Times of Discovery Pt. 02

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An extremely annoying sound swept away the last remnants of blissful sleep. Evan heard Jill moan as she sat up on the edge of the bed to answer the phone. With eyes barely able to focus, he looked around a strange room and started to remember where they were and why they were in this place. Memories of the previous day crept out of the mist and into focus as his mind cleared enough to fill him with a mixture of pleasure and dread.

Just twelve hours ago, he had held their good friend, Nan, naked in his embrace. And now he was listening to his wife talk to her. All he could think was, “Oh boy, can’t be good.”

As the fog in his mind receded, he remembered everything that led up to, and occurred, during that lustful encounter.

His wife had engineered and manipulated things in an effort to put more intensity back into their sex lives. He began to wonder if she had gone too far by actually involving another woman.

Fantasies are one thing, but to take action for real…. well that’s pushing things. After all, recalling last evening, it was only a matter of getting between a lovely pair of spread legs and he could have easily plunged his needy cock into a very inviting woman. If Jill knew just how close he was to fucking Nan, she would surely have to realize what a dangerous game she was playing.

He rolled out of bed to use the bathroom, and after a quick shower, shave and other duties, he emerged just as Jill was hanging up the phone. It worried him a little to see how much time they had spent talking.

Evan asked, “What’s up? Everything alright?”

Jill replied, “Yeah, everything’s okay. It was easy to tell she was bothered by some of what went on last evening. I told her a few times to not worry about it. I finally coaxed her into telling me what took place, and the little bit she said pretty much matched up with what you told me. I had to reassure her several more times that it was okay. She seemed to relax after a while.”

“Now then, let me get ready and we’ll meet her for breakfast in a bit. Oh, by the way, she thought it was kind of funny that you took her panties. She said it reminded her of stunts college kids used to pull. Like you had to have a trophy or something.”

While Jill was listening to Nan describe some of the events of the previous evening, her breathing had become deeper and a familiar sensation of desire crept into her body. Hearing Nan describe what transpired had turned her on. When she was alone in the bathroom, she looked herself in the eye in the mirror as she wondered why hearing her friend talk of time alone with Evan had such an effect on her body and mind.

She tried to come to grips with her conflicted feelings, thinking, “What’s happening to me? Do I really want Evan to go all the way with her? Why is my pussy warming up at the thoughts of them getting it on? I’ll have to be careful with what I say and do until I sort out my feelings.”

In the shower, her soapy hands lingered on sexually sensitive areas of her body. Her slippery hands supported the weight of her breasts while she pinched and strummed at her nipples. In just a short time, they had grown rock hard and her pussy was flush with heat and a hint of moisture. After cupping a hand over her mound and letting her fingertips find her clit, she hesitated before going any further.

She decided not to give in to her desires as a way of teasing herself. If she could wait until later for relief, maybe she could experience some of what Evan had gone through the previous day. When she recalled how strongly he had climaxed in the shower, it made her that much more determined to deny herself for a while. The physical and emotional rewards could be well worth the wait.

They picked up a few things around the room, as they didn’t want housekeeping to see everything they may have been up to. Surly, the women who clean rooms for a living have seen and heard plenty through the years.

Jill and Evan got to the lobby before Nan and were looking out the front windows at the overcast weather that was putting a damper on outdoor activities. The rains had stopped through the night, but it was too cool and dreary for anything but some shopping or visiting a bar or two later in the day.

When Nan arrived, she greeted them with a self-conscious smile and couldn’t look either of them in the eye. She told them she had checked in with Drake again, and there wasn’t much change in his situation. It looked like he wouldn’t be meeting up with them after all.

It was obvious Nan and Jill had agreed upon similar attire again. Both were wearing pull-over tops with a modest scallop in front and shorts that were snug but still comfortable.

Evan had on a nice buttoned shirt and cargo shorts that Jill had laid out for him.

So, there they were. Three adults, all afraid to say anything as they headed out the door. In general, with all of them knowing what had gone on the previous day, things were definitely awkward so soon afterward.

