Weekend Getaway

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I drive passed the snow-covered lodge to the private chalet. The view is beautiful along the drive. The sun is shining making the snow gleam among the hills and trees. As I near the cottage, the sun is just at the crest of the hill behind casting a bright glow across the snow-covered trees, lighting the chalet. When I reach the drive I see you have not arrived yet, since the weather has been bad I hope you have not had any delays. We have been planning this for some time.

We both have been so busy in our lives that we have not had time for each other. This was our weekend! All of our other problems had been worked out and or put on hold. Nothing was going to stop us this weekend. We have put too much time and hard work in setting this up.

It started several months back. We both worked for the same company but in different offices. It was only at the group meetings that we saw each other. We spoke during the breaks, but mostly of work issues. It was later that I needed so papers from you that I called your office for them. When I spoke to you, you said you were leaving for the day and could send them the next day. I said it was very important I got them before the next day so I could finish my report. I said as it were I would be working on it most the night. At that point you told me I could pick up the file later if I went to dinner with you. I was kind of taken aback, but agreed to meet you.

I had a lot of work to finish and had not planed to stop to eat, but I did need the file to finish the report. I worked in the office till it was time to meet you. I met you at a local diner not far from the office as you had asked. I was kind of surprise you wanted to meet there but was glad since it was close. You were already at a booth so I walked up and said hi while taking off my overcoat and thanking you for meeting me.

We sat and had dinner while chatting about work and general things like we were old friends. It wasn’t till two hours later I realized how late it was and still had work to do. I asked for you to forgive me and I would make it up to you if I could. Paying the bill I took the file and went back to the office. Once there I struggled to finish my work. Then on the ride home I made my way past the diner. Of coarse you were not there, what was I thinking?

The next day I called your office and thanked you for the file and the trouble to get it to me. You assured me that it was no trouble at all and you enjoyed dinner with me. I told you we needed to do that again when we have more time. She laughed lightly and said yea, you owe me that. I kind of laughed and said Ok it’s a date. With that we said goodbye

We had lunch several times and went to dinner together once or twice. We were getting along nicely but nothing deep. Our lives were full with work and kids being both single parents. We talked on the phone daily now and saw each other when we could. We both wanted more.

It was during the last group meeting at work, things changed. We left the meeting and headed to the main hall when I asked you if you had time to come to my office. Holding you composer I saw a gleam in your eye. As not to cause a stir in the office I left the door open and began talking about the meeting. You looked at me with a puzzled look, then I handed you a sealed file and winked. A smile came across your face, which made me feel better. I watched as you left the office. And you knew it.

I waited for your call.

In the file were some brochures of weekend retreats that we could go to and be alone. I wanted to talk to you so we could set it up if you wanted.

I waited till the end of the day, and you had not called. I started to feel uneasy, thinking I may have crossed the line. As I left the building for the day, you met me outside. Holding a file out to me you said, “Here is the file you needed.”

I was not sure what to think, till I saw you wink. I knew things were good at that point. As soon as I got home I ripped open the file to see what was in it. I saw the info I had given you with other papers. As I started to read them I could not believe it.

You had already set up the chalet for us. It worked out perfect. I called you at home and we talked for hours. Now we had to wait till that weekend.

I had left early from work on Thursday to make it past the weather. The drive up was long, but worth it. I neared the chalet and parked. It was breath taking. I grabbed the key and one of my bags from the car and went up the steps in front to the door. The fresh snow indicated I was alone.

As I let myself in, I did a quick look around the place and found it to be furnished better then I expected. The main room was a large room and with an open fireplace, a small kitchen off to the side, which was well stocked. A set of stairs led up to a loft bedroom and another door leading out the back. The bathroom was by the staircase, it to was stocked with fresh linen and supplies. I needed to ready the chalet for your arrival. By now the sun had set and there was a chill in the air.

