When Gina Met Tammy… Ch. 21

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When Gina Met Tammy… Ch. 21

The Bahamas! Tammy and Gina go on their vacation, and get to experience the good AND the bad side of the islands.

TAMMY: Things have been hectic around our house ever since July 4th. Besides shopping for our Bahamas trip, we met with the new designer at the dress shop to figure out what we want to wear for our wedding. Before we went, we both decided we weren’t going to let the other know what design we picked, wanting to make it a surprise on our wedding day. Denise was a big help, and after a couple of hours looking through her digital catalogs, she got the basic idea of what we wanted and told us she’d do some renderings to send to us.

During one of our frequent calls with Momma and Angie, we were reminded to contact the manager/owner of the resort in the Bahamas. I sent him an email, and we got everything arranged. He’s going to meet us at the George Town airport and drive us to the beach cottage. The resort is actually on Great Exuma island, so we won’t be near Nassau or places like that, but Momma said George Town has all of the tourist trappings we could handle!

Angie said travel by cab was the best way to get around, instead of getting a rental. Momma laughed, and told us to be prepared, because the taxi drivers were total maniacs! They sent us a list of places to eat that they’d been to, but told us Paul, the resort manager, could give us recommendations. We were also told to bring loose shorts and shirts to wear if we’re not in bikinis, because it is usually muggy in the islands.

The video of Momma and Angie’s wedding was finished and uploaded. It was great, and the videographer was able to put together a fantastic memory of that night. We made a copy and put it in the wedding trip folder in the cloud. Of course, we had to show it to Margo, then to Dee and Jo. Everybody loved it, and thought the blanket ceremony was really cool. None of them has heard Gina sing before, and it floored them when they heard the beautiful songs she did.

GINA: Ugh! When Keme and Angie said the Bahamas were muggy, it made me flashback to Austin. Some days there used to be downright brutal with humidity. At least there won’t be quite the crazy mix of people, though, that Austin has. For a city that has a young college population, a slew of old politicians, and a ton of rich rednecks, Austin had been…interesting!

On a whim, we bought a couple of CZ rings to wear on our trip. We’re leaving our gold necklaces and rings here, since the salt water is not a good thing for jewelry. But, by flashing the ersatz diamonds and saying “I’m married,” we should shut down most of the would-be Romeos. If not, a knee to the nuts should help get the point across!

It’s probably happened on every trip planned since forever, but the last day before our trip started was a flurry of activity. We got our passports and everything for our flights together, and I got the arrangements with the security company finalized. I just have to call tomorrow when we leave, and get the remote monitoring started.

Tammy started cleaning out the fridge while I talked to the security people, then I helped her to get all of the foods that might spoil taken out to our ‘feeding station’. After checking our luggage for the nth time, we took the suitcases downstairs and left them by the front door. Tomorrow morning, all we’ll need to do is pack our carry-ons then we’ll be ready to go. Our flight leaves at 7:00, so we’re planning on getting up around 4:00 to insure we have plenty of time to get to the airport and go through the TSA bullshit.

TAMMY: We drove into Durango to have dinner, both of us excited about the trip. During supper, Gina giggled and asked me if I was ready to have my hand crushed when we take off and land on our three flights tomorrow. I’d noticed on our flight back from Connecticut that her grip wasn’t quite as hard as it had been when we flew up, but I’m still expecting a heavy squeeze. I guess the experience with the crop duster plane when she was a kid will be with her forever.

When we got home, Gina mixed us a couple of very strong bourbon and cokes while I set things up for a quick video call with Momma and Angie. It still makes my heart sing when I see how happy Momma is. I wish it hadn’t taken her this long to find love after my S.O.B. father got booted out for being with a whore while I was being born. Since I can’t do anything about that, I’ll just be content with what she has now.

We’ve already talked to them about the best places to see while we’re in the islands, so the call didn’t last too long. Momma did have one last piece of advice, though. She said, “Now, I’ve seen you two in swimsuits, and I know you’re both gorgeous. Just be prepared to be hit on a lot while you’re there. There’s going to be a lot of horny old men who manage to dump their wives kocaeli escort for a day or two that are down there to see if they can get some ‘strange’ pussy.”