The Eskort area around the resort had a modest selection of shops and places to eat, so it was easy to find a nice restaurant. Once seated, the women didn’t relish the thought of any alcohol, but he asked for a large Bloody Mary.

The conversation around the table was guarded and mostly dealt with what to do the rest of the day since the weather was limiting their options. Acting like true tourists and visiting some of the local shops was all they could come up with.

After leaving the restaurant, Evan let the women lead the way as they wandered around the area looking in various shops. Following them was fairly pleasant, as he got to enjoy watching two fine female bottoms swaying and jiggling as they walked.

A few small purchases were made, along with plans to visit certain other shops again a little later. One that Nan expressed particular interest in was a small boutique she wanted to check out to see if anything they carried might be a good fit in the shops she was a buyer for. Other than that, most of the things they bought up to that point were just trinkets related to the resort area.

They made a stop in a party shop that had a fair selection of adult beverages. A bottle of vodka, two bottles of orange juice, some wine and a six-pack were all it took to weigh Evan down enough to be relieved to know they were headed back to the hotel.

It was nearly noon when they got back to their rooms. Nan wanted to freshen up a bit and needed a few moments alone. Jill and Evan got to their room just as housekeeping was finishing up.

Not long after he was done putting all the refreshments into the fridge, Nan called to see if they were ready for company. Jill told her to come on up, while he went to find some ice. It turned out that the ice machine on their floor was broken, so it took him some time to locate one that worked. By the time he got back, Nan had arrived. She and Jill were seated on stools across from one another at the little counter that separated the kitchenette from the rest of the room. With ice available, they said they were ready for some vodka and orange juice.

That sounded good to him, so he mixed up three of them. While doing that, he noticed their fridge had an ice maker. He figured out how to make it run so they would have ice later. He took his drink over to the bed and started going through TV channels to find anything interesting enough to watch through the afternoon. The women were making plans to go out to do some serious shopping, now that they knew what was in the area.

It wasn’t long before they asked for a refill, so he mixed up a couple more, then told them he was going to head over to a sports bar they had passed to watch some baseball. The women assured him they would catch up with him when they were done shopping.

As soon as the door closed behind Evan, Nan said to Jill, “Okay, you pretty much know what went on between Evan and me last evening. I want to know if things went like you hoped after all the teasing you got me involved in.”

The drinks were already having an effect, and Jill was sure she could tell all with little or no embarrassment.

She paused for a moment, then replied while nodding her head, “Oh, yeah. They sure did. The night was pretty wild. First, I gave him a blow job in the shower. Heck, with the way he was so worked up, he only lasted about a minute. Then he took care of me by kissing and caressing me everywhere. Then he fucked me to a couple of great orgasms, but he couldn’t cum again.”

She continued, “It got a little kinky then. I dimmed the lights, put on your torn blouse, got on top and had him imagine he was fucking you while he told me what went on between the two of you. It took a little while, but that put him over the edge. Then, sometime in the middle of the night, he got another hard-on while he was dreaming, and I heard him say your name. I managed to fuck him while he was half asleep. I’ve got to admit, with him thinking of being with you, it was kind of erotic in a strange way.”

Even with all the missing details, the short version of events had both women more than slightly turned on. They both noticed the cute little bumps growing on the front of the top opposite them and the little bit of squirming in their seats.

Hoping to play and tease some more, Nan asked Jill if she wanted to continue the games, since everyone seemed fairly comfortable with the situation up till now. With a bit of alcohol freeing up her inhibitions and being as she was the one who had started this, Jill agreed, so they decided to come up with a plan while they shopped.

In the back of her mind, a seed had been planted and Jill started to come to grips with the fact that Nan and Evan would most likely end up being intimate, with or without her approval. It was almost sure to happen, and her emotions were a wild mixture, blending and flipping from curiosity, to jealousy, to a bit of anger with herself, to desire, to doubt, to love. Just all over the place. She had a lot to sort out and knew she had better get it all in order soon.

Once they were out and about, the shopping wasn’t going very well. Mediocre selections almost everywhere they looked. After a couple of hours of general frustration, they stopped and had a drink before heading to the shop Nan wanted to see the most.