There Escort was a small stack of firewood inside by the fireplace, so I started a fire it to warm the place. I went back to the front stairs to clear them of the snow and brought the rest of the goods from the car. Then went out to the extra pile of wood and carried it into the chalet. After finding room for the goods I had brought, I poured some wine and settled in. I stoked the fire and checked out the place more. Up the stairs to the loft were a large bed and two dressers. A large curtain was in one corner, to pull across the railing for privacy. And there was a double door leading to a small deck. I unpacked my bags and changed clothes to be more comfortable.

I expected you at anytime now. I went to the kitchen and poured myself some more wine. I did not even notice the silence, no cars, phones, people talking, city noise. Just the fire crackling and the light wind outside. It was calming, but I did love music, so I put on some soft jazz and went to work on dinner. I prepared what I could, then waited for you. Pouring more wine, I had finished the bottle.

I sat watching the fire, waiting for you to arrive, and drifted off to sleep.

The next think I knew was your warm wet lips kissing me awake. It startled me to the point I jumped, then realizing it was you, we both started to laugh. Then we kissed again, this time deeply. I was so pleased to see you! I asked if you needed help with anything, and you said no. You had already gotten it. You told me I looked so cute sleeping you did not want to wake me. So you brought everything in while I slept. I could not believe I did not hear you, I must have been tired, and the wine finished the job.

You tossed your coat on the chair and walked to me with that hungry look in your eye. We embraced and kissed long and hot. Ready to devourer each other there on the spot. You stepped back and said you wanted to take a quick shower. I asked if you were hungry and I had started dinner. You told me you ate on the way. I did not realize it was later then I thought. As you got ready for a shower I opened another bottle of wine and poured you a glass to take with you. Giving me a quick kiss you scurried off to the shower.

I took this time to stoke up the fire and had a bite to eat. I heard you call to me, asking for more wine. The shower must have felt very good after the long day then the long drive. I stepped in and saw your glass setting there, as I filled it I told you it was there. You did not open the curtain to get it or to give me a kiss, so I just walked out. You must have been washing your hair or something.

I want back to the kitchen and cut up some cheese and sausage for a snack with some crackers. Placing it on the table by the fire. It was then you walked out of the bathroom. You had on a full heavy robe and furry slippers. I didn’t feel it was that cool in there. So as you walked to the couch, I tossed more wood on the fire. You poured yourself more wine then sat down on the couch. I knew you had a long day and long drive, so I just wanted to make you feel good.

I sat next to you and gave you a quick kiss. We talked about the place and how nice it was. I told you about the drive up and the sun shinning across the back. As we talked we finished the wine, you asked me to get some more. Since I had brought several bottles, it was not problem. It was then that I saw the two large bottles of champagne, as well as more wine. As I came back to the couch I could see the heat from the fire was getting to you, as well as the wine. Your robe was open at the neckline, showing a black strap of what I thought was a teddy. Your skin looked so soft and smooth in the firelight, and your eyes looked at me as if you were hungry for me. You could see the bulge in my pants. As I sat down, you turned and stood up, brushing your hand across your ass as you walked away.

At this point I did not know what to think, was it the wine, the long day and drive, or all the above. You walked around the room checking things out and asked what I had been up to while waiting for you to show up. As I told you it did not seem as if you were listening. You just circled the room and stopped at the door leading to the back deck, peeked out the blinds and walked on smiling. It was then you asked me, “do you like the place”? I said yes, very much. Then you walked slowly back toward me, taking your glass of wine and refilled it and walked to the fire.

You built a nice fire, it’s nice and warm in here. Then you tugged at the sash holding your robe and slowly peeled back the robe. At first it was just enough to slip past your shoulders, then lower to your breast’s. You were teasing me and you knew it! You rubbed your tits thorough the robe, then looking at me you let it drop.

Oh Dam! The light of the fire set you aglow, and the black teddy hung down your body with the bra cupping you tits, with a black thong covering your mound. My jaw dropped and you asked what I thought. I could not Escort Bayan speak. But you could see what I thought and walked to me, driving your tongue into my mouth. I could not keep my hand off you, and you did not stop me. We sank to the couch as I worked to get to your hard nipples. It was then that I found the opening in the teddy to pop out your nipple. I sucked them in turn, hard and long, making you let out a low moan. I push up the teddy to expose your belly and work my way down, kissing and licking my way to your treasure.

