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Cockaigne Chronicles is a series by various authors set in the fictional town of Cockaigne where the laws are different, and anything can happen. Social nudity and sexual interaction are nothing to be ashamed of, and the moral limitations that inhibit us don”t inhibit the residents of Cockaigne.

Thanks guys for all the great feedback and comments. I”m loving all your comments and ideas for future installments. Keep them coming.

Disclaimer: Please note that this story is fictional and took place in the imagination of the writer, nothing written ever happened. These fictional characters may or may not practice safe sex, however these are merely words and I would always advocate the practice of safe sex in the real world. Some of these fictional characters” actions may not also be legal in all or any places in the world, and these fictional stories are not meant encourage any reader to break any of their local laws. Anything can happen in our imaginations, but in the real world we are bound by restrictions. Play safe.

Now, fire up your imaginations and let the fun begin…

Archie Gives His Support
by David Heulfryn

I didn”t sleep too well. My head was continually going over what had happened to Dad. Each time I thought I would drift off to sleep, a surge of desire for vengeance would jolt me awake. I didn”t know the officer who did it, but I wanted some kind of retribution.

The only thought that stopped me thinking about dad was the image of Leo standing on the landing, his hard cock in hand and a pool of cum on the carpet at his feet.

His admission surprised me. He”d wanked at the naked image of our father. I wondered how long it had been going off.

It was still early when I forced my body off the bed, and I went downstairs in just my boxers.

I was surprised to see Dad sitting naked at the kitchen table. He had his head in his hands.

“Are you ok, Dad?” I asked.

He lifted his head and wiped his eyes; I think he”d been crying.

“No. I came down to make a pot of coffee but just couldn”t face it.”

“What, coffee?” I asked.

“No, everything.”

He wouldn”t look at me, and I felt an aching pit in my stomach, Dad would generally be there to help Leo or me. Now he needed help. I didn”t know what to do.

I sat down opposite him and reached across, hoping he would take hold of my hands for comfort.

“You”re strong, Dad. I know you are. But this isn”t you.” I suddenly had a thought that something else might have happened that night. “What else happened? Being naked wouldn”t bother you. Not the Dad I know.”

We sat in silence for a few seconds. Then Dad drew a deep breath.

“I thought he was going to rape me.” Dad sniffed. “He thrust his baton right against me. He pushed so hard I thought he was going to rip me open.”

“Shit, Dad. He can”t do that!” My face tightened in anger.

“There”s no proof.” Dad sniffed again.

“He didn”t, though, did he?” I wasn”t sure if I was asking or telling him.

“No. But before he put this damn cock ring on, I got hard, and he wanked me off. I came over his shirt.”

“He sounds like a right pervert.”

“Just give me time, Archie. I”ll be fine.” Dad sighed.

“Come here.” I stood up and moved to Dad”s side of the table, holding my arms out.

Dad stood up, and we hugged; the first time we had hugged in years.

Between us, I could feel Dad”s cock pressing against my groin.

When we parted, I looked down and saw he was harder than before.

“Seems like you like getting a hug.” I teased him.

“Pack it in, Archie. You try wearing this fucking cock ring and being naked twenty-four-seven.” Dad playfully pushed me on the shoulder. “Now get that coffee on.”

I made coffee and toast, and we talked about what we would do today. Dad just wanted to take it one step at a time. He asked me to change the bulb on the brake light, and then he wanted to take it back to Cockaigne to get it signed off. I insisted on coming along. In fact, I insisted on driving. Neither of us was looking forward to it.

I checked in on Leo, to let him know what we were doing. He was still sleeping, lying naked on top of his bedclothes. I went to him and gently shook him awake.

“I”m taking Dad to get the car sorted.” I didn”t want to mention the name of the town in case he started to panic or insist on coming with us. “We won”t be long, two hours max, I would say.”

Leo groaned. “Ok.” He said and turned over, pointing his white arse at me.

Dad felt weird riding naked in the car, in just his work boots. He even did what most naturists do and brought a towel with him to sit on.

We drove in silence, but then it only took us a few minutes to get to the security office. I”m glad it was a short journey as I was getting more nervous the closer we got.

“Stay here,” Dad told me when I parked up and pulled on the handbrake. He jumped out and started walking to the main doors.

I noticed confidence in his stride, unashamed of his nakedness, and a purpose to his visit.

I ignored Dad”s request and followed him in.

At the front desk was a young woman in uniform. Dad was talking to her when I came to his shoulder.

“I thought I said to wait in the car?” He said.

“You make it sound like I”m a little kid.” I laughed.

