What Happened That Night

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What happened that night after our annual night-after-Christmas party for friends and family over the age of consent. There’s always one person who gets sloshed senseless and this time the drunken partygoer was my wife Sue’s sister, Mary. She had recently broken up with her boyfriend , which may have contributed to her going overboard. I think she mixed white wine, vodka, and beer more or less indiscriminately. As the party waned and almost all the other guest departed, Mary was lolling about and even looking for more to drink.

Sue was worried. “I don’t want her driving home like this,” she declared. I suggested we put her in the guest room, but Sue said no. “She told me she has an appointment in the morning and she won’t get off on the right foot if she’s away from home, out of her comfort zone.” That meant one of us had to drive her home.

“But what about her car?” I asked, trying to figure out the logistics.

“She can leave it here,” Sue decided. “She’s taking the train into town for her appointment anyway. Just drive her home, Ricky.”

Walking her out to my car, Mary was so wobbly I had to wrap my arms around her to keep her from falling. She was mumbling nonsense syllables as I sat her in the passenger seat and buckled her in, accidently rubbing her breast as I adjusted the shoulder strap. Mary’s apartment was just a few miles down the road and she dozed off after a minute or two. When I pulled into her designated space, she had passed out, unconscious. I tried to rouse her from the driver seat, but her head just bobbed from side to side with little effect. I got out and went around to her side, leaning through the open door and trying to pull her up and out. At one point she yelled “Stop,” blowing sour smelling breath in my face. Finally, I got her on her feet, but she was too limp to walk or stay upright for long, and so I hoisted her in my arms and carried her as she snored in my ear and drooled saliva on my shirt collar. I had to set her down gently at the doorstep in order to get us through the doorway. Inside, after carrying her up the short flight of stairs, I had to put her down once more in front of her unit. She curled up in a ball and passed a loud burst of gas. Meanwhile, I started to panic when I realized I had no idea where her keys were. Fortunately, we had taken her purse along with us on this goofy trip and I unzipped it to feel around among tampons, tubes of lip gloss, wallet, breath mints, and what felt like a condom package. The cluster of keys had sunk to the bottom of the purse and I retrieved it by the little soccer ball charm attached to the key ring. I quickly discerned house keys from car keys and hit pay dirt on the first one I tried in the lock. After opening the door and turning on the light switch, I picked her up again and figured I should bring her straight to the bedroom. My hand positioned beneath her bum already discerned wetness and when I unwrapped her from her coat I saw the spot between her legs. As if on cue, though still asleep, she let go and soaked Girne Escort her pants with urine from the inside out. I couldn’t leave her that way and so I went over to her dresser in search of some fresh clothes. After all, she was family, practically my own little sister. I picked out a pair of panties and what looked to me like a camisole that could serve as a nightgown. A moment of hesitation passed before I reached to unbutton her white denim slacks. They were hip-huggers, taking only a short tug to uncover her crotch, revealing matted strands of pubic hair through her piss-soaked underpants. I gingerly removed the powder-blue silkies and was surprised to see a tiny brown stain–I guess it’s been a long night.

Everything changed starting at this moment. My mind shifted gears and the id took over. I held her undies up to my nose and smelled her ripeness before biting a corner and sifting a drop of her pee in my mouth. I gazed at my sister-in-law’s mound of Venus and clitoris, and then knelt to sniff her. With my face rubbing against her damp, sticky thighs, her crotch stank of pee and sweat, and I kissed the wrinkled flesh of her slit. Then I rolled her over and looked at her ass for really the first time in all the years I had known her. It was plumper and larger than it appeared in a bathing suit or hidden under street clothing with a prominent dimple above the top of the crack and a soft down of brown hair all over. I softly kissed one buttock and then the other, before separating her cheeks and flicking my tongue on her little bull’s-eye. I told myself I had to stop.

By the time I unbuttoned and removed her blouse, unhitched and took off her bra, and slid a clean pair of underwear over her legs, my ardor–and accompanying erection–subsided. Next I turned down her bedspread, blanket, and sheet, as she snored open-mouthed, dead to the world. All that was left for me to do was to tuck her in and go home. Then I saw her breasts. They were no more than little handfuls with perky brownish nipples looking up at me. I hunkered over her and reached under her camisole, juggling both boobies at the same time before feeling the roughness of her areolas with my thumbs. I came down to kiss them and she stirred. Her eyes didn’t open, but she mumbled, sighed, and rolled onto her left side. When I stopped my hands from feeling her up, I moved them under her arms. I found a new area of dampness, her sweaty armpits. I lifted her right arm and brought my nose to her skin and savored the odor before tasting it. I felt like a hound dog using olfactory sense to get intimately acquainted with his mistress.

My penis takes on a life of its own and when I’m turned on it rises two and a half inches above my waist. Unless Sue’s cunt is well primed by fingering and cunnilingus, I can fuck her sore, which is no fun. Right now, I’d better free Big Manny or I’ll be the one wetting my pants. I took out my dick through the fly and zipper. I let it stand out in the open sitting next to Magosa Escort Mary on her bed. I admired my organ’s thickness, the huge vein running down its underside, and the nice form of its head. I touched my arrowhead-shaped tip to Mary’s pale cheek. She seemed to respond instinctively to the stimulus and turned toward the cockhead until it met her chin. I rubbed the head of my cock against her throat and she let out a slight moan. I touched Mary’s gleaming mouth with my twanger, rolling over her upper and lower lips like it was a tube of lipstick. She opened her mouth and welcomed Mister Man, gently sucking him on the head, warmed by her velvety tongue. I looked at her pretty face, so serene, unconsciously blowing her sister’s husband who should be at home with his wife. I calculated Sue had gone to bed, since she would have called to see what was keeping me by now. “That means I have all night,” I said aloud.