I was shocked to hear my own mother saying things like this, but Gina was laughing her ass off. She said, “Yeah, funny, ain’t it? In one of my psychology classes, we actually talked ’bout similar situations, an’ how men seem t’ think they’re suddenly Greek gods when they get in places like that.” We ended the call soon after that, and I got up to refresh our drinks.

GINA: While Tammy was at the bar fixing our drinks, I started stripping. Handing me my glass, she snorted and just shook her head, peeling her own clothes off before sitting back on the couch. She kissed me, then said, “You know, honey, I’ve been thinking. We’re probably not going to get much sleep tonight, so I think we just need to go and fuck ourselves silly for a while.”

I nearly choked on the mouthful of liquor I had. When my coughing fit slowed down, I looked over at her smiling face and said, “Darlin’, it’s just downright scary how much we think alike!” We both set our drinks on the coffee table, and started a passionate make-out session.

Tammy stood up and gently pushed me down flat on the couch. Leaning over me, we shared a few upside-down kisses before she began sliding down my body, stopping to worship on my titties for a while. I returned the favor, and our quiet moans filled the air as we nipped and sucked on each other’s breasts.

She resumed her slow downward trek, pausing a bit to tickle my belly button with her tongue while I did the same to her. When she opened her legs to straddle my face, I blew gently on her beautiful cunt, making her shiver. She licked my engorged labia from top to bottom before plunging her tongue deep inside me. I was tongue-fucking her just as fervently, then our fingers decided they wanted to play also.

I could feel the warmth of my orgasm beginning while we explored each other’s delicious pussy, our fingers rubbing circles around our clit hoods. From her excited panting I knew she was getting close as well. I was trying to hold off and make her cum first, but unfortunately (?) I lost the race, and I yelped inside her cunt when my climax exploded. My squirming and squealing set her off, and I was rewarded with a flow of hot cum in my mouth.

TAMMY: When Gina came in my mouth, I let some of her sweetness trickle down my throat, but held some of the fluids to share with her. I quickly flipped around and laid down on top of her, kissing her to share the delectable orgasmic cum. Another example of how in tune we are with each other — she had done the same with my flow, and we let the warm juices swirl together to make their unique cocktail before we both swallowed the combination.

We continued kissing while we recovered. Whispering across my lips, Gina said, “Sweetie, I hope ya ain’t thinkin’ this is over yet!” I grinned on her mouth, and whispered back “No, my love, I’m hoping we’re just getting started.” Untangling ourselves, we grabbed our drinks and made our way upstairs, our free hands groping each other’s ass.

Gina slid the toy box out while I went to get a couple of towels to put under us. I came back to the sight of her with the double-ended dildo, waving it back and forth. She was waggling her eyebrows, and I said, “Oohh, good choice, baby.” I sat down facing her, my legs spread over hers. We were both still plenty wet, and I gasped when she started rubbing the dick up and down my slit before slipping the first couple of inches inside.

Taking the other end, I slid it into her waiting crevice. We were both moaning while we scooched together until we were both filled with the rubber rocket. Both of our hands were on the middle of the dildo, pushing and pulling on it to fuck each other while we kissed and nibbled on lips and necks. Gina turned on the vibrator and we both screamed in pleasure.

The angle was just right so that the fake dick hit both of our G spots, and our hands moved to begin playing with our clits. My orgasm hit me like a sledge hammer, and I arched my back in ecstasy, pushing the dildo further into Gina’s pussy. That triggered her climax, and we kissed furiously as wave after wave washed over us.

GINA: Tammy and I were both leaning back on our arms, our heads thrown back and eyes closed while the phony phallus connecting us went on buzzing, stoking the fires of our orgasms. I guess she hadn’t seen me get the Womanizer out when I got the dildo, and her eyes flew open when I put the clit sucker on her glistening pearl. With a loud “OHHHHH!”, her hips bucked up involuntarily.

Thanks to Newton’s Third Law, Tammy’s movements were making the shaft embedded deep in my pussy jump and jerk. Already on the high plateau of excitement, it only took a few seconds for the Womanizer to ignite another climax inside her, which was then kocaeli escort bayan transmitted to my own cunt. Tammy put her trembling fingers around my wrist, pulling me away from assaulting the tender bundle of nerves. She pulled me in for a deep kiss, both of us moaning in each other’s mouth while the double dildo continued to hum inside us.