I bite and pull at your thong teasing you, then sliding it down your legs, nibbling on the way. I lick and nibble my way back up, then discover something I did not expect. You have shaved your pussy all the way. I almost cum right away. You ask me if I like the surprise, I don’t speak, I just flatten my tongue and lick you several times. Your whole body tightens as I fuck you with my tongue. I then rub my fingers along your lips till they are wet, then push them in. You let out a gasp then sigh. As I work my fingers and suck your clit you start to buck against me, you feel it building then I curl my fingers and hit your spot. Your hands grip my head and your legs tighten around me as your orgasm rushes across you like a tidal wave. You scream out, ” Yes, Fuck Yes, Oh Shit Now”!

I lick and finger you till you release your grip on my head and I can get a breath. As I let you calm down I feel your pussy gripping my fingers and the wetness oozing down my hand. You reach down and pull my hand free, then bring it to your lips you suck each one of my fingers clean. Looking into my eyes you say ” Take me to bed”.

As I help you up, I wrap your robe over you and watch as you ascend the stairs. You look so good in the firelight, like a dream. I toss a few more logs on the fire and set the screen in place then head up the stairs. I see you in the bed, looking at me, licking your lips. I undress and go to slide into bed. You don’t let me in bed all the way, your hands grab my cock and pull it toward your lips sucking hard like your starving. It is not long that I am throbbing, then you push me away and tell me to put it in you! I crawl on top of you and my cock finds your pussy, wet and wanting, as I slide in slowly. As hot as you have gotten me I know I will not last long. But I think that is what you had in mind.

I push into you slowly getting deep in you coating my cock with you cream. Then I pull out till just the tip is still in you, and hold there. You see my game and grab my ass with both hands and pull me back in deep and hard. This sets me off and I can’t stop, I start to pound hard in and out of your lips. You can hear the wetness and slapping of hot flesh as I pump you hard. I feel myself tighten up and know I can’t hold back. I push hard and deep into you, as my cock erupts, setting you off with another orgasm. My cock pulsates inside you, pumping out cum while you pussy milks me till we are done. As I roll to the side our lips meet. We lie next to each other, softly kissing and caressing, till we drift off to sleep.

I wake a few hours later, not knowing the time. It must be that I am in a strange place, or that I had a nap earlier. I see you next to me and smile, then kiss you cheek. You stir slightly, but don’t wake. I lay there looking at you in the dim light and smile. I slide out of bed and pull on a shirt, sweats, and slippers then go down to check the fire stopping at the bathroom on the way. I get to the fireplace and see there is still a hot bed of coals, so I toss a few more logs on and watch as it comes to life again. Watching a fire in a fireplace is so comforting, warm and crackling. I don’t even feel tired at all, so I decide to grab a beer and look around the place more.

The fire light shine’s brightly, so I can see rather well. It’s a large cabin design with rough wall interior with all hardwood floors, and large area rugs throughout. The place is set up rather well, not your run of the mill rental place. The kitchen has all the needs, and then some, over sized fridge/freezer, dishwasher, and microwave, plus the assortment of pans and such. In the main room there is a large shelf full of assorted books along one wall, and other forms of art on the walls. The furnishings are not your typical weekend rental either. A large plush couch and two matching chairs circling the fireplace, and an oak dinette table and chairs by the kitchen.

Since you made the arrangements for this I did not know what to expect. You just gave me a key and directions, and that was it. I was impressed to say the least.

I stirred the fire and added a few more logs so it would last the rest of the night. Then made my way up to bed. As I undressed I could feel a slight chill in the air. You did not move as I got into bed next to you. As I curled next to you, I could feel the heat of you naked body on my cooler skin. It felt good to be with you at last. I curled up next to you and pressed my body close to yours with my arm draped over you and drifted Bayan Escort off to sleep.