I withdrew my dick head from baby sister’s mouth and got up to undress. I noticed her straight blonde hair was frizzy and flying away. I buried my nose in her hair and savored the smells of sweat, booze, and dampness before kneeling beside her to spray her tits, cunt, and ass with my cock–like a hound marking his spot, putting his stink on his bitch. I rubbed her with my wang in all those girlish places, but then I realized if I deposited a load of come in her ass or on her cunt, she would know what I did when she awakened in the morning. Then I remembered the little surprise packet in her purse. She conveniently rolled over on her back while I wrapped my cock in the condom. She made yet another groan and mumbling noise as I licked up and down her clit before gripping her thighs to separate and raise her legs. I plowed little sister’s pussy with gusto, opening her mouth with my tongue at the same time to taste her befouled breath. I can’t ever remember coming harder or longer. For an instant, I thought she looked at me with her cocoa bean eyes. Carefully, I extricated myself and noticed it was so full my semen was spilling from the top. I ran to the bathroom, dumped the rubber in the toilet, whizzed long and loudly, and returned to Mary with a warm, wet washcloth. I washed her face, crotch, thighs, ass, and chest. I swear she murmured “nice dick,” but she was dreaming and talking in her sleep about “the cop has a nightstick.” I pulled the covers over her body, dressed myself, and kissed her on the forehead like a child. As I exited, I heard her roll over, yawn, fart, sigh, and finally start snoring again.

Presumably, Mary kept her appointment the next day without a hitch. I panicked when she called Sue for a ride over to our place to retrieve her car. There was no danger, however, because Mary told Sue she completely blacked out the night before. When I came home from work, she was seated with Sue at the kitchen table, staying for supper. Mary recounted how she must have managed to get changed for bed, but couldn’t remember anything. “Thanks for bringing me Kıbrıs Escort inside, Ricky.” She patted my hand and Sue chimed in, “Isn’t he a sweetheart?” At that, I swear, Mary looked at me cross-eyed, but was straight-faced when Sue got up to check on the dish of leftovers heating in the microwave. I paused a moment to compare Mary’s attributes to my wife’s plump buttocks, well shaped and hefty breasts, and juicy vagina. My reverie was broken by Mary’s storytelling continuing. “I woke up later on with a massive headache and puked my guts out.” She paused as if to make sure I was listening, saying, “And wicked bad diarrhea, too!” She laughed at herself and we joined in before she wrapped up to say, “But it cleaned me out real good. I feel great.” That’s when she either blinked her eyes or winked at me.

After dinner, Mary and I lingered over coffee while Sue checked on the kids. Mary leaned toward me and hissed, “Nice dick!” This time she blew sweet coffee-flavored breath under my nose. I was stunned, speechless, scared. Keeping her eyes averted, said she, “That was the best combination of incest, adultery, and drunken sex of all time…” I still was too frightened to speak. “I always knew you had the hots for me… but how do you seduce your wife’s baby sister without looking like a lecher? And if I went after you, I’d be a slut…” I was nervous and sensually aroused at the same time. “So,” little sister explained, “if you don’t want to destroy your marriage, break my sister’s heart, kill her relationship with me, and generally ruin our lives, you have to do my bidding, make me happy, serve my needs.” Now I was hard-cocked for Mary and wanted to grab her, but I worried Sue would come upon us. “This means you fuck me regularly, say once a month…” She reached under the table and found the bulge in my pants. “I’ll blow you every chance we get in between time.” She rubbed my joystick beneath my pants. “I really loved the way you licked and tasted all my nooks and crannies. You need to do that a lot for me.” She pulled on my cock and rubbed me from head to balls with a frenzied hand, laughing quietly as I tried not to gasp. “I’ll be your second wife…bigamist, polygamist, polyamoury, pussy, cunt, mistress, and beta bitch.” She had more of a snarl on her face than a smile as she kept rubbing me down and I saw her other hand fingering herself inside her pants. “But if you ever, ever tell Sue, confess or anything, I swear I’ll kill you…” I was squirming and agreeing breathlessly as I started to squirt spunk all over my underwear. She withdrew her finger-fucking hand and sniffed herself before sticking her fingers under my nose and letting me smell, lick, and taste her funk. My rod was still throbbing, discharging the last few droplets of cream, when Sue rejoined us at the table.

“So, what did you two talk about while I was gone?” asked Sue with hands folded on the tabletop.

Mary reached for Sue’s hand and sang out, “How much we all love each other and always want to be there for one another.”

“That’s so nice,” crooned Sue and she kissed Mary on the cheek and then me. Then Mary kissed me on the lips and I kissed her back. Sue looked pleased, in fact joyful. “Love, that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?”

“It sure is,” I said and definitely noticed my wife’s baby sister wink at me.

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