şişli travesti

The young lady asked Dad for his paperwork. He sighed that he wasn”t given any.

“He was naked when he came home, bruised and bloodied from the treatment one of your officers gave him.” My tone was firm.

“Sorry, Sir.” Her fingers were frantically hitting the unseen keyboard beneath the screen. “Can you give me a minute, there is nothing on the system. Do you know which officer stopped you?” She queried.

“I can”t remember his name. But he has a younger brother who had an accident in the woods a few weeks ago.” Dad”s voice lost its confidence as he recalled the incident in Dartos Woods.

“Ah! Officer Noble. That was terrible what happened to his brother.” She empathised with the officer. “Wait here a moment.” She disappeared for a minute.

When we were alone, I put my arm around Dad, to comfort him. “It”ll be alright.”

The young lady appeared from a different door and came to our side of the screen. In her hand was a flimsy bit of paper.

“Let”s take a look at the car, Mr Dartos, shall we?” She walked out the door, and we obligingly followed.

“This does seem a little odd.” She frowned at my Dad. “It says you had a missing brake light. Is that all?”

“Yes.” Dad sighed.

“Well, normally we would just issue a rectification notice and a polite warning. He seems to have been particularly harsh. Was it your first offence?”

“Definitely.” Dad was firm.

“Let”s get this done, but I will enquire as to why you received such punishment.”

“Thanks.” I butted in. “What your name, by the way?”

“I”m Officer Grace Bigwood.”

I”m so glad that I wasn”t naked, like my Dad, as the sight of this gorgeous Blonde lady was causing my cock to inflate. I checked out her tight arse as she walked round to the rear of the Land Rover.

“Get in Dad and start her up, and put your foot on the brake,” I told him and glanced down at his cock. She didn”t seem to have the same effect on him.

I joined Grace to see the bright red lights shine in our eyes. Her arse filled out that dark blue uniform nicely. I was tempted to run my hand over her firm cheeks but didn”t want to end up being punished, like my dad.

“Do you fancy getting a drink together sometime?” I nonchalantly asked her; my nerves causing my stomach to churn.

She turned to me and made it obvious she was checking me out, casting her eyes up and down my clothes clad body.

“Well, I am tempted, especially if you take after your dad.” She looked at my crotch.

“I”ve had no complaints.” I smiled.

“It could be fun. I”ll come round to your place at seven tonight; be ready.” She made it sound like an order, which churned my balls; she was now making me so horny.

“Great,” I said as she signed off Dad”s rectification notice and left us standing by the Land Rover as she went back into the office.

Dad noticed that I was grinning as we drove home.

“What”s up with you, Archie?” He asked.

“I”ve got a date tonight.” I looked at him briefly as I drove.

“Since when?” Before I could respond, he raised his eyebrows, “Not with her. That female officer.”

“Yep.” I grinned.

“Well, you don”t waste much time; you must have only been alone for a few seconds.”

My grin turned into a wide smile. “She was cute. Don”t you think?”

“Sure, if you like a tight body, firm boobs and a rounded arse.”

We both laughed.

“I”m surprised you noticed,” I said.

“It took me all my effort not to show her how much I liked what I saw.”

I glanced down at Dad”s crotch. “Well, you”re showing it now.” He was hard, and his cock was pointing skywards. “Don”t get any ideas, she”s my date, not yours.” I chuckled.

“Well, there”s no harm in looking.”

“And don”t think she didn”t clock what was swinging between your legs,” I told him.

Dad laughed. It was nice to hear him laugh after what had happened, it sounded like he was back to himself, if only for a moment. “If she ever wants to know what the original and best is like then I”ll be here waiting. You”re just a poor second-generation facsimile.”

I laughed. “Fuck off, Dad. I”ve got youth on my side.”

“But I”ve got the experience.” I noticed him stroke his hard cock a few times.

“It”s been so long, Dad, I”m surprised you still know what it is for.” I teased as I parked the Land Rover outside the farmhouse.

“Don”t worry, Archie. I`ve been getting regular practice.”

Leo was in the living room when we got home, wondering what we were laughing at.

Dad disappeared upstairs, and I joined Leo in the living room to tell him what we”d been up to.

It was a few minutes later that we heard a blood-curdling scream from upstairs. We ran upstairs to see Dad lying on his bed, his hands cupping his balls.

“What”s the fuck wrong, Dad?” I asked, but his face was grimacing in pain, and he couldn”t answer.

He was panting, breathing fast and heavy, and I noticed a few streaks of tears running down his chin.

Leo and I just stood looking at his naked body while he recovered from the pain. Something was stopping him cumming, and when he got too close, he experienced a sharp pain in his balls which prevented any release.