Snatching the Womanizer away from me, Tammy flipped it around and put the hollow tip over my clit. I’d had it set on High when I used it on her, and she left it on that setting to maul my own pearl of pleasure. I yelled out in an instant replay of her orgasm, cumming with spastic jerks as I held on to Tammy to keep from collapsing. My quivering quim nerves sent their message through the shaft joining us, and Tammy squealed when she started to cum once more.

We collapsed flat on our backs from the multiple orgasms. The double dildo didn’t care, though, and the constant buzzing kept us from being able to come down from the blissful cloud we were on. Somehow, Tammy was able to switch the toy off and slowly pull the dripping dildo out of our twitching twats. Scooting around to where we were face to face again, she offered up the end of the toy that had been inside her, letting me clean off her cum while she did the same with the end that had penetrated me. Her green eyes were practically blazing while she looked into my equally bright eyes as we sucked each other’s juices from the toy.

Kissing and sharing our tastes, our minds and muscles slowly gave control back to us. I tossed the toy into the shower stall and the damp towels went down the laundry chute. A large gulp of bourbon and coke gave us enough motivation to go back downstairs. I was refreshing our drinks and Tammy went to the basement to start a wash — we sure didn’t want to leave those pussy-soaked towels out to fester and grow while we’re gone!

TAMMY: Gina carried our drinks, and I got the oil vape as we slid into the hot tub to wash away the cum and sweat. Our pussy lips were still tender and engorged, and we both gasped and giggled when the jets of water rushed over our crotches. The THC, alcohol, and warm water eased our jangled nerves, and we stayed in the tub for maybe 30 minutes kissing and just enjoying being together.

Getting out to air dry under the stars, I went in for a second to get our lavender/peppermint oil lotion and we lovingly spread the tingling fluid over each other’s damp body. Standing on the deck, we made out until we were dry enough to go back inside. Gina went down to put the load of laundry in the dryer, and I set both of our iPads on the counter to get them fully charged in preparation for tomorrow.

It was nearly 11:00 when we finally went back up to bed, but we figured we could nap on the flight from Denver to Miami in the morning if we were too tired. Gina had brought a plastic bag upstairs, and after sanitizing the tip, she put the Womanizer and charging cord in the bag. When I asked her, she said she was going to put it in her carry-on and take it with us. I laughed when she said she’d checked it out on the internet, and there weren’t any rules about taking sex toys on a plane. She said, “Hey, we’re two consentin’ adults, so if any o’ them got a problem, too fuckin’ bad!”

After setting the alarm and opening the French doors, we laid on top of the duvet, since it was still warm out. I think we’re both so excited that I doubt we’ll sleep, but I took the big spoon position behind Gina and we at least tried. It was around 3:30 when I heard a soft “Fuck”, and Gina got out of bed to go pee. I laid on my back, and she smiled when she saw me looking at her when she came out. She said, “Sorry, darlin’, but I just can’t sleep.” Telling her I couldn’t either, she went down to make us some coffee while I got up to go to the bathroom myself.

GINA: Waiting on the coffee, I put our iPads and chargers in plastic bags to keep them together during our trip. Tammy came down, and we had a mug of brew, then went up to take a long, warm shower. We shaved each other, then scrubbed and shampooed. With a minimum of makeup, we dressed comfortably for the trip in cargo shorts and tank tops.

With our carry-ons packed, we checked to make sure everything upstairs was locked, then went down. It was still too early for breakfast, so we sat at the island with some more coffee. Since we’re flying from Denver to Miami first class, we figured we can eat later, either getting something on the plane or at the airport.

I’d forgotten we still had them, but Tammy got the stash box and pulled out some of the Sativa edible gummies. We ate those, and had a few tokes off of the Sativa oil as well. Tammy grinned, saying we might as well let our brains be as high as our bodies on the plane! At 5:00, she called for an Uber and I called the security company, telling them we’ll be leaving soon. Once the remote monitoring was confirmed, kocaeli escort we locked up the house and waited on the front porch for our ride.

