talking and just dragged boss hog back out and augured back down a few quick times and was met with a respectable, “Uh, uh, uh,” from the slut. When I picked up the pace some she gave me some nice bass tones so I thought I’d see if I could get the rest of the band to join in.

I slowed down a mite and leaned into her, set the pelvic metronome to a few seconds in and a few seconds out, giving her a nice, slow, steady Eddie rhythm. Deep dish style.

The tiny whore was coming around fast and I could see a “good morning to you smile” on that rocking little face. Her hands came up and grabbed my head. She yanked me down for a steamy tongue Emek Escort fuck and hot damn if our morning breath didn’t mingle and purify and somehow she tasted just right.

“Remember last night, slut? Remember how you latched on to my fat dick and didn’t let go?”

“Mmmm. I remember, asshole. You not being able to get enough of my sweet pussy. Shit, you couldn’t get enough of all my tight little holes could you?” she purred.

“Ooh, that’s it,” the flaxen haired whore with those tantalizing deep dark roots mumbled as my python hardened to blue steel straight at her words. Damn, I’ve always been a sucker for pillow talk.

“No denying that, tiny Tina,” I admitted and picked up some speed. Shit. I needed to piss like a Kentucky Derby thoroughbred and just wanted to clear the deck. But being the considerate guy I am I figured she may should get something out of it as well, so I picked up the pace and got down to biz-nass.

Shifting gears, I moved into the passing lane. I bore down and began drilling for real. Damn if her honey hole wasn’t mighty tighty around my fat cat. I pistoned in and out and the mini-skank’s eyes glazed over. She was grunting and moaning and harmonizing to beat the meat.

“Yeah, fuck me,” she said in that smoky, whiskey and cigarette voice and I appreciated the social skills, but to be honest, I was going to anyway. And for some reason I wanted to make it good for her. Damn my kind nature.

So I went balls deep and stayed planted. I ground around a bit just to give her some mound mash from different angles. When I had the trashy little slut breathing hard I let the clock run out on the first half and let the second half begin.

I pushed the little slut’s legs down and pinned them to the bed. Shitfire and save the matches! My cock must have liked the sight because it went up two more notches on the diamond-dick peter-meter.

Her tiny little body was pinned to the bed and my big ol’ wang dang doodle was splitting that slick pink. I was pounding in and out and she was rocking back and forth and I think I might have seen those goosebump titties bounce around a bit, but I couldn’t be sure because my own release was zooming in like a paparazzi sniffing up Paris’s poon and I was trying to hold out for her. I mean, shit, she was my guest.

I heard her moaning and groaning and babbling and making “fuck me” noises in all kinds of pitches. So I decided it was time to double down and bring on the two minute drill because I was in the red zone and was gonna score.

I threw those luscious little limbs on my shoulder, wrapped my arms around her and scrunched her up in a tight little ball. I put the pedal to the metal and bore down with my thick nine redlined and running hot. Zoom, zoom, mothertrucker.

She was smothered under me and chomping at the bit and her teeth would’ve found my nipples if they could’ve gotten by her knees. My chin was above her head and I was doing the pelvic thrust like I’d never get any more pussy ever. Her hot cunt was so wet around my big rig that I wasn’t getting the usual traction so I shifted gears again and picked up a few more miles per pussy to compensate.

In no time a’tall tiny Tina began to wail a song for the ages and I thought she just might shatter all the glass in the trailer with her high pitched warbling. When she went lights out I popped and Motherfuck! if it didn’t feel just like I was in love. As if I remembered what the fuck that felt like.

But whew and got-damn! I rolled off the sweaty little tart and flopped on my back. She straightened out and a couple of minutes later when her breathing slowed I heard her say, “Damn. My headache’s gone.”

Tina chuckled and snuggled up to me and for a second I was scared I might ask her to marry me. But I checked that thought because I wasn’t divorced from bitch Bev yet. My little brain was conflicted though because it wobbled, went dormant, then wobbled again at the thought of that demon woman. Shit, fuck and goddamn.

I tightened my arm around Eryaman Escort the tiny skeeze and had a weak moment which I still don’t regret. “How you doing this morning, doll baby?” I said with uncharacteristic tenderness. “You tied it on pretty large last night.”

She threw her leg over mine and I felt her give me a quick, wet squirm. It wasn’t her fault; she just couldn’t help grinding a bit when she got something between her legs. “Okay. Better now, thanks to your magic dick,” she said and tried to wrap her small hand around my moby.

I laughed. She slapped my chest and said, “Get me some coffee, shithead. I gotta pee.” Tina jumped up and I admired that tight little body as she skipped out of the room.

I stood up and padded a few yards to the kitchen area and because my bladder was screaming bloody murder and she was using the head, I aimed at the sink and drained the lizard in what can only be described as one of life’s underrated pleasures. Shit, I even rinsed it out some ’cause I had company over.

I poured a handful of aspirin into my hand, checked a few beer cans, found one half full and chased down the pills. I heard the shower turn on and yelled, “Clean towel on the shelf!” Good for her for taking the initiative and hell, there might even be a towel there.

I made some coffee and, since it took forfuckingever to brew, thought about my life. A fucking master’s degree in English and I’m living in a single wide trailer and working at a hog house. Correction, probably won’t be working at a hog house much longer. Fucker of a boss sent me home early yesterday and put me out today. So I got today then the weekend off, if I even go back on Monday.

I smiled at the memory of my boss’s wife on her knees with my Johnson down her throat at the company picnic. Serves the fucker right, I figured. She had talent though, got me off in record time. I wouldn’t mind tapping that poon for real, and I definitely would if that shithead fires me.