I woke to a wonderful site and feeling come morning. You were partly under the covers massaging my balls with one hand and lightly sucking me. Your other hand was down between your legs rubbing your clit and making your pussy wet. I thought I was in heaven! This has got to be the best way to wake up anywhere anytime, but it seemed extra special today.

As my mind cleared I could feel the heat rise in me as you sucked harder. It was if you were staved and I was your nourishment. You did not let up, just licking and sucking harder as I throbbed in your mouth not letting me even think about holding back till I could not stop. Your grip tightened on my sac and I shot deep in your throat, then again. You did not miss a beat, just sucked it down then with one more long deep suck you tossed the covers back enough so you could crawl up and planted you wet puss on my face while rubbing your clit the whole time. What was I to do? What I love best, suck hard and lick long and deep. You were cumming in seconds! I lapped up as much as I could but your orgasm was so big in intense you flowed all over my face and down the bed. I was amazed and turned on so much that my cock hardened again.

You rolled off me still shaking and I did not let it stop. I slid between your legs and pushed my cock into you with one thrust. As you screamed I pulled out and pounded back in. I felt your pussy clench down on me and I pushed harder as you pulled your legs up high and wide. I knew what you wanted so I started to pound in you as hard and deep as I could till you were screaming at me. “Fuck Me Harder, Fuck Me Harder!” Oh you are so good! I pumped till I thought I would pass out, then I felt your pussy grip my cock and I started cumming again, with you as you grabbed my ass with both hands and pulled me into you as deep as we could go. You held me there till my cock stopped throbbing and your pussy calmed down.

We collapsed and rolled off to our backs as we breathed heavily. As we caught our breath our hands found the others and griped gently, then we turned and kissed, both with a sigh. You turned to your side with your back to me as I pressed up behind you with my arm across cupping you breast, spooning as we drifted off to sleep again.

We both woke a few hours later. We could see that the sun had come up by the glow in the cabin. We did not want to get out of bed just yet, so we just laid there and cuddled and kissed and played for a while. It was not till nature called that we were forced to crawl out of bed. You threw on a robe and slippers and headed down the steps. I grabbed sweats, a pullover shirt and slippers then followed you down. While you were in the bathroom I checked the fire. It was still warm in the cabin, but I tossed on some wood just to help it out.

When you walked out of the bathroom you gave me a kiss as I went in. Not taking long I cam out to find you had started coffee for us and had opened up the blinds to the back deck. The view was amazing, with the snow covered hills and trees. Everything looked so bright and clean.

We poured our coffee and sat by the fire talking of the trip up and night’s events. You told me that you intended to leave work early, but a case come in at the last minute and you had to deal with it. Even though your boss knew you were trying to get out early she asked if you could handle it. Of coarse you said yes, what else could you do?

As it was it did work out well, come to find out if you had left on time you would have been stuck in traffic for hours, due to the wreak. But since you did leave late you were able to bypass it and stop for some items on the way.

I told you of my trip up and how nice I thought the place was, and did not believe it was a rental. It was then that you told me it was not a rental. It belonged to your boss. This kind of shocked me! I knew your boss was aware we were seeing each other, but I did not know you had told her about our weekend.

You assured me it was ok, that working in an office of such it is more like a family. Everyone knows what’s going on. So the one day when you were looking for a place for us to go to for the weekend on-line, she happened to come up to you and saw you looking at places. It was then she told you of her place up in the hills and said you could use it if you liked. You were a bit taken aback at first, but could see that she meant it. And that was how you were able to set this all up.

I just sat there with a dumfounded look on my face, I was stunned. It was then you started laughing. When I snapped back and I was finally able to muster words, I just said, ” Well I guess I owe her some flower’s or something”. You said “no, that you already had taken care of that, and signed both our names on the card”.

I just looked at you and told you that you are the best!

With that I said I need a shower. I gave you a long kiss and headed off to the shower. As I let the warm water stream over my body I could feel slight ache in my body from last night pleasure. It was a good feeling, and had been to long in the waiting, the water felt good. I quickly finished and stepped out then dried off. Pulling on my sweats again, I headed for the kitchen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32