The boutique turned out to be the best shop they had been in all day. They both decided on a couple of tops that appealed to them. Near the back of the shop they found some lingerie designed to entice and seduce.

Jill found a sheer pink sleeveless nightgown that she fell in love with. It was long enough to hang just below her knees, was sleeveless and had elastic above and below the breasts to draw the eye to the goodies held within. It was thin enough to barely see through. Nothing very fancy about it, but it still appealed to her.

Both found a couple sets of bras and panties they liked, then Nan found an interesting item for the more intimate activities one may indulge in.

It was black, sleeveless, went down only to the hips and was also thin enough to see shadows of what was beneath. It came with matching panties made of the same material, but the feature she liked most was all the red ribbons that held the top and panties together.

There were eight pairs of them on the top that were tied into bows. The panties were held together at the hips with two more sets of ribbons on each side. A black garter belt and stockings complimented the whole get up with a look that was sure to inspire lust. Nan wasn’t quite sure about how well the top would fit, so she decided it was best to try it on. She said to Jill, “If this fit, I’ve got a pair of heels at home that will go perfect with it.”

There was a modest sized fitting room in the back of the shop, and Jill waited outside the door while Nan changed. It took a few minutes to tie all the ribbons together, but Nan wasn’t happy with the looks of it. Her large breasts couldn’t quite be made to fit within, and gaps were left at the upper part of it.

She needed a second opinion, so she asked Jill to join her in the booth to have a look. It gave Nan a slightly perverse thrill to have Jill examine the fit of the top, knowing how the thin material allowed her areolas and stiffening nipples to show through.

Jill let her eyes linger on the display long enough to agree something needed to be done to enhance the effect. She told Nan to wait a moment, as she remembered a bra with a tag that said it was made to lift and hold the breasts closer together. If it worked as advertised, it should take care of those gaps.

While Jill was gone, Nan untied all the bows and decided to start playing the teasing game again.

When she returned with the bra, Jill found Nan had removed the top and was standing there with her full breasts exposed. Jill could barely look away as she handed Nan the bra.

It had a front closure, and Nan didn’t turn away while putting it on, so Jill was treated to a show that included all sorts of swaying, jiggling and adjusting until the bra was on and holding those two fine breasts in place.

Nan knew she was having an erotic effect on Jill and really put on a show. Another few minutes spent tying all the bows, and when she was done, she asked, “Well, how’s this?”

Jill felt her body start to tingle with once again being asked to closely examine the sexy display before her. The shadow of the black bra beneath the top added to the effect. She drew in a slight gasp when she heard Nan ask, “Do you think Evan will like it”?

“You mean Drake, don’t you”?

“No, honey, I mean Evan. There’s no way you’ve forgotten about last night.” Nan leaned in close and whispered to Jill, “Remember dear, he saw me naked and even had his cock in my mouth.”

The whispered reminder hit hard and after a few seconds, Jill gulped, looked at Nan and said, “I’m sure he would.”

In that moment, Jill knew. Nan fully intended to do what she could to have Evan fuck her. As she came to grips with this, she felt her body and mind warm to another idea. One that she had been mentally hiding from for quite a while.

While Jill was momentarily lost in her thoughts, Nan had turned to face the large mirror and was making a few final adjustments to the top and bra. Jill noticed the activity, licked her lips in anticipation and moved in close behind Nan to watch over her shoulder.

As she brushed her breasts against Nan’s back, she murmured in her ear, “Here, let me help with that.” Both women stared at her hands in the reflection as Jill reached around to hold and manipulate Nan’s breasts. A few squeezes and a little pushing here and there put the finishing touches on the fitment.

Jill didn’t want to let go, but she had no real excuse to allow her hands to linger. When Nan felt Jill start to take her hands away, she brought her own hands up to catch them, guided them back and held them trapped against her heavy breasts.