I was about to muse some more when I realized the coffee was ready and saw that sweet little twat coming out of the bathroom. Scrubbed fresh, with a towel around her body and drying her hair, she looked like an angel. A dirty angel to be sure, but aren’t those the best kind? Damn right they are. I’d tell you about my threesome with those two nuns, pink, not blue, if I had time, but Tina dropped the towel and fucking caught my eye.

“So you got that java for me?” she said and wiggled her assets at me.

I smiled and said, “Just the way you like it, slut. Hot and sweet.” I handed her a cup.

“Hot at least, for sure, dickhead.”

“Hey, all kidding aside, I’m having fun. You’re alright.”

“Yeah, cowboy, me too. You’re not so bad yourself underneath all the bullshit.”

“Aw shit, you’re gonna make me blush,” I jabbed.

“I’m gonna make you do more than that,” she said and approached me. Tina put down her coffee and kneeled in front of me. I was glad I hadn’t put on any pants because she clamped a tiny hand on my hardware, looked me in the eye and just before she gobbled my goober said, “You’re right, you fucker. I can’t believe I got a major cunt drip for your sorry ass.”

She finished sweet talking me and then the angels sang and her tonsils tickled my hambone in the most delightful way. I watched the little tramp’s head bob up and down and because she was having trouble getting it all in I just had to help her ’cause that’s the kind of guy I am, helpful as all get out.

I pushed down on the back of her head and she made pretty little wet noises. Up and down she went and before you could say “suck it, bitch” her nose was in my pubes and boss hog was full down her gullet. Hot damn, it felt like Christmas!

Lord help me because I grabbed a fist full of her hair and choked the chicken with her mouth. I looked down at that tight little bod and got even harder at the sight. Fuck yeah! Tina was gagging and slobbering and making all kinds of “love me, baby” sounds.

I yanked her head up and slammed Esat Escort it back down and her wet hair was whipping around like she was the weather girl in a storm warning news broadcast. Fuck yeah. Hurricane Tina just made land and was blowing my dick right down. And shit if it didn’t feel fine as wine as her mouth and tongue flew over my pork pipe with the greatest of ease.

On and on it went and with a “mmnph” “mmnph” here and an “ackkh” “ackkh” there Old MacThickdick shot a wad. E-i-e-i-oh-my-God!

I let go of her hair and Tina fell back on her ass. She wiped her mouth off with the towel, laughed and said, “Whoa! That was kind of fun. I’d do you again, buster, but I got to go. I’ve got some shit I have to do today.”

“For sure later then, huh, Tina? I haven’t got my fill of your fine pussy yet. And that ass needs some more loosening up.”

She smiled, pulled on her clothes and said, “You keep sweet talking me like that and I might just fuck you dry right now.”

I slouched down and spread my legs. “Anytime little cunny, anytime.”

Tina barked out a laugh, said, “Later. Definitely!”

“Say ‘hey’ to your boyfriend for me.”

She laughed and said, “Shit, don’t remind me. He’s a bigger asshole than you are if you can believe that,” and skipped out the door.

I sat there, drank my coffee, smiled about the little slut and then my thoughts turned south again. Shit. I should keep busy. I thought about the novel I had written and submitted. Got some good and promising feedback. All I had to do was tighten it here, expand it there, give it a good edit and the publishing house would probably take it. As I drained the rest of my coffee I was wondering why the hell I hadn’t finished the book.

I poured another cup and I thought about how the fuck I’d gotten off track. Oh yeah. Beverly. That’s what happened. Bev the she-fucking-devil. How could I have been so goddamn stupid. Let’s see. Oh yeah. My dick, which, despite myself, moved toward maple at the thought of her. Jesus, she was hot. Long auburn hair, husky voice, tight athletic bod. Flexible as all hell, which she took full advantage of.

Shit. Pussy like that don’t come around that often and I had thought I was in love. Fact is, she just played me pure. Not to mention it turned out she was fucking crazier’n shit. She dragged me along and I did shit with her and to her I never even imagined people did.

Fuck. I needed to find a way to see if the kids were mine. Then, one way or the other, I’d figure out a way to light her ass up and put that chapter behind me.

I sat there thinking and sipping coffee and thought, “Yep. There it is. Bev. Bev is what had happened to my book. Bev was why I was living in a fucking trailer park fucking skanks and working at a hog farm.”

Though I had to admit, Tina and Pegs were some of the finest pussy I’d ever had the pleasure of, which sure as shit put Bev kootch into perspective. Fact of it was, I let myself get derailed after meeting the she devil four years ago.

Well, things were gonna change. I got up and headed to the shower. I turned on the water, let it get hot, stepped in and began to wash off the past.

Hell yeah some things were gonna change. I was starting to feel it and began to feel it good. The energy of a new day. Turning a new leaf. Committing myself to getting my life back on track and never looking back. World, here I fucking come!

Yep, I was feeling strong as I got out of the shower and toweled off. Even got a swell thinking about how I was gonna do Tina up right next time. I stepped out of the bathroom, turned toward the kitchen to get a coke and froze.

Goddamnit. Guests of the biker kind. Stinky Pete and P-Tat were sitting in my so-called living room. Stinky Pete gave me a smile with his creepy white teeth and said, “Dude, where’s your pussy mags? I know you got some.”

“I don’t need them like you ’cause of all the real pussy I get,” I said, which was maybe the wrong thing because he shot out of the chair and drove a ham-hock sized fist into my stomach.

While I was doubled over gasping for breath he said, “Don’t be rude to your guests, fuckwad. We gotta talk.”

“Ahh, shit,” I thought. “Here we go.”


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