Whisky Galore – For a Mature Wife

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It was just getting light when I woke with a very fuzzy head after a heady mix of whisky, champagne, erection enhancement pills and a night of rampant sex. Babs my 55 yo wife who had consumed prosecco, champagne, G&T , wine and whisky and who had had a lot of use made of her body by me and our young waiter was lying beside me still completely out of it.

When I got up to go to loo I caught sight of my reflection in the bathroom mirror and saw that I looked every one of my 63 years but was pleased to see and feel that my cock had a slight hardness possibly due to the carry over of the ED pills or possibly my memories of an extremely wild night.

I gently pulled the clothes back off my sleeping wife to look at the body that had given such pleasure to me and our young friend the night before and great pleasure to me and others over the 30 years of our marriage.

She was lying on her side with her back to me and I admired the curve of her back down into her big creamy ripe buttocks and her tousled blonde hair on the pillow. When I went round to the other side of the bed I could see the evidence of the hard night she had had. She was lying rather wantonly with her creamy ripe thighs apart and with her big ripe shaven pussy looking puffed and red from the traffic she had through it. Her black stockings were laddered there was dried ejaculate on her hair, face and big pendulous breasts. Things were a little hazy with me but I think she must simply have fallen asleep after James have fucked her for the last time before he left as he had to get up for work the next morning.

In spite of my exertions the night before I started to get aroused at the sight of my well fucked wife’s ripe body as the memories of the night came flooding back and I remembered how much cock she had taken in her three orifices and how willingly.

As I leaned over to kiss her and take the weight of one of her big 40c breasts she opened her eyes and stretching she turned on to her back with her legs and thighs open. Even after 30 years of marriage I have to say her big ripe cunt — a really good handful — still turns me on and I really did harden when I saw how puffed it was by the night before and by the fact it was still seeping a mixture of the young guy’s cum.

She smiled invitingly when she saw my erection and I was soon between her thighs. As I grabbed her big buttocks to get deeper into her and to put my fingers into her ass I could feel that she was also seeping cum from her anus. She winced a little as I pushed two fingers into her ass and murmured “I think my rear got too much attention last night.”

The thought of just how much we had used her ass was a turn on and I was soon climaxing and adding another load of cum to the copious quantities deposited in her the previous evening.

As we lay cuddling I said that I thought she had loved the night, by how willingly she had put her rear up to be taken and even how she had reacted when we did her front and back with both our cocks, a big dildo and even a champagne bottle. She said overall it had been fun we had got a bit rough later on.


Bob had booked a Spring break for us in the highlands at a hotel in a small town. I think the location had more to do the specialist whisky shop rather than the beautiful loch side location. However he had booked the best room in the hotel — one with a queen size bed and a double jacuzzi style bath.

I had dressed as Bob suggested — cool and sexy. I wore a white tee shirt ( no bra of course as he loves to see my nipples), white tight trousers ( he loves them — I think my 43″ rear looks too big in them), tan over the knee suede boots and a short suede ‘biker’ jacket. Bob loves the latter as he says it emphasises and doesn’t hide my ‘big jutting rear.

When we were registering I saw the guy at reception couldn’t keep his eyes of my boobs and he was more than keen to help us with our bags. He was an about 6′ tall, slim, blonde and tanned Aussie in his early twenties and quite fanciable. We were just settling in when we head a knock at the door and the guy ( who we found out was called James) was there delivering a bottle of Prosecco which he said ‘came with the room.’

We left it for later for a walk about the town. In a small town like this my outfit, or rather my assets on display in it, did attract a few glances of approval and disapproval. Bob loves the former and encourages me to ignore the latter.

Bob spent a horrendous amount of money on four bottles of malt whisky and when I admonished him he said he was going to buy me a present too — a kilt in the local tweed merchants. I thought he might have something traditional in mind but of course not.