As they stared in the mirror, Jill tightened her arms to hold Nan closer and increased the pressure of her own breasts against Nan’s back. Jill could feel nipples hardening against her palms while her own were poking Nan. She looked up to see that Nan had her closed her eyes and had a small smile of satisfaction of her face.

When Nan let her hands fall away to allow Jill to freely fondle or retreat, she smiled even more when Jill started to explore the offered flesh. A moment later, Nan decided to try and see how far this new twist in their relationship might go. She turned around within Jill’s embrace and kissed her full lips as their breasts pushed against each other.

They held each other tight as both breathed deeply with the thrill of the kiss. Soon, tongues were touching as the erotic moment escalated. A small noise outside the booth reminded them of where they were. After their lips reluctantly broke contact, they both looked into eyes filled with emotion. As one, they both whispered, “I love you.”

While still holding each other tight, Jill looked down at the four full breasts bulging up between them and bit her bottom lip. Nan held a little tighter and watched as their breasts pressed into each other even more, competing for space.

Nan said, “I’ve wanted to do that for a long time.”

Jill replied, “I guess I’ve wanted it too, but wouldn’t admit it to myself. Maybe it’s time to find Evan and head back to the room.”

They were both aware of the unspoken meaning lying just beneath the surface of the suggestion. They broke the embrace and Jill watched intently as Nan removed the top and bra. Nan loved the attention Jill gave her naked breasts. Resisting the urge to squeeze those lovely globes some more, Jill gathered up all the selections they had made and left the small booth to pay for everything as she said she would. Nan joined her at the counter a few minutes later and they were soon on their way to find Evan.

As they walked toward the bar Evan said he would be in, Jill wasn’t sure she knew what Nan meant when she asked, “What do you think we should do next”?

Jill replied, “Well, if you’re talking about Evan, I guess we could have some more fun and tease the hell out of him. If you’re talking about us, this is all new to me and my head is still spinning. Let’s just agree to mess with Evan for now. We both pretty much know how to play that game, since we had some practice yesterday. I’m sure it drove him crazy when I made him promise not to go all the way with you.”

Nan agreed, saying “Okay, you’re the one in charge. You started this and I agreed to go along, so I’ll try to do what you want, since he’s your husband. But, I gotta’ tell you something you probably already know. He sure has a nice cock and I would love to spend some time with it.”

Accepting the comment, Jill said, “Yeah, can’t go back now, and I’m still not sure of what I’ve done here. But I’ve got to admit, it actually thrills me to imagine him with you. On the other hand, it’s a huge leap for me to know he’s with someone else. I suppose we could kind of ease back into the game and just play it by ear. Just have to see how things go.”

Evan immediately knew when Jill and Nan entered. He was seated at the bar with his back to the door when a change in the amount of light coming in announced new arrivals. Several men turned to look and see who had entered. When they didn’t look away, he smiled to himself.

The women easily noticed the stares and put on a bit of a show as they approached him from behind. A few seconds later, Jill brushed a breast against his arm as she leaned in to ask if he would like any company. When the other men saw who was the chosen one and that the women weren’t available, they returned their attention to the game on TV.

He said, “Sure, but let’s move to a table where we can be more comfortable.” He grabbed his beer, and as the women walked ahead of him, he noticed they were carrying fewer bags than he expected after several hours of shopping.

As they were settling in at a small table, a waitress approached and took their order for a round of drinks. The women agreed that they had really enjoyed the Long Islands they had the previous day, and he chose to stay with the beer he had. Obviously, they were in a bit of a rut when it came to drink. The waitress left to allow them time to figure out what they would like to eat. By the time the drinks arrived, they all knew what they wanted, orders were placed, and the girl was gone again.

“Well,” Evan said, “it looks like you two didn’t have much success on your little shopping trip. Not much to choose from around here, huh?”

Nan spoke up and said, “Yeah, there wasn’t much that really caught our eye, but a few of the things we did find made the trip worthwhile.”

He noticed that she seemed to stare at Jill as she was speaking.

He looked at Jill and asked, “So, what’d ya’ buy?”

She replied, “Oh, only a few tops and some undies. I’ll show you later.”

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