We got to the airport a little after 5:30, checked our suitcases and got in the security line. Of course, the gummies kicked in while we were going through the checkpoint, and we had to struggle to keep from giggling. The TSA agent went through our carry-ons, and Tammy nearly lost it when he pulled the Womanizer out, looking at it and asking me what it was. With a serious expression, I said it was a sex toy, then I winked at the agent and told him he should get one if he wanted to make his wife or girlfriend very, very happy.

That flustered the poor man, and he quickly put it back in the bag. We cleared the checkpoint, then made our way to our gate for the flight to Denver. After the inevitable hurry-up-and-wait, we finally boarded the turboprop. With Tammy’s hand in a death grip with mine, we took off for the short hop to Denver. Being high certainly helped, because Tammy said my grip wasn’t quite as hard on the takeoff and landing.

GINA: There was only a 30-minute window until our flight to Miami, but luckily, the gate we needed for departure wasn’t too far. The THC coursing through us helped to ease my jitters. Once we’d taken off, Tammy laughed and said she could still feel her fingers, so I guess my grip on her hand wasn’t too awful!

Since it was a weekday, the plane wasn’t very crowded, at least not in first class. We ordered a couple of Bloody Mary’s, and I asked the stewardess for a blanket, so we could maybe nap on the way. As we sipped our drinks, Tammy was trying to act all innocent, but her fingertips making their way up my thigh gave away her intentions. I sighed when her fingers slid under my shorts and panties, and she started flicking my clit before plunging two fingers deep in my cunt.

She leaned over and whispered, “Welcome to the Mile-High club, my love,” and I shuddered when the gentle orgasm washed over me. With a wicked grin, she stirred her drink with her cum-covered fingers, smacking her lips when she took a sip, then licked her fingers clean. Since I wasn’t about to be the only new member to the club, I snuck my hand in and pleasured her pussy as well. I have to admit, the cum added a very nice taste to the Bloody Mary!

Cumming in a metal tube 35,000 feet in the air did wonders to relax us, and we did manage to snooze a little on the flight. Since we’re changing time zones again, and it’s going to screw our timing up, we decided not to eat until we got to Miami. The chime for seat belts woke us up, and the stewardess came by to collect our empty glasses. She gave us a knowing grin, and we looked at each other and broke into giggles when she walked away.

I was a lot calmer for the landing, but still managed a pretty good squeeze on Tammy’s hand. There’s a 2 hour wait for our flight to Great Exuma, and we had to go to another terminal, so we stopped at a restaurant in the main terminal and had breakfast, since (now) it’s only 9:30. Checking our phones, we saw that Denise had sent us separate emails with her design ideas for our wedding dresses, so that will give us something to do in case we get REALLY bored on the island.

TAMMY: Even with a drink, a climax, and a nap, we were both still pleasantly buzzed. After finding the right terminal and passing security, we didn’t have to wait too long before our flight boarded for Great Exuma. I survived the takeoff with no broken bones, and the view of the Atlantic around and below us was spectacular.

And, here we are! Before even standing up, Gina and I both could feel the difference in the air as soon as we landed. We’ve come from over a mile high in Durango to sea level in the islands, and everything just seems…heavier. There was a short walk across the tarmac from our plane to the terminal, and the humidity difference was quite apparent.

Once we’d gotten our luggage, there were kiosks around the main terminal and we found the one for our resort. A Bahamian man in his late forties/early fifties was sitting there, and he introduced himself as Paul, the manager/owner. He spoke English, but his heavy Creole accent was both amusing and sometimes hard to decipher. Paul is a very nice man, though, and he gave us all a packet with information about his resort and the island in general.

There were 6 other people in our little group, and with Paul and the shuttle driver’s help, we all got our bags loaded on the bus. We had to check in to the resort, and while we did that, Paul went and got a gas-powered golf cart to carry Gina and I to our cottage. Everyone else is staying at the main resort, so Paul helped us load our bags and we took off.

‘Took off’ is appropriate, because once Paul hit the accelerator, it felt like we were on the final lap of the Indianapolis 500! We were laughing like crazy while Paul bounced along the path, and about a half-mile later we were at our cottage. It was about 50 yards from the shore, and our nearest ‘neighbor’ was at least a couple of hundred yards away. The view is magnificent, from the nearly white sand on the beach to the aquamarine color of the ocean.

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