We both looked down at our father and felt sorry for him. As teenagers, we knew how important it was for a man to wank and cum regularly. We looked at each other, both beylikdüzü travesti of thinking how fucking awful it would be if we weren”t allowed to cum for several weeks.

Leo went over to him and knelt beside the bed. He pushed away Dad”s hands, which were cradling his hurting balls, and rolled each ball in turn between two of his fingers. I saw Dad”s dick flop over Leo”s hand, who nonchalantly picked it up and held it against Dad”s pubes to ensure he had unfettered access.

I don”t know why but watching my younger brother fondling Dad”s dick, and balls made my cock swell. I gave my growing bulge a squeeze through my jeans.

“They”re fine.” Leo declared as he released our Dad”s genitals and stood up beside me. “I can only assume that it is the cock ring that is causing him the pain.”

I frowned and watched as dad curled up and fell asleep.

“Come on, Leo.” I prodded him in the ribs with my elbow. “We”ll do what needs doing on the farm and let him rest all day.”

Leo groaned, but I knew he would help.

“Let me go to the bog first, and I”ll join you in the barn.”

Leo disappeared into the bathroom. I couldn”t help but notice that the bulge in his jeans was larger than usual.

I stayed behind and quietly put my ear to the bathroom door. Inside I could hear the tell-tale signs of Leo wanking. This was the second time I knew he”d wanked after seeing our father naked.

It was mid-afternoon when we had finished doing what needed to be done. Dad was relaxing in the living room, and I checked he was alright as Leo beat me to the shower. Dad said he felt much better and admitted that he wouldn”t ever be wanking anytime soon. I pitied him and left him so I could have a shower.

Leo was still in the bathroom, so I stripped off, threw a towel over my shoulder and went in to wait for him to finish. We never locked the door as there was no need, it was just three blokes living in the same house who”d seen each other naked hundreds of times, so there was no embarrassing nudity among the three of us.

The shower was still running, so Leo didn”t hear me come in. I was about to call to him, telling him to hurry up when I heard those tell-tale signs again.

I know Leo was seventeen, but did he really need to wank off this much? I can”t remember tossing off this much at his age, well not when I knew someone was waiting for the shower.

Leo grunted and then let out a long groan. I knew what caused him to make that sound. He had just cum.

“Are you finished now?” I called out to him over the noise of the water.

“Fuck!” Leo”s voice when high, like a little kid who”d just been caught with his hand in the biscuit jar.

“Make sure you wash that stuff down the drain. I don”t want to slip in your spunk.”

“Fuck, Archie! You perv! Couldn”t you fucking wait outside.” I heard Leo frantically rinsing his body.

“I thought you were nearly done. You”d been in there fucking long enough.”

Like a stroppy child, Leo threw the shower curtain aside and told me to hand him his towel. I glanced down at his groin and noticed his cock had shrivelled up.

“Thanks,” he said, then looked down at my groin, “you call me the pervert. It looks like you enjoyed listening to me toss one out.”

I looked down. Fuck! He was right. I wasn”t hard, but my cock pushing out from my body and off my balls, the weight of it making it droop. I was obviously half-hard.

I reached down and grabbed my cock, giving it a quick stroke. “It”s looking forward to my date later. You see, later, when she comes over, she might even turn you.”

“Good save, Brother.” Leo grinned knowingly at me. He knew it was the sound of him wanking that had caused me to swell up. “But there”s no shame in admiring your sexy naked brother. After all, I got all the good genes while you got the ugly genes.”

I jabbed Leo in the shoulder with my fist. He pretended to cry.

“Fuck off and let me have a shower.” I pushed by Leo and stepped in the shower.

“Watch out for the present I left you in there.” Leo laughed and left me alone.

Just to be sure, I grabbed the shower and rinsed the bath down. Much as the thought of him wanking aroused me, the idea of standing in his spunk churned my stomach.

As I showered, I smiled to myself, wondering about Leo. We”d always tease each other like this, and it was always an unspoken fact that both Dad and I thought Leo was gay. He”d never said anything, I”m glad that we lived in the sort of family that meant he didn”t need to. I just looked forward to the day he just came home and introduced us to his boyfriend.

Thinking of Leo, having a boyfriend, made my cock swell. Perhaps I may have inherited a gay gene but was being dominated by my more prevalent straight genes.

Leo was a handsome boy, very nearly a man. He was just that little bit shorter than me, but I wouldn”t be surprised if he grew to be taller. Other than our heights, we were pretty similar, and both of us were proud of our good-sized cocks. In that, we took after our father. As I rubbed soap on my chest, I played with my few black hairs which made a hazy triangle between my nipples. Leo”s young chest was smooth.

