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Big Dicks

Size is important for me and I love being teased and licked. Around once a month I love having a second man to pleasure me, before I pleasure him while my man watches, and often he will pleasure my man: oral sex only – no intercourse is the rule. To be fair to my man we share another female sometimes which we both enjoy.

My man Roger and I are in our mid-forties and have had sexual adventures many people would be envious of: some incredulous of even. For both of us there is making love, straight out fucking and our ultimate sexual experience, a third person for us to share.

I have a high sex drive and thrive on sexual excitement, be it dressing and undressing to please my man and our guests, flaunting my naked body to turn on people I have just met, the visual turn on of other naked bodies, the foreplay (or lack of it), to receiving and giving sexual pleasure, not to mention verbal interaction.

“It’s a month since we had a second man for our pleasure baby,” I whisper to my man as he is fucking me on a Tuesday night. “Can you organize for this Sunday afternoon? Or would you like me to?,” I ask as I commence sucking his thick, nine-inch erection.

“This Sunday baby, please? You know exactly what I want and need,” I tease as I have him close to orgasm, so close.

“Leave it to me baby,” He tells me in the after glow.

On the Sunday after we shaved each pubes, we showered together and anticipated sharing a new man. “Tell me about the man you have organized for me today baby? Or is it us? Are we both going to have him?,” I ask already aroused at the sexual pleasure I am anticipating.

“Us, I want us both to have him. A big surprise for you baby. Mike, one of my gym buddies. We have been talking about you in the showers at the gym. I don’t think he has ever had a bi-sex woman. Or a woman eighteen-years older.

“I told him you expect to be licked and teased while I watch. Oral sex only, no fucking. When I told him you have a magnificent ass and that you expect him to worship it, he asked if I did. Every chance I get,” I told him.

“Has he ever made a pass at you?”

“No, but he has told me more than once I have the second biggest cock in the gym after him.”

“Wow, that means he must be more than …”

“Yes baby, he is, much bigger,” he cuts in before I can finish.

“What would you like me to wear for our new man?”

“Your killer heels and your ankle length, black silk night dress with the slits up the sides almost to your armpits. Nothing else.”

“What are you going to wear?”

When Mike arrives my man is standing behind me kissing my neck wearing just a pair of tight, low cut jeans. “I am going to call the shots today baby, not you,” he whispers. “I am extra horny today. When you are ready to suck his cock, I am going to fuck you from behind, just like we have fantasized many times. A huge extra turn on for me, fucking you while I watch you blow a much bigger cock than mine.”

“And a huge extra turn on for me baby. Promise me? I want it, long and hard,” I reply aroused and agitated at the thought of it.

Without saying a word Mike shrugs off his shoes and shirt, then drops his trousers. He has a very masculine, toned body, no body hair at all which makes his large cock look even more impressive.

He kocaeli escort is standing with his legs wide apart, with his hands on his hips, without saying a word as he confidently flaunts his flaccid cock for me and my man. Size is important, I muse as we look each other over and smile as I ogle his thick, flaccid cock with a bulging vein along the full length of it. His awesome, flaccid cock is bigger than my man’s when flaccid, even bigger than some men when erect. I must have it.

“Sarah loves being licked and teased,” Roger smiles at Mike as he slowly moves my gown to one side to expose the full length of one of my legs, then the other. I am enjoying the tease even more than the men as I admire Mike’s no longer flaccid cock.

Then still holding me he turns me around and slowly lifts my gown to expose my ass as I stand with my legs apart.

As I look over my shoulder I am pleased to see Mike now has a huge, thick erection as he slides his hands over my ass.

“Tell him what you want baby,” Roger whispers.

“Worship my ass, lick and kiss it.”

I am the centre of attention as I stand with my legs spread. A much younger man I met for the first time just minutes ago is licking and kissing my ass cheeks while my man and I are kissing passionately. Roger lets his jeans fall to the floor and places one of my hands on his very erect cock. I can see Mike glancing at it in the mirrors while he is licking and kissing each of my my ass cheeks in turn.

“Sarah wants you to fuck her with your tongue, she loves being licked and teased,” Roger tells Mike as he turns me around and slowly lifts my gown until I am naked apart from my heels before he slips the gown off me.

Usually when we have a second man, Roger sits back and watches. Today for the first time he is intent on joining in. I like it, he is obviously aroused by the size of Mike’s erection, just as I am, we have never had a man this big. He is standing behind me, kissing my neck, his erection pressing into me, with his arms under mine.

“Tell Mike what you want right now baby.”

“I want you to fuck me with your tongue, I love being licked and teased,” I whisper as I arch my body forward and ogle his raging erection. “I am multi-orgasmic, edge me and tease me with your tongue, while I admire your erection. Make me cum three times and I will give you a blow job while my man watches.”

For a much younger man his technique is very good. He is building up my anticipation by nibbling and licking my inner thighs.

The tip of his tongue is exquisite on my engorged clit while my man is holding me and kissing my neck. I have never had a man lick my cunt lips with Roger holding me. Even more exciting with his naked body and full on erection pressing into my ass while I ogle Mike’s erection.

Years ago one of my girlfriends told me while she was licking me with her man watching on, “The clitoris is queen, always and forever, never forget it. When in doubt, keep your focus here, and listen to your partner as they respond.” She was so right.

Mike’s tongue is dancing around my clit, lightly grazing it as he starts building sensation. He can feel me responding as he is licking my clit, up, down and side to side. “Which do you prefer?,” he asks.

“Don’t stop, I love it all,” I respond in darıca escort a whisper, close to orgasm as he is lightly sucking on my clit.