The shop had loads of fantastic clothing and rolls of tweed and the eyes of the mature guy who came to serve us lit up when Bob declared he was looking to purchase a tweed suit for me. I tried on a few jackets but they were a bit bulky and not too fitted so Bob suggested that, when I picked the cloth, we would bayan arkadaş get one made up. The guy appeared a little bit flustered when measuring me and although he couldn’t take his eyes off my large unbared boobs was very careful not to touch them during the measuring. When we got on to the skirt he asked what style of skirt I wanted. Bob spoke up ” As tight as possible and about 15″ long.”

The guy flushed and said ” Kilts are usually worn a bit longer and looser.”

He flushed even more when Bob said ” I appreciate that but I love Babs showing off her rear and thighs.” He very carefully took my waist and hip measurements and taking a deposit said it would be ready in about three weeks.

It was late afternoon when we got back to the hotel where Bob suggested we enjoy the Prosecco and the jacuzzi bath. As we luxuriated in the tub with its very relaxing jets of water I saw his erection spring into life and bent down to take him my mouth. As I did I felt him initiate a bit of ass play and I reciprocated. This always gets him going and I expected to have him cum off in my mouth but to my surprise he pulled out saying that he had a special night planned and would like to save it until then. He suggested we just enjoy our prosecco and relax.

As we dried each other off with lots of kissing and fondling he suggested a bottle of champagne and rang down for one. I was about to get dressed when he said it would give him a real kick if I would answer the door in just my white g string. He had me going and relaxed enough that I agreed.

And when the knock came to the door Bob disappeared into the bathroom to leave me to open the door to our young friend James. He nearly dropped the bottle and glasses when he saw my boobs but recovered well enough as I led him over to the table at the window to put them down. However I am sure he was a little taken back to follow a large mature ass uncovered except for the string between my buttocks. But from the bulge in his trousers he obviously liked what he saw.

He smiled as he took my £5 tip and asked “Would you like anything else Madam?”

To be frank with Bob’s and my earlier fondling and having this good looking young guy rather obviously admiring my mature body I felt like saying to him “Yes , as much as that cock as you can give me.”

He grinned when I put my hand on his arm and looking up into his eyes murmured “Maybe later.”

When Bob came out of the bathroom he was obviously turned on by the thought of me displaying my assets to the young guy as he was sporting a large erection. He rather bluntly asked if he hadn’t been there would I have been tempted to fuck the young guy. I smiled and said ” If you hadn’t been there I would definitely have fucked him!”

I thought he would have wanted to play but he said that he had plans for the night but it might be fun to try to get the young guy involved later and suggested we have a drink before going down for a few drinks and dinner.

As I put on my makeup we drank the champagne and I dressed when Bob went in to clean his teeth and his final ablutions. I was delighted by his reaction at my outfit which was a sheerish white cleavage top with a daring split that showed not only nipples, but front and side cleavage, and a short tight stretch mini skirt with stockings and suspenders. I had been deciding whether to wear a g string or go ‘commando’ but when Bob revealed his plan for the night — a butterfly vibrator, I realised commando it was.

The pink ‘butterfly’ had a 3″ insertable penis while the ‘butterfly ‘ covered my lips and clit. It was held in place with straps. Initially it felt a little uncomfortable but when Bob test drove it with the remote control I could see the benefits of it! I looked forward to a stimulating night!


When I came out of the bathroom I simply said “Wow!” With her blonde hair fluffed up from her bath, her heavy makeup, her stunning top and skirt she looked simply like ‘sex on legs.’ The top was simply sensational with her big heavy breasts straining against the thin material of the deep cleavage top, the nipples clearly on display and from the front, really deep cleavage with the sides of her breasts visible. She later explained she had had to tape in the sides that weren’t showing. The short tight skirt was literally sculpted to her big jutting mature buttocks and showed masses of nylon encased mature thigh. From the rear it just about skimmed her lace stocking tops. She wore this with a short black leather biker jacket. She looked hot!

When she asked did I think the outfit was a bit much. I said “Not at all if you want to get laid.”

She smiled when I produced her present and said ” it’s just as well I decided to go ‘commando.”

I had one hell of an erection as I help her fit the device into her big shaven pussy and then gave her a few jolts from the remote control.

As I followed her down the corridor watching the sway of her big jutting rear in the tight skirt and the little bayan partner flashes of creamy white thigh above her stocking top I couldn’t help thinking that I was a very lucky man to have this fantastic looking woman to fuck and get fucked.

I think she was a bit disappointed when James wasn’t in reception for her to show off her outfit but when we went into the bar/dining room I think we were both pleased to see he was behind the bar.

The dining room wasn’t too crowded and quite dark with traditional dark wooden furniture and booths. Although looking round at the people in the bar/restaurant, Babs did look a little overdressed and I saw quite a few diners do a ‘double take’ when they saw her outfit. A young waitress offered to show us to our table but Babs suggested we sit at the bar and get a drink first.

I saw James eyes take in Babs breasts, nipples and cleavage as he took our order for drinks and also her ripe thighs when she crossed her legs on the high stool to give him a glimpse of lacey stocking top.

When we asked him was he the ‘jack of all trades’ he smiled and said he normally did breakfasts and reception but was covering for a friend who had wanted a few hours off that evening.

Babs suitably relaxed by most of two bottles of sparkling wine and on her second large G&T was flirting with him quite outrageously and when I reached into my pocket and started to give her low level steady stimulation I think she was really hot for some action.

And I realised that Babs had plans for him when she asked what time he would get off. When he said he hoped to be off about 9.00 , he grinned from ear to ear when Babs suggested he join us for a drink.

I suggested we retire to our table for dinner and as Babs slid of the seat both James and I noticed her skirt rode up to flash a bit of plump creamy thigh above her stocking tops. She smiled at him as she tugged the very short skirt down and murmured “I know guys love short skirts and stockings and suspenders but they are quite impractical for getting up and down off bar stools.”

As we walked towards our table I couldn’t resist cupping one of the big cheeks of her jutting, swaying rear and when I glanced back James and I shared a grin over it.

We had a very pleasant dinner with Babs consuming a bottle of Sancerre and me keeping her stimulated by continuous low levels of stimulation with the odd hard burst. As I ordered brandies with our coffee she said “I hope James comes soon I can’t wait to have one or both of you between my thighs.”

We were just finishing our brandies and coffee about five minutes to 10, when James arrived , he had changed and obviously showered in the expectation of some possible action with Babs.

As he sat down beside Babs I ordered a G&T for Babs and scotches for him and me. When I said Babs had been most disappointed when she thought he wasn’t going to join us as she had taken a real fancy for him.

I think both he and I were a little taken back when she said ” I certainly was because this bugger has been stimulating my clit all night with a butterfly vibrator with the promise of some real action.”

If he was taken back with her frankness he didn’t show it and because of it I passed him the remote and suggested he try it. Whether it was the drink she had taken, the fact that I had been stimulating her all night or that she had been fantasising about this young stud and he now was literally within reach, but she started to move her hips and grabbing his hand put it up her skirt on to her butterfly covered pussy and had her first orgasm on the night. Fortunately there weren’t too many people left in the bar and those that were couldn’t see deep into the booth as she writhed in pleasure and he kissed her and pulled her tits out her top.

I have to say it was one of the sexiest sights I have seen as she pantingly came down from her orgasm with her skirt pushed up to expose her thighs and her big mature tits dangling out of her top.

I thought she would want to go up but she suggested going to the loo to get tidied up while we got another drink. As we watched her big buttocks swaying and bouncing as she went out to the loo James muttered to me “She is really something else. She really is the sexiest woman I have ever seen.” I told him that Babs had really fancied him and really wanted him to join us. He said he had double teamed a few girls with his mate but to share Babs would be unbelievable.

I offered him one of my ED pills as I said Babs in the sort of mood she was in could be quite insatiable and would want a lot of cock. He declined saying he fancied her so much that he didn’t think he would need it. I took mine as I find without it I can only manage a couple of times and I thought this could be a long night.

I noticed he took the opportunity to fondle her ass as she pushed past him and he was very receptive when she pushed up her skirt to reveal that the butterfly was gone and took his hand and placed it on her bdsm escort big ripe cunt and putting her hand on his erection murmured ” Do you see how wet you guys have got me. Let’s finish these drinks and let me see if that cock is as good as it feels.”