If I was ever going to finish my shower, I needed to stop thinking about Leo and his naked body.

I was just about finished and rinsing off when I heard Leo shout upstairs. “Officer Bigwood is here!”

Fuck! Surely, I hadn”t been in the shower that long. I grabbed a towel, wrapped it around my istanbul travesti waist and made a dash downstairs.

Leo was still at the door, talking to Grace as I made an inelegant entrance. My wet feet slipped as I was halfway down the stairs, I fell flat on my arse and slid the rest of the way down.

My towel was ripped from me as I slid and I rested at the bottom of the stairs, shocked and exposing myself to Leo and Grace.

“Now that”s how I like my dates.” She laughed.

“It”s not nice to show a lady how desperate you are.” Leo grinned at me.

I got to my feet and retrieved my towel. I wrapped it around my waist again.

I was about to apologise.

“You don”t need to cover up on my account.” She cut me off.

“You”re early,” I said.

She wasn”t here for our date but said that she needed to speak to my father. She noticed the concerned look appear on my face and quickly explained that it was nothing to be concerned about.

She was being very professional.

I told her to come in, and we went into the living room and sat down. Leo followed but still looked concerned and stood in the doorway with his arms folded.

“Sit the fuck down, Leo. Whatever happened is nothing to do with Grace.”

She smiled at him, disarming him, and he sat next to Dad on the sofa. Grave and I sat in the armchairs.

“I”ve spoken to the boss about what happened. Although nothing illegal took place by the officer and you were punished in accordance with regulations…”

I opened my mouth to protests, and Grace just held up one finger to me, telling me to shut my mouth.

“…the officer in question did not follow the agreed escalation procedures and didn”t show appropriate discretion when dealing with you after he pulled you over.”

No shit! I thought to myself, not wanting to interrupt Grace.

“With that in mind, the boss will be insisting the officer in question goes through further training to ensure he treats all resident and visitors with due respect.”

Dad signed.

“Off the record, I can tell you that Officer Andy fell well short of the behaviours we expect of a security office in Cockaigne. The boss was very angry and rest assured he really ripped into him when he”d been told.”

I looked at Grace, “Thanks,” I said. “Can you do anything about the punishment?” I pleaded.

She looked at the floor before composing herself. She was back as Officer Bigwood. “Sorry, but as I think you have been informed, once a punishment is administered, it cannot be appealed or repealed.” She looked at my dad. “You will just have to accept the punishment as it stands.”

Dad looked forlorn.

“But,” Grace was back, “finding out you were given a type 2 punishment ring made Nate boil.” Nate was the boss.

I plucked up the courage to explain what had been happening to Dad since he had been fitted with the cock ring.

Grace explained it was a design enhancement from the old type 2 cock ring, which just prevent ejaculation. “It had been known for some time that offenders could get round the old type 2 punishment ring by anal and prostate stimulation. Essentially by getting fucked up the arse, the offender could cum. Cockaigne Pharma has been working on a new prototype, and it seems that you, Mr Dartos, were given one of the first production devices to be tested in the field.”

Grace drew breath and continued.

“When the offender is close to ejaculation, the device senses the fact, and a small charge is delivered to the testicles.”

“Small.” Dad guffawed. “It fucking hurts like hell.”

“They have gone through lengthy testing and don”t inflict any permanent harm or damage. The test subjects were even subjected to extensive anal stimulation, and even with simultaneous penis stimulation did not elicit and orgasm. It seems the boffins at Cockaigne Pharma have sorted out the problem.”

“But not the problem of Blue-Balls” I teased.

“Well, that can be cured once the device is removed.” Grace smiled at my Dad. “I”m sorry, but you will just have to persevere until the device is removed next week.” Grace checked her watch. “I”d better be going, but I wanted to make sure that there will be repercussions because of what happened to you.”

“Thank you,” Dad and I said together, and we all stood up.

I noticed Grace checked out my dad”s crotch. Then at the lump I was showing through the towel. “It seems that you do take after your dad.” She smiled at me. “I”ll be back in a few hours.”

“I”ll be ready,” I said as we walked to the front door.

“No need to get dressed on my account. What you were wearing at the bottom of the stairs is sufficient where we are going.”

Grace stepped outside and turned to look at me.

“You mean this?” I opened the towel and let her take a good look at my naked body.

“It”ll do,” she said unimpressed and walked back to her patrol car.

I looked down at my limp cock. There”s nothing wrong with that, I thought.

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