Then he is licking me in a figure-eight motion as I orgasm. I want more, he is good, very good. “I can hear him whispering, “A, B, C, D, ….,” when I realised he is doing the letters of the alphabet with his tongue on my cunt lips.

I have my second orgasm on the letter O. “Don’t stop, more,” is all I can mutter as Mike curls a finger into me and keeps licking me. My cunt is sopping wet as my man is holding me tightly as he is tongue kissing me. He is aware my body is tense and ready to explode. Two men are edging me. I love it. I can’t hold out much longer.

“Do it for Mike and me,” my man whispers as we kiss passionately while he is grasping my ass cheeks and digging his fingernails in. It hurts but I like it, as Mike is curling two fingers into my very wet cunt.

I can’t hold out much longer as my man repeats, “Do it for Mike and me,” as he squeezes my ass cheeks even harder.

Then my third orgasm for the session. My whole body is shaking as I take great delight in two men watching me enjoying a tremendous orgasm. “Do it for Mike and me,” my man whispers again as I curl a finger into my cunt lips. My exhibitionist streak is in overdrive as I tease, tease, tease while comparing my man’s erection to Mike’s. I have never squirted for a man as well hung as Mike, and so thick.

“Awesome Sarah, fucking awesome, that is a first for me,” Mike moans as he watches me relish squirting for him and my man.

“I am going to fuck Sarah from behind, long and hard while she gives you a blow job Mike. Are you fine with that?,” my man asks Mike after we all freshened up in the bathroom as I ogle his roaring erection and lay sideways on the bed.

“Size is important for me, I shouldn’t ask, a lady never asks, but how big are you?,” I ask as I compare him to my man. They both have raging erections and I going to have both of them in my body in just a moment.

“Ten and a half inches,” Mike murmurs as he strokes his erection for me and my man, who strokes his erection in sync at the same time.

“I am going to fuck you from behind, just like I promised. A huge extra turn on for me, fucking you while I watch you blow a cock bigger than mine,” my man tells me fully in charge of the situation.

“Have you ever had a blow job from a cougar with her heels on, Mike?,” I ask as I take his erection in my hand. My man is laying behind me grasping my ass cheeks as he slowly slides and feeds the full length of his rock hard erection into me.

He is slowly building up a rhythm as I lick and kiss Mike’s erection. He has the biggest erection I have ever had. I feel sure the size of Mike’s erection is an extra turn on for my man, as I can see him ogling it in the mirrors.

“Enjoy baby, this is for both of us, his cock is huge, your turn on is my turn on and this a big turn on for me,” my man whispers, very agitated as he watches me take his erection between my pursed lips.

My man has fucked me in this position countless times, though never as agitated as this time. Long, slow deliberate strokes with his hands grasping the cheeks of my ass. I can see him glancing at Mike’s erection sliding between my pursed gölcük escort lips in the mirrors.

Earlier when Mike arrived my man told me, “I am extra horny today. When you are ready to suck his cock, I am going to fuck you from behind, just like we have fantasised many times. A huge extra turn on for me, fucking you while I watch you blow a much bigger cock than mine.”

“And a huge extra turn on for me baby. Promise me? I want it, long and hard,” I replied. And that was exactly what is happening, a long and hard fuck while he watches me blowing a huge cock. The biggest one we had ever had.

As we wound down again together in the shower the two men have their hands all over each other. They have little interest in my naked body as they have a hand on each others cocks. Huge sexual tension without a word being spoken.

I was in my early twenties when I first watched one man blow another man’s cock. It was an incredibly exciting event for me and a huge turn on. Since then I have watched numerous men blowing another man, including men I have been in a relationship with.

Earlier today I asked my man, “Is the man you have organised today for me? Or is it us?”

I was very pleased when he replied, ‘us’, instantly aroused at the sexual pleasure of watching two men after I have had my way with both of them.

My man is the first to speak. “Laying down or standing?,” he asks Mike as he licks his nipples.

“Standing with my back against the wall.”

I am almost paraphrasing my man, “Enjoy baby, his cock is huge, your turn on is my turn on and this a big turn on for me,” I tell him, very agitated as I watch him using two hands to stroke Mike’s erection.

Both men have full on erections, wonderful eye candy for me. My man is like a child in a chocolate shop as he feasts on Mike’s erection, licking and kissing it as he pushes it back against his torso.

“Tell us again how big you are Mike,” I tease agitated and very turned on watching two hung, naked men turning each other on.

My man is licking, then sucking his balls before Mike mutters, “Ten and a half inches,” as I lick and suck his nipples.

The only contact the men have is Mike’s erection between my man’s pursed lips.

“Any special requirements or requests?,” my man manages to ask him.

“I want Sarah to put her heels back on. Now keep on licking and sucking my nipples while I stroke her glorious ass.

“Do you like watching in the mirrors Sarah? Do you like watching your man fucking me with his tongue and lips Sarah?”

“Yes I do, a special buzz watching two hung men. And you are hung. Huge, ten and a half inches. Would you like me suck your nipples harder?”

“Yes, harder chew them, pleasure and pain. You too Roger, harder.”

“Change positions,” Mike mutters as my man sits on a low chair, parallel to the wall mirror.

“I’ve wanted this from you from the very first time I flaunted my cock for you in the gym. And your lady Sarah is a bonus, a huge one. Now suck my cock while I fantasise about Sarah’s magnificent ass,” he whispers as he feeds his erection between my man’s pursed lips with a hand on my ass.

The two men are both breathing and concentrating very hard.

One of my major turn ons is watching a hung man masturbate. Watching a huge, hung, ten and a half inch man, fifteen years younger than me, masturbate after my man sucked his cock to orgasm while he worshipped my ass was a magic moment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32