She didn’t worry about pulling her skirt down as we followed her big ass up the stairs and it was quite a turn on to see that James could see the bottom of her big creamy ass cheeks as well as her plump thighs above her stocking tops as the skirt rode up.

When we got her into the room we were both ready for action and her tits were pulled out of her top and her skirt pushed up while we kissed and groped her. Her hands were also busy at our cocks and she murmured ” Mmmm, two really good cocks — I hope you guys are as up for this as I am.”

She was tumbled on the bed and lay with her thighs open waiting and wanting to be mounted as James and I lost our clothes. I couldn’t help comparing cocks as he lost his clothes. I remembered thinking that he had the advantage of about an inch or even more in length, although with him being slimmer it could just have looked longer, but my pill enhanced cock was much thicker. I remember thinking Babs is going to get the best of both worlds.

I indicated to him to mount her first as I always find it exciting to see a new young stud go between my wife’s mature thighs. I heard her moan ” That’s really good your cock is really lovely — so long and hard.” Then she wrapped her legs round his back as he really pumped it into her. Although he was obviously very aroused he was experienced enough and she aroused enough that after about five minutes of hard riding he brought her to a very noisy climax. She had held back in the bar when she had her orgasm there but this was obviously something she had been really looking forward to as she gave vent to it completely. He pumped hard at her for about another five minutes before I saw his buttocks clenched and I knew he was pumping his spunk into her. They both lay locked together in a post coital embrace for a few minutes before he rolled off and lay beside her.

She reached over and grabbing his semi hard cock and balls she murmured ” That was very good but I want a lot more of both your cocks.” Before she bent over big mammaries dangling and blonde hair hanging over her face she took his cock in her mouth.

At this stage I pulled her up so her rear was facing me and as he thrust into her mouth I parted the big cool smooth creamy ass cheeks and mounted her well fucked pussy. He came up off the bed to stand and fuck her face while I rammed my cock hard into her making her big ass cheeks wobble.

She is good at giving head and can take my 7″ cock deep into her throat but as I pounded her pussy from behind I heard her choke a little on his. This seemed to turn him on as I felt him tense and once again he climaxed spunking deep in her throat. As she swallowed his seed and he dismounted she turned her attention to really give me a good ride. With her hand busy at her clit she thrust her buttocks back to meet the thrust of my cock.

After about 10 minutes of hard riding she once again climaxed noisily and fell forward on the bed with me still embedded in her. As she writhed in her climax I grabbed her big buttocks and rode myself to a climax with my spunk joining James’s in her big willing pussy.

After she lay face down for a few minutes she turned and smiling said “Guys get me a drink while I get out of these clothes and clean up. I suppose I’d better lube up too as you’ll be wanting my anus.”

I had to open one of my good bottles of scotch and poured us all a stiff one. As she busied herself in the bathroom James asked if she liked taking it up the ass. He said he had really admired her ass in the white trousers, couldn’t believe how good it looked when she teased him when he delivered the drinks to the room, loved it in the tight skirt and thought it absolutely fantastic since he had seen it ‘in the flesh’ bent over to take my cock.

I told him that initially she hadn’t liked having her ass cocked and actually thought her ass was her worst feature. But she had soon realised that young guys loved the thought of having her big ripe mature ass and if she was lubed up she quite enjoyed it. She also enjoyed being dped and in fact had taken quite a lot of cock, including some very big black ones and even also biggish dildos in her bum. And I said ” She knows she is going to get her bum well fucked tonight.”

She really did look fabulous when she came out of the bathroom with her hair and makeup fixed and only wearing her stockings, suspenders and heels. Although she doesn’t normally drink scotch she knocked back a large one before jumping on the bed asking for another and inviting us to lie on either side of her.

She quickly knocked back her drink and took both our cocks in her hands. I was pleased to see my cock initially responding better than James and kissing the tip of mine she turned and went to work on his with mouth and hands. As she licked and sucked his cock and balls he rather roughly groped her big breasts and she soon had him back up to his peak erection. She said ” Mmmm , I thought for a minute you had had enough but I’m really looking forward to a lot more of this lovely cock